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FF: Paper Roses [Chp 17, Pg 76] 10/07 (Page 48)

eyesonme IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by DropofDew

Hi guys!

I know you must be wondering where the heck I've gotten to LOL. I'm currently on holiday and had hoped that it wouldn't get in the way of my updating... But well err it has Tongue. So even though I managed the When Truth Prevails" update (for those of you who read it) this is taking it's time :(. I think I'll be in a no internet zone for a couple of days starting tomorrow and to be honest I'm not sure if I'll get the update typed up or not anyway. 
So for now the updates will be late :( sorry about that. I will try my best to get Chapter 12 up asap but if I don't then I'm really really sorry xxx 

don't worry, enjoy your holidays and take your time :)
We will wait...Hamesha :P

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Rainbow_petals IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
Dont worry.. We will wait for the super awesome update... :D
take your time and ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS...

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ManmarziyanTeri Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 12:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shay1990




This was even worse then last time!!!!! *cries*

1000 years later here I am. I got to read it twice Wink lol, because the first time I read it I took a leaf out of your book and read it late at night' So by the time I wanted to comment, I was nearly dribbling over my laptop lol. Just kidding *looks around nervously*

Now for the update!

Pinks' You outdo yourself each and every single time. And this update, was absolutely no different. It had just the right amount of humour in it as well' Because you know I like humour lol. And the whole update was just so cleverly done' Especially the Khushi and Aman part. But before I get ahead of myself, I'm going to go through the chapter in order unlike usual. LOL

Arnavs flashback at the start really did set the scene for the tone of his and Anjali's relationship. Arnav doesn't quite seem like a heartless bas***d, yet Anjali doesn't quite seem like a casual 'sl*g' either. I liked the way you have given just enough information in order for us to be drawn to this situation. Sly

Because right now, I feel like there is a lot more to Anjali's career choice then what is being given away. I going to take a guess and assume that she had her reasons and it was hard for her to get out of that choice. And Arnav being the rash decision maker as usual didn't give her a chance to explain herself. But we can so clearly see here that Arnav maybe regrets this? And it's been so long now that he feels like it's his fault? That he could have saved her?

But obviously he's using his anger as a front. And this is shown through this sentence:

If he stepped past everything and stripped it down to one thing, it was himself that he hated. He hated his own weakness, his inability to have saved Khushi all those years ago, to have prevented his sister or realised sooner, he hated his own misgivings. It was himself that he hated.

I really loved this bit. It puts everything in perspective for us, and for him as well. When he looks past everything, he realises he's only so angry because he wasn't able to save the ones he loved the most. He isn't even blaming Anjali here.  However, he is ASR and even when he goes to see Anjali' He puts on that front again. If I'm honest, I can't wait for them to reconcile'. If that is going to happen that is?!" *looks at Pinks with eyes full of hope* Embarrassed

I honestly loved this part Pinks' Arnavs complete and utter distress was worded so perfectly ' his anguish was just there on the screen for us to take it and literally feed on it. That is how vividly it was set out. Amazing job Pinks. Clap

So can I just say that I think I love Aman almost as much as you love him now lol' He's so cool, he's awkwardly suave and more importantly' he has a PLAN!!!! And a bloody brilliant plan at that!  I love how he knows Arnav so well *bromance* he's literally Arnavs common sense ' making up for all of Arnavs bad moves!

He did make me chuckle more then usual in this chapter, especially when he says:

"Don't worry I really don't bite, I'm pretty nice actually, if I do say so myself,"

Ahahahhahahaa, cheeky bugger! Not that it helped in any way whatsoever lol it only seemed to fuel Khushi's anger. And coming on to that part, I like how Khushi is angry' I remember saying earlier how I'm waiting for her to just lash out! And here it is' But poor Aman is getting it instead of Arnav. But I'm sure that is to come' Right?!

But I do like their bantering here. And at the end where she goads him for not being back within the hour. That hour bit!! I love how Aman is so nerdy and organised and know exactly what he needs to know and puts the pieces together straight the way! Superhero Aman. Day Dreaming And THIS BIT!

"Yes! We are at least getting somewhere, you've got my name correct!" He beamed, suddenly slightly excited.

He's so cute Pinks' I just imagined him getting proper happy in my head! #BigKid LOL

And it's even funnier because he's so unaware that it's frustrating her lol. I don't even think I'm making sense anymore' I just love Aman. Bas. I like him even more then my Akash LOL!

So Shyam has creeped me out to the max in this chapter. *shudders* He can feel her skin on his skin. He feels the taste of her name. PERVERT! No cookies for Shyam Babu' Only a good beating from Grawp! I'm waiting for something humongous to happen in the Shyam/Khushi part of the story' Don't think I've forgotten about all your little twists and turns and little hints! Because I'm still as intrigued as ever *weeps* 

Also though' I'm a little confused about Akash. Is he actually a bad guy in this? Or is he just trying to keep Khushi's identity safe for Payals sake? Or am I just being thick?

So as much as Arnav hates himself for Anjalis state, as I mentioned before, he still builds those walls right back up.. And doesn't even give her a chance to explain. Even though he knows that he shouldn't shut her out' He still does. And I'm kind of hoping he'll fully regret this because it really does look like Anjali is trying to tell him something important/ Am I right? Either way, like I was saying before' I really do hope they reconcile nicely. Because I actually feel sorry for her now Disapprove

And now I just have to go back to Aman. The sly devil! Match-making wala plan this is???? And poor khushi is like a tigress locked in her room... ready to pounce every time someone enters. Lol and Amans getting the bulk of it. I keep saying this' But I hope that anger is directed towards Arnav, because I sense Aman knows EXACTLY what he's doing' And he's going to make this all work to his advantage. Or he could just end up diluting her anger on Arnavs behalf with this plan? Pata nahi' I'm all for it either way Wink

*claps excitedly for Aman*

So I shall finish off by saying of course I love you' And thank you for creating such a wonderful, diverse story. You are a genius you know that?

Keep doing what you're doing' Because you sir, are doing it amazingly!

Love and LOTS of hugs (don't worry, cake as well lol)  Hug

And how can I forget #Kukkad (I've been listening to it whilst typing this, as a tribute to you) Wink


OMG! Freaking hell Shay! You mad woman! Thank you so much for this huge comment! Aaah I love you (but you know that :P)!

LOL yeh reading at night really doesn't work for commenting afterwards LOL

Aww thank you so much! Hug

:P slyyy. I didn't want to give it all away just yet Wink. I think I've said this a couple of times on updates, there's a backstory to each and every character of this fic, with the exception of NK maybe but I'm not completely sure of that yet either Confused. I'm still figuring out NK I suppose :(. Right now all you guys will know is as much as what Arnav knows and nothing more Wink.

Yep spot on! Anjali has her reasons, reasons that she only keeps to herself and although Arnav wanted to at first help her she refused (she had her reasons for that too). So now Arnav blames himself because he thinks he has failed her and the promises he had made to her and she doesn't know how to make things right between them anymore. 

Aww I'm so happy that you loved that part! I really wanted to get exactly that point across. Arnav isn't a heartless bas***d, he just can't get his thoughts across and instead hides them with his shield of anger. And you've got it perfectly! Big smile Hug

And yes they will reconcile Wink but ... erm... I'm not good with sticking to time frames... So... Soon? :P

Haha I love this "he's literally Arnavs common sense", he actually is lol LOL. Aah Arnav where would you be without Aman? Yaha! Aman is so cool! Tongue And the bechara doesn't have a clue when it comes to dealing with annoyed/confused/furious Khushi lol. 

Haha poor Aman's just asked for it this time round eh? :P but I'm sure there's enough anger left inside of her for Arnav too Wink :P. 

Haha "superhero nerdy Aman"! I love this! Lol That is so perfect for him LOL

Nahiii more than your Aakash? Oh my lord! Lol I still love your Aakash more though LOL. You can have my Aman and I'll take your Aakash? LOL Since you've made Aman into a "hot" gunda in your fic anyway Tongue.

Lmao I actually read your comment whilst sitting in a lecture at first and this part made me actually LOL No cookies for Shyam Babu… Only a good beating from Grawp! LOLI'm pretty sure I got a lot of disapproving looks thrown my way :P, *drops head in shame*. Shyamu you naught boy! Chi get back into your perv cage now! I think Grawp just needs to stand on him for a while to be honest LOL
Lol the Diya/Khushi/Shyam story is still on hold till Khushi finds out more about Arnav because otherwise she may just bite Aman's head off LOL and I'm sure you don't want that happening to our lovely Aman :P.

Lol Aakash... Tihihi I'm not going to answer... Is Aakash a bad guy? Tongue

*Confession* I actually haven't figured out yet what Arnav will do when he finds out the truth behind Anjali's decision Embarrassed. Will have to do more pondering Tongue.

Lol Aman actually will have a lot of plans that wil backfire Wink because well Arnav is one ill-tempered bas***d LOL. But yes he has got most of this plan figured out, but not everything is in his control *wink* *wink*... You'll find out what I mean next chapter Wink

Awww I love you! Thank you so so so much! You have made my extremely scorching day with this comment! I love your comments! A bone crushing hug being sent your way right now! Omg! Cake! Sri Lanka has like the best cake! I'm going to be one fat bas***d when I get back! LOL So I'm sending Sri Lankan cake your way... Big smile

#Kukkad! I miss our #Kukkadness here in SL *cries* I will Kukkad my way back to Aberdeen soon so that I can stalk your fic and twitter like the weirdo that I am LOL

Heart xxx
ManmarziyanTeri Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 1:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rainbow_petals

Originally posted by DropofDew

Originally posted by Rainbow_petals

you can't kill arundhati !!!!!!! she's my favourite... she's so cute Dead intelligent Dead and what not!!! ROFL ROFL  ROFL  ROFL

wow you are going to give quick update for my comment.. i'm dancing right now..Wink

LOL ROFL ROFL Aw no how did I even forget the immense talent of this Arundathi! :P Damn it! I can't kill her! She's too much of a kind-hearted poor little soul to be just killed off like that LOL

Lol I'm trying I'm trying LOL. *Rushes off and opens another tab to update Sprinkle of Stardust whilst she updates Paper Roses* LOL. I'll blame you if Arundathi ends up in Paper Roses now LOL just making a "special appearance" Wink.

ROFL a special appearance  !!!  i won't mind that.. but ask her to join arnav's gang this time.. making things easy for shyaam.. LOL

Lmao how about we switch roles this time? Arundathi can take on the role Shyam has in Sprinkle...? Lol :P
ManmarziyanTeri Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 1:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by the_breeze

Prior Warning: Am commenting after watching the ending of OUR MAGICAL SHOW and I do not know how coherent I would sound due to being overly emotional Wacko


The initial trauma of Arnav was heart rendering woman... I liked the part about the flashback wherein you describe how Anjali started this... The financial situation being a huge influencing factor in this whole fiasco... How Arnav stumbles across this terrible terrible realization... the things leading upto it all of it just made me feel so heart broken for both of them... To be forced, by circumstances, to sell yourself off is just so unimaginable that it sends goosebumps all over my skin... The line where you write about Arnav remembering the Mercedes as being one where he worked made me think that those guys found out about Anjali and offered her this or blackmailed her to do this and you know what it disgusted me, the fact that such people exist makes me cringe and shudder and I hate to think of anyone in the clutches of such men... Angry Dead


Then the part about him hating himself was also quite touching, my heart went out to him yaar... The poor soul has been tortured beyond belief... I mean it has just been too much to handle man... This chapter I tell you has aroused so many different emotions in me that I find it difficult to do it justice with my limited words... Clap


The interactions between Aman & Khushi are always something different and fresh... He tries to be friendly and sincere while she perceives him to be demented and rambling... He tries his best to make her less fearful of him and she tries to question him about Arnav and her current situation... Ah the complexities of life... You have described Khushi's behaviour very aptly for a person who has been running away from unknown dangerous men, brought to a totally strange house by a guy she barely knows who turns out to be a guy she knew all her life, to being left with more unknown men, unanswered and highly volatile due to the entry of another woman who see assumes to be the love interest of her love... Boy oh boy, she is on an emotional roller-coaster... and that aint good for Aman!!! Now I don't know whether it was the adrenaline or the injustice of it all that brought out the tigress in her, but am glad it happened... Wink



Eeekkk, the Snake continues to disgust me,, he makes my skin crawl with sheer loathing and disgust... Please keep our Angel away from that vile creature... Angry Censored



Now the entire part of Lavanya talking to Arnav, his manner, his feelings, his outward indifference, Anjali's pleas, all was just teary woman... It made me realize the power your words can invoke... their was so much pain and heart break in that entire section that I cannot begin to describe all that I felt while reading it... It was pure magical... Kudos to y u for etching it so perfectly and bringing out a multitude of emotions in the reader... That was simply BRILLIANT!! Clap Clap Clap 


So Aman finally decided to get info about Arnav's past... Hmmm, well as long as he and NK are gonna be killed by Arnav anyways (when he finds out what these tow have done in his absence) they might as well be of some use in clearing out Khushi's confusions... Seriously woman, I LOVE THE NK IN YOUR FF!!! And man, Aman's parting shot was AWESOME!!! Cool


So dearie, a fabulous update, do continue soon, thnx for the PM! all in all an AH-MAZING update... Loved it from start to finish... Heart

Tc and lotsa love 

Aww :( I feel your pain... The end of the show nearly had me in tears too :(. 

You know I've heard of so many girls actually being forced into this line of business and it is sadly one of those harsh truths of the world which really just saddens me. This is one of the reasons why Anjali has this character in this story, I wanted there to be this realistic edge to it. 

Aw thank you so much, you don't know how much this means to me.

Aah I'm so glad you liked the Khushi-Aman part, I want Khushi to have a bond with someone else other than Arnav too in this fic and this is me building up the foundations for that Wink. Aman's just asking for trouble LOL. And I'm so glad that you think I've gotten Khushi's plight correct, I really wasn't sure in the end if I'd paid her enough justice Embarrassed

Aw thank you so much! I'm always left so touched with all of your comments Embarrassed. I guess through this fic I wanted that initial bro-sis bond to be intact, or rather more profound. Because that was always a strong element of the show, this whole bro-sis relationship; so the foundations are still the same, the situations are just different :). 

Lol Aman and NK are dead meat LOL. NK has always been a nosey lil bugger LOL and Aman is even worse I guess LOL. Yeh they might as well sort this Khushi thing out before Arnav gets to them :P.

Aah Thank you so much! I do love you and your absolutely amazing comments! Hugs your way!
I'm sorry my comment is so late, I have limited internet usage on holiday :(.

Thank you thank you thank you!
Lotsa love and tc xxx
ManmarziyanTeri Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 1:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 9424976

I've read all this in one go and wowza!!! It is awesome. I love the thrill, the chase, the rush, how you didn't give everything away and let us figure it out!!!!!OH MY GOSH. 
- First off, I didn't even know that Anjali was Angelica, I should have though. The fact that Shyam is using her and he is still after Khushi, you have the plot intact but wow a different setting!
- Arnav and Khushi share a past, a wonderful past, a really deep heartbreaking past. Their encounters, the truth finally coming out for both of them, I am waiting for a confrontation! 
- I love how you have describe the anguish, the pain, the man that is Arnav Singh Raizada. Once again, same plot but different story. How he is still affected by his parents, his sister, and now that he has his Chutki back.
- Khushi is afraid and lonely and scared, though I really want her to be stronger, and show the same kind of fire that she did to Aman but now to Arnav! 
- Speaking of, I love Aman! He is perfect!!
- NK, is still NK! Ha, I'm wondering if he is the leak/bad guy in disguise?

But like omg I really really love this story! I'm so glad I read it! LOVE IT!!

Aw thank you so much! Big smile
Lol yep the plot of this fic has taken all of the foundations of the show but I've changed it in all sorts of different directions LOL. I actually thought a lot of people would end up guessing the Anjali part but I guess I didn't give enough away LOL.
And a confrontation you will get very soon Wink
Right now I know Khushi doesn't seem that strong, but I guess it wouldn't be realistic if she was just yet because she's just so confused as to what is going on around her. But don't worry that side of her will be back pretty soon ;). 
Haha! And I love you for loving  Aman! LOL And nahiii bechara NK is not a bad guy :P... I don't think I could imagine Karan's face on a negative character :P. 

Aaah! Thank you so much! I love your comment! It has made my day! xxx Hug
ManmarziyanTeri Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 1:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by swatim318

when are you updating dear...???

craving for the next part...

Aw I'm so sorry :(. I'm updating in a few minutes ;) xx

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ManmarziyanTeri Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 1:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shijinareneesh

Oh god just finished it in a go!!!!! it is freaking awsme!!!!!wow,no words for explaining...i loved it...the thrill,the suspense,the chase,the pain ,the anguish,the love all...a block buster...ohhh hw much i love ur Aman...and hw much i hate ur Shyam...Akash u gave him a different shade..and Anjali???unexpected...i was expecting her the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada's sister,but nt in this way...Khushi,well Khushi is always our Khushi..naive yet brave... Arnav Singh Raizada no words to describe da man behind da mask...i wish to read further...can i expect a pm for the next chapter...

Aww thank you so so much! Big smile Hug
Haha I love my Aman too :P. Yes Aakash is different ;)... You'll find out how exactly in a few updates time ;). 
Yep Anjali is different,  guess I wanted her to be given a bigger backstory than she had in the show. 
Thank you so much for this comment... And of course you can expect a PM... Buddying you right now :) xx

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