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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

OS: Saathiya

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Here is an OS on the current track. Just something I wrote in a hurry. So I apologize for any loopholes or mistakes. BTW, this is my second attempt at Rashi redemption. Her non involvement in this KK gave me an idea and that is what is reflected. Hope you all like it!!


"Ahemji, I trust Dhawal Bhai. He would never do anything to bring harm
to our business. I cannot accept that he would have done this
purposefully." Ahem looked at the tear stained but determined face of
his wife and sighed.
He himself wanted to believe her words. He could not imagine his BIL
double crossing Gopi in her business but yet the signature signing off
the consignment was Dhawal's.
"Gopi, Whatever or whoever the reason, you lost 500 bottles of Aachar
and now we are in a fix not being able to meet the delivery on time.
Either Dhawalji overlooked the contract or he is completely
incompetent. Both problems make him viable for this loss" As he
explained he could see more tears in her eyes. But with that grew her
determination which he had come to admire.

"We are partners Ahemji and if this loss is Dhawalji  Bhai's so is it mine. I will make the delivery happen or will take the loss as mine. I will not let Dhawal Bhai down."

Harsh words she was about to blast Gopi with died as Kinjal stood
beside her mother hearing the conversation between her brother and her
Bhabhi. Here she was ready to blame Gopi for what had occured. Her
husband was in the hospital after the accident and he was also being
blamed for the lost consignment according to her Fui-Saas.

Kinjal's blood had boiled hearing how Gopi was blaming Dhawal and she
had come in full force to demand justice.
Her meeting with her mother had turned out exactly like the previous
ones. Her mom would hear no word against her pyaari Gopi cahu. She had informed her rather bluntly that the person who made the mistake should be punished
for the blunder. Kinjal took that to mean her husband.

"Well said Gopi vahu." Kinjal saw her mother pull the pallu to the
front, give her a look and walk into the room.

"Ahem, Gopi vahu is right. Partners share the profit and the loss
together. I have total faith Dhawalkumar. I do not think he made a
mistake and you yourself say that he insisted he did not prepare that
document signing off the consignment and taking the entire risk on our side. I believe his words. But we need toconcentrate on stemming the crisis rather than blame someone else."

Ahem nodded albeit worriedly. The order was large and it would take all of Gopi's efforts. He was more worried about the lost consignment though. He needed to clear his thoughts and get to the bottom of what had happened.

"Ji Mom. I am going out. Will you help Gopi.." "You need not ask Ahem.
All the others are waiting for Gopi to come down. We will make this

"I will help too" Kinjal's voice was the last he heard as he made his
way out of the room.

"Rashi, I know you are worried for Dhawal Bhai. We will visit him in
the hospital later. Ahem Bhai just called and I have to go out. But
you should not worry." Jigar placed his hand on Rashi's cheek
sympathizing with her worry.

Rashi looked back at her husband and nodded. She wanted so much to
tell him that more than Dhawal she was worried sick about how her
mother was involved in all this. She had a huge doubt from the minute
her mother insisted on Gopi's signature. Her calls that morning after
Dhawal Bhai's accident were all mysterious. Rashi could not guess what
it was her mother was playing at but she had a foreboding that the
accident somehow involved her mother. She shuddered involuntarily as
she imagined the implications if her fears came true.

She felt alone with no one to share her fears. Gopi had Kagdi and Ahem
Jiju. Even Kinjal had her mother and Mummyji. Rashi felt alone unable
to share things with her husband, the one person whose understanding
she felt she needed now.

"Jigar, I do not believe that this is an accident. Not when the paper
work seems completely one sided on the risk. Furthermore it looks like
the accident happened and the van that struck Dhawalji's auto had men
who transferred the boxes before running off instead of helping him."

Jigar nodded understanding his brothers reasons. This 'accident'
seemed a sobbotage through and through. He was glad that Dhawalji
escaped with a broken arm. But still the perpectuators needed to be
found and punished.

"What should we do Bhai?" Ahem turned to see his brother looking at
him with questions galore. "Jigar, I need your expertise in the
documents. Can you look at the bond papers that Dhawalji signed and
see who benefits from the lost consignment other than the obvious.
Also if what Dhawalji says is true, the papers he signed was not
prepared by him. So someone else bought the papers. I know it is a
needle in the haystack but can you pursue that angle and see who got
the papers or when? I need to verify something else."

Jigar nodded and rushed off to do as bided while Ahem started his car
towards the hospital.

"Rashi, where is your concentration? We do not have time for
mistakes." Rashi started at the shout from Kokila. She could not
control her eyes pooling as she imagined her mother getting caught and
their Kalakaris getting exposed. But this time she was worried that no
one would believe she had nothing to do with it.

"Be careful Beta. Your Kakiji is tensed due to all that happened.
Don't take it to heart." Rashi nodded at her Mummyji and hung her head
hiding the tears from her eyes. She did not want to lose her family

"Dhawalji, you need to recount what happened from the minute you had
the documents prepared to the time it was signed or delivered to the
client. Please understand that I am not asking this suspecting you. I
just want to get to the bottom of this. Gopi and your hard work should
not go waste."
Dhawal nodded. He was contrite that he had been foolish enough to sign
papers that had become a liability. More than anybody else, he wanted
to know how that happened. It was needed to clear his name.

"Ahem Bhai, when I was done with the papers, I called Gopi behen and
told her that I would get her signature. Then as I was finishing the
call, Fui called me and said she would accompany me to your house."
"Dhawalji, how did Mamiji know that you were coming to our house the
next day?" Dhawal looked at Ahem and said rather confused. "I think
she heard me talking to Gopi behen. The funny thing is I asked her the
same question and she bit my head off for that.."

Ahem nodded thinking as an idea formed in his head.
"kakiji, that bottle is not properly sealed." Rashi took the bottle
from Kokila's hands and taped it properly. She squirmed under the
intense look that Kakiji gave her.
"What is this Rashi? It looks like you are finally learning to be
careful." Rashi looked up guiltily but she found her Kakiji nodding
her head in approval.
"You are doing well."

"Bhabhi, I will help you with that. You should not lift that vessel.
It is too heavy." Kinjal took that vessel from Gopi's hands and placed
it on the table.
"Thank you Kinjal Ben." An awkward silence followed. "I am going to
get more mangoes." Kinjal rushed off as Gopi looked at her and smiled
at her retreating figure.

"Bhai, I think we may have it." Ahem held the phone tighter as he
heard the excitement in Jigar's voice. "Bhai, you were right about the
other than obvious part of the receiver. This particular consignment
was supposed to be delivered to Mr. Karodiya who was the end customer.
But now due to the accident he will get 500 more bottles instead of
the one already delivered."
Ahem listened intently. He knew something else was coming as the
excitement in Jigar's voice increased. "The icing on the cake Bhai is
the fact that this man is known as a shady customer in the business
circles. It looks like this may all have been his plan. There was a
similar case with one of his previous businessnes but the police could
not pin it to him directly."

Ahem felt his excitement grow as he heard Jigar's words. "That is it
Jigar. Now we have him." "Bhai, that is the problem. Any action we
take against him cannot happen until we can prove that he committed
fraud. The signature is Dhawalji's and there is no disputing that

Ahem nodded and replied curtly, "I may know how that happened. Meet me
at the front of our house. I think we need to close this today."

"Bhai, I cannot believe that mummyji has anything to do with this."
"But Jigar, there is no other way." The brothers talked in hushed
voices just as Ahem shushed Jigar as he heard footsteps coming their

"Shh Mummy. Don't call me again. Why do you need to know if the Achaar
is being made or not? What have you done mummy? Don't tell me that you
are responsible for all this."
Jigar and Ahem stood speechless as they heard Rashi's voice float down
from the terrace above. Ahem found Jigar's face change from shocked to
hard as Rashi's voice continued.

"I told you enough of all these Kalakaries. I am fed up with it all. I
hate that I live frightened to death of getting caught all the time.
No Mummy.. I am not telling you anything now.. Jai Shree Krishna,."
They heard Rashi's foorsteps go into the house.

Ahem looked at Jigar and nodded. Then he placed a hand on Jigar's
shoulder giving him strength.

"RASHI... I want you to tell us the truth now. No lies anymore" "But
Jigarji.." "NO LIES.. I heard you talk to your mom.." Jigar's voice
broke as Rashi found her fears come true in front of her eyes.

Ahem Jiju and Jigarji had walked upstairs and had confronted her in
the study when she brought in their tea. she felt cornered with no
where to go.

"Jigarji, believe me. I know nothing. Mummy was just inquiring about
how the consignment was getting on.. She was worried for Gopi.." "I
know her worry for Gopi, Rashi.." Ahem's voice rang out. "Now tell us
the truth or do you want me to set the police on you and your mom?"

Rashi stepped back, her hands in her mouth.

"Ahem what is this? What is happenning here?" Rashi turned to see a
grim faced Kakiji walk into the study. She knew she was doomed now.

"Karodiya Bhai, Rashi called just now and she said that there is some
problem. The Modi's have decided to face legal action rather than make
another delivery. She said there was also something else and she asked
me to get you here. She will be here any minute. You have to wait."

"Urmila ben, you know how dangerous it is if someone finds you with
me. I came because of your frantic calls. I told you that we will have
a win-win situation. Even the Modi's cannot break the fact that it is
Dhawal's signature on the papers. Why do you worry?" Karodiya Bhai
explained in his usual lethargic demeanor even as he started sweating.

He had expected the Modi's to cave in. A legal action would take time
and money. He had not expected that but now that he was hearing it, he
decided he would wait for Rashi to give her news before decidin to
scoot or stay and fight this out. He cared naught for Urmila or her
daughter but he wanted to have his share of the money before he walked

"karodiya Bhai, when will we get the money for the stolen
consignment?" He was rudely shaken out of his planning by the mention
of money. "Urmila ben ,the money..."

"So you are the one who made my mother do this huh?" Rashi walked in
worked up to the hilt. "Who are you and what did you tell my mother to
make her do all this?" "Rashi Dikra, this is your father's friend.. He
is just helping.." "Keep quiet mummy. You will not just ruin your life
but mine as well. What was the need to do all this Kalakaari now. That
too almost killing Dhawal Bhai.."

"Hai Hai mara Dikri.." Urmila's indignant wail could be heard outside.
"See how she goes against me Karoadiya Bhai? This is all due to that
Gawar. Hai Hai Rashi, you accuse your mummy? How.." Rashi stamped her
feet and confronted her mother.

"Mummy, what did you do? Tell me." She heard the sickly sweet voice of
the man standing next to him. "Rashi Dikra, why are you so worked up?
Do you not recognize me? I am your father's friend. Now will I do
something bad for you, my Dikri? See I know how well you have
married." Rashi felt uncomfortable as the man's eyed her jewels.

"But your Mummy is worried that Gopi has taken your place and money at
your sasural. Tell me honestly, don't you feel suffocated with Gopi's
growth? and she is also milking you dry without giving you the right
money." "Haan Rashi Dikra.." Rashi heard her mom's voice in the

"With this scoop Rashi, you will have money that belongs to you. Come
on now. Don't tell me you do not feel cheated."
Rashi looked at the man horrified. She realized that the man
misunderstood her look as acceptance. "But Dhawal Bhai.."

"Rashi Dikri, sometimes sacrifices are needed to get what we need.
Dhawal was a necessary sacrifice. He will be alright. All we did was
make him have a slight accident. He was not killed was he? It was that simple. Once your mother had the forged papers signed by Dhawal it was so easy. A small accident and when Dhawal was injured and the crowd concentrated on him, all it took was 3 people to transfer the boxes. Now with the document in hand, no one can blame us. It is double income.."

Rashi shuddered at his sickly red mouthed smile and felt her heart
drop as her mother smiled and nodded with the awful man.

"Thanks Mr. Karodiaya for that evidence. You are under arrest" Rashi
moved aside to let the police walk in followed by the other members
from her sasural.

"I cannot believe that Urmila ben could go to this extent. But she
will now have learnt a lesson. A few nights in the lock up will serve
her good." Kokila said decidedly and looked sharply at Rashi.

Rashi's eyes were downcast and she spoke nothing. "I am proud of you
Rashi. You stood for the truth today and I appreciate your help. I
glad my belief in you came true."  Rashi looked up and smiled
gratefully, the first smile she managed after the awful revelation
that sent her mom to jail. She could still hear her mother's wails and
curses. She would not be able to call her mother for quite sometime to
come and she did not want to, if she could help it.

"Rashi, I am going to bed. You can come when you want." Rashi looked
up and sighed as her pleading look went unnoticed by Jigar. She sighed
again. She had a huge wedge to cross but her Kakiji had promised help
if she really meant to work on the relationship.

Rashi determinedly stood up. She meant it this time.
"Dhawalji, I will get that bag for you. Your hand is still in the cast." Dhawal's 'No' died on his lips as he saw Kinjal take the bag and lead the way out of the hospital. "The doctor says that you will be alright in 2 weeks. Gopi Bhabhi also said that you should stop the delivery from now on." "But Kinjal Ji..."

Kinjal continued as though she had not heard. "She asked me to tell you that you should appoint another delivery person. We can afford that now. The business is doing really well. " Dhawal wanted to protest the extra spending right at the start of their business. 

"Please Dhawalji, for me?" His protest came to a halt before he could continue further. He nodded as his wife smiled at him and helped him home.


"Ahemji, I am so glad that it was someone else and Dhawal Bhai's name is
cleared. Thank you Ahemji " Ahem smiled and placed his hands on Gopi's shoulders and drew her to him.  "Hmm. I am glad too and your faith was proved right." He stroked her hair as Gopi sighed contentedly.

"Ahemji, what did Maaji say? Was she angry?" Ahem smiled at Gopi's
hesitancy. She still wanted to continue her business but was worried
about his mother. "She is alright. And you should not worry. Has your
Maaji ever said no to her Gopi vahu?"

Gopi looked at Ahem with her big eyes that smiled. She nodded and
blushed and she buried her face again in his chest. "Our child will be
proud to have a strong  and wonderful mother like you Gopi. I love you." Ahem kissed
Gopi once before helping her get comfortable on the bed.

He had decided with the others that they would ot to let Gopi or the others know about Urmilaji's involvement in what happened. Rashi had requested so and Ahem had had
no intention on breaking Gopi's happy world with the truth.
He would just stay with her more like her soul than a shadow and
protect her and their unborn child. Afterall Gopi Ahem Modi was his
life and he would never let any harm near her.

Comments and criticism are welcome Big smile

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Aww that was excellent Harini!!1
I loved how you showed the three couples!! Rashi saw the light in a very realistic way. We've seen these glimpses in the show so it was very believable. She's going to have to work for Jigar's forgiveness and faith now.
Kinjal was really good. She usually speaks first and thinks later but it was great the way you showed her over hearng GoHem.
 Those two relationships are just begnning in your OS.
Ahem and Gopi as usual were scrummy with Ahem being there for his wife.
Kokila was brilliant praising Rashi when needed and being there for her family.
Brilliant OS!!
Was missing your writing Harini!!

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i just loved it. I liked how u handled all three jodi's. Thanks for this.

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Very nice !!! Hope hope this happen-s ... Cool to see a. Os after agesss !!!

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Ohh this was awesome...hope saathiya cv's  read it and learn at least something...but that is only the hope...Cry

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Aww!! Excellent Os Harini.. Just came to the forum and this.. My day in IF started well today.. Thank you for this piece.. 

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Awesome os harini and you redeemed rashi!!!! Just hope the cv s show something similar. Rashi can only be good if she s with koki left alone or with her mom she s a devil. Urmi dint mind dhaval being injured for her stupid kk.

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9 out of 10 times my "Like" button refuses to work!!! GRRR...Angry
but excellent work Harini!!! Clap...wish the CVs could read this!!! i have always found it unbelievable that Rashi is on the phone all the time planning kalakaris with her mother and nobody every overhears her!!! agreed its a big house..but not once in the last 2.5 years!!??...i loved the way you have portrayed all relationships especially Koshi...i really love it whenever they come together for Gopi Big smile

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