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What I LOVED: 5th September 2012

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What I LOVED: 5th September 2012


All hail King Arnav!!

Well, ...ARNAV WOKE UP!!!

What a bright new day!!





Barun Sobti: you ROCK!!


Team: that was a stupendous piece of work!!


Progress Points


1. Khushi talks to Arnav about Shyam

2. Arnav-Dadi Confrontation

3. Shyam re-enters RM and convinces Anjali to make way for him to come back



Favorite Scene


A few:

Khushi encouraging Arnav, and then standing with him

Arnav-Dadi confrontation



Arnav & Khushi


"Everything would be alright. You will make everything alright, and you will manage everything too. I know this; because you can do anything for your sister."


Arnav had come from Anjali's room, having met her for the first time since the accident. Anjali was very broken. Arnav walked out with a heavy heart.


What awaited him was honest encouragement.


Arnav himself looked taken aback when Khushi told him that he'd fix everything and would manage everything. She spoke her faith when she said she knew it. What she meant was that even though he feels a bit lost right now, he'd be able to take care of things because he can do whatever is needed for his sister.


It works like a burst of sunlight on him. He smiles.

He'd just broken down before this woman and told her that he was a failure. She didn't buy that at all. She's standing here and telling him that she trusts that he'd manage everything and fix everything.


At a time when he felt helpless, she told him he was all-able.


What's the best part? Arnav believes her. He didn't believe himself a while back and had no clue of how to face his sister or what to say to her. He trusted her. If Khushi believes Arnav can fix it and manage it, he would.




Arnav had just announced his decision yet again that Shyam would not enter RM and he'd take legal measures to ensure the same.


When Khushi brings him his medicine, she talks to him of how she felt that Shyam was perhaps changed after losing the child.

Arnav's reaction to her was interesting. He simply asked - So?

So, if you think he felt sorry for losing the child... so? Even if he did feel bad, so? He lets Khushi have a bit of his anger, even though he calms down with an - 'okay!' - the moment he's made himself clear.


It was strange. I quite agree with Arnav when he asked her if she'd heard him clearly downstairs.

Not just him, I suspect Khushi didn't hear much at all. She didn't hear what Dadi ji said about Shyam using Dadi ji's ignorance of the current affairs to twist it in his favor.

Besides, just moments back he tells her - "I hate that man, Khushi."


Besides Khushi herself knows Shyam too well. She'd made this mistake on the Payash wedding day. She felt that Shyam might change now that he was going to be a father. She let him free, and that caused a wreckage. Yet, after that incident Shyam showed no signs of changing - oops! He did, but only for the worse.


He attempted to kill Arnav.


Yet, now she thinks of giving him the benefit of doubt!? Of course, she explains that she doesn't want that there be any injustice and she wants Anjali to be well again soon. Arnav thankfully has his line of thoughts rather clear. He tells her that it is injustice to discuss calling the man back.


Thankfully, Khushi ends with agreeing with Arnav. They conclude with an agreement.


It was some wonder that right then, Anjali turns up with her plea.


Now what, Khushi?

She knows very well that:

>> Arnav can do anything for his sister.

>> Arnav considers it injustice to call Shyam back, because Shyam would never change.


One hopes she stands by Arnav.




1. LOVED how in the midst of everything, Khushi remembers Arnav's medicines. He refuses to take them, but she knows how to get him to. He needs to care for Anjali and if he falls sick, he'd not be able to - and bingo! Right on target.


Btw, Khushi, if you'd asked him to have his medicines for you, he may have accepted that.


2. Arnav's rage for Shyam actually knows no bounds.

"I hate that man, Khushi."


3. LOVED how Khushi notices Arnav's grip tightening on the glass of water. She saw that he may just crush the glass in his hand. She first attempted to control the rage, and then took the glass away so that Arnav doesn't hurt himself.




Arnav vs. Dadi Ji


WIL: 24th August 2012


Dadi ji is judging Arnav's action based on her past experiences with him, and also on the fact that she likens him to his father - who apparently did not make many good decisions in his life. Her judgment also comes from the fact that she holds her opinion as correct, and any other opinion is as incorrect.


Right, so Dadi ji finally accepts that:


>> Damaad ji came crying to her and pleaded her for giving him Anjali.

>> She's convinced 'because she saw it in his eyes' how much he loves Anjali; that no one loved Anjali as much as Shyam.

>> There was a musibat at home - Khushi.

>> Arnav is making a mistake because he made one in the past.


Dadi ji is, is her opinion, in RM to save the house. She couldn't do much in the past, but now she's dead set on saving her family.


What Dadi ji needs to consider is Arnav's Question: How do you know him enough to be so convinced about him?

How can she know Shyam in a few days - more than she'd trust her own grandson and her family?

She warns Arnav that Anjali may do something to hurt herself (She's not very wrong and Arnav knows this firsthand), and that she may do what his mother did. She questions him if Anjali did something of the sort, would he be able to forgive himself.


Well, Dadi ji, that is pretty true for you (and more probable too).

If tomorrow after you've brought Shyam home, regardless of Arnav telling you that Shyam attempted to kill Arnav, and Anjali or Arnav suffer because Shyam attempted to hurt them, would you be able to forgive yourself?


Dadi ji was so busy proving herself right that didn't even notice how the family reacted to Shyam's mention. She didn't see that Nani ji, Mami ji and even NK spoke up. When she asked for proof, and said that Arnav only knew what was told to him, Arnav said that was possible for Dadi ji too.


Yet, she refutes him by standing on her argument - Shyam was right; Arnav made a mistake in the past and could do so again.

Arnav responded rather in the same way: he'd take care of Anjali all these years, and he could do the same again.

The family was so united over Shyam being a bad egg that when Arnav said to Dadi ji - "Why'd you come back? What have to come for from your Ashram? You should've stayed there."  -  No one counters or stops him. In fact, Nani ji and Mami Jaan seem to be in whole-hearted agreement over this sentiment. (Usually Nani ji would've scolded Arnav over something like this. It shows how much she agrees that Dadi ji is being a pain ever since she's arrived.)




Arnav has been pushed very far. He asks the critical question of how Dadi could know so much about Shyam when she's only met him last night - unless...

When Dadi ji accepts that Shyam came to meet her, and that she's there to fix things, she also goes on to state that without her things were not handled well and Arnav didn't care for Anjali.


That's probably not even the last thing Arnav wants to hear.


Arnav was initially not unhappy that Dadi Ji came to RM. He looked rather proud when Nani ji announced that Khushi was Arnav's wife.

Yet today, he's all set to let his feelings out - he's been pushed very far.


"You didn't know what was good for us 14 years back and you don't know it now. I cared for Di all these years. You left us and went to the Ashram. Why did you come? You should've stayed there."


Dadi ji has no answer to Arnav's questions.



Probably what's hurt Arnav even more than what Dadi ji said was what she meant.


When they really needed her, she went away. They kept trying to meet her, but she didn't let them.

Now, when she has returned, it is on the behest of another man, about whom she's so convinced that she's not listening to her own family.


To him, she's not back for him. She's back for Shyam.

Arnav's anger knows no bounds that Shyam reached Dadi ji, she met him and came to RM for him. He can barely hold it in himself that Shyam spoke more lies about Khushi. He can see how well Shyam played when Dadi ji tells him that Shyam never said anything against Arnav even once.


Some of what Shyam may have told Dadi ji looks certain: That Khushi created a mess, and Arnav trusted her and turned Shyam out of the house. The family believes Arnav. And now, he is away from his wife whom he loves.


Arnav was in instant realization when Dadi ji mentioned that she'd seen the love in Shyam's eyes. He really couldn't believe it when she refused to believe that Shyam attempted to kill Arnav.


It is strange that she's asking proofs against Shyam, when she has none for him - apart from her almighty 'knowledge of right and wrong', and of course her gut feel regarding Shyam's tears and pleadings.



The Puppeteer


Shyam walks out of the darkness, gloats in pleasure of his victory, and reveals himself ... to no one.

It was an amazing capture...

[WIL: 11th June 2012:]



Dadi ji: Just a Puppet


WIL 9th August: Mixing Curious Flavors -> What it Points to



"1. Dadi has come in with some information; but not all.

However, she has limited information; if anyone has revealed it to her, they have done so rather selectively.

The kind of information that has been revealed:

>> Paints Khushi in a bad light:

This is not hard to do.

Khushi was, in fact, employed in RM before she went to be the wife of the house's master. Her intentions may be easily doubted and questioned. A similar story has happened before with Nani ji's son. Dadi Ji probably might not put it beyond Nani ji to let it happen with her grandson. She actually questioned her - 'how could you let this happen?' This may not have been disclosed to her.

However, doubts can be planted deep enough for her to want to dig.


>> Shows Anjali as a sufferer:

This again was not hard to do. Anjali was already grieving when Dadi Ji arrived. She broke down and went to mention that everything had gone bad.

This is visible plainly.


>> Omits mentioning anything about Arnav's stance:

In fact, probably the information she has about Arnav is all good. This was the easiest to do. And the one that might help her be encouraged; one that might have her expect Arnav to be the strong supporter to her in fixing things.

This turned out to be a shocker; probably meant to be so too.


> He (Shyam) rarely tells total lies. Instead, he tells half-truths (selective lying); these are more dangerous than total lies."




Shyam has played Dadi ji's emotions - just right. He's very delicately mentioned nothing bad about Arnav to gain her trust. He's wept before her pleading for Anjali. (I was wondering just what he did to have her SO convinced of his love!). He's told her of a certain 'musibat' who is in RM.


Ah! Dadi Ji thinks she is rather smart. She's been a mere plaything for Shyam.

He has rather easily been able to make a jalebi out of her. And Dadi ji is busy savoring the sugar syrup of her good intentions and guilt-washing.


Dadi ji really needs to learn the lesson that while she was in a self-imposed banvaas (exile), the world has changed, her family has moved on, her grandson is a man who takes care of everyone single-handedly, and she hasn't a clue!!



Pulling Strings


While some may have felt that Shyam, when he entered Anjali's room, might give her harmful medicines or poison her food, Shyam has tools far more devious and wicked.


Very subtly Shyam has fed Anjali poison in her soup. Quite literally, he has her eating out of his hands.


This is how Shyam has made Anjali lie to Arnav in the past. He's suggested it in such delicate ways that Anjali felt it was her own idea that she'd lie to Arnav and she was only doing it to be with her husband.


Shyam would rant about the situation and how helpless he is. Anjali, who needs that love and craves for it, identifies with it because she knows she is helpless. Shyam would state that he only wants her and if he was with her, he'd take care of her, his only worry being that she would take care of herself. When Anjali has decided - in her mind off her own accord - that she'd lie or make a story to Arnav and others, Shyam would reinstate his worry for her. He'd tell her that he doesn't want any trouble for her. Anjali would convince him that he can leave that to her and she'd take care. In any case, she is generally so worried about him worrying for her that she is doubly bent on proving that she can take care of herself.


Anjali has a vacuum in her life that she fills with these words from Shyam.



The Hypnotic Gaze of Kaa

Today, the dialog between Shyam and Anjali was rather intriguing.


Just as Shyam looked an absolutely fiend when he grinned in the hospital, Anjali actually looked rather mesmerized - almost hypnotized.  It was as though, Shyam's words were like a sound of enchanted music and Anjali was powerless against it. She swayed spellbound, transfixed.


For a moment, I felt I'd seen this before. Then I remembered Kaa from Jungle Book (by Rudyard Kipling). For those of you who haven't read the book:

Kaa was a huge python. There's a scene in Jungle Book where the Monkeys kidnap Mowgli for Sher Khan (Tiger who wants to kill Mowgli). Bagheera and Baloo (Mowgli's friends and protectors) ask for Kaa's help to rescue Mowgli. Kaa does not usually help anyone, but they lure him with a dinner of monkeys.

When Kaa arrives on the scene, the monkeys scatter. Kaa begins his hissing and his eyes hold the monkeys in stupor. (Kaa actually tries this with Mowgli too but Bagheera and Baloo snap him out of the trance and take him away before Kaa begins his dinner.) Kaa holds the monkeys its sway. Mowgli questions Baloo what that was all about, and Baloo tells him: Kaa never hunts. It simply hisses and holds the victim in its sway. Then, it makes them do whatever it wishes, and finally, the victim walks into Kaa's waiting mouth off its own accord. Baloo tells Mowgli that by morning many monkeys would have entered Kaa's mouth on their own - as though that was all they ever wanted to do.



Anjali better be snapped out of this trance. She is very clearly leading a long line of relatives down the waiting mouth of Kaa.




Anjali's Plea a death plea!


Anyhow, I like the direct approach from her way better than her sly approach. Though, yes, what she is trying to do is still a wicked game. She's sure promoted herself from a being an innocent dependant, to a devoted liar, and now to an emotional manipulator. Downright wicked, and yet ignorant.


The saddest part is that while she knows she's doing it wrong, she feels she has all the right reasons. Anjali has been silently rebelling against Arnav.


What Anjali does not realize is that the death plea may be for her Chhote. She is asking for the return of the man who tried to kill her own brother.


Anjali - for this reason - cannot be like Arnav. He is, at his worst, known as ASR, the ruthless man (though, personally I don't believe that ASR is ruthless. What he is -is complex. ASR is grossly misunderstood.). Yet, ASR has never ever overlooked his sister. No matter how ruthless he may have seemed to the outside world, (and Anjali knows this) that for his sister, he remained Chhote. If he matured before time and took responsibility, it was for his sister. If he became strong and powerful, it was to protect her. If he remained a Chhote, it was only for her. Even at his worst, Arnav never forgot his sister.


Arnav may (or may not) agree immediately, however, by plainly stating what she wants in the presence of her entire family, Anjali has simply stamped on Dadi ji's standpoint and on Shyam's return visa! How Arnav gives in, who stands by him, who may be in two minds is yet to be seen.




Arnav saw his sister look better, and his heart feels comforted.

Then, he hears the one thing he probably never expected - 'Return to me my Shyam ji, Chhote!'


Arnav told Dadi ji and Shyam in the hospital:


>> My Di can never need a man like this.

>> As long as I live, Shyam will not enter my house.


Arnav's told everyone at home:

>> No one, I mean it, no will talk of bringing Shyam back home.


He argued with Dadi Ji.

He argued with Khushi too.


And now, the one he fought for has proven him a liar.


She does need that man. Shyam will enter RM whether Arnav lives or not. The one person whom he wanted to shield from discussion about Shyam's return, is demanding Shyam's return. Dadi ji's claim got a stamp of approval on it.



Round 2: Arnav v/s Shyam


WIL: 8th June 2012


"Arnav opens his eyes once he's outside and pounces on the man sitting on the chair in darkness. A few punches given and taken, Arnav tries hard to pull the man into light so that he can see who is holding him captive and for what. The men pull him back and he is beaten, but Arnav does not give up easily. Eventually, however, Arnav is pulled back."


WIL: 11th June 2012


"Shyam knocks out Arnav."




Arnav was very nearly close to seeing the face of his enemy - even hitting him squarely on the jaw, but blindly


He fought valiantly and again landed very close to his enemy, but he was again overpowered. His head is covered and his hands are bound behind him. He becomes a plaything; they hit him, confuse him, mock him. He still attempts to fight but he is severely outdone.


They open his hands and he falls on his face, out cold.


Shyam has had Arnav dancing on his tunes. Arnav tried hard to pull Shyam out of the darkness which hid him, but Shyam spun a web around Arnav and got him busy fighting a bunch of lies than have any access to the Creep in the dark.


Arnav has managed to hit Shyam blindly.


In spite of this blow, Shyam has still held Arnav captive and his not going to let go so easy.

Shyam knocked out Arnav.


Ah! Arnav is yet far from the truth, and may remain so for some more time, succumbing to Shyam - once more.

Whatever is the outcome of this kidnapping sequence, some things are given:

- Arnav's life and money are saved

- Shyam's plan eventually fails with respect to killing Arnav or getting the money

- Shyam manages to use Khushi as a pawn somewhere in his plan

- Shyam would manage to bring in a rift between Arnav and Khushi...

- It would need to be something HUGE, given that now Arnav has confessed his love (in words, thoughts, and deed) for Khushi

- Consequently, TWO VERY HEAVY BLOWS to Arnav & Khushi



WIL: 28th August 2012



"Me: Hmm ... am not too sure on this one, right now, Buddy! Methinks this time, Shyam just might have an upper hand.

But then, I may be wrong! Maybe that cometh later (Arnav immobilized, and Shyam having the upper hand)..."



WIL: Weekend Special 1st September 2012


"5. There are possible foreshadows:

1. NK or Arnav would spot something fishy. There are chances that Arnav may follow a trail. However, this trail might lead to Dadi Ji before it reaches Shyam.

2. There are also foreshadows that Arnav might face defeat at least once. (This defeat may begin with having to let Shyam back in RM, followed by some more events sponsored by Dadi Ji who has promised to show everyone that Shyam is a good man, good husband, and good person.)

3. Arnav has unseen and unknown enemies. He needs to figure that out.

4. Again, there is yet another foreshadow that claims that out of Arnav's defeat, there would be a way out to Arnav's victory.

5. Arnav might need to face a defeat for Shyam to come out from darkness into light."


Arnav's getting beaten up from every direction. Plus, it doesn't look too good hereon. He is not just blindfolded. His face is covered with the mask, though his hands are untied. He is trying to hit back and fight. Yet, his punches are landing in mid air. He is getting tricked and mocked. Yet, now comes the knockout punches -the one punch that would render him helpless.


In that seething anger of his Arnav had given Shyam key to his own destruction.

"These two people (Anjali and Khushi) are together the most important people of my life."


WIL: 2nd July 2012


2. The snake is bound to bite someone now that his tail is stepped on - the 'someone' would be who? Probably the person who was the reason why the snake was stepped on - Arnav - the name was registered in Shyam's brain when Khushi announced she loved Arnav.


Of course, not directly though. Shyam still does not have the guts to take on Arnav directly; else he'd have no problem in showing Arnav his face tonight. Arnav two weak points are in plain view: Anjali and Khushi.




WIL: 6th July 2012



4. Keys for Shyam:

Khushi: I can fall further for Arnav Ji because I love him.

Anjali: Khushi Ji, I cannot believe anything you said at all.

Arnav: These two (Khushi and Anjali) are the together most important part of my life, and you've made the mistake of hurting both of them.


Thank you, people for handing Shyam these keys. As if he is helpless without them. Oh well, how else will Shyam ensure that Arnav-Khushi stay together.



And Shyam has been blissfully playing both Arnav and Khushi against Arnav - and as of now Arnav has been clueless. Only today, Arnav found that:

>> Dadi ji believes a lot of drivel about Khushi

>> Anjali does not believe Arnav, and wants Shyam back



Any respite?

RM-waasis play up to cheer Khushi up. All becoming Arnav..!? Aww! That was a cute way to cheer her - telling her that she is lost and is missing her husband, she waters his plants and makes loads of jalebis, consoling her that after every night there is a dawn and after separation there is a reunion, so that there was really no reason to despair.

That poem was very cute, especially the last line spoken by Anjali - that Khushi's 'diwana' would come running to her.





1. LOVED the RM unity against Shyam. The camps are forming.


2. NK spoke up for Arnav, when Dadi Ji refused to believe that Shyam tried to kill Arnav.


3. Payal has been missing.

4. Garima is still scared stiff.




On the Lighter Side


1. Arnav: we'd have double security and a restraining order against Shyam

Oops! Too late. While you're arguing, he's already in Rani Sahiba's bedroom and she's eating out of his hands.


2. Arnav: Shyam can fool anyone, but not me.

Erm! He's been doing that for nearly 4 years straight!!

I reckon he has more way more experience fooling you than you have of finding him out!!


3. Arnav: You should've stayed there (Ashram).

Erm! Arnav, Buddy - methinks the Ashram people have been celebrating ever since she left with her mat and shuddikaran formulae. I also think they have declared it an annual holiday commemorating the day when they had their independence.





Was last seen wondering if it should mail Dadi ji back to Ashram and pack Anjali along as an interest to the Ashram people for loaning Dad for for a few days!


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Love ur wil! Wink

Ya today asr dadi face off wid some revelations...

How deep asr must have been shocked to realize, that HIS dadi didnt came wid him, when he wanted to take her home, but now with shyam she came instantly!Ouch

And more than that, i am afraid of when asr will find out how anjali was betraying him! This will be hard to bear. He will need khushi... So hope no more rifts between them till this happens...

Now to the RP (RaizadaParivaar). U r totally right. Everyone was on arnavs side! Even nani didnt say anything against him. She agreed with him! That means, everyone is convinced about how creepy shyam is! 

Just ur mami jaan looked a bit, as if she didnt know which side to take... Confused

And i LOVED how khushi talked about shyam with arnav. I mean she didnt have any fear, koi darr nahin, that arnav could shout at her or so... She said straight, what she thought! Clap As i wrote yesterday, their bond is beyond love! Too beautiful!

Ok, thats for now... Pata nahin, koi akkal ki baat bhi likhi hai ke naaahin...Embarrassed

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Thought I had posted, but I guess didn't press update post.. so here it is again..
Shal, as usual great WIL post for a great episode... aapka kya kehna..Clap
Hai Devi Maiya.. my fear from yesterday came true today... Anjali did demand for Shyam's entry.. what will Arnav do tomorrow???? I am glad we didn't have a precap.. all waiting... for tomorrow...
Fav Scenes.. too many.. almost all of them..
In a feel good category: Finally Arnav's springing back to ASR mode... connecting the dots with respect to Dadi.. now he is getting aware of Shyam's modus operandi.. while he was busy romancing his wife.. he took his eyes off the enemy.. but now he is back..
Dialog writers - Megha (I think Barun mentions in one SBB/SBS) fabulous ones for ASR.. all his were just perfect... Mr. Hegde.. what can I say.. you are delivering the goods day in, day out.. Gul your tracks are just rocking.. Barun, Abhaas, Daljit.. U all are performing at your peak...
Today was very interesting.. the most hurtful dialog from Dadi.. I know Shyam better than you... why? because one stroked your ego by appealing for your help, pretending to be helpless.. whereas the other is challenging you & your opinions... the hurt on Arnav's face.. wow..
Best Arnav response... don't make the mistake I made in believing Shyam.. of course to no avail.. even the fact that Shyam tried to kill her grandson doesn't move Dadi... ahhh.. the folly of someone who thinks they are right... her basis is Arnav made a mistake in judgement as a 14 yr old.. 14 yrs back..
Loved ASR response.. you ran away then.. I took care of Di then, I will do so now too...
The next best scene was Khushi imploring Arnav.. and Arnav's So??? I fell for Shyam's tricks once.. never again.. I am very glad that they didn't take his assertive personality and them showing that Khushi knows how much she can push.. and very maturely agreeing, if you feel that strongly, you are correct..
This relationship has matured and become so in tune with each other... Khushi knows when she can be his strength and Arnav knows when he will yield.. can this be undone by Garima??
Great stuff..

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Dadi and Anjali have dug their graves well and good.

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You know what? I have never been upset about anything in IPK. All the illogical things, inconsistencies, dragging etc didn't bother me. I always thought " it is a drama after all". How ever Khushi talking on behalf of Shyam upset me beyond words. I don't know why???

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Originally posted by N.Mussarrat

Dadi and Anjali have dug their graves well and good.

Sure they did.I hope Cvs don't take forever to unfold the Shyam secret code
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3. Arnav: You should've stayed there (Ashram).

Erm! Arnav, Buddy - methinks the Ashram people have been celebrating ever since she left with her mat and shuddikaran formulae. I also think they have declared it an annual holiday commemorating the day when they had their independence.

LOL So true Shalini...

Poojali and dadi both are dumb and stupid shalini..Hate both of them..Kushi should keep her nose out of Shyam poojali business.. This will only get her into more trouble... Loved the way Arnav spoke to Dadi... Arnav pls help her to pack her bag and send her to a far faraway Ashram...This woman needs to go now...I just  can't handle two stupid women, poojali is more than enough...   Thank you for the lovely post Shalini...



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I loved just how ASR confronted Dadi. I am wondering is Anjali's truth coming out tommorrow?

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