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MG-Innocent Love#4 Link Thread 5

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Innocent Love

Thanks to all of you for giving your love to this FF.I am starting a new thread for it todaydue to you all.
Story so Far
Maan is Maaried to Geet whois ten years younger than him. Not only is she ten years younger than him, they are poles apart.
Maan is more matured than his age and take everything a practical, while Geet is too young for even her age... A pampered child she is.
Maan is against this marraige and feels guilty of breaking his promise to Marry sameera, while Geet is madly in love with Maan...She had fallen in love with his picture itself and when she saw him presonally she has given all her heart to him.
Just after marraige Geet has started irritaing Maan with her childish talks while Maan has started shouting at her silly acts.
Now they are in London where they are welcomed By Yash and Sameera with all her evil plan to win back Maan also comes to visit Maan at airport.
Yash and Geet gelled togetehr well while Maan seeks sorry with sameera who on her side is trying to be over friendly with him.
Maan and Geet comes home and Geet is impressed by his house other than cactusses in his garden. at night Geet informs Maan that she will keep Yash's name as prince charming while Maan is all pissed off..
But Maan soon realises that Geet is a real princess and his responsibility too and he have to take care of her.. he had to make breakfast forher and clearing the mess she creates and don't even bothers to think about it...
Maan is busy and have no time to spend with her nor is he interested as he has still not digested this marraige.
Sameera one day visits Maan's place and found out he was preparing BF for his wife... she gets filled up with J.
In her J, she gets restless and to act fast calls Maan to her house and comes in a very revealing dress but Maan is not comfortable with her this way and somehow escapes.
When he reaches home he is welcomed by whole wet Geet who had played in rain... she is all messed up but Maan gets lost in her...

Similarly other day he gets lost in whole muddy Geet.. and everytime he realizes he he lost to her, he end up blasting on her..
Geet has by now got used to his shouting and just ignores him, just like a guardien who keeps scolding kids and kids ignores.
One weekend Maan is little free and he decides to take Geet out as she has ben cribbing for longbut then Sameera offeres to take him to Casino... his weekness.
Geet accompanies him but she is not allowed to go in game area due to less age...
Maan, while playing forgets Geet and Sameera does not let him rembr her.
Geet comes to know later that he forgot her and gets hurt...
No Maan is manofying her...
Character sketch


Maan Singh Khurana 'Age 28 yrs



Eldest son of- Raj Singh Khurana, owner of Khurana Group of industries, which is leading group of company in India and business also expanded abroad. He has one brother Vicky Khurana ' Age 24 yrs and one sister Annie Khurana- 20yrs.


 But Maan was not interested in his family business. He is professor in one Major university of management in London. He is considered expert in his field of global finance management and global business management and Market analysis . He is always invited by different Universities for his expert lectures. He would be invited in major seminars and leading business channel invited him every month for their program on expert's View on Global Bussiness Today.


Khurana group is gold miner. Whatever business they touched turned to gold but they knew if Maan touched the Bussiness, with his knowledge he would turn everything to diamond. And if he join business he would also stay in India with Family. But Maan would not listen, all he knew was his life was in college and teaching and sharing his knowledge was his hobby. He also wanted to stay in apartment in London like some one else but that his Family would not allow. He had to stay in Khurana Villa there. This was also result of one of the emotional drama from his Dadima, who said- Atleast he can do this much for her. They had wanted to sent the army of servants of him but Maan being adamant on his side that he wanted privacy for his work and army of servant will actually be trouble for him, his family had settled for just two servants for him. Maan in his own field was a known figure and famous for his grave personality.


Other than his work his other hobby is going to Gym and exercises. His chiseled feature with his well toned body always made his female student crazy for him. He gives no heed to these things though.


His Mother kavita and his Dadima Savitri Devi are the only two person who can somehow bend him from his decisions by their emotional tracks.


Geet Handa ' Age 18 yrs



Daughter of  Mohinder and Rano Handa. Mohinder Handa ' owner Handa Cement. One of the leading company as supplier of construction materials. Recently they have also expanded their bussines in Steel.


Geet has one elder brother Brij who helped his father in his business.


Though a big business family Handa's were traditionally orthodox, especially Geet's Daarji. So They had preferred that Geet being a girl should not study and grow in big city like Delhi so she was sent to Hoshiyarpur and she grew up their with her Bijji in Handa havelli their. She knew less about the worldly things and lived in the completely pampered environment. Even teachers came to Haveli t0 teach her lessons and she did her BBA with correspondence. But her father had provided her with great teachers and she was a good student in her learnings.Her friends mostly came to her house to have fun.


So she had grown in very traditional and conservative way. Yet she is one of the most pampered by her Beeji, which led in her knowing nothing about how the household run or how she got things. She just used to get what she wished.


By nature she is very lively girl, whose mere presence can bring color and brightness in the surroundings


She is a very innocent girl who knew whatever decisions her elders took for her were right. Innocence just oozes out from her evry act, her looks and her talk. No one can escape this, however hard they try.



Sameera Sinhgania



Lecturer in Same university as Maan and they are also in same department. She would mostly be with Maan to discuss the subject on business and money which was  hot topic on days. She is beautiful and smart and Matured. But along with maturity, she is smart enough to be cunning to get to her real goal. She is one of the best friend of Maan and they have mutually decided to marry. She made it look to Maan that it was their mutual decision but actually she had proposed him in different manner.


She never made him look, but she desperately wanted to marry Maan and would do any ways to get him to her of which Maan was oblivious.  He is impressed by her maturity. And she also put extra effort on that to impress him. She is happy, she will soon be Mrs Maan Singh Khurana, and member of the great khurana Family. But she never made it look like that on Maan. She knew he will not like it and she will never take chance in that.


Yash Malhotra


A very lively person and best friend of Maan. They were collegues too, in different department. And he is the one who could dare to say anything to Maan and also make fun of his lonely life and dared to say truth in front of him.


Meera Kapoor



She is a collegue too and Yash's girl friend. Very open minded, frank, lively and helpful person. Maan also had a special respect for her.


They all had respect for each other though Yash and Meera never liked Maan's closeness with Sameera but could not budge the strong headed person like Maan who spent most of his time with Sameera as Sameera made sure he spent most of time with her and Maan being alone did not mind it.



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Part 25(Below)

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PS:Add anuffpm for PM regarding Updates

Part 25


Then from next day Maan started keeping very busy with his advance research and his student's research. He was also working on the book along with some more senior collogues, the book which was on some breakthrough theory of money flow, his college lectures, seminar etc etc. He would leave to university or library early in morning and would turn up very late at night. Sometimes, when the work would get in flow they would go to university gym itself, freshen them self and again start working.

All things he was working on were crucial and could not bear any lack. Then it started happening that he would be at home after three-four days of continuous stay in university or some place where they worked and then would come home for break of few hours at home. He would mostly come at early morning and would leave by 8 or nine, mostly missing interaction with Geet. He had no idea what was going on her side and when he would see her asleep, he did not felt like waking her up, just becoz he was there, though Geet would have loved it more than staying asleep. He would then before leaving leave a small note for her but when too busy, even miss that.

This was his real life, which suddenly took a busy schedule and this is why he feared bringing Geet in his life. What will he give her with this life of his and he could not leave his career. He had left his big business empire for this career, it was his passion. He never got tiered of work. Just a cup of coffee and gyming would make him get going.

But now, it was different. The guilt for Geet started creeping behind his mind. While in work nothing would go in his head but when he would come home and see her sleeping innocently on bed alone with Rosy, deep guilt would creep inside him. It was due to him that she had slowly learnt to sleep alone in bed. He felt culprit for smallest compromise she have to do due to him and felt trapped.

He used to get so angry on his parents and her parents for binding her with him. Worst part was she never complained. His phone would be in vibration and if she sent message while he was in work, he would not even get time to look into it. Geet stop disturbing him knowing he will get upset while in work.

Sometimes he would tell her that he will be home early but then some students would come with critical issues and he would get stuck with them for hours and when he would be back late in night he would find her sleeping in couch on big hall alone, waiting for him. Guilt would creep inside him, he felt pain of being like that with her. He would softly pick her in his arm and lay her on the bed and would lay beside her , looking at her innocent self for long, feeling more and more guilt and angry on her for loving him this madly, without any expectation and selflessly.

It was almost two and half week when Maan came home at nine and Geet was awake working on some puzzle. The moment Geet saw him, she stood from where she was sitting and ran to hug him, Maan tightened his embrace on her unknowingly, somewhere trying to say sorry, which he knew was very small, he rubbed her back while Geet was just glued to him like a child.

But few minutes later he felt his shirt wet, he softly separated to see Geet who had tears in her eyes but smile on her face. He softly wiped her tears and gave a weak smile, having no words to say. He made her sit on the bed and sat beside her, held her hand softly in his...

"Why don't you go to India for few days, meet families and friends. It will be refreshing"

Somewhere his heart completely denied what he was saying but he knew that it was completely selfish.

"No Maan, I am fine." "Geet you have final exams in few month, go prepare there and also have fun at the same time, party with families and friends"

Maan was upset with himself and did not like her loneliness due to him and she was saying No. Guilt and frustration was there and her no fueled it to anger.

"Koi baat samajh me kyun nahi aatee tumharee. I am telling it for you, are you carzy, just to get a glimpse of me, waiting for days and days for me to be free from my damn work. Go to India for few days, everyone will keep you like a princess there and here. What life do you lead here?"

"It doesn't matter to me Maan seriously, you are nearby is enough"

Maan was getting frustrated with her selfless love and he was not able to take it.

"Why you have to stay with this much is enough, go enjoy your life" He knew she will not complain now, that too was becoz of him. She feared if she complained, he would suggest to rethink about the marriage. All this together added to his guilt and anger. He turned his face in frustration.

Geet softly brought her hand on his cheeks and turned it towards her. Her one touch and Maan felt like a life long peace he was getting.

She made a baby face, pouting her lips "Itne dinno baad milne per koi gussa kerta hai kya" he melted and took both her cheeks between his palms

"I say it all for you" but Geet got lost in his touch. She could bear anything for these soft touches and his care.

Before she loosed she changed the topic

"I have learned to make coffee for you, do you want to try" "Geet, you don't need to learn to make coffee for me, just be as you are"

Geet turned her face in anger "Why don't you say clearly, you fear my coffee"

"Nahi Baba, Ok go bring it." Geet got big smile on her face and jumped to get going.

"Be careful" he shouted.

The coffee was really soothing.

Then again Maan got busy from next day. He had tours regarding seminar and his research work and whenever he would be back, Geet would reach to welcome him at airport. He loved it internally for selfish reason but  felt bad for her.

Every time he would ask her not to come but she could come. Again while on work his mind kept hell busy, but whenever he saw lonely Geet, waiting for him, frustration, guilt and anger surfaced and slowly as days were passing it was taking toll on him and on other side he had hell packed schedule and work. He was getting pissed of between work and emotional guilt.

It has been almost 1 and half month like that.

On the other side, Geet was trying to find ways of giving surprises to Maan, to make him happy. She discussed with Yash and Meera and decided on few things, one of which was major. She was trying to keep herself busy working on her surprise. It really needed lot of effort. Sometimes she loosed focus but then the thought of end result kept her get going.

One of the small thing that she learned was to make Maan's fav Pasta, but it was all by looking at how Nakul did it. She wanted to put it in practical when Maan was there.

So it was Sunday and Maan had just arrived yesterday night. He was again leaving on Monday early morning. He wanted to relax on Sunday and in that he wanted to do some cooking, especially for Geet.

He was about to enter kitchen when the view at kitchen stopped him

Next: Precap1: Geet get blasted by Maan

Precap 2: Maan get super Jhatka (Shock)

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poor Maan...
hes feel guilty bt cant even do nething bout it..
I loved the way u portrayed his turmoil...

Geet jz wants to be wd Maan...
jz b around him...
n dats wht is making Maan even more guilty...

both are in for sum turbulent times...

Maan might get angry seeing her wrk.. bcz he always wanted to keep her like a princess, the way she has been... or Geet might hurt herself doin the wrk...

whts d jhutka Maan is gonna get .. i wanna find out..

update soon.. Smile

From Geet's POV:
To be with you,
Is all I wish,
You being around,
Is all I need.

From Maan's POV:
To keep you happy,
Is the want I feel,
To keep you the same,
Is my real need.

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congo n i commented in last thread... bcoz i read it there..

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Maan feeling guilty for not giving time for Geet, but she is happy with  whatever little time they sped together. Why is he angry?? his guilt feeling is coming out as anger which unknowingly may hurt Geet...

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Awww poor Maan
Geet is such a sweetie

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not so dreamy Maan Dead

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