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OS: Honeymoon Games 2

TINA! IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:06pm | IP Logged
I'm on vacation and yet, i couldn't resist posting this..let me know what u thinkEmbarrassed

i'm posting this on a new thread since as Satina pointed out, it can be its own OS, although i think it would make more sense if you read the first half.

Link to first half:

OS: Honeymoon Games Part 2


Arnav woke up with a yawn, curling his hand across his sleepy looking face.

As his eyes fluttered open, he squinted at the sudden brightness.

Warm, golden rays of sunlight poured from the windows.

A beautiful picturesque scene could be seen through the glass: tall evergreens dotted the snow-covered landscape with mountains overlooking.

The storm had passed, leaving an almost fairytale setting behind.

Arnav's hand crossed lazily over the white bedspread, his fingers seeking warm, silky skin..

But his wife was not there.

Her space beside him was empty.

Arnav frowned and leaned up on one elbow.

"Khushi.." he called out, glancing about the empty cabin.

Damn it, where had she run off to, he wondered?

But then he noticed the light glowing under the bathroom door and sighed with relief.

Really, he had to relax.

But somehow he couldn't..he knew Khushi so well. Knew that she'd find a way to get back at him for that phone app prank last night.

He smiled languidly as he recalled her clutching him tightly, the hot, angry expression that had crossed her face when she'd found his phone in the sheets.

She really was the most beautiful when she was angry.

He couldn't resist her then.

Arnav sighed happily as he recalled the days and nights of their honeymoon so far.

Last night, they'd been insatiable, needing each other desperately.

They'd only gotten a few hours of sleep.

And yet, he felt great..the happiest he'd ever felt in his life..

He loved Khushi so much..

He looked at the closed bathroom door longingly.

Just give her a few minutes more, he told himself.

And if she still didn't come out, he'd go and get her himself.

Pick her up in his arms and take her back to bed, he thought with a smirk.

He wanted her..again..

It seemed like the more he had her in his arms, the more he needed her.

He couldn't get enough of her.

Arnav threw the still warm blankets over his head, trying to get a few last minutes of sleep.

Because he knew that as soon as his wife neared, he wouldn't be able to let her go.


Khushi smiled at herself naughtily in the mirror.

She'd planned everything so well.

Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada..he thought he was oh so smart. That he could play his little games on her. 

She still hadn't forgiven him for that phone prank. He'd scared her to death with all those noises.

His ideas of romance were completely crazy, she thought, rolling her eyes.

But what had followed had been highly passionate, intensely powerful, she recalled with a blush.

Still, she'd show him, she thought, zipping up the final coat.

Show him what true romance was..

The layers of fur felt very odd against her still sensitive skin underneath.

It reminded her clearly of where his mouth and hands had been..

Khushi smiled at herself one last time in the large, oblong mirror and then stepped carefully outside.

She tiptoed closer to the bed where Arnav lay asleep, a blanket thrown over his head.

Khushi grinned as she looked down at him.

Let the game begin..

With a small giggle, she snatched the blanket off of him.


Cold air stung Arnav's bare body.

He frowned in his sleep, huddling into the warm sheets beneath him.

Was that Khushi's giggle, he wondered suddenly?

His eyes opened slowly, in thin slits.

As he glimpsed his wife's glowing, laughing face, all thoughts of sleep left him.

His hand reached out to her.

"Come back to bed, baby," he mumbled sleepily.

But she sidestepped.

"No, Mr. Raizada, you can't always get your way."

Arnav grumpily turned toward her, finally looking fully at her.

His eyes widened.

He rose up slightly, his body shaking with laughter.

He couldn't even speak, the laughter wouldn't stop.

Nothing could have prepared him for the sight of his wife wrapped in at least five large winter coats. She seemed to have gained a 100 pounds from the last time he'd seen her.

The outer coat was a large white fur coat.

God, he thought laughing, she reminded him of a cute polar bear..

"What the hell are..are you wearing?" he managed to ask after several long moments.

Khushi gazed down at his laughing face with narrow eyes.

She quickly reached down and grabbed his shirt and pants from the floor.

A vivid memory of her removing these from his body came to her, sending heat coursing through her.

But she forced herself to stick to the game.

She looked at him pointedly and then ran for the main door, throwing it open.

Arnav was still laughing as he watched her leave.

"KHUSHI!" he yelled out as cold, frigid air bit into his flesh.

But Khushi just frowned at him over her shoulder, running out into the snow.

"Khushi!" he called, smiling still.

But she didn't reply, running out of his line of vision.

Scratch cute polar bear, thought Arnav with a grin, she was more of an angry, cute polar bear..

Arnav reached for his discarded clothes on the floor below.

His smile vanished as his hands met just empty wood below.

Snow was drifting inside from the open front door and Arnav shivered as another wave of cold hit him.

Damn it! Where were his clothes?

He reached for the blanket, but it was gone too.


She'd ripped it off of him, he recalled.

What was she up to, he wondered?

He quickly got up and wrapped the plain, white sheet he'd been sleeping on low around his hips.

He hurried to the open door, sticking his head out.

"KHUSHI!" he yelled.

As his eyes adjusted to the blinding white landscape, he could just make out a small, adorable figure going into the adjacent pool house.

His polar bear really fit into the surroundings, he thought with a laugh.

As a sudden cold wind sailed inside, Arnav banged the door closed.

He ran toward the closet in the far corner.

Khushi..he'd catch up with her..

He slipped on his boots quickly, a sly smile crossing his face.

So she wanted him in the pool, did she?

Anticipation made his fingers tremble, his heart pounded as he wrenched the closet doors open.

He froze as he looked inside.

The closet was empty.

His clothes were all gone.

All the coats were missing.

"Damn it," he muttered.

"KHUSHI!" he screamed again, even though he knew she couldn't possibly hear him.

He knew this was all her doing.

He looked around the cabin with wide eyes.

But it was like he'd suspected, all the clothes and blankets were missing.

Only a lone apron remained in the kitchen, almost tauntingly.

Arnav frowned as he ripped the bedskirt off the bed.

He threw it around his shoulders and ran outside.

Arnav was growling as he ran to the poolhouse.

Cold air stung him, making him shiver.

Flying snow hit his expose face, wetting his hair to midnight black.

Arnav cursed softly as he jogged past.

Who would have thought that on his honeymoon he'd be running around next thing to naked?

But leave it to Khushi, he thought, shaking his head.

Of course, she would do something crazy. Something that would drive him crazy..

He loved her little quirks.

Loved her playful spirit.

Loved her. Period.

But still, thought Arnav as he reached the pool house door, he'd have some fun with her..

So, with a last smirk, he schooled his expression, putting his ASR mask on skillfully.

"Mrs. Raizada?" he called as he stepped inside.

The pool house basically consisted of a large indoor swimming pool and hot tub. A few chaise lounges were pushed against the wooden walls.

Khushi turned toward him, grinning wickedly.

Her heart skipped a beat as she looked at his grumpy face, the transparent, white sheets that clung to his skin..

Her eyes widened.

God, but he was so handsome.

Arnav raised a cool eyebrow at her.

"Ahh, there you are, Mrs. Raizada. And exactly what are you up to? Really, Khushi, hiding all the clothes in the cabin is not funny!"

Khushi smiled impishly in response.

Arnav tried to frown at her. His hands itched to grab her, pull her against him, remove all those damn coats..

But Khushi seemed to have heard his unspoken wish.

For her hands reached for the zipper on the large, white fluffy coat.

Arnav froze as she slowly pulled the zipper down and threw it to the side.

She just smiled at him naughtily in response.

"What were you saying, love?" she asked seductively, her hands reaching for the buttons on the brown coat underneath.

Arnav's eyes widened.

He couldn't reply as desire and love unfurled within him.

God, what was Khushi trying to do to him?

He hadn't expected his laughing, innocent wife to be so bold.

Maybe it was because they were all alone in the middle of nowhere, he thought.

But then his eyes darkened and he could barely think as Khushi threw the second coat off to the side.

Two more coats followed.

A last, black coat remained on her body.

Khushi watched him with heated eyes as she pulled the zipper down.

Arnav swallowed as he glimpsed her bare skin underneath.

He watched the growing slit of exposed skin with hooded eyes. His heart beat wildly. He felt oddly breathless.

But Khushi stopped suddenly.

Arnav frowned as he saw her fingers fall to her sides.

His eyes ran up and down her body.

The coat had been unzipped to the middle of her slim torso. Her breasts were half uncovered. Her legs and feet exposed as the black coat hit her mid-thigh.

Arnav growled softly, motioning for her to continue.

But she shook her head at him, tossing her glossy, long hair over her shoulder in a sexy move. But Arnav knew that Khushi hadn't even thought twice about what she'd done. Her actions came naturally.

She had no idea what she was doing to him..

Khushi suddenly laughed at him and raced to the other side of the pool.

Arnav's eyes heated as he watched her.

Damn, he had to end this game.

He'd had enough.

He wanted her now.

So with a slight smirk, he reached for the wet bedskirt draped around his shoulders.

Khushi's eyes rounded as she saw him toss the sheet aside.

Her eyes traced his exposed chest hungrily.

But she forced herself to stay away.

Control yourself, Khushi, she told herself.

Yet, she couldn't look away as her husband's hand reached for the other sheet..the one that was tied low around his hips.

Arnav smirked at her as he dropped the sheet to the floor, kicking it aside.

Khushi's eyes rounded.

Her heart soared as she stared across at him.

Arnav suddenly darted forward, reaching her within a matter of seconds.

Khushi yelped as his hands wrapped around her.

She moaned as he picked her up slightly, crushing her to him.

His body was freezing against hers and she moved instinctively closer, her hands reaching out to warm him.

Arnav had other ideas though.

He kissed her then, his mouth hungry and relentless against hers.

Khushi's mouth opened and her breath hitched as their tongues entwined.

They kissed for several more minutes.

Suddenly, Khushi felt cold air hit her.

She backed away, staring down at herself with wide eyes.

"Arnav!" she said loudly, reaching out to push him lightly.

He'd somehow managed to unzip her black coat.

Arnav smirked against her throat as he threw the black coat away.

He reached for her again, kissing her soundly.

Khushi's head tilted back as she clutched him to her.

Suddenly, Arnav picked her up in his arms and jumped into the heated pool water.

Khushi's eyes opened with a snap as she felt water lap against her bare skin.

But she could barely think as Arnav wrapped his hands around her body, pulling her tight against him.

As he pushed her back against the pool's tiled wall, he whispered in her ear: "No more games, Mrs. Raizada."

Khushi nodded with a naughty glint in her eyes, "Deal, Mr. Raizada."

They gazed at each other for a moment and then Arnav lunged toward her slightly open, moist lips.

Khushi's eyes closed as passion exploded around them.

"I LOVE YOU, DAMN IT!" she screamed minutes later.

Arnav smirked as he held her in the water. "I love you too, damn it!" he whispered, reaching for her wet lips.

List of all my IPKKND stories here:



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shasru26 Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:28pm | IP Logged
Very hot

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norolim Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
Oh my!
Loved it Tina! Embarrassed
You were supposed to update MG by the end of last week, weren't you ?
Where is my update? Can I pweej get it?
Anyway! Loved thisEmbarrassed. It was amazing :)
Cheers, Avi.

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dumas IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:35pm | IP Logged
awesome loved it that was wicked and sexy and so cool awesome mind blowing thanks for the pm

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flowers4u IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:58pm | IP Logged
Awe loved it the prank was totally kushi...very romantic...

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TINA! IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ArShifan1997

Oh my!
Loved it Tina! Embarrassed
You were supposed to update MG by the end of last week, weren't you ?
Where is my update? Can I pweej get it?
Anyway! Loved thisEmbarrassed. It was amazing :)
Cheers, Avi.

sry I'm out of town..u'll get MG next part next week!

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-EndlessSmile- IF-Rockerz

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awesome and hot update

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drunkiiebabe IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome loved it very hot

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