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Spice Girls Hangout:Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest...

--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:16pm | IP Logged

Election time here in our land, the women vying to be the next first lady just seem to outshine the men as is the case all over the world and in our motherland too...Ironically that doesn't seem to be the opinion of creative minds in IPK land...There was also a competition in IPK land...Titles up for grabs - dumb, dumber, dumbest...It's the Ms. Dumbest pageant! 3 women vying for the most coveted title, the Dumbest...

Unlike the pageant shows, we respect our women here in IPK land...They are never shown flaunting their bodies in a 2-piece or do the catwalk....They don't kiss in public, they shy away from sex with their spouses but they do a fabulous cupping the face....They earn the title for just being who they are, the dumbest! Who do you think should take the honors? Like they say when you compete in the Olympics....There is no win or lose....They are all winners! The title should really go to their creators; you know who you are....

Yes, I took this personally and every woman should even those who watch this show for just ASR... I don't know which of this lines irritated me more "hum humesha aapki baat maante hai " or "Humhe humare Shyamji wapas kar dho Chote". If manipulating Anji was so easy for Shyam, did we have to show the gory scene that led to the miscarriage? Anjali cannot be redeemed...Just declare her clinically insane and we will all go on about our lives...pretty please...

I can't believe I am saying this but barring the depiction of women in the show, the episode was good. It would have been an excellent episode if it hadn't been the for the one thing I dreaded, stupefying of Ms. KKG yet again.....ASR is the only saving grace for the dumb Raizada's. Yes, this was his time to shine and he did....Stand up to the forces who question his judgment and his commitment to protect his sis who has been his life....He always rises to a challenge and tonight was no exception. The episode would have been rocking but for the second half....

A sister wakes up to the noise of a crib being dismantled....ASR, always her soother, gently calms her nerves....The anguish of a mother who had lost her child was expressed well this time....A teary Khushi watching them, if only she could ease their pain....She consoles him, things will be alright...He will always do the right thing for his sis...

Only to be interrupted by a rude dadi....who accuses him of being unreasonable, a poor judge of character and downright makes the wrong decisions. His decisions could cost him his sis, just like he had lost his mom 14 years ago. A below the belt remark from someone who lost her family to a tragedy....The grandson is an orphan, any dadi would have some mercy but the lady had none.....

I am beginning to believe Creepali wedding happened coz dadi made a deal with the devil....There seems to be a longer connection between the 2, not just 1 or 2 meetings......The devil had his own agenda, to take revenge. Dadi indicates, Khushi is the musibat and he has been misled.....Dadi's next plan of action, try to stall the wedding! Arnav will take matters into his hands or so it seems.....

He pleaded to his dadi - ek baar maine bhi galti ki thi Shyaam ko pehchaan ne mein...But that went on deaf ears....Loved the way ASR confronted dadi, gone was the respect...BS excelled in this scene....He challenged her, where was she all these years....why did she comeback? How can she know Shyam in one meeting? Nani clearly was with him and so was mami, Khushi and NK. Akash doesn't count, he can join the pageant with the women....

Khushi and nani tried to intervene but he had enough....If he can take care of his sister at age 14, he doesn't need lessons now....I am surprised dadi wanted proof...Would you trust your grandson over Shyam? They are on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to papa Malik...This also means she doesn't trust her best friend, nani....A clear divide is now evident....

One thing I didn't like, he announced his next move....How predictable....This alerted the enemy and he was there before the restraining order took effect...he was forewarned probably by dadi or his cameras, the very camera he removed.....But the audience is dumb or is expected to forget such minutiae....What I want is ASR not to succumb to Anji, at least not this early....Take the fight to the enemy camp...Show us you can write a serious, logical plot...My SKD...


I am upset that they made Khushi go there....Asking ASR to reconsider....A sin in my books....The man entered her house got engaged under false pretenses, cheated his wife, threatened to destroy her on multiple occasions, touched her inappropriately, blackmailed her on the will, kidnapped her husband, she almost lost him, she almost her life on multiple occasions...

Tonight she seemed to have had a short term memory loss...I saw this coming, so I wasn't surprised. Creative minds...They can only safeguard 1 character at a time....Huge disappointment....I think they may just as well make her the vahu from the other show....A woman's role is essentially to be at her husband's service.... The mahaan SP bahu...Nayi soch and all...  

The flip side is her forgiving nature and her genuine love for others, true to character, very naive...Her wounds are self-inflicted and she really felt Anjali's helplessness, her grief...Like he always said to her, her decisions are purely emotional, dil se....She will do anything for the family she loves, be it the G's or the R's. She sacrificed herself for Payal...Tonight she was sacrificing her safety and her husband's to keep Anjali happy....

I loved their conversation, she was the doting wife, taking care of him....she is walking around RM like she belongs there....that came with the haq he gave her, his acceptance of her as his wife....Small mercies - When he said he doesn't believe the devil she readily agrees...she trusts him to make the right decision, she has accepted him as her protector, her caretaker...She was the gentle caring wife and he the fierce, protective husband and brother who was guarding his territory but yet gentle to her....I think they both did a fabulous job here...

Tonight ASR won my respect but tomorrow is another day....Will he succumb to his sisters wish? Or will he be adamant in his stand?  If he does the latter, more drool power to him..... Will they finally get babuji off that damn wheelchair....maybe he will take one for Garima...until then we have to see the predator walking freely around RM...

In closing, can we show some respect to women? Show them as regular women not what the chauvinists think....Kuch zyaada maang liya kya? If not, mein kehti hun laage raho....More power to me with the falling TRP's....It will be my pleasure to say, I told you so...



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savvy05 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
The episode was mixed bag for me as the drama continues.

I am wondering if the drama created on Friday was for the resurrection of ASR as it was definitely not for AnjaliAngry -ASR who acts on his intuition that Dadi was already colluding with Shyam, ASR who insists on additional security and a restraining order.

Dadi- Arnav confrontation was good with each one trying to save Anjali  in their own way. Arnav wants to isolate his sister from any possible pain and heartache, something he was unable to do for his mother. Dadi wants to give Anjali her life back with Shyam to avoid the despair and the same fate as her daughter-in-law.

Unable to see Anjali in pain and hence a distraught Arnav, Khushi approaches him with her suggestion.D'oh What worked: She asks for a visit, not Shyam staying over at RM. Another open and heart to heart conversation as husband and wife. They no longer keep their feelings hidden, she agrees and accepts to his view point. What did not work: Her forgetting the entire kidnapping and how Arnav's and her own lives were in danger because of Shyam, all the heartache caused to her family because of him. Her thinking out aloud or at least adding this at the beginning of her conversation and then asking for an exception for Di would have made it slightly palatable.

As Arnav tries to make Khushi understand about her error in judgement and making sure she is in agreement with him, in parallel we have Shyam emotionally blackmailing Anjali at the risk of her own life, feeding her ideas to starve herself and be adamant till her demands are met. One relation in the path of rebuilding and the other destructing.

Musings: Bechara Akash, can he have some dialogues? ..even NK gets to say something !!
Anjali asks a very valid question - Was the baby a girl? A question that was unfortunately not posed by any of the RMwasis to the doctor.

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:20pm | IP Logged

HI Sari and Everyone.

First congratulations.  You are part of the Hall of Fame and maybe Mandy can explain this well as to what it  means.  Attaching the link below'

My view of today's episode is very unpopular as I LIKED it.  I watched it a second time to confirm my opinion and it remained the same.   Maybe I got up from the right side of the bed but I was able to justify the "dumbness" which has been so rampant lately in men and women alike. As I have been saying the end is to get Shyam in RM by whatever means available and unfortunately this path has been chosen.

The start with the dismantling of the crib was neither necessary or urgent .  I had hoped the purpose was for HP or someone to find the will but by now it is well established that mind games are played with no real outcome. Of course no harm can come to Shyam even the slightest at this point as he is the golden goose.

Moving on.  The Arnie dadi standoff   - the brilliant 10 minutes . Every single word uttered making impact.  Dare I say it was the return of Arnav Singh Raizada's dimaag !!! 

What I  have made of dadi so far is  her to be a damaged character as well. Her one statement to me was very telling ' I could not do anything 14 years ago but now I will make it right .  She carries a burden of the past where she was helpless and took the easy way out to move away to an ashram maybe living in regret.  When Shyam came over who as we know makes prey of  women and their weakness manipulated her well and made her  believe his innocence.  Dadi knowing Arnie and his decision in the past was easily convinced that history was repeating itself and she is needs to save the family and Ajali from the same fate as her mother.   As Arnav said "Dadi sees things as only as she wants and no one can change that '"   Her stance according to me is for her to redeem her mistakes of the past and the stubborn women she is  , she is unwilling to see anything beyond .  I may be very wrong in my deduction but this is how I saw it today. 

Arnie stood by his decision and as Akash had once said that "bhai makes the decisions of the house "  he asserted that the only way Shyam will come here is over my dead body.   I absolutely loved his confrontation and questioning his dadi on what made her come here after 14 years and why does she not go back as he has looked after his sister for all these years and will continue to do so .

Next in line of Dumb ' Khushi.  Didn't we ALL expect her to ask Arnie to bring back Shyam .  Is it not in her nature to think with her heart and believe in the goodness of people.  She saw a man crying albeit fake tears and believed it to be true and then she saw a wounded sister who needed help and then further saw a broken  Arnie who lost faith in himself.  What do you think her reaction would be  ? To make it all better by whatever means and hence her plea  ' Maybe he has changed. Let's not be unjust and get him to meet  Di.  She is not correct in her assessment  but for now she is not thinking long term , never has.

What I was so happy was about how the entire scene was played with Arnie  questioning her "So ?? "  "Are you kidding me Khsuhi  ?"  For once both had a conversation that involved a difference in opinion and  Arnav did not put his foot down to  say "I am right " and Khsuhi did not continue to argue. To me that was character growth , both handling it in a mature fashion.

The last and the most important DUMB.  Is it only today that Anji has displayed her total lack of comprehension of a situation and its consequences ? I don't t think she THINKS at all. Other people have done it for her  and has been directed by her brother and manipulated by her husband.  Her husband did a good job of making her feel guilty of losing the baby and planting the thought that had he been around none of this would happen.  As per the entire plan to get her to lose the baby to enter RM according to me is the only way he could have coz  he know that Arnav  tolerated him only coz of the baby.  And now since its gone Anji is fragile and  will need him more.  He did it very cleverly and not once did he bad mouth Arnav but simply played his wife to his tune.  

I would have cheered for Anjali had she once said to her husband that please take me from my brothers  house  and I want to be with you .  It would have done wonders  for her character redemption but that is not the purpose of the cvs who blatantly believe in distorting their characters for their purpose.   The last bit of Anji wanting her husband back  is  Arnie's biggest test. No prizes in guessing ' it is sure to happen. What next is what I'd like to see.

Again, I loved the pace and the tight script today. The story moved and there are still a lot of things up in the air.   I do not know what makes the TRPs buzz and what the audience wants. I thought we were getting all this drama since August with dadi coming in is for TRps but they do not seem to be moving at all.  In turn the online community is also getting pissed.  I for one am okay today and looking forward to tomorrow.

Take care everyone.


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-monalisa- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:21pm | IP Logged

Rabba ve, masaale-wali saheliyon!  Big smile How goes Wednesday –wonderful or woeful?!

The episode for me was a null game –one pleasant surprise and one ginormous kadai of particularly greasy DKB.   Dead

(1) It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman!! Nahin yaar, it's Arnav Singh Raizada's shaatir dimaag.   Surprise, surprise, finally we meet, dimaagji, I was convinced you were but a myth, or gone the way of the dodo.  Kya baat hai Arnavji, aapne to hamari bolti hi band kar di.  Whatay shrewdness you displayed in deducing that Daadi and Shyamji have shared a Daiyya-ho before they met at the hospital. Clap Great going, dude!  Now smarten up some more and take a deep whiff around you.  The foul play behind the mehendhi day fiasco is stinking up the place.  Get to it already, before it fades from memory like your days as Rocky's houseguest did.

(2) Shaatir dimaag ke saath tej zubaan bhi rakhte hain Arnavji! He not only thinks, he speaks too?  Will wonders never cease?  But, you remained woefully quiet when someone was being called a museebat.  Um, this defending Khushiji bit –it's kind of a lifelong thing, you need to keep doing it and doing it.  Agli baar yaad rakhna, haan?  "A" for effort, though.  Speaking of keeping on doing it and doing it… when are you going to get to that?  You catch my drift, yeah?   Theek hai, theek hai, phere abhi baaki hain.  But, just a heads up, we're losing patience, so hop to it, chhote. Thanks in advance. Thumbs Up

(3) "I know!  I'll refuse to consume any medication or nourishment unless it's from your pavitra hands.  See, I'm shaatir too, let's see how he refuses me now."  Are we going to see ASR say, "Yeh haath mujhe de de, Shyam, Di ke liye?" Silly  So, CVs, I see where you're going with this.  This is the second attempt at Mission Sympathy for Di, yes?   Well, if it didn't work the first time, it sure as hell isn't about to NOW, in the middle of the wedding track.  Waise, why didn't Anjali go on her bhook hartal the first time around?  There was no need to kill her bachcha for this, right?   We could have also been spared a few weeks of DKB.  Sigh... Devi Maiyya, CVs ki baatein CVs bhi na jaane.Confused

(4) So throughout her pregnancy, Anjali was being treated as if she was she was made of glass and would crash into a million pieces if you so much as looked at her wrong.  Yet, not 12 hrs after what I'm assuming was surgery to deliver a stillborn, she's up and about.  Yeh ho kya raha hai? Shocked

(5) I've made this rant approximately 493 times already today, so feel free to skip this.   CVs, yeh aapne Khushiji ke saath theek nahin kiya.   Aakhir zaroorat kya thi to make her plead Shyam's case?  We didn't even get a good fight out of it.  So kiss and make up ke chances bhi nahin hain.   Khushi, the man kidnapped and tried to murder your poojya patidev –yes, the very same one jinse aap pyaar karti hain, dammit.  Let's assume you're right and the loss of his baby has caused him to turn over a new leaf.  You would actually forgive him?  Humein aapse yeh ummeed nahin thi.   Dil toota hai aaj hamara.  Ouch

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Anjali610 Groupbie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
i think the Shyam winning in his plan will last for another 3 -4 weeks then the proof start to come togther which will take another 3 - 4 weeks . So in another words by the end of appx 8 weeks the whole Shyam truth will come out...
What would be interesting if Anji has a plan and trying to show Shyam she cannot live without him but in real she wants to find out about the whole truth on Shyam and gets indirect support from Arshi this would  win the TRPS and show Anji as the pillar of the house... Some how I feel this  will not happen.
Whay do you think!!!

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:32pm | IP Logged

Arnav was truly the star of this episode in how he handled Dadi, not only did he put the pieces together and realize she and Shyam had known each other from before but also called her out on not being here for all these years while he took care of his sister. The added bonus was the fact he talked about the kidnapping! It did happen and it has not been forgotten and for once his family heard from Arnav himself how Shyam tried to kill him. Dadi is a real piece of work, no concern for her grandson's kidnapping, no hesitation to bring up his mother's suicide suggesting Anjali would do the same and had the nerve to believe she knew better than Arnav despite her absence all these years. Is it any wonder why Nani looked at her with disgust and finally took a stand?? For me Nani backing up Arnav was what made this scene perfect! Nani really took a stand and made it clear this was no MU it was the truth plain and simple! Thank you CVs for a powerful, well written scene that was the voice of the viewers. It is now clear the family stands by Arnav's views of Shyam

Khushi, now here is a character in which I tried to watch with two points of views so here it goes. My first POV is in defense of Khushi, here's a girl who has always believed in seeing the good in people and right now all that mattered to her was Anjali's recovery. It is not that far fetched that she would think Shyam would be devastated over the loss of his child, many of us as viewers did not expect him to kill his child despite knowing his history. It was a shock to all of us.

My second POV is against Khushi who should know better by now than to believe a man like Shyam could ever change. What happened to the Khushi we saw during the kidnapping track? Back then her dil too ruled her emotions but it was also a driving force behind the shaatir dimaag that did not allow harm to come to her husband. It was just moments ago where Arnav spoke about how Shyam tried to kill him, it was just seconds ago where she had to stop Arnav from breaking the glass in his hands so how can she speak about injustice to someone when she was doing the biggest injustice of all to her husband by even considering to bring Shyam back even for one visit?? I want back the shaatir dimaag Khushi!

Anjali, complete disappointment I do not have an ounce of sympathy left for this girl. This was the CVs chance to redeem her instead what we got was even further damage to a character that is already hated by many. Its sad what things have come to in which I can now say she is the perfect match for Shyam, its sickening the way she intends to manipulate her brother to get her way. Anjali is selfish and I look forward to the day she regrets this but at what cost?? I really do not want to see another incident where ASR is harmed but it may be the only thing that opens her eyes

Blooper - One minute Arnav, Khushi and Dadi are outside Anjali's room and the next all are downstairs with the rest of the Raizadas!

Rant - How in the world did the family expect Anjali to be up and walking after being shocked, falling and miscarrying??? Obviously she will be weak, she will be in mourning given the fact its been less than a day since she learned her child died!!

Overall an episode that had its good points like the confrontation scene, Arnav and Khushi's bond continuing to strengthen but then it had its bad by further ruining Anjali's character and to a degree Khushi as well. I've given up hope with Anjali but there is still hope for Khushi whom I hope does not pressure Arnav in the next episode, she showed faith in him and did not push when he said a man like Shyam could not change so she needs to stand by that faith and support him.

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Pr1yanka IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
Honest to God..I has a splitting headache when the episode ended….having said that….I did love ASR's faceoff with dadi….what kind of woman is she... so adamant n evil that she cant even see the love arnav has for his di…..i can see the route taken by the CVs for her given the fact that she belongs to the old school of thought where women should always stay with their husbands, however erring their men may be….even so…how can she not even for once show some kind of affection for arnav….unfathomable…..i understand shyam needs 2 be brought in RM for the sake of drama n all that…which i hope happens asap….so that i can see some romance..yeah im shallow…

anyways….ASR deserves at least a round of applause for actually showing he can think..what with the enire forum doubting his shatir just glad the fact is out in the open n spelled out in so many words that shyam tried 2 hurt arnav….what im shocked about is that mamiji didnt show an apt reaction for that…really…for a character whose face shows nineteen a dozen expressions…how can she keep quiet…..shoddy screenplay coz i dont doubt mamiji's acting prowess..she is too good…thank God that asr finally picked on the fact that shyam met dadi before….however again i was shocked to see dadi coolly announcing it n none of the family protests or says anything to her…atleast nani should have said something….aah well..atleast asr asked dadi 2 eff off….im content for now

khushi trusted shyam for even a second is beyond my understanding…but i loved that she was there for asr…how i wish they had prolonged their convo n cut short some other people's chit chat….

i conveniently ignored what else happened coz dumb women irk me 2 no ends…..

however ill say im waiting for arnav anjali rift to happen…yes…it should n i hope it does….shyam will be bk…all of us know that…i jus wanna see asr understand the big big big difference between his manipulative di (whom he has raised 2 the spot of a Goddess) and khushi (who just tolerated the shit life he gave her after the contract marriage n how she kept up with it much that she always did n even now thinks for his precious Di before herself…i wish he realises that sooner than ever and remarries her in front of shyam's eyes n dadi's venomous presence…..n then give silent treatment to anji di so that she can start thinking…i know it is almost impossible... n does something for herself n show shyam the door….that will be truly a day 2 reckon with in ipk duniya

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maaloo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
A woman is the producer and is at the helm of this show, apparently she is the one who gives creative inputs, but her soch is obviously to show women as the weaker sex, all this for garnering those elusive TRP numbers? Confused

ASR rocked today as the helpless brother, trying to be the support for his sis. He rocked as the "man of the house" giving back to dadi as good as he got. His body language and dialog was superb.. ASR as the husband trying to drill some sense into his always sacrificing wife was also a good scene to watch.

But apart from this, everything else kind of fell flat. 

whats with Shyam's crying that he has 50% of the females in RM believing him? I thought his attempts at grieving was pretty pathetic.. but then thats me with my puraani khayaal and I guess the females at RM have nayi soch..

Fangirl #1 of Shyam's tears: Dadi. A dadi who trusts her damaad more than her grandson, a daadi who can see the fake tears in her damaad's eyes and mistake it for real love.. but doesn't see the love her grandson has for Khushi, nor see the unshed tears he has, when she always accuses him of wrong-doing.. a daadi who has supposedly lived in an ashram and now suddenly has come to save the Raizadas. 

Fangirl #2: Khushi. Khushi knows Shyam the most; he has attempted to molest her, kill her, her husband.. but still a few tears later.. she thinks he has changed? she is willing to reconsider for di's sake? That was too much to accept. Another victim to Shyam's fake tears? 

Fangirl # 3: Anjali - who believes that the world begins and ends with her husband.. A couple of hugs and face-cupping and soup-feeding.. and she is under his spell.. again another victim to Shyam's fake tears.. 

In short, but for the face-off, it didn't work for me.. But then tomorrow is another day... and it may all get better.. Day Dreaming

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