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MG-Innocent Love#4 Link Thread 5 (Page 43)

ana56 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
Icon Monkey Yoyo

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tellyme IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
PS:Add anuffpm for PM regarding Updates

Part 27


He took taxi and asked it to rush to his home. In home, he just ran to the room but Geet was no where. It looked a little empty too and he realized rosy was not there either.

Fear surrounded him and he felt thunder had befallen on him

Maan immediately called Yash

"Yash, where is Geet yaar. She is no where and not even picking my phone"

"Come on Maan, she is your wife how should I know about her being. You don't even know where your wife is? "

"Yash I know you know where she is, please tell me."

"Yes I know and even Meera knows where she is. But you, her husband doesn't know and its your personal life, why should I interfere"

"Please tell me Yash, please. I need to talk to her"

"Ohh, even she needed to talk to you many times, where were you."

"Yash do not interfare between our personal matters" "Ohh that's what I am saying, if its your personal matter better you should know where she is. Do not even try Meera as I have warned her, if she tells you I will break bond with her and she knows I am right. Meera is with me in this."

Maan was getting restless now. He knew they are not going to tell him. He tried Nakul

"Sir, Geet baby ahs asked us not to tell you. If you want us to break our promise to her we will tell you."

Maan at once wanted him to forget about everything and tell him, but then he realized how hurt Geet must have been to take such drastic step. Geet could never be so hard on him. Once he meet's her, he knew she will melt.

Maan was completely helpless' he wanted to repent badly, take her in arms and wanted to tell her he will never hurt her. All he wanted at that time was glimpse of Geet.

"Galti hue mujhse, saree sazayeen manzoor hai bas samne aa jaoon na."

His eyes went on her picture; he picked it up and placed it close to heart

"Where are you Geet. How I can upset you, who loves me so much' I am really bad."

Two days passed and Maan tried looking for her at all possible place. He badly wanted to call home but what will he say to them. Everyone at him home always asked for geet first, and he knew why.

He felt so proud.. "Ho hee aisee tum. Who will want to talk to me when you are there. kahan hoo Geet, please come for once."

Few days Back:

When Geet had placed stone on her heart while taking decision, but how could she not, It was Maan's wish, she had to fulfill.

Her not listening to him had disturbed him so much. All she could decipher was, Maan badly needed her to go to India for few days, there must be some reason but how could she be so selfish, for her satisfaction how could she give him pain. And then, even for her surprise to be successful it was better she be in India. Maan disturbance would not let her concentrate.

But she had also been hurt with his words, she wanted him to please her now. How can he be soo rude

"He don't want me to talk to him, I won't. Phir pata chalega."

"But babaji, let him find me soon or else, na main reh paoongee na woh"

It was very tough for Geet, being angry with Maan and not talking to him. She knew very well he will be disturbed but her little heart was badly hurt and she wanted him to pamper her and heal it.


Poem suggested by @crazydream

Kuch is tarah se pyar kar bethe hum
ke khud ko hi sambhal na paye,
har waqt yu to the hons me hum
par kambakth unko ye samja na shake,
saath chale rahe unke magar
unko ye ahsaas dila na shake,
pyar to unko bhi tha hamse
magar who keh na sake,
aur hum samaj na sake...


When she had landed to India she was in fix as what she will answer to family. If she says truth they will all be after Maan.


"Geet beta you. No one said you are coming. This suddenly " So many questions all together.


Geet tried to smile.


"Actually Maan wanted me to visit India for studies." She said and escaped.


As soon as they freed her she rushed to her room'. "Babaji give me strength to prepare for his surprise. Give me strength to stay away from him these days"


It has been seven days for Geet to reach India, she was pampered a lot but still she missed the pampering of Maan which was almost nothing in front of care she was getting here but his small deeds for her were precious than everything for her.


There in London- It has been two days, he had been looking for her  madly, almost all possible places.


When he received a call from India, he have been avoiding them


"Mom" he did not know what to say


"What is this Maan, you sent Geet here and how irresponsible you are to not even call us once and tell about this"


His mother has no realization that Maan got his world that time


"Geet'" he shied in releif. He had known in these two day, just two days of her disappearance and he knew what she meant for him.


He was not thinking of what mistake he did or anything, just that he wanted to openly tell her what she meant to him, that she should in no case leave him and go


"What??Geet?? You do need to give explanation Maan. "


"Who Mom, I will explain everything but can I talk to Geet, please mom" he almost begged, not caring what anyone would mind.


"Accha baba deti hoon, Gee-eet" she called.


"Yes Mom" "pick phone from your room dear, it's Maan on other side"


Geet rushed to her room, her heart beating fast, it was Maan at last. She picked the phone.


Maan could hear her heavy breath, he very well knew how her condition would be


"Geet" is all he could utter.. so many questions in his mind, so many things he wanted to tell her


Geet wanted to hug him over phone only but then her hurted heart , how he wanted her to go away.. how he had said she was taking his peace away.


"Baat nahi kernee mujhe aapse" she wanted to sound really angry but it all came out childish from her


"Ohh baby" it came out from his heart and this time he did not want to stop himself


"I know, very upset you are from me " Geet was melting with his word, so much love it held, but Yash had told her to be tough' for their relation.


"You will not come to bring me, I will come on my own. I have some work here"


"Geet, No way. Tomorrow itself I am coming" "Itnee baat bhi nahi manege meri" There was sadness, as if he never really cared for what she really wanted.


"Ok, I will but when"  She cut him in middle "and you will not call me"


she herself did not know how she will survive with these condition but for once Yash had asked her to trust him. He was her PC and always there for her, how could she break his trust.


And she disconnected. Maan was the most helpless person. He knew this was all Yash's mind but it was all Geet has asked from him.


Whole day Maan wandered from room to room, he had already made his schedule light as he wanted to repent and give her time and here she was not there.


He started missing her cute complaining face her laughter, her mess, doing things for her. He wanted to devote himself to her but she was no where.


It's a request- please listen to this song ' you will get the real feel


Gin-gin taare kat diyan sooniyan raatan
Yaad karaan jab teriyaan meethiyan baatan
Allah.. maula...
Allah... maula...
Yaadan teriyaan..
Jee nu tadpave, jaave
Yaadan teriyaan..


In everything he started imagining Geet. When it rained he imagined her playing in rain


And would run there in rain to find himslef alone

Madad karo koi birha agan bujhaao
Koi dilwala mere sajan nu mod le aao
Koi dilwala mere sajan nu mod le aao

Madad karo koi birha agan bujhao
O koi dilwala mere sajan nu mod le aao

Koi dilwala mere sajan nu mod le aao

It was pain, very painful to stay without her. She was life of this house, she was his life he realized and he wanted to show her how important she was for him, only this could heal the pain he have given her throughout.

Allah... maula... allah... maula...
Yaadan teriyaan
Yaadan teriyaan
Jee nu tadpave jaave
Yaadan teriyaan...
Teriyan Yaadan

It was one week and now Maan could take no more.

Precap: No PrecapWink

Hope I have come upto your expectation. And sorry dearies for making you all wait. Was always getting stuck with something or the other.


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ana56 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
Icon Monkey YoyoIcon Monkey Yoyo
OMG! for the very first time i m first to comment on any update of this ff
i m so happyMonkey Emoticon

the update was really amazing
but what is geet upto?
is maan going to india
i really want him to go
go for his love for his wife for his life
and bring her back to london
this time with his own wish
last time he brought her halfheartedly
but now as he is in love with her
so he shud go and bring her back

and no precapAngry
continue soon dear

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rupzloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
awww loved the update...
awesome workkk...
now maan will realize what he has done to sweet geet.
loved it..

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sadavirk Senior Member

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
supereb update next part sooon...

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janu_2006 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
awesome update..
cont.sooon dear..

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Niharika.Nair IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Maan missing Geet badly...hope this distance will bring something positive in their relation...

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lively-piia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
thank god kuch toh akal aayi maan d great ko...
lets c wats stored 4 them...lovely update

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