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MG FF-VIVAH - Thread 8 (Page 2)

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Congratulations for the new thread...
I am waiting for the update...

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Congrats on new thread...waiting for update

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yahoo!!!!! new thread and an update too

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Day DreamingHug

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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meee waiting... congo for new thread di

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Thank you friends for your lovely comments.


But I am very scared now. You all are expecting a fun filled date and I think I am going to disappoint you all with this update. I had written it quite a while back but could not post due to this thought. But in my POV, it is very important for Maan and Geet to share their thoughts with each other and to know each other better. Sorry in advance if this is not up to your mark but I got very emotional while writing it.


Also, some of you missed Vicky's reaction…well I just got a feel that you were getting bored by family overdose so I probably cut few things. A lot more Maaneet as we build up to the final confession and acceptance.


Mishtiritu – Welcome dear to this FF. If interested, I have also written another FF – "Till Death Do Us Part". I loved the song you suggested and thanks for the lovely poem.


VERY IMPORTANT: Please add ritzypm as buddy to gets PMs for this FF


Chapter 51


dil ki dhadkane  tej ho gayi,

kuch na hokar bhi

bahut kuch mehsoos ho gaya ,


unke paas hone ke ehsaas se hi ,

jism ka har jarra khil utha

by anu(hermoso)


"Kahan Jana hai"


[Where do you want to go?]


Maan who was lost in the feel of sitting behind his Jaan and enjoying the ride of his life responded with his trademark - "Hmmm"






Maan's chain of thought was finally broken and he leaned further below whispering in her ears – "Khan Market chalte hain. Wahan se jahan tum le jana chaho for the ride."


[Let's go to Khan Market. From there we will go wherever you want.]



tu bin bataye mujhe le chal kahin
jahan tu muskuraye meri manzil wahin


Geet almost lost her control at his husky voice as his warm breath tickled her neck. And those words - "jahan tum le jana chaho", just made a shiver run through her spine.


She braked hard at the traffic signal but it just made things worse for her as he leaned more of his weight on her and she felt even more pressure on her thigh and back. She somehow chanted Babaji's name in her head and drove to Khan Market. Getting some semblance of reality back, she accompanied him through the narrow brick lined roads of posh but quaint Khan Market. Maan took her to a British style caf where they had sandwiches and pastry sharing events from their day.


meethi lagi, chakh ke dekhi abhi
mishri ki dali, zindagi ho chali
jahan hain teri baahein mera sahil wahin
tu bin bataye mujhe le chal kaheen
jahan tu muskuraye meri manzil wahin


After that Geet again drove. But this time, she was better prepared and she zoomed through the Delhi roads towards Ridge forest where she used to go with Rahul. Traffic was light and she let the night breeze caress her as they entered almost deserted roads of the forest.


She finally stopped at the same clearing where she had sat with Rahul on her birthday. Maan whistled – "Wow…it is a beautiful spot. How do you know all these gems? I used to come to forest often but was not aware of this place."


Geet removed her helmet and freed her hair from the ribbon she had used to tie it up. Maan just looked on at her bewitched as she shook her head to put her hair into place. He felt almost as if surrounded by her sweet aroma as her hair loosened and fluttered in the night air.


"I come here often with Rahul. Thodi der baithein?"


Maan held her hand softly as she turned towards a clearing. Geet looked at him quizzically but then smiled as he curled his fingers between her fingers, grasping her hand tightly. She looked down and slowly walked towards the grass hand in hand.


They sat silently for few moments still clasping their hands, feeling the serenity of nature as it welcomed them in its embrace. Moonlight shone on them as slight hum of trees and insects surrounded them, drowning them in an enchantment.


Maan studies her profile as she saw at the moon. He increased pressure on her hand to gain her attention. She looked at him and even in the night he could see her love and yearning shining in her eyes brightly.


He suddenly lay down keeping his head on her lap. Their hands were still joined and he held it on top of his chest. He looked at her eyes as her hair created a small curtain, drowning him in her presence. After a while, he could not stop his urge to share a part of himself with her. He was a silent man but today he wanted to pour himself out to her. He wanted her to know everything about him. He wanted her to be part of his every moment of life. But there was something very intrinsic about his life which he wanted to share with her. A painful part but nevertheless an important one which probably shaped him to be a man he was today.


"Geet, I want to tell you something today about myself."


Geet was drowned in him and her surroundings and looked at him in surprise. But then she smiled and nodded, encouraging him to start. His next words though completely shocked her and she could not fathom where Maan was going with this.


"You know that mom-dad left me when I was quite young. Dev was even younger. It changed a lot of things in our lives. It changed me a lot. But, in that moment, no more was more important to me then Dev. Maybe, somewhere he was my escape route because caring for him gave me the strength to carry on. I did not want him to let go of his youth and pampered him a lot. But reality is that in that process, I had to grow up faster."


Geet did not want him to go back to his painful memories and tried to stop him - "Maan…"


"Shhh…Jaan….please kehne do. Tumhare siwaye kisi aur se yeh sab keh nahi paoonga."


[Shhh…Jaan…please let me say. I won't be able to tell all this to anyone other than you.]


Shiver ran through her spine hearing the endearment from his mouth. He had unconsciously used it before also along with "Shona" but Geet felt as if a new relationship has been forged between them as he used it so effortlessly.


Maan continued with his thoughts -


"Daadima tried her best to preserve my youth but she had to take care of business too. She was not very happy as she thought I was spoiling Dev and also loosing myself by being so serious and busy all the time.


Then one day Dev came home with crying Meera in tow. Daadi knew she was his girlfriend. She had already fought with me over the matter because she felt I was giving undue freedom to Dev by letting him stay even late at night with Meera. She tried to make me understand that love has to be balanced with responsibility and discipline. But I was like a lost child and quite young myself. I did not want my brother to feel the same loss of family like I did."


A tear slipped out of his eyes as he continued.


"All hell broke loose the day Dev got Meera home. Daadima was very upset. They were just kids and somewhere I felt guilty too. I just wanted to pour my love on my brother but maybe I failed in my responsibility.


Daadima shouted at Dev and me. But worst was Meera. She was already double minded about everything. Pregnancy in teenage, her studies in balance and also she was scared of her own family reaction. She was not even sure if she wanted to keep the baby. She misinterpreted Daadima's harsh words for Dev. She thought that Daadima will never accept her and ran away from home."


Maan sighed deeply as the pain of those days flashed in front of him.


"After few hours, she called from clinic all broken. She was hysterical and crying to Dev "I can't do this…I can't do this." Later we found out she went for abortion but could not go through it. She preferred to die herself then killing her child.


Daadima was very strong at that time. Don't know what we brothers would have done and how we would have ended up without her. She explained to Meera that she was not angry with her but with Dev for being irresponsible. She talked to Meera's family but even after her best efforts, they still broke all ties with her. Daadima got them married and got them home.


You must be thinking why I am telling you about that episode. It is because; we all are today what we are because of what happened at that time. Mom was anchor of our house. Her presence is what made all of us stable. Suddenly we were bunch of people who were like floating islands… lost and without any support. Daadima, Dev, Meera and even me. We huddled together but we missed the string that attached all of us to our roots.


Poonam, when she came, she became that string. She had the calmness of sea which finally tied us together. Even though we had just got engaged, she became that elusive support which we all longed for. More than anything, she became that desire which we all had in us. Desire to have someone who could actually bind us together again. Someone, who could make our house a "home".


Meera was also bahu of the house, but she herself was so young and that too with responsibility of Vicky. With all that she went through, she became more of a daughter who needed the help herself rather than being the support we all needed. Poonam filled those shoes. Her demeanor made it very easy for her in that role. She was the traditional bahu for Daadima. Friend for Meera and Dev. She was there when I started my true journey as a businessman. It was just so easy to lean on her.


And then she left. Just like mom. She left us and we again started drifting. It was as if a again a vacuum had been created in out lives. Daadima, Dev and Meera were still able to come out of it and Vicky was just a kid. But I….I was again lost. I never thought I could ever come out of this pain. I could again find my happiness… a life partner….life suddenly seemed so lonely and I just never realized when I embrace my fear of the same lonely life as my destiny."


By now tears were flowing out of Geet's eyes. But Maan did not wipe those tears. Some tears slipped through his eyes too. He took her hand and kissed it gingerly.


mann ki gali tu phuharoon si aa
bheeg jaye mere khwabon ka kafila
jise tu gungunaye meri dhun hai wahin
tu bin bataye mujhe le chal kaheen
jahan tu muskuraye meri manzil wahin


"And then you came. You stepped into my life when I was scared of loosing only thing which still felt as my own….my loneliness. I was like a trapped soul who wanted to be out of it but scared of being left alone again. Tum samajh rahi ho na mein kya keh raha hoon Geet. Agar tumhaare paas aane ke baad….if you too left me….I…I could not have taken it again. I thought of maintaining my distance from you so that I could never attach to you in such a way that you could be reason of any pain to me.


But…love and emotions are not controlled. I didn't even realize when but your love, care, innocence, optimism, smile, laughter…everything…your whole being became part of me. I fell for your essence and it became part of me.


I was no more alone, because it did not matter what I thought. You were already walking with me in my every step…as my life partner."


He smiled slightly as he finally wiped her tears and than his. He kissed her hand again as she ruffled his hair slightly.


"I am such a tubelight. Bilkul gadha hoon mein. It took me months to realize what my heart had felt even before we got married. Otherwise, why did I feel connected to your eyes and to "Hope"? Why did I feel motherly love when I met mom and feel security when I met Papaji. Your house had the warmth of the same home which was there when mom dad were alive and I had even noticed it.


I pushed you away but you came back. Came back to become anchor of our lives. Hum sab ki…meri…Daadima, Meera, Dev and even Vicky…hum sab ki zindagi toh tumhare around hi ghumti hai. We all got what what we were looking for in you but my idiot brain did not register it till quite late. My ears were shut on my heart and it took a while for me to realize what you truly meant to me."


Maan got up from her lap and cupped her face.


"You are my life partner…meri humsafar. You are my life Geet. Meri Jaan. Sahi mayine mein. Jaanta hoon bahut dil dukhaya hai tumhaara par sach kehta hoon ki tum meri zindagi ho. Mera parivaar ho. You are not just part of it but you it. Ho sake toh yehi haq ek baar mujhe bhi de do. Baaki sab ko toh apna hi liya hai tumne…ek baar mujhe bhi apna lo."


[You are my life partner…my wife. You are my life Geet. My life. In true sense. I know I have given your heart a lot of pain, but I am telling the truth that you are my life. You are my family. You are not just part of it but you are it. If possible, give this right to me also once. You have accepted everyone else as yours…accept me also once.]


Geet hugged him tight promising herself to never let him go. His baring his heart made him so vulnerable but he had still gone ahead and done it. He has been in so much pain and today she understood how much he needed love and her presence. She promised to fill his life with happiness and laughter. She promised to wipe away his loneliness and fill his heart with love and peace.


"You will never be lonely again Maan…never….I promise."


Dil ki bekarariya ab badhne lagi

Teri aahat bhi ab hume muskurane lagi...


Kehna hai dil ki baaton ko tujhse

Dhadkane tez ho rahi hai tabse...


Tumhare pyaar ne is Vivah ko naya naam diya

Mujhe firse jeene ka pyaar ka bahana diya...


Izhar jo dil me kiya ab use alfaaz hum denge

Vaada karta hu is pyaar ko ab jaane na denge...


Vivah ye jo shuru hua tha dosti se

Pyaar ke rang bhar ke aage badhayenge ise...


Tumhara pyaar yuhi mere saath rahe

Humare pyaar ka silsila yuhi barkarar rahe...

By Mishtiritu


Precap – Date continues

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first of all let me enjoy my first place! it feels gr8 to be first dear just below ur post!Wink

coming to the part i have to say i too had thought of simple and lovely one but ur part have just surpassed my expectations! cutey updates tho tum waise bhi bahuth dene waali ho in future naWinkLOL but for now maans talk was just mind blowing!

ithne dinon se jo humlog use tubelite and gadha keh rahe the ( even he too confirmed it), now am able to know what he was really going through!!! and am sure by this geet will love him more and their bond will become stronger too!

i loved the way he told her that he can only tell her all this... giving her such an important place in his life!
"You are not just part of it but you it."... i just loved this line yaar!!!!

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