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MG-Innocent Love#4 Link Thread 5 (Page 78)

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PS:Add anuffpm for PM regarding Updates

Part 29


Thanks a lot to all readers of so much encouragement and liking for previous part.

Special Thanks to @sekhonpuneet, @AbbyluvsMaan, @hermoso, @Gcs-Girl, and many more of you for your wonderful comments. I am overwhelmed with you response. Your comments means a lot to me.

Ritzy- your analytical comments are always special dear.
@preethia-  Welcome back to my FF dear. I was actually missing you as regular reader.
Geet was about to take her sheet and sleep when Maan held her wrist.


Geet turned at him in anger but the look in his eyes frooze her. With a very slight smile he was looking at her. But the way his eyes were scanning her, Geet felt shy with that look and looked down with smile appearing on her face.


Maan's heart racing faster, she was near him and his. He took her palm and started rubbing them with his long fingers, sending hundred jitters in Geets belly and himself not knowing what he was doing. It was just a heavenly feeling.


Geet in shy pulled her hand towards her but Maan firmly pulled it back towards him and looked at Geet, who was still looking down, red with blush on cheeks and smile never stopping.


None wanted to speak, silent was beautiful. Words would have disturbed the beautiful moment.


There was different desire arising in Maan, she was his and he wanted to read her in detail with his own sweet pace.


He slowly started tracing his fingers up her arm, Geet closed her eyes, unable to take what he was stirring within her. All her complains forgotten at this moment. As Maan started to feel her skin, storm inside him were just rising. Maan's hand reached her neck between shoulder and ears and his touch on that part almost burned Geet . Both were quiet, with heavy breath. Geet could take no more. He had extreme effect on her, she ran from there and stood near window.


But Maan in trance followed her and stood behind her throwing his warm breath on her shoulder


He held one of her palm , with other Geet supported herself holding the window.

Maan again started tracing her hand upwards and reached her shoulder. Geet gasped.

His eyes were fixed on the white, flawless skin of her shoulder and now his fingers placed on it, Geet felt churning in her belly, sudden shiver ran thru her as his fingers touched her skin.

"Babaji, can he not stop this slow torture." Is all her heart was crying. Maan was concentrating so keenly on her shoulder, tracing his long fingers all over her bare shoulder skin as if studying a book in detail. She was his, the feel was so peace giving. It was beautiful to feel her.

Geet was completely loosing her self, she held her dupatta tight near her heart to get hold of her erratic heart beat. She was in no senses. Maan was actually so near to her, he was feeling her, it felt so unexpectedly beautiful and indefinable. It was different than all the M&B's she has read, all the movies she has watched.

Maan lost in Geet did not realize when he bent down and placed a soft kiss on her bare skin.

"Babaji" Geet took heavy breath and immediately turned to hide herself in his chest. And held his arm tight.

Maan then came to sense' he was till now not in this world at all. But this time coming to sense did not bring any guilt. A smile formed on his lips seeing her holding him so tightly.

He got little tease "I thought you are romantic novel and movie expert."

This made her look up at him, she pouted her lips, hit him on his chest and went on bed.

Maan to bas peeche peeche' went near her in bed. He lifted her chin with his index finger' he was as if drinking her.. her beauty, her act, her each and everything. She was his and he was enjoying the feeling of accepting his feeling. He was in no rush, just wanted to enjoy each and every moment to fullest.

Geet was madly waiting for him to speak, say his feelings just like she always openly expressed her's.  But Maan was lost in admiring her and he actually was trying to frame how to express his confession.

"Babaji, abb kuch bulwa bhi do na inse"

Maan took Geet face in his both palm seeing her cute complaining face

"mujhe soona hai'you don't care about my anger nor my feelings. Bas apne mann kee karte hain." Maan placed his finger on her lips to stop her but that moment froze them both, him feeling her lips on his finger and she vice versa.

Geet knew she will loose if she does not stop him and once she loose to him she will loose badly and then what will happen to her list of complains.

Maan brought his face closer to Geet's, his eyes fixed on her pink soft lips that where shaking badly' Geet could feel his breath on her whole face.. she closed her eyes and then immediately took the sheet, covered herself and went to bed.

This was less to stop him and more to control her stupid heart which was dying to explode any moment.

"Geet" Maan called softly' she didn't answer. He placed his hand on her am above the sheet, he could not see her but she jolted.

"Geet, at least say something" "I am not saying anything, you say"

"what do you want me to say" "that you have to figure out. Now let me sleep", as if she was so much in hurry to sleep' but she knew this was best way to get hold of herself.

Maan knew he have to say something' actually many thing he need to answer and alos apologise for the faults he have done, for giving her pain throughout. How helpless he felt now and she had so elegantly handled all her restlessness all these days.. never complaining'

How he wanted to complain to her for putting sheet up, he was realizing and how she had to bear all his aloofness to her love which she so openly expressed.

This was the least of punishment he deserved. What have he done to deserve her and her immense love, which was so innocent at one side and mature at other.

He went to lay down on other side of bed. 

At night when he woke up in sleep, in the dim light of room, he saw Geet sleeping sweetly with her rosy tugged between her legs and its face crushed to her chest he got some naughty thought. He smiled at his thought and turned his face other side.

Next morning when Geet opened her eyes she found her best view laying on his elbow and intently looking at her with soft smile'

Ohh was she dreaming or her silent dream was coming true but many things were going in Maan's mind.


Ehsaas yeh pyar ka hua hai aisa,

Bekarar ho gaye hain hum,

Tumne sabhala tha khud ko jaise,

Kyun nahi ker pa rahen hai hum.


Kitne nadan samjhte the hum tumhe

Per pata nahi tha khud kitne anjan the hum

Itna saata rahe the hum tumhe

Per kaise sahe khud ye duri hum


Abby yeh dil bechain hai humara

Kaise na samajh paye hum hal-e-dil tumhara

Ehsaas yeh pyar ka hua hai aisa,

Bekarar ho gaye hain hum


(hope its not that weird'I know I know but wanted to express Maan's feeling thru peom... naya naya pyar jo hua hai use.)

Geet got shy with his deep eyes looking at her so intently and there was no hesitation. She just got up to run away when Maan held her hand and then suddenly pulled to make her land on his lap'.

Geet was blushing hard.. her lips could not stop either the smile or shaking badly.

For both of them this was like the first morning after their first night' so new, so pure and full of new life, new expectations.. everything new.

Geet was inrenally blooming with the show of love from Maan and Maan knew it was hard to stop him now.

"Its so hard for me, how did you do it" he said after long admiring her

"What" "control yourself'"

"pata nahi," Geet blushed hard, it was tough to stay there. She got out of his loose grip and ran away.


My fingers Crossed...

Hope you all like it. Please let me know dearies by placing comment and pressing Likes.

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Big smileYAAAYYY...Big smile
FINALLY i got the chance to b the 1st one to comment Big smile...
loved the update...
awww finally maan got to know what he feels is right...
awesome update...Clap
loved it...Star
Big smile

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argh this part ended
it is so lovely pata hi nahi chala

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amazing update dear
waited for ur update now gotta go and sleep it s 1:30 am here
good night guys

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superb dear
wann see his next step dear

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Sweet cute realization!!!!
Uff Maan kuch tho boloAngry

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beautiful ... Loved it

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