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FF: Paper Roses [Chp 17, Pg 76] 10/07 (Page 32)

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Originally posted by the_breeze

How woman, how do you manage to find such AWESOME & APT quotes EACH AND EVERY SINGLE TIME???????? Confused Just what do you put in Google's search bar eh??? Wink Cmon share your secret with me, I mean there has got to be some skill that you have which helps you find such great quotes and even more fabulous pictures' Every time on your blog, whether it be A Sprinkle Of Stardust or Paper Roses, the image you have put up with the chapters is just so correct and fitting that I am simply left stunned at the perfection you portray' Kudos dear'. Clap


See this is what I LOVE! Arnav's inner conflict, his need to comfort and protect her, but at the same time he understands the consequences of that and also keeping in mind his current job at Shyam's place he realizes that telling her the truth might not be the best option at the moment' This turmoil, this tangled mass of emotions is what makes your writing such a pleasure to read Thumbs Up' Coming to Khushi, a part of her doubts that he is Arnav but no matter what her subconscious knows the truth, has sensed it and she refuses to feel afraid in his presence and implicitly trusts him with herself' Such unsaid emotions are just so realistic and tangible that it just pulls you into the story and makes you feel what the characters are going through'. Approve


*Squeals in joy and excitement* ooohhh I LOVE THE HOUSE!! I LOVE THE HOUSE!!!

Hug  Dancing

The entire para of what happens when Aman walks up to them and what he sees the two doing subconsciously, his comparison of the two and his final conclusion just left me SPEECHLESS!!!!! It was that good dear' that good' I applaud you for the brilliant writing in that one para which is undoubtedly the highlight of the update for me'. Clap Clap Clap


The minute the door shuts behind Khushi, Arnav turns into this Bond style, gun wielding, (HOT AND DROOLWORTHY) cop!! Boy am I in heaven imagining Barun Sobti in that scene!!! He becomes all business and directly steers Aman to the problem at hand' The way the guys casually joke about Aman's  death being a spanner in the works was just so fun and relaxed' I have said this before & I will say it again, the camaraderie the guys share in your FF is simply lovable!!! Heart


Ohkay, the creep just got creepier' What the hell did he do to Diya?????????? Angry Dead


The entire fight scene had me on edge man! That was very well written, the anxiety, the tension, the sheer need to get the other side out of the picture was so well'. Even after such a day, NK can joke around, see this is what I Love about your characters, they all have their hearts in the right place'. LOL

""Sometimes I get worried NKs trying to seduce the enemy. Way too much gel on a boy that's going out to battle," Arnav added in just as a can was flung his way and he caught it right on time, ducking slightly."  HOWLARIOUS!!! ROFL



The way he can't seem to form coherent sentences around her is so cute Embarrassed' Awww she tends to his wounds for him, am I sensing a deeper symbolic meaning here????? Also now that I think of it, what was with Angelica and the trunk??? Does it contain her belongings from the past???  Shocked


Awww the moment they shared at the end was simply adorable' I loved this update' I tell you the pace of this FF is just amazing' I hope you get well soon, thnx for the update dear (even though you weren't a 100% fine) Heart


Lotsa love and take care Hug



LOL! LOL That's my lil secret Tongue kidding :P I actually have tonnes just written down. Most of the ones I've been using lately are Tyler Knott Gregson ones and I just get them off his blog. My other quotes are usually out of poems or books I've read. So yeah too much time! Too much time! LOL

And the pictures yeh just random tumblr flickr trolling Tongue I have tonnes of those just saved too :S :P. It's quite sad lol. But thank you so much! I love your appreciation of my quotes and images! Hug

Aww thank you! I love conflicted Arnav (as you probably can tell from both A Sprinkle of... and this one) LOL there's just something about a man confused of his emotions and actions that gets me going LOL. Aw thank you so much! You know I always love reading your insightful comments! How you just analyse everything perfect to the T! Aaah I love you!

yeyyy!!! Dancing I love it too!!! AAhhh! I saw it and was like! Omg omg omg!! This has got to be Arnavs house! Like he just has to have a cool house! Too much 007 I tell you! LOL

Aw thank you so much! I'm so happy that you like it! Big smile and this is why I love Aman because there is so much that I can write through his character. And yes it's also something I've always wanted to do; describe the differences in the two characters. Even in the show you know they are complete opposites but I wanted to describe that in more detail. So I'm glad I've done something right Big smile.

LOL as I mentioned earlier, I'm currently on overdose of 007! Like I've watched Skyfall too many times and it's just making my imagination run wild LOL. Haha and ikr! Barun Sobti, all sweat, blood, guns, in action shooting down the bad guys! Aaahh! That was one of the sole purposes of this FF! Lol so that I could imagine Barun Sobti doing all of that! He just needs to do an action drama sometime in his career! 

Aah I'm so glad you love their banter! I love writing it out!

Hmmm.. Wait and find out? Tongue

LOL NK is just so hilarious and everything I think about him just comes out with the comedy factor attached Tongue. Yes they all have their hearts in the right place. 

LOL a tongue-tied Arnav! Poor thing :P. And deeper symbolic meaning hmmm... Wink :P.

Angelica and her trunk carries with it a future revelation... Next update Wink

Thank you so so much!! You know I love you and your amazing comments! Honestly! When I see your name with a comment I get so excited and happy! Thank you thank you so much!

And I'm all good now hun thank you! Big smile

Heart Lotsa love! Tc ! Hug xx

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Originally posted by shamin1

cliffhanger...cliffhanger...i m sure the ever disturbing aman or HP will ruin the moment...hey m not givin any ideas...i so wish she comes to know he is arnavEmbarrassed

now coming to ur writing dear...what more should i say...i salute u for the details u go through while makes it more vivid and exciting...i get lost reading ur FF...please continue and update soon...Big smile

Cliffhanger indeed! LOL Loolll no no you haven't given me any ideas but it won't be Aman or HP this time ;P. 
Thank you so much! Your comment really means a lot! xx
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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 5:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Suchi.P



OMG OMG OMG!!! Please please please tell me that he is gonna tell his chutki that he is her arnav!! I don't want my hopes to break!!!Broken Heart
Love NK and Aman, they soo bring the humor and fun in Arnav's life and now his Khushi will being the smile and happiness and love, hopefully!!Day Dreaming
I loved how she didn't hesitate or question him before helping him in dressing his wound because trust me if I saw that I would faint, 1. due to hotness 2. due to the condition of the guy in front of me and 3. due to hotness Blushing Wink

Thanks for the PM and my my you did update fast! I never knew you will take me 'update soon' so seriously WinkLOL Well now that you did I will say next time 'update sooner'Wink

Suchi x

:( sorry if that happens this time round hun but *wink* *wink* you have to give Khushi a chance to find out on her own? What would be the fun in him telling her? :P. Okay giving too much away! LOL
Aah I love Aman and NK too! And yes Khushi will bring all that is missing into his life... soon..

LOL tbh so would I, just out of the hotness that I imagine would be emanating off of him. Aaah *drools then faints* lol

Aw I'm so sorry this one is taking it's time :(. I've just had so much work piling up lately. But will try to get it up by tonight Wink 

Pinks x
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Originally posted by swatim318

so happy to read this...

at  least this way we will be able to keep the magic alive...

so waiting for the next update...

hope it will be soon...

Thank you! I'm glad that you will still continue to read it Smile. And I so still have hope for the show, so fingers crossed. 

Will try and get it up by tonight :) xx

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Originally posted by staaar

update soon please 

sorry just been caught up with a lot lately. Will try to get it up by tonight Wink xx
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Hellooo!!! :D

I'm back! And the update is slightly late but it's finally up! :D

So before I start I'd like to thank each and every single one of you for the amazing comments and the likes as well of course! Love you all! And I know I don't reply to all of the comments but they do honestly always put a huge smile on my face. So thank you so much!!! Heart

This is going to be a bit of a rollercoaster. You have been warned ;). So brace yourselves :P xx

Chapter 10 - To Burn in Flames


Your name burns in me,

warming from the inside,

each letter a flame. 

- Tyler Knott Gregson


As she attempted to move a piece of wool up to his face he stopped her, his hand falling on top of her arm, his fingers in a tight grip. He looked straight into startling hazel large spheres this time, pools of chocolate against orbs of hazel. His fingers grazed her soft porcelain skin ever so slightly as he spoke not breaking eye contact for a second.

"Khushi I need to tell you something..."

She sat watching him, her fingers stilling against his skin, not understanding exactly what he wanted to talk to her about but keeping quiet anyway, letting him say what he had to say. She wanted to know so much, ask him so many things but refrained herself for she was afraid that it would turn him into the ruthless man that he was capable of becoming.

He gulped back the fear that was slowly climbing up his spine, not sure how he was going to begin, his fingers unconsciously tightening around her arm as she continued to watch him, her piercing gaze unnerving. He attempted to think through the many consequences of telling her and then of not but couldn't, his coherent thoughts lost in a haze. He closed his eyes for the smallest of seconds, attempting to clear his mind but couldn't, it being focused solely on just telling her, of lifting this huge burden off of his shoulders.


Her nimble fingers ran over the frayed edges of the envelope, lifting its flap slowly, making sure not to let the already tattered paper crumple in her hands. Angelica had grown up with expectations for life, simple hopes and dreams that every girl carried with her but it was not to be, it was never to be and she had now accepted that fact, accepted her retched fate. In this cruel world, things rarely changed, the world continued around you in its horrid gait whilst you stood in the middle, drowning in a puddle of your own misery, wishing that someone, anyone would help you out but knowing deep inside that help wouldn't come. Ringlets of her hair fell to the tiled floor, its water dripping to the cool surface and leaving the smallest of puddles. She inserted her finger into the envelope, having to pry it open slightly with the edges of it stuck to the letter that it held within. Tears continued to silently flow down her face.

Her thoughts travelled back towards him again, Arnav, she couldn't remember the last time she'd seen his face, his melted chocolate soulful eyes that spoke volumes in themselves. It saddened her, how much they'd grown apart, how life had not failed to break her completely, shatter her every dream, her every memory, her every tie. But she was happy for him, for the route he had chosen and even though he hated her she was happy in that far off feeling of the fact that even in the darkest corner of his heart, he still loved her. That he still cared. If only he knew the truth, if only she could tell him but she wouldn't because his life in the end was worth a lot more than her own. He deserved happiness, even if that meant she had to forsake her own.

She gently pulled the paper out, her fingers trembling against the worn letter, its edges yellowing and breaking away and opened it slowly, reminding herself of another that had given up her life for something that had happened many years ago. But that's how it is when tragedies hit, no one really gets over them, everyone tries to get up, gather the broken pieces and just walk away but no one truly does. Because pieces of it stay with you forever, like the tiniest shard of glass embedded in the sole of your foot, you can never find it, but you know it's there, piercing you with every step but you can't get it out. And that's what it was, it still affected them, all of them, it was a part of them and the pain and guilt coursed through her like a burning fire. She let her eyes run over the perfectly slanted handwriting once more, her tears obstructing her view slightly.

Dear Chutki,

I hope you are well and I hope you get this letter. I don't know much about you but I felt that I must send it before I make my decision, whatever it may end up being. What happened still remains like a scar on my mind and I still feel angry at myself, at my parents for not telling me, for not letting me know earlier. I still regret that I never got a chance to meet you, to meet amma and babuji and I will forever feel that that part of my life is missing, incomplete. 

But today I write to you in the hopes that you are still alive because I can't escape that feeling that you survived and I pray to god that you get this letter and you read it and understand and more than anything you find out about me too. But it is too late for me, I'm in a mess that I cannot escape from so I wanted to tell you this before I leave. 

I request that you never disclose your identity to anyone, that you never repeat to anyone the events of the past. The people that created this, they are still looking for you, they suspect that you are still alive and you have something, something which is of importance to them and they want it back. The Jhas, if they find you... I can't even begin to thing of what that may lead to. But please be safe, be vary, do not let anyone near you, do not confide in anyone. This is my last attempt to get to you and I sincerely hope I have. You may not find me by the time this letter reaches you... I may not be alive by then. 

Yours with love and affection 

Diya Nayak

Angelica fell over the trunk, her sobs escaping her in loud ragged bursts, it had reached that point again where she couldn't take it anymore. She lay with her body splayed over the floor, her tears trailing down the sides of her face as she scrunched up into a ball, her loud sobs changing into screams as she pulled at her hair. She needed escape!


"Erm, I just," he gulped struggling to find the right words, his eyes hovering over her innocent face.

She could read the trepidation in his eyes, a distant fear, a determination to tell her something and yet his mind torn on that very decision. She blinked rapidly for a second, pulling herself out of his gaze.

"Arnav you know you can't hide things from me! I can read everything in your eyes! You should teach them to lie first!" She yelled at him as he turned away and stormed off, rapidly walking after him, determined on not leaving him alone. 

She felt the beating of her heart increase, too many memories, similarities flooding back to her and paralysing her senses. She wanted to stop it! Stop this comparison! This constant reminder that he was her Arnav. She pulled her arm away from him without any conscious thought to the action.

He looked down at her arm immediately, his eyes reading her completely bewildered impression and his grip loosened then let go, feeling the second he did that he had lost a part of himself too. He looked down to the ground, then took a deep breath in, how was he to begin. "Khushi," he began again. his voice low.

She looked to him once more, unable to understand exactly what it was that he was finding so difficult to tell her when her eyes snapped up suddenly.

He turned around abruptly as the loud knock broke through his train of thought, his eyes disapprovingly falling upon NK's troubled face in an instant. Scrunching his brows and sighing he got up to walk over but before he could NK was already by his side, his thumbs fiddling against each other as he bit his lower lip.

"Arnav it's Angelica! She's done it again," NK mumbled, the panic in his eyes completely evident as Arnav's eyes widened and he felt his senses go completely numb. He felt his legs go weak beneath him, the reality of his own life come crashing down upon him as he let NK lead him away, seemingly lost as to what he had been attempting to do only seconds before, the panic, the fear too real for him to be able to think of anything else.

NK's voice echoed inside Khushis mind as she sat their unable to comprehend what to do or say next. Her eyes wide, her mind blank.

"Arnav... Arnav..."

Her hand went to her throat as she attempted to calm the burning sensation riding up her throat, her breaths coming out fast and ragged, her heart beating away at a pace that she had not imagined possible. She crumpled the sheet in her fingers, holding onto it almost as if she was holding on for dear life.

She had been right, her senses had been right, his eyes, the ring to her name every time he said it, his actions, her ability to understand him. She'd known all along.

"Khushi I need to tell you something."

And he had known, he'd found out who she was. That's why he had known her name. That's why he'd refused to tell her his own name.

She felt so completely loss, emotionally drained. She closed her eyes for a second, attempting to stifle the sensation to throw up all of a sudden, her blood rising to her cheeks, heat engulfing her. It was as if she was seeing everything through a haze.

This moment, this truth, this realisation that she had spent her whole life waiting, praying, hoping for was finally here. He was alive, in front of her, protecting her and yet she didn't know what to do. She sat their frozen to the spot, unable to will her limbs to move, her breath stuck in her throat.

Tears trailed down her cheeks, and she didn't know how to stop them, to gain the strength to move her hands. Her every prayer had been answered and she simply did not know what to do...


"Arnav wait! Wait! Just hold up a second they are still on the way to the hospital!" NK screamed out as Arnav quickened his steps, walking hurriedly then fell into a run, his feet hitting off of the ground noisily as he ran to the garage, already unlocking it from the distance.

Aman too ran after him, faster than NK on his feet, his hand falling onto Arnav's shoulder as he dragged him back. "Arnav listen to me! Just calm down take a breather. Everything will be fine," Aman reassured him but Arnav was lost, his eyes focused on the distance, his mind chaotic.

He moved Aman's arm away looking straight at him this time, "listen Aman I need to get there. I know she's not supposed to mean anything to me but..." his voice broke halfway, he stopped himself before he broke down.

Aman nodded in reply, taking a deep breath he placed both his hands on Arnav's shoulder, causing him to look up, that understanding that they had between them sparking in an instant. "I'll come with you, NK can take care of things here," Aman reassured, his voice low, not unknown to his friends pain. And that's when it hit him again, Arnav's eyes widened and he felt himself loose his thought process all over again. 

Khushi! He had been about to tell her, he had gotten so close. He scrunched his eyes shut, everything a bit too overwhelming for him. He took several deep breaths in, attempting to calm himself, his mind constantly flashing back to the last time she had done this, the last time she had ended up in hospital and how much it had weakened him. He didn't want to go back to that place again. Her words, then Khushi's face, Khushi's eyes, large hazel orbs, then dark brown ones. 

"I can't do this, I don't want to do this anymore," Angelica's tear stricken face, her large eyes raw with tears. 

Khushi's gentle fingers against his skin, her tiny gestures, her bewildered eyes. 

"Please just let me die, let me go, please," her voice, pleading for release, for closure. 

Khushi's hand in his, how perfectly it fit, the relief of finally knowing that she was alive.

"You know showing your pain doesn't weaken you," those same words after so many years, how good it felt, how much strength it gave him. 

He turned around suddenly, wanting to go back, just blurt it out, shout it out to her. Scream at the top of his lungs. Then stopped, midway, his mind whirring back to Angelica, how he had to be there for her because who else would? His mind torn, his thoughts frayed. His hands automatically went to his temples, he needed to desperately calm the storm that was raging through his mind. "Deep breaths Arnav deep breaths," he mumbled to himself then finally sighing turned back towards Aman. 

"No Aman you stay here, I want Khushi safe just keep a look out on her and I'll try and get back soon," Arnav stated quietly, his voice hoarse with tears that threatened to spill out then quickly strode off. 


Khushi walked over to her room, her mind in a trance like state. It was as if she was walking on a cloud, her mind not quite registering the impact of her feet hitting the ground. Arnav, he was here, in the flesh, alive, after all of these years. And he knew that she was alive, that she was here. He was keeping her here, keeping her from the truth yet protecting her. She closed the door behind her, her movements robotic, automatic. She let her frail body rest agains the back of the door, not realising when she had slid down to the floor, not realising the tears that continued to flow down her cheeks.  

"Angelica," that struck a cord somewhere, why had he been so troubled on the mention of her? Who was she? Even when the rest of the world had believed him to be dead she had kept her hopes, her heart had recognised him. She belonged in heart and soul only to him but had he given himself over to another? Was that why he was so reluctant to tell her? Tell her the truth? Her, who had been waiting for so many years, surviving on only that tiny glimmer of hope? Had he not believed her worthy of the truth, of relief? 

So what if he loved another, she decided, he had the right to move on. But that didn't mean that he keep things from her. A battle was raging through her mind, a war that had always been fought but today a bit different, today it was at the forefront, threatening to cripple her every sense. 

His molten brown eyes flashed across her mind, she closed her eyes for a split second trying to understand the man that he now was. She'd met him in the midst of chaos just like she had lost him all those years ago. He'd left her with dreams, not nightmares but dreams, her mind had not recognised them at first but now she understood. She buried her face in her hands, her sobs loud as her body shook with the torrents of them. She couldn't stop herself from thinking about too many possibilities at the one time and then about how perfect she felt around him. The way in which their hands intertwined without a word, his gentle words, his soft promises, the smallest nudge of his hand against hers. She moved her head back, banging it on the door, crying for escape. 

She wanted to leave, flee, hide in a place where she would never see him again. She'd wished for this for so long! Wished that he was alive, wished that they would have a future together but now that she knew, she didn't know what to do, wasn't sure she knew him. His deep dark secrets, his many walls, the mystery that constantly surrounded him, she didn't know if she wanted to know him anymore. What if he dragged her back to that very place she dreaded? Her heart was sure of him, of his sincerity, of his gentle eyes that offered nothing but soft promises but her mind refused to give in. 


Arnav continued to press on the lift button, willing for the damn machine to just come down but it wouldn't and he was in a hurry, he had to get to her, make sure that she was okay. His heart was racing away in his chest, the blood pounding through his ears. Looking both ways gulping down the bile that rose up his throat he began to run, pushing people out of his way. 

His feet were rapid on the stairs, taking two at a time, his breath ragged, his head throbbing, a pounding at the back of it as a result of thinking through too many things at the same time. 

He slid to a stop in front of the reception, trying to make his way through an already present commotion.

"I told you I don't know her f**king last name!" The girl swore, she was dressed in a short black dress, it's hem barely covering her, her feet not quite straight in her large platformed heels. 

"Sorry ma'am but we can't admit her in without a last name, it's a regulation here," the receptionist answered, attempting to be patient as the girl fumed, shouting more insults at her, waving her hands about in the air in exasperation. 

Arnav caught on quickly, still catching his breath, placing his hand on her shoulder she moved the girl out of the way. 

"Hey excuse me?! Can't you see that I'm talking here? Do people not have any f**king manners?" She growled, her eyes furious but Arnav ignored her completely, instead leaning over the counter he trained his eyes on the receptionist who was watching him equally taken aback. 

"What's the name of the patient she wants to admit?" He questioned, his voice stern, commanding.

"Sir?" The receptionist questioned. 

His jaw tightened, his eyes re-igniting with that raw anger. "Can't you answer a blood question?" He yelled, done with his patience. "I asked what the patients name is!" He exclaimed through gritted teeth. 

Her eyes widened for a second then quickly arranging herself she answered, her voice trembling, "sir that's the problem we don't have a proper name," she tried then. 

"Yes she has! I just told you! It's not my problem that you won't accept it!" The other girl jumped in, looking from Arnav to the receptionist, not entirely sure what was going on. "It's Angelica! I told you once!" She exclaimed, exasperated. 

Sighing he turned back towards the receptionist, "I want her treated right now you got that? I want her out of the mess that she's put herself into!" He warned, his eyes furious. 

"But sir," her voice shook as she tried to explain to him, "it's not possible without a full name."

"She has a full name," he muttered, his voice almost inaudible, his eyes averting to the ground suddenly, as if he was ashamed to even address her by her name anymore. Both their eyes snapped up to him. 

His jaw tightened, his fists clenched at his sides, he had to close his eyes for a second for himself to be able to still address her as that. Finally giving in he looked to the receptionist, "her name is Anjali Singh Raizada and she is my sister."


We are the fragments

And the broken off pieces

of all we have missed

- Tyler Knott Gregson


Mwahaha! Another cliffhanger tihihi :P. But hey I cleared a lot in this chapter so I wasn't that evil :P xx

So yep ya know what to do now ;)

Please please do comment ;)

Buddy me if you want PMs

And blog link:

P.S. I know us fans are having quite a tough time right now but fingers crossed it all gets sorted out in a good way :) xx

Edit- P.S. I owe a dedication to "The_Breeze" and "Nici0306" for figuring out who Angelica was so early on Tongue. You guys are too smart for me! LOL xx

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You sly devil you!!!

I'm going to start from the bottom, because this just HAS to be mentioned first.

Angelica is Anjali?!?!
And... Is she a hooker?

That's some big ass twist right there lol. I really don't know know where to start Pinks... The whole chapter was just so intense and so amazing.

I feel so unbelievably bad for Arnav right now (I now officially love himEmbarrassed) He built himself up to the brink of telling her; his restlessness was so unbearably cute that i just wanted to hold him. The way he couldn't let her go, just kept a hold of her as he willed himself to tell her - i love how in that moment he was once again so completely ready to give in to her.

His torment when NK told him about Angelica/Anjali... He's literally so torn at the moment, and this was so clearly portrayal via his thoughts at the hospital. He has literally gone from being in his safe haven to a hell in the matter of minutes and it was so heart-breaking to read Cry

And i don't know what Anjali has supposedly done - but i love that Arnav can put everything aside for her, no matter how much he tries to convince himself that he doesn't care. It really does show how much of a decent person he is. Thus enforcing my earlier point of the fact that i am now completely in love with his character Hug

Oh my, bechari Khushi... Where to even begin??? The poor thing has literally waited years for him; who she's been yearning for and it comes out like this. It must have hit her like a brick to the face lol.
To be in such an intense moment with a man that you think might be the love of your life, and then BAM - NK comes along and confirms this, along with the horrifying reality (for her) that he may be in love with someone else. It's like finding your life and having it taken away from you straight the way Disapprove
Like, we all know that Khushi has nothing to worry about Wink but i really do feel for her. Her first and foremost happiness lies with the fact that she has finally found him, and you can tell that she really doesn't blame him for anything. She's even reasoning wit the fact that he could have potentially found someone else. I love her sincerity - it's so endearing. Poor thing is so torn as well. Her happiness and heartbreak all rolled in to one.

There's one thing I'm confused about though... Anjali with a letter to Khushi? From Diya Nayak?
What does this mean Pinks?? Another mystery??

Why do you torture us like this Cry Does this mean that Anjali has something to do with her affiliation with this whole situation?

This was honestly such a brilliant chapter Pinks. You've managed to show the pain that all 3 characters (Arnav/Khushi/Anjali) hold, so beautifully. Everyone is in pieces right now, and it was depicted perfectly.
I don't think i need to tell you that i will be eagerly awaiting the next update Wink

And a further LOL to Avi down below LOL It's so on next time LOL

Amazing update Pinks... You know i love you right? Embarrassed Hug
Shay X

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For the record, I hate the woman above^. Just kidding. I love her because she's just amazing. Still, she took my place -.- 


Oh my god, this was so blastedly amazing! The way you wind the mystery is just bloody brilliant Pinks! Its like I think I know where this is heading but because you write the thriller aspect so well, I dont know half the time!

Hmm, Arnav and Khushi's reactions are just so bloody interesting to read about. Although I do feel bad for the both of them, especially Khushi. And not to mention, you've done a stellar job describing her feelings. Well done!

Angelicaa..ab inke baare mein kya kaha jaaye? Confused

Please dont tell me something will happen to my poor Khushi baby! I hope she'll be fine! Cry



Woman, Angelica is Anjali? HIS SISTER? 

Daat deni padegi Pinks. Wah wah Clap Amazing! In no way did I see that coming. f**king brilliant mate Big smile

Shay, you took my place. W*F? -.-

Loved it Pinks! Great job hon Smile

*Edited again:


Edited by dreamyshadows - 12 November 2012 at 8:11pm

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