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MG-Innocent Love#4 Link Thread 5 (Page 128)

JeevanaP IF-Stunnerz

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doondo doondo update kaha hai

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SecretSapphire IF-Sizzlerz

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update na plzzz

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SecretSapphire IF-Sizzlerz

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hi yaar

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JeevanaP IF-Stunnerz

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hello shello

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SecretSapphire IF-Sizzlerz

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Finally we met

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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waiting dear

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JeevanaP IF-Stunnerz

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har jagha we wait

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tellyme IF-Rockerz

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PS:Add anuffpm for PM regarding Updates

Part 30


"Its so hard for me, how did you do it" he said after long admiring her

"What" "control yourself'"

"pata nahi," Geet blushed hard, it was tough to stay there. She got out of his loose grip and ran away.


It was a breakfast time and Maan lazily came down as he was still in a dreamy state.


On Breakfast table


"Good morning everyone" he said in jolly, everyone was surprised to see this Jolly side of him but his dad did not miss to say


"That's what home does to you. Staying alone and being immersed in career has made him grumpy man. See how everyone is surprised to see his jolly side."


"Dad not today please." "No Maan, I am not letting you escape this. Why working for your own company, which has name and position world wide, will not give you a great career."


Maan just bent his head, speaking more would give his dad more chance to convince him, though his dad was confident that one day Maan cannot escape, he have to take over the company but he wanted Maan to join sooner as whole world knew his mind in Money management and analysis.


His company was at the top at present but if Maan enters it will be unbeatable and also Maan and Geet will stay with Family. Such a big palace they have. Any number of people felt less in it.


One person who has nothing to do with Maan's superb career and knowledge was Geet. All she was happy and lost was he was here for her and blushing inside whole time thinking how he had tried to come close.


Maan after a while saw Geet entering with his Mom from kitchen.


"What was she doing in the kitchen' hope did not create a disater."

"Well Mom you have guts to take Geet in kitchen" he teased Geet.


Geet made faces "he can't see me happy.. jab dekho mazak udhate hain mera"


"No Maan beta, I had one day made that mistake" she kissed Geet's forehead "but when she is with me there, making breakfast is much fun' batoonee jo hai itnee"


"Yes, no one can compete her in that" who knew better than Maan but then he was in tease mood today. Was just finding the reason or creating the reason to pamper her later.


They had some fun filled talk, Geet was Giving angry look at Maan which actually were creating exactly opposite effect on Maan.


What got over him seeing her cute angry faces that once while everyone was busy and Geet looked at him, he winked at her.


Geet immediately turned red with O shape but soon composed her face but could not control her heart. This new action of Maan made the blood rush up and down her body, never expected this from him.


This was all new to Maan too but the feeling was so refreshing that he wanted to be drowned in this new feeling.


Maan was there at home, which was a rare scene so everyone sat at home to have some chitchat' well khurana's have N  number of deserve heads all over to take care of business.


After a while Maan announced "Ok I just wanted to let everyone know, Geet and I are leaving tomorrow night. I have to join Uni"


"What? " everyone in unison, including Geet. Well nobody saw her saying that.


Maan's dad Raj "Everything doesn't run with yor rule Maan. We are elders still alive to give some decision."


"But dad I have classes and even my research students must be waiting"


"and what about we awaiting" "I promise, next vacation I will be home completely fro three weeks.. whole vacation"


His dad's ego came in between "Anyways we are not interested in your staying here' who gave you the power to send Geet without notice and then take her at your wish. Here she is our responsibility"


Maan looked at Geet, she turned other side. She looked hurt. Yes she was.


Though she never said no to him, how could she but he did not even consult her before making decision.


He somewhere still has the feeling of she being a child and it was him to decide everything regarding her. He never thought it should matter asking her or not.


"And Geet puttar did you not have engagement whole this week, how did you accept this"


How will Geet say anything when he never asked and everyone looked at her to answer.

Geet was in fix, how could she say that Maan took decision on his own, then everyone would be after him and if not then what to answer.


Maan saw her confused self. He then realized that he has put her in fix and also she was hurt.


Ohh No, he himself added one more to the complain list, even before resolving any that already existed.


"Kya puttar, he didn't even ask you" the tone with which his dada asked Geet got alarmed. She can never let Maan down


"No No its not that, wooh actually Maan has classes so'"


"So what, you have your engagement too" "Kyun Baap bete kee ladai me Geet ko phasa rahe hain aap"


Maan's mom said.


"What you mean she should surrender her life to his high profile career and why"


Maan just kept his hand on his head' his Dad could actually dig any reason to stop him here. He actually knew how much his dad loved him, was proud of him and wanted to hand over things to him' but his showing love was very different.


Geet got alert.. "No dad, actually I only agreed" now Maan placed his head up. He had put her in fix situation and now was quiet due to his dad and Geet was doing all saving, when he was her culprit.


"OK, Dad calm down'. I and Geet will talk again"


"We don't need to" and she took her phone for excuse "excuse me" she was hurt, Maan knew.


Then everyone dispersed with discussion still hanging in air.


Maan went to room but Geet was no where'


Fear surrounded him. He cannot loose this chance, he have to fix things and here he was spoiling the matter.


Mansion was so big that if someone was on other side of it people will not even know. It was not easy for Maan to run around in whole Mansion, whole day will pass that way. But luckily after an hour Maan found that Geet was on back garden.


Maan rushed to that side' it was actually the most favrite part of mansion for Geet' long running varanda and thick pillars to run around and then a huge garden outside.


While Geet was lost in her thought, Geet was in thought means she was really really hurt


She felt hands on both her shoulder from behind, knowing who it was , she closed her eyes.


"Bohut bohut naraz ho? " Geet felt tears will just drop with heavy flow, she said nothing


"I am sorry baby, I thought I could just take decision from your side, sorry"


Geet said nothing' Maan turned her to his side and wiped her tears that had now almost started.


"I am sorry, I must have told you and discussed" Geet turned her face but Maan went in front of her and held his ears.


Geet could not see this, she saw Maan with very respectful eyes' someone to completely rely on, he was also her idol too. She could not see him holding his ears. She immediately snapped his hands away from his ears'


"Please don't do this" but now could not hold her tears, Maan immediately hugged her.


"Ok, if you want to stay here for week, I will go with your wish, now don't be sad."


 He held her by shoulder sideways and again wiped her tears again 


"see I am with you and I am ready to listen everything you say, fulfill all your demands and fix all my mistake. Everything as you say"     he tugged her closer sideways and kissed on her forehead


Only this much coaxing from Maan and Geet just hugged him tight.


"eveything is so tough for me. I cannot handle any situation without you." 'but I am there with you'


He brought her on the bench under the tree, it was a little winter afternoon so niether too cold nor too hot' weather was just cool.


"I know I have done wrong, I have not been good a all but I promise to fix everything. Even today, I know I have hurt you. You love me and I take you for granted"


"You can" Geet had all melted but he knew deep down there was many things that she had been holding "Ohh really" he smiled at her


"but I am supposed to consult you. You have to fight with me Geet, as you used to say everything openly. Kya ho gaya hai' even today, why did you not blast at me.. why no complains."


"do you want me to blame you in front of everyone. I can never do that, you know".. "not only today but since I have come, there are so many questions everyone is asking and I am supposed to know, but I don't. Rajji, Annie, Mumma. Everyone thinks we have a normal married life and"


She stopped at that and Maan could feel her pain "what questions Geet. Tell me everything, I am there with you." He held her both hands in his palm and lifted them and kissed them to assure her


Geet kept quiet,how will she say him all those things, what will he think about her. But she have to, she was figuring how to tell him.


But Maan said in between "Do you really have engagements for a week, you want to stay" She nodded in yes.


Maan immediately made the calls, took leave from everything and cancelled their flight and asked them to book for a week later.


"Ok, we will start slowly' now that I have cancelled, tell me what are the engagemnet of week"


"Whole week I have dinner invite from so many places, we will go together" Maan laughed out


"Geet I have already cancelled but really you want to stay coz of dinner invites" Geet felt offended


"Dinner invite is not important for you, I know but it means so much to me coz I will be going with you, it is important for me. We both together are going to dinner."


Geet did not say anything more, but Maan felt there were many things hidden between those lines. He had to figure out.


Next: Firts Hubby Wifey talk


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