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Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai
Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai


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Posted: 05 May 2005 at 11:16am | IP Logged

hi everyone... this is my maiden update and i hope it goes down with all you guys! so... onto the update... well today's episode was, how shall i put it in a word... 'pheeka'... yes devoid of much colour and flame with the exception of course of the last scene which simply reeked and smoked of the phenomenal chemistry between A and K... iqbal was once again his fantastic self... reinforcing the love we bear for angad and neha... well, i must say... the girl is picking up... it's a commendable effort and the best part is that even during the hot showdowns between kripa and angad... she is now able to stand up to him! overall... quite a
 mush loaded episode... not much progress in the storyline... well
after a whirlwind first month... all we have to do is sit down and
savour a stagnant year or so while ekta maayi decides whether or not
 to introduce another blitzkreig of showdowns!

So here we go..

the episode opens with the melodious strains of kishore da's legendary
 'pal pal' as angad's dark silhouette, illuminated by a bluish haze,
strums along with the guitar... as the song moves on... he emerges from
 the haze and weaves his way around to mishti... who looks as if she'd
 been elevated to cloud 9 on a flying carpet... BTW... she looks quite
 gorgeous in fitted white number... though i'd rather not say anything about her hair...!
angad gently nudges an overjoyed mishti and plays around with her, a la zeenat aman in
 'chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko...'
looking very cool all along... while a very lost kripa tries to work
 out why she's feeling so sad over angad's sudden interst in mishti...
angad throws kripa some very haughty 'i'm enjoying myself' glances out
 of the corner of his eyes... he amuses himself with these intermittent
 glances... as angad sings on... prithvi watches kripa lovingly and
then... the lights dim... only to give way to prithvi's romantic
imagination... he imagines that he is waltzing with kripa. a purplish
 haze swirls around them as kripa looks up shyly into prithvi's eyes
 and smiles contentedly... and then... he is shaken out of his
thoughts...  angad who is still enthralling the party goers with his
song and music now strides up to prithvi and gives him a challenging
 look as if to say that he knows all about prithvi's feelings for
meanwhile harshini is looking longingly at prithvi...

the party moves on and soon we catch a glimpse of prithvi who is
clearly agitated about something... the reason for his anxiety is soon
 revealed when he draws the letter from his pocket and glances over at
kripa who is chatting animatedly with a friend... he smiles to himself
 and beckons a waiter...
the waiter walks up to him carrying a platter laden with drinks...
prithvi points to kripa and asks the waiter to give her the letter...
he is taking pains to be discreet isn't he? well anyway... the waiter
proceeds to do prithvi's bidding... but the jostling crowd soon has
him off course and as kripa walks away for a drink... the waiter hands
 the letter over to harshini...
prithvi... who had been drawn into conversation by a friend... does not notice this... harshini looks confused but her eyes light up when the waiter informs her that letter was from prithvi... she stows it happily in her purse...
the scene shifts to mishti and angad who run into harshini and kripa... mishti suggests that prithvi drop kripa and harshini home... prithvi agrees very readily and in what was a very cute scene... he secretly gives mishti a high five before heading off with kripa to the parking lot... that was very sweet of mishti...
angad then suggests that they too should leave but mishti very cutely
 persuades him to stay behind for one more dance and another round of
the scene switches over to prithvi's car... prithvi tells harshini that he will drop her off first since he has some work to wrap off near her hostel... she gives in hesitantly... giving him a sulky, unwilling look... she acquieses anyway...
prithvi who doesn't seem to notice prefers to keep looking at kripa...
 harshini, sitting in the back seat pulls the letter out of her purse as if
seeking consolation from it... while prithvi continues to glance at a
 very lost-in-her-own-thoughts kripa... soon they draw up outside
 harshini's hostel and the woman gets out very reluctantly only to
turn back and say a long drawn goodbye... quite a chipkali this woman!
meanwhile... angad and mishti are dancing together... but angad's mind
 seems to be elsewhere... he looks very thoughtful...
back in prithvi's car... our darling gentleman can't seem to tear his
eyes away from his lady love who appears quite oblivious to this
Over at harshini's hostel... a sulky yet content harshini throws open the door to her room and flings away her shoes... she plops down on her bed and pulls the letter out of her purse... she reads it... with each line she reads... the smile on her face grows brighter and brighter...
prithvi continues to give kripa some lovelorn glances...
soon they reach the khanna residence and kripa smiles her goodbyes and gets ready to leave... she waves in a very innocently seductive way as a smitten prithvi proceeds to shake his head with anxiety... wondering whether kripa will understand his predicament after reading the letter... he even hopes that she will write back her assent in a letter...
i think prithvi looked pretty cute there... just like a little boy... awaiting the latest spider man action figure!
the next morning, harshini joins kripa at the outhouse and tells kripa
 all about prithvi's love letter... kripa is filled with disbelief and
 playfully teases her friend about it... she also suggests that
harshini write back to him... harshini looks very confused at this and
 asks kripa to do it for her... kripa pouts very cutely, saying that if she
has to write the letter and deliver it too... she might as well take
harshini's place as prithvi's lady love...
after some playful teasing and plenty of rough drafts they finally complete it... and then kripa says that she has to attend a meeting over at damini bose's office... and offers to deliver it to harshini's 'romeo' right there!

The scene begins with a shot of kripa sitting alone in damini's office... the door opens and prithvi enters carrying a file... at first he expects to find his mother within and is then taken aback when realises who is inside... he greets kripa cordially and gives her expectant looks... she catches the hint and hands him harshini's letter... he asks her what it is but before she can answer... the door opens and damini, kartik and angad file in in a business like manner...
prithvi greets his mother as she settles down in her seat... beckoning the others to be seated, she informs them quite happily that their latest show was a success... but that does not mean that success can be taken for granted... with each success, she says, and quite truly too, expectations are on the rise and that means that the next show should be an even bigger super duper hit... she goes on to inform them of her plans which involve shooting a new video, the new plans that have been drawn up for promotion and ads... she tells angad and kripa that they will have to leave immediately for pune to prepare for their next concert...
angad's eyes widen in shock buit otherwise he conceals his unfavourable
 reaction... kripa on the other hand, openly displays her shock to
which damini replies that to attain fame, they must pay a price...
they must make sacrifices... kripa calms down but is still visibly
shocked... angad rolls his eyes but says nothing... prithvi breaks the
 silence and offers to accompany them... but his mother pheraos cold,
cold paani over his plans by reminding him that some more important
issues await his attention right here in mumbai... with that she ends
 the meeting and wishes our pair all the very best... prithvi stays
behind and seems lost in his world of imagination... his mother catches
 on and playfully teases him about his behaviour... he simply blushes
 in reply and damini walks out looking very amused or rather pleased...

the scene reverts to the outhouse where kripa is packing up for pune...harshini, visibly anxious quizzes her about prithvi's reaction to the letter... kripa tells her that he didn't get any time to read it... harshini looks crestfallen but consoles herself when kripa tells her that she can expect his call any moment... meanwhile, prithvi is attempting to call kripa but to no avail... she has already left for pune...

the next scene is one that i will remember for ever... a plagiarized version of DDLJ... this scene was simply loaded with flying sparks and dhamaakedaar A and K chemistry ...
Angad and kripa, seated in angad's beautiful sleek red sports car are
making their way to pune, when suddenly, the little gem stalls...
'arre,' angad drawls cutely, 'yeh gaadi ko kya ho gaya yaar...' he
steps out to check for any problems... he lifts the hood only to find
that the engine has gotten heated up... suddenly... the heavens burst
 forth with rain and quickly... angad informs kripa that there is a
motel nearby and that they may have to spend the night there... once
 inside, angad makes his way to the counter while a silly looking
creep eyes kripa hopefully... the lady at the reception recognizes
 angad immediately and turns on 'miss sweety pie' mode anmd inquires
 very sweetly as to how many rooms he would like... angad replies that
 his car has broken down outside and that he would like to rent two
on checking out the situation the receotionist informs angad that only one room is available...
an icredulous look dawns on angad's face but finally he settles for it anyway... when they enter the room... angad behaves as though the room belongs to him alone and plops down on the bed... kripa gives him one sharp look and says 'tum mere room mein kya kar rahe ho?' angad just smiles slyly and breaks the facts to kripa who just cannot believe that she has to share a room with angad...
she get's all fired up and accuses angad of having set up the entire scenario... his car breaking down... a motel being close by coincidentally and the availability of just one room... in her eyes it's just a clever set up... the purpose being angad's carnal hunger to "possess" her...
a sudden fire flars up behind angad's eyes and he gets up and towers tall in front of her... kripa doesn't bat an eyelid... but there is a shadiow of fear in her eyes... angad simply glowers at her and when all the world seems to be witness to yet another A n' K showdown... the unexpected happens! angad bursts into uncrotrollable laughter... he tells kripa 'tum yeh baat kisi ko nahiin bataana... log tum par hasenge...!'

i personally side with angad this time... i think kripa's suspicions are bordering on paranoid lunacy! what a fantastic theory! angad too is obviously thinking along the same lines... the flames suddenly erupt yet again in his eyes and he says... snapping his fingers impatiently 'mujhe ladkiyaan aise... chutkiyon mein mil jaatiin hain... phir tum kya cheez ho? tumhein lagta hai ki maine tumhein paane ke liye apni gaadi to band karwaayi... motel mein saare room, siwaaye ek ke, book karwaaye...? angad ko yeh sab karne ki zaroorat nahiin... angad aisi baaton par apna kimti waqt barbaad nahiin karta..' or sumthing in the same vein...

he just begins to laugh once again... incredulously and then looks at kripa with pure venom in his eyes... he turns away to leave the room... and then returns to face kripa with yet another of his burning, smoldering stares... he simply glowers threateningly at her and his eyes throw her a challenge...

kripa seems too flabbergasted to utter a word... she simply stares back at him fearfully as he raises his hand... a cold grin spreads menacingly over his livid face and he sneers cruelly at kripa who ius literally cowering beneath the immense power radiated by his towering presence. he raises his hand as if to stroke her cheek and the scene freezes on kripa's shocked-beyond-belief face as if she were faced with the prospect of sumthing worse than death... i hope all you ppl understood what i meant by a fate worse than death!


 Kripa is standing outside angad's car, getting soaked to the skin... 'jab tak tum gaadi chalaane ke liya raazi nahiin ho jaate, mein tumhaare saath gaadi mein nahiin baithoongi..." angad gives here a 'fine-whatever' look and gets into the car and draws his jacket over his head to protect himself from the rain... and then, suddenly, he lowers it and gives kripa a very concerned look...


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kool*kariya* Goldie

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Posted: 05 May 2005 at 11:22am | IP Logged

hey SUGAR.........u doin da updates today

da update is really good....thanxSmile...


lovefool Groupbie

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Posted: 05 May 2005 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Tongue hey suga!! dat was really good.. thanks a bunch!
TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 May 2005 at 11:28am | IP Logged
What about the last scene Sugar? Angad tried to scare Kripa by touching her face...LOL! Kripa ko Angad ke colourful character par bharosa nahiin hai!LOLYou rock girl...meri darling cheeni wali bread. Electricity was high at A-K board today.Wink
rose85 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 May 2005 at 11:28am | IP Logged
thnx a lot for the wonderful update....Smile
TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 May 2005 at 11:28am | IP Logged
By the way, Chilloo kahaan hai?
Angadzgirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2005 at 11:32am | IP Logged

thanks lot wonderful update.



Jots Goldie

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Posted: 05 May 2005 at 11:33am | IP Logged

thanks sugar, ur update was wonderful!!!! Big smile cant wait to watch the epi!!!

Jots Big smile

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