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Spice Girls Hangout:Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest... (Page 13)

Newbiesoapfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -monalisa-

Rabba ve, masaale-wali saheliyon!  Big smile How goes Wednesday 'wonderful or woeful?!

The episode for me was a null game 'one pleasant surprise and one ginormous kadai of particularly greasy DKB.   Dead

(1) It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman!! Nahin yaar, it's Arnav Singh Raizada's shaatir dimaag.   Surprise, surprise, finally we meet, dimaagji, I was convinced you were but a myth, or gone the way of the dodo.  Kya baat hai Arnavji, aapne to hamari bolti hi band kar di.  Whatay shrewdness you displayed in deducing that Daadi and Shyamji have shared a Daiyya-ho before they met at the hospital. Clap Great going, dude!  Now smarten up some more and take a deep whiff around you.  The foul play behind the mehendhi day fiasco is stinking up the place.  Get to it already, before it fades from memory like your days as Rocky's houseguest did.

(2) Shaatir dimaag ke saath tej zubaan bhi rakhte hain Arnavji! He not only thinks, he speaks too?  Will wonders never cease?  But, you remained woefully quiet when someone was being called a museebat.  Um, this defending Khushiji bit 'it's kind of a lifelong thing, you need to keep doing it and doing it.  Agli baar yaad rakhna, haan?  "A" for effort, though.  Speaking of keeping on doing it and doing it' when are you going to get to that?  You catch my drift, yeah?   Theek hai, theek hai, phere abhi baaki hain.  But, just a heads up, we're losing patience, so hop to it, chhote. Thanks in advance. Thumbs Up

(3) "I know!  I'll refuse to consume any medication or nourishment unless it's from your pavitra hands.  See, I'm shaatir too, let's see how he refuses me now."  Are we going to see ASR say, "Yeh haath mujhe de de, Shyam, Di ke liye?" Silly  So, CVs, I see where you're going with this.  This is the second attempt at Mission Sympathy for Di, yes?   Well, if it didn't work the first time, it sure as hell isn't about to NOW, in the middle of the wedding track.  Waise, why didn't Anjali go on her bhook hartal the first time around?  There was no need to kill her bachcha for this, right?   We could have also been spared a few weeks of DKB.  Sigh... Devi Maiyya, CVs ki baatein CVs bhi na jaane.Confused

(4) So throughout her pregnancy, Anjali was being treated as if she was she was made of glass and would crash into a million pieces if you so much as looked at her wrong.  Yet, not 12 hrs after what I'm assuming was surgery to deliver a stillborn, she's up and about.  Yeh ho kya raha hai? Shocked

(5) I've made this rant approximately 493 times already today, so feel free to skip this.   CVs, yeh aapne Khushiji ke saath theek nahin kiya.   Aakhir zaroorat kya thi to make her plead Shyam's case?  We didn't even get a good fight out of it.  So kiss and make up ke chances bhi nahin hain.   Khushi, the man kidnapped and tried to murder your poojya patidev 'yes, the very same one jinse aap pyaar karti hain, dammit.  Let's assume you're right and the loss of his baby has caused him to turn over a new leaf.  You would actually forgive him?  Humein aapse yeh ummeed nahin thi.   Dil toota hai aaj hamara.  Ouch

Manisha -- loved the post... all valid points.. most important the bold ones... open the dimaag box and think ...all will be clear ...!

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by veeps

Hiya Sari and the girls...
Finally watched all the episodes of the week in one sitting and that was probably good. It kind of helped wash over some of the hair pulling moments and I do love my hair, thank you very much. So maybe that is the solution watching the weeks episodes on the weekend rather than everyday. Anyway, point being, I don't feel as mad as the forum does. No surprise there really. I was the one who was running a morcha here while the forum seemed to be enjoying the barunification of ASR. Dead The forum and me--yeah, we don't seem to be on the same page anymore.
Sari, I didn't feel Anji was dumbed down today. Rather, I should say, she didn't seem any different than she was always shown to be. Take that as you will..Tongue. Shyam coming back was a given since the day Shyam was kicked out without proof and without Anji's permission. And that homecoming for Shyam had to happen via Anji. That was also a given.
 I choose to see Anji's coming to Chotte asking for Shyam back as a rising for Anji.. the first step to take control of her life. And as happens with first steps, she will falter before she finds her way. Her dependency on Chotte and Chotte's need to protect and coddle Anjali has led to a co-dependent relationship that is proving detrimental to both. Today, Anji took the first step towards fixing that. She will be the one who will figure out Shyam's truth herself --she needs to, that is the only way she will believe it --and she will be the one who will make the final judgement against Shyam.
CVs, a lot more belief in Anji - the character and a lot less tottering between going all out or playing the pacifier is what is needed. You cannot hide behind the bholi Anjali for long with where you are headed in her track.
Barun, Do you need lessons in being ASR again?? W*F is the matter with you?? Even the ASR anger is all wrong...Angry
Sanaya, *sigh*, they give you a nice dress and are making the most of it. 2 weeks running... since the other option is return of the gangotri, I will not complain.
Daljeet, a little more finesse and little less "acting"..puhleej!!! whattay satyanash if you don't pull through in the scenes which are yours to shine in.

Sanju loved your take on Anjali and totally with you.  I have a totally different view of her than the general forum . She is weak and it is not something she should be condemned for.  Maybe Arnie recognizes it and that is why he has taken decisions for her.

I have always maintained that it is ONLY her who can oust Shyam all she needs is a bit of help to lead her to the path of discovery of his deceit. 

Folks call her manipulative , she maybe an emotional clinger  and fusing about but a women who cannot distinguish between what is the truth and what fiction how can she be manipulative  ?

Also I think DB lacks the chops to portray such a complex character as her hence is being misunderstood. Fault also lies with the writers who have not been very clear about her. All in all she is a very important character of the show and Arnies lifeline...she has to make it in the end.

I continue to be sympathetic towards her.

Also ASR now is a newer and much chastised version of the original.  His anger is much restrained and as expected a bit mature.  I am okay with it as long as he continues to use his dimaag ...

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Newbiesoapfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by magnetic693

Originally posted by Newbiesoapfan

Originally posted by magnetic693

Originally posted by Newbiesoapfan

Wonderful post Sari...while Anji has and can be dumb and Daadi is set in her ways , an otherwise good episode did not work for me just because of Khushi's entreaties to bring back Shyam... how much dumber can she get ... she knows the real face of Shyam more than anything else. Good that Arnav threw her idea out of the window firmly... however am afraid that it will come back again today... she will support the atyaachaar.

Ippy -Hug- whatta wonderful post . How can Khushi ji be museebat... Daadi is the museebat... let her go back to the ashram.

Priya -- please convey our ideas on women's brains to our dear CVs.

Veeps- I agree that Anji has not become dumber -- she is turning shaatir towards brother -she is always manipulative when she wants her way ... watching the episodes at once sort of keeps the flow going -- they can show only so much in 20 mts.

I agree with Savvy -- I want a shaatir Khushi and a shaatir ASR. My SKD 

1. Khushi and ASR  both get together and play Shyam ... Anjali stumbles on the truth and together the expose happens.

2. All the women in this show grow brains . Maami finally closes the divorce loop and Khushi's love. Paayal stands up for her sis. NK -- he is already there . Naani stands up for Khushi. 

3. Someone finds the will -- mostly Anji.

We never leave SKD!
Number 3...HP took that one away from us today!  I have to admit, for a small second, I thought the will was magically gonna fall off the bottom of the crib and be found!!!  I dimbulb momentLOL

Magnetic - what's your name -- we can only hope right ... they cannot take that away from us ! Was a satyaanaash moment for me !
That would be Maggie/Neeta.  Yours is soapy right or is it newbie?

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pinky_blueskies IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:05pm | IP Logged
Thanks for this, Sari! Embarrassed

Since I saw it live, by the time it ended, I literally wanted to pull my hair esp with Shyam-Anjali + Khushi's dumbness + Anjali asking for Shyam in the end.. Are you kidding me, CVs? Loved Naani & Maami tonight! ASR, you're definitely back with the shaatir dimaag!

Positive in the episode:
- Definitely Stopwa & Arnav faceoff. Thank GOD! What we've been asking for was out!! That was a sigh of relief!!

- plain dumb for asking Shyam to come back.
- Anjali -- she needs to be in the mental now.. aaah!

I liked it after Khushi stopped asking in the end but I hope after Anjali asks Arnav, there should be some precautions and plot to expose Shyam right, left and center to prove daadi that she's wrong since she wanted proofs.

*feels like breaking the mug in front of me* i'm out for now.

sorry.. i couldn't bear the epi in the end. Stern Smile

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sbk2

Originally posted by .Mandy.

Shwets its the dialogues we were not prepared for, I was thinking Khushi would say ok bring him back Di Ke Liye because he could be the last resort in helping her recover but never did I think I would hear about injustice and change, it was a complete satyanash moment but one that was saved by ASR who got through to her in the nick of time. I really hope she is not shown pressing this matter forward, support whatever decision Arnav makes

Ippy, the whole scene was seeti baja! I loved when he told Dadi she too is only going by what she was told, at least in his case he lived through his ordeal and saw things for himself what is her excuse?? A few days is not to pass judgement on someone, the Raizadas have lived with Shyam and if they say he is guilty then he is. Nani should take back control of RM and kick Dadi out or put her foot down, something and let it be known that she will not tolerate Dadi's reign of terror.
Where the heck is Payal??? I want Payal!!!

Exactly Mandy!!

She instead gave the impression that  she had made up her mind that Shyam needs to be given a chance...her nainsafi dialogue made go What The?!!

That newspaper spoiler and the tagline has me convinced that it is Khushi who will pressure Arnav and maybe armtwist him to bring Shyam in - ofcourse, all this after Manipulative Rudali throws a hissy fit demanding her hubby to be allowed back in.

I don't see why Khushi would need to step in now that Anjali herself has made the request. Why involve her further?? It makes no sense but so far the newspaper spoilers have been right sadly

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junelily Senior Member

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:07pm | IP Logged
Great posts everyone!
Yesterday, I wrote about my oscillation between Frustration and Hope with this show. And, today I teetered more on the side of Frustration.
Anjali - Just, damn woman. She uses her brain in the most odd ways. She is so easily manipulated by her pati-dev that it makes my stomach churn.
Khushi - *slaps head* W*F? You actually think that the man who wanted to marry you while married to another woman, kidnapped and almost killed Arnav, and also tied you up and left you to die in the middle of the road can actually be redeemed? Are you on crack? Or, better yet, are the writers on crack?
Daadi - Seriously woman. Just get out of RM. We don't need you. Maybe you think your intentions are right, but as ASR said, you need to go back to your ashram, because you have NO idea what the hell you're talking about lady.
Naani - Umm... this Daadi-chick bad-mouths your daughter in front of you, and you say NOTHING? I don't get it.
I used to adore the woman-power on this show. I really truly thought the women were the strength of this show. But, when I see characters be butchered, and the wrong messages and ideologies being presented - especially at the expense of Khushi's character - it really leaves a bad impression.
Edit - how could I forget Shyaam on my frustration list? I just hate how easily he manipulates Anjali. And, just his general existence actually.
On another note - Khushi needs to change her clothes. It's very distracting seeing her half-dressed like that. lol... I know she looks great in the outfit, but I personally don't think that outfit is in line with Khushi's character. She's a modest girl. So, I can't imagine she would be comfortable walking around everywhere in that. Just my opinion.
Also, Barun - I love you - but, please enunciate a little better. Sometimes it's hard to understand what you're saying! Thank goodness for subtitles! lol...
I'm also alarmed by that article about the new writer of IPKKND. He's written for alot of Ekta serials which I've heard are very saas-bahu based. I'm new to Indian serials, so I don't know what to think???
This show is becoming emotionally draining. Stern Smile

Edited by Gemsal678 - 05 September 2012 at 9:09pm

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PSharada IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
@Sari :- Completely agree with you on your post. I am a network engineer working in a MNC and I really can't understand Anjali nor Khushi. Anjali couldn't ask her husband where he was on the godh bharai day, the day she walked on glass pieces, Isn't it strange ? So there is still time for Anjali to grow her brains. Okay got that creatives. I have no hopes on her as such but now let me push my expectations in negative.

Khushi is all dil se ladki. But there ought to be a limit for that. She knows what kind of a fraud Shyam is, He has been lusting over her, wanted to kill her husband, was ready to divorce his wife who was expecting and now Khushi wants to believe that he could have changed. Are you kidding me Khushi(ASR's dialogue was awesome at this point). That was really a little too much. I agree Shyam needs to be in RM to get the drama to the next level but this is not the time nor the moment for it.

There was always a plot in the story where both Anjali and Arnav side with their spouses and a sibling rift was in the cards. But I think Daljeet got scared of the negative feedback and so they had Anjali go through the MC, so that audience can sympathize with her. But I am sorry to say, I have none for the character neither the actor. DB just doesn't move me with her acting and I can't relate to the pea sized brain of Anjali. If Shyam was so much to her, she should have stood up in the beginning itself and should have walked out with her husband. Why the drama of abortion, why the pretense of moving on in life, why the hide and seek and now why the emotional blackmail. I could have agreed on Anjali turning completely against Arnav but this emotional attaychar is not what I signed up for.

Plus points in today's show.

1. Barun was awesome in Arnav - Dadi's face off. I for one am happy that the truth of Dadi and Shyam being hand in glove from day one is out in open. So Arnav could connect the dots and force Dadi to accept that Shyam did meet her in Ashram. Had this been a Kekta Maiyya's show, the raaz would have taken its own sweet time to open up. So thank god for small mercies that Arnav knows the reason why Dadi did come back.

2. Regarding Khushi, I felt that she was asking for one meeting between Anjali and Shyam so that they can grieve over their lost child. I didn't feel that she is asking for his permanent return. Maybe I was having my hope glasses on when the scene aired. But thank god that Khushi agreed to Arnav's reasoning and I do hope she abides by Arnav's word.

3. Today even though the manipulation of emotional Anjali was gross, it was toned down a lot from the previous episode. So thank god on that front.

The Channel needs to put out exciting promos so that people do know what is going on in the serial. I think SP knows that the die hard fans of this show will watch the show no matter what and hence it is not promoting the show. Pratigya is facing the axe so no promotions for that show. And KBC is starting on Sept 7, so all the shows that are going to come under its direct competition (behna, yeh rishta, candle and wick, TMLS, arjun) are being heavily promoted. But since IPK has its own following everyone is fine with it. But SP can you care to tell me why is Mahadev being promoted at the serial's break when it is in direct competition. Gul you need to sit down babe and understand what is that you want from this show. Don't ruin your hard work for the past 1 yr because the audience is in last stages of their patience and it won't be long before we all would be saying "I told you so".

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showstruck IF-Rockerz

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Oh Manisha ji kya rocking post bayana. You really rock in red Clap

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