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IP REDUX : Iago ! (Page 3)

NothingLasts IF-Dazzler

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Living things are restrained by chains: 
The laws of nature,
The flow of time,
The vessel known as the "body"
and the existence called the "mind".
The one chain that people can wield:

Yuko Ichihara. XxxHolic


Today, I felt pity for Anjali. She has truly dug her grave today. She doesn't love Shyam. She is obsessed with him. Her love isn't pure. Love doesn't make a person weak. It gives them strength. Her "love" is taking everything away from her and is leaving her with nothing. She will fall because right now she is tied in Shyam's hands. The moment those ties are broken she will fall straight to the bottom and break into little pieces. 

I love Anjali. I have said this time and time again. But I will say, she didn't care about the baby. Or at least that's what I think. No mother will ever get over the pain of losing her child. And Anjali sidelined those instincts and emotions to be with Shyam. I feel terrible for saying this but that is what happened.

Anjali and Shyam both used the baby to get the each other back. They both used that innocent human being for their selfish needs. I understand Anjali's needs. I do and I myself have defended her time and time again. But for some reason the mother in me was disgusted today as was the sister. Every woman has maternal instincts in her, even me though I am young. But I felt terrible. My heart broke for that child.

Call me emotional, but I feel very angry with Anjali. I understand her psychology. When I think with my head, I can justify Anjali. When I think with my heart, I want to strangle Anjali. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?


Arnav and Khushi. How their relationship has changed! A total 180 turn. This picture describes everything I want to say and because a picture says a thousand words, I will let it (No time!)

I loved Nani and Mami today! They were brilliant!

Today's episode was stellar!

Arnav and Khushi fasten your seatbelts and hold on to each other tight because that's all you need. Good luck!


(Sorry for the pathetically short post. I planned on writing more but I have an issue I need to deal with so catch you tomorrow if possible! I'm sorry! Cry )

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sonshine IF-Dazzler

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Hi!Hug I'm back from a weeklong vacation. And boy! Am I glad to see you all again.

And welcome back Shanthi!Hug Missed you!!

I have a grave fault… and that is dislike of "Rona-Dhona". I am still watching the show of-course… there is this thing called loyalty…

But that doesn't mean I have to write about it…LOL

So let me take you back in time…Smile

To 22nd, 23rd and 24th August of last year…



22nd August 2011

Comfort and Ruin…

Shyam spots Khushi at the party and scrams… He calls up Anjali and spins a tale about a friend who met with an accident.


Lavanya seeks Nani's appreciation for her performance… and gets called "Character Dheela". A miffed Lavanya goes in search of comfort…


Arnav comforts Anjali.


The Raizadas decide to proceed with the party sans Shyam.


I'll be there for you…


I understand, but… "Dil hai ki manta nahi…"




Hey! My smile is back!


Khushi cheers Anjali up, witnessed by Nani…


… and someone else…


Lavanya too seeks comfort…


Oh Dear!!!


Chori No: 1


Chori No: 2


Chori milaye Jodi!!!


Deal! I haven't seen anything, if you haven't!


Lavanya sways off to the poolside… "Khao… peeyo… maze udaao… *hic*"


Manorama spoils the Gupta Sisters' hard work.



23RD August, 2011


The contractor is furious with Khushi for the ruined Mitthai… he refuses point blank to pay her.


Shyam spinning further sob stories… and Anjali falls for them.


Praising Khushi…


That girl, again! She did that for my sister… but why???


Rectifying mistakes… and appreciation for the same…

A dejected Khushi turns angry and determined and makes fresh jalebis at the Raizada's.


It is my turn to offer comfort…


One smile returned and received gratefully!


Plan Philop!!!


Sweets served with a smile…




Why don't I like it every time she turns away?


A polite farewell…


Compounding mistakes…




I hereby christen you… "Gabbar Singh!"


Collapse!!! In more ways than one…




Hangover and displeasure…


Two apologies, one probably heartfelt. The other… hmmm…

24 August, 2011

Trinkets and Keep-sakes


Khushi calls the contractor according to Buaji's advice, but he refuses to pay her.


Lavanya apologises to Nani, but she is in no mood to listen. Anjali and Manorama try their level best to convince the latter.


Shyam talks to Khushi and cheers her up. He almost slips by saying he is sorry to hear about her failed contract. Khushi asks him how he came to know about it, but he slips himself free…


Mediator! Shyam tries to get Nani to forgive Lavanya, but the former is adamant.


"Waisan, Sasu Maa! Morning ka bhoola agar evening ko waapas aa jaawat hai toh usko phorgettiya naahin kahat hai!"


"Khushi! Tumhari payal kahaan hai?"

"Yahaan. Ab tum batao… Khushi kahaan hai?

I'm not joking. It's true… you have lost an anklet.


Where did I lose it?


Right here…


Trinket, Keepsake or something more?


Why do I feel so much?


It's hers.


She went away, but left this behind…


I wanted to snatch it up then and there!


What do I do with this now? Should I return it? Why do I feel it has a life of its own… tying me to it…


Why do I feel so much? Was she actually here today?


Hiding in my wardrobe…

Who hides in wardrobes? Why am I thinking of people who hide in wardrobes?

But it was my wardrobe…


I couldn't believe my eyes!


I wanted to hold on…


To keep gazing…

But she left…


So I'll hold on to this instead…


Haan! Seene se laga ke rakhoonga. Damned if I know why!


Solutions …


One involving trickery…


The other more straightforward…


Cats have nine lives… Reptiles have more!

Shyam sees Anjali and Mami outside GH. Snake escapes yet again.


Two guests…


Poles apart in attitude.


I'm not impressed.


Hope you liked my effort.Embarrassed Thanks in advance to the like team and all those lovely comments of course. But more than that thanks simply for reading…Smile

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Hope you will enjoy these as well…Embarrassed

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sunshine99 IF-Rockerz

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The Puppeteer's  Dance...
Cast at Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 200 Episodes CelebrationThe IPK Team 
Pic Credit:India Forum Event Gallery
When the strings are pulled the puppets dance to the tune of the puppeteer...The skillful the puppeteer engaging the show... 

The stage called RM was beautifully decorated for the occasion of Mehendi ceremony... fairy lights... flowers... pretty girls... lovely costumes .. pearly smiles.. songs and dances... all made a beautiful setting till the puppeteer wanted a different music for his puppets to dance ... tragedy struck.. laughters turned into tears.. happiness in sorrow... the feeling of things in control .. quickly spiraled out of hand... The happy houshold now  gets ready to be transformed into a citadel which cannot be laid siege upon...but the enemy has already  made an entry into the fortress called Shantivan with the help of a Trojan horse called Dadi...Shaym has reached his Helen of Troy..'Rani Sahiba" and whispered the golden formula  which would break the lock of no entry on the gates of Shantivan... His trump card.. who sees herself as Shaym's queen of hearts
played the dice as told to her... Anjali has put up everything for gamble that she holds dear... her brother's life, his happiness,her family's well being...for the addiction that she has for her husband's LOVE...

The love of Arnav and Khushi  that was cruising on the freeway... finally is coming face to face with roadblocks of ideologies... a first snapshot of it was seen today... Khushi did go with the judgement of Arnav but she was not totally convinced...Shyam's tears did manage to wipe at least a part of  her anger... loathing and hate for the man..She wanted to give the villain another chance to enter precious Di's life...

I can only be thankful that she is a figment of the writer's imagination who conveniently forgets the chain of events that nearly killed her and Arnav besides bringing untold misery... for the sake of  introduction of a new story track... because there lies the opportunity to make her smart again  when the plot would again deem fit...

The young generation v/s old in the past and present clash, the ideal love bond that strives across class and thoughts, the evil that strengthen's it's roots to be cut  in one clean swoop...are all being played by the puppeteer for us... just that sometimes the  tune goes off key.. and sometime it hits all the right notes... but still the charm lingers... our irresistible draw to the show tune in to the next episode...

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mysterieux IF-Rockerz

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Loved the apt!!!
Jealousy is the dragon in paradise; the hell of heaven; and the most bitter of the emotions because associated with the sweetest.  ~A.R. Orage
Jealous of all he does not and cannot have but so envious that he can stoop so low as to murder his own child all for that pot of gold...why else would he want to come back  from where he had been kicked out if not for the luxuries of life holding more value that his own self respect.

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.Sia. IF-Dazzler

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Res, might pen down a few lines if I have time regarding the title.

"O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-ey'd monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on."

Having not seen the episode yet, I will not be analysing today. Instead I will write a small amount about the title of this Redux. A very small amount, sorry!

Othello: a story of love, jealousy, misunderstanding, tragedy and destruction.Iago - Othello's trusted companion. Blinded by the power of the 'green eyed monster', Iago set himself and others on a path of destruction.

"Keep your friends close and enemies closer". Iago despised Othello as he had wanted to be Othello's lieutenant & felt outraged that Cassio had earned the position instead. He also believed that Emilia had been Othello's mistress at some point, yet he knew the best way to get to Othello was by acting as if he was on his side. Strategically convincing Othello that Cassio was having an affair with his wife, Desdemona, he eventually led Othello onto such a path that he ended up killing his beloved wife. His envy of Othello and Cassio led to the destruction of many lives.

"I am not what I am" - Iago was the king of deceit. He deceived Roderigo, Cassio, Othello... The list goes on. Justice was served in the end by none other than his wife Emilia.

Shyam is obviously the Iago of this story - jealousy, misunderstanding, tragedy and destruction are all things we've seen in him. Justice will be served, and that will be by none other than his wife Anjali.

Othello kills his wife and then on discovering the whole truth commits suicide himself. Is that not what Arnav's father did? He killed his wife inside and led her to suicide by being caught in a web of misunderstanding & later killed himself.

Pathetic analysis, I know. It's late here and I'm shattered after a long first day back at college. I had a lot more to write but I don't have the strength so I'll leave it at that.

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mars80 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
a filler with an end to look forward to :-) just bookmarking to read u all :-)
P.S. Thanks for the title explanation tants! I was confused when I first read it last nite n had to ask several questions in order to get an idea! Second, why aint doods writing today? I hope shes not upset w the story to quit writing on redux again :-)

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kpk1002 Groupbie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
Great title Tanthya. Clap Can't wait to read how this episode is analyzed by you and all the wonderful Reduxians!Tongue

A few things bother me and I thought I would put the questions out there in the hope that someone answers them.

Q1...If Shyam is doing all this for revenge over how his sister and more importantly, her unborn child were treated (which is the only reason that makes sense), how can he justify killing his own child? We all know that he is a depraved individual, but killing your own flesh and blood?? Most of his other actions so far can be somewhat justified, as all he feels is hate and all he wants is revenge. This one act though is unjustifiable IMO.

Q2...If Anjali really thinks that Shyam is innocent, that all this is a misunderstanding and that all she wants is to be with him, why didn't she walk out of RM after the whole showdown? Why not show some spine and say "My husband is innocent and i will not return to RM until I prove his innocence!!" or maybe something like "I cannot stay where my husband is treated like this. I love him and nothing you have said proves that he is guilty of what he is accused of." Don't Shyam and she have a house that was being renovated? Doesn't Shyam still have a paying job as a lawyer (at least that is what she thinks)? Doesn't she have a right as a wife to stay with her husband if that is what she truly wants? Arnav can't stop her if she wants to walk out and live with her hubby, so why doesn't she walk out???

Q3...This has been brought up on other posts, but I didn't read a satisfactory answer anywhere. What happened to all the glass pieces? What happened to the blood she trailed in her room and from her room to the stairs? What happened to all the cuts on the bottom of her feet ? They couldn't have healed so quickly or stopped hurting either!! Why hasn't she told anybody about what lead to her fall? Or maybe I should ask, why hasn't anybody asked what lead to the fall?

Q4...Dadi believes, without a single doubt, that Shyam is telling the truth. A man she never met before shows up at her ashram, tells her this whole story...including the bit about the attempt on Arnav's life...tells her he loves his wife and only wants to be with her...and she, without checking for facts or asking anyone in RM about what transpired in the past 14years or what happened leading to the showdown, believes that he and only he speaks the truth. Everyone else including Nani and Arnav are wrong and/or misinformed. Things need to be set right at RM and so she shows up and tries to go about setting things right for the very same family she so happily abandoned so many years ago!! What justifies this behavior? What allows her to think that it is OK to let Shyam sneak around, lie to Arnav about where Anjali is going and call him to the hospital without asking anyone?

Sorry about the long post, but these questions have been driving me crazy. I hope one of you wonderful people out there can give me some answers. Thank you, thank you, thank you in advanceSmile

Thank you for the PMs Tanthya. Love the Redux thread and am completely hooked on to itHeart

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S003 Senior Member

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Hello Helllo,

Lovely ladies of the redux...before I go on my hiatus from writting on the Redux... I thougth one last hurra was needed...
And what an episode it was... we saw the ASR we know and love... I have always maintained inorder to tackle the situation  Arnav needs to become ASR... Dadi needs to see the monster that he was... the one that felt no remorse of the venom that he spewed, he just said he he thought was the truth... he did what he thought was best...
" Wohi rahana chaiyiea tha na" ... ClapClapClap Stand up ladies and give credit where credit is due... today the CV's said what everyone has been saying from day 1 go back to the damn ashram Dadi...
I loved Barun today... loved him... all this Arnav the romantic hero is good but raw, unadulterated ASR is so much better... man when the CV's get it right Oh how they get it right...
But this is IPKKND and where they get it oh sooo right they also FAIL MISERABLY!!!! What have you guys done to Khushi... What... I ask????????????
Khushi was supposed to play devils advocate... I get it... she has a big heart this girl... she doesn't just see other peoples pain , she feels it. And then tries her best to make sure she can help alleivate it... now this is no ordinary other person... this is Anjali someone she loves... she feels guilty about hiding the truth from... somewhere deep inside she believes that she is the reason Anjali's world is falling apart... (that is why it hurt so much when Arnav said those exact same words to her... she couldn't take it...).
So Khushi wants to tell Arnav that may be the hurt Shyam is feeling for losing his child is genuine... but instead... Gopi Bahu... oh sorry Khushi... comes out as being superior instead of being confused about whether this man was actually telling the truth or lying through his teeth...she sounded like she wants justice for all... wth was that??????
Here is what I would have liked to see... Khushi telling Arnav that she saw geniune pain... but Khushi sitting down and thinking about what Shyam did to her... tied her up and left her to die by Arnav's hands... almost killed Arnav... accused her of being after him... then think about Di and her state... then stand up and tell Arnav that they need to think first and foremost about Anjali... now I'm no director, actor, script writer, or anything more than a fan... but I read and take mental notes when writers malign their main characters... JK Rowling did it when she had Ron Weasley (AKA the reason I read HP) leave Harry when Harry needed him the most... but she built up that scene almost right from the moment we met Ron on the train... then she gave him a hero's welcome back... I digress...the point is... yes Khushi is a righteous character... she believes the best in people... she is ever willing to give people a second chance... I mean if she can give Arnav a second/third/fourth chance why won't she give Shyam another chance... but... BUT... BUT... Khushi loves Arnav more than she loves her righteousness... remember she said I can fall to any level to make sure he is ok... so before she stood in front of Arnav talking about feeling Shyam's pain she really...REALLY needed to take a moment to feel her own opinions form...
We watch this show because the characters think... they do not preach... the act and react like the audience... just saying... if you are wearing a thinking cap from other show kindly check it at the door before entering the IPKKND space!!!
And now for my least favorite part of today... I normally end with what impressed me most... but today its what digusted me the most... Someone please take the time to explain to me this logic...
Daljeet plays Anjali... a guillable young women... with her head in the clouds... she loves her brother with a passion... and is known to be his only weakness... now... since people hate things that remind them of characteristics that most closely resemble themselves, poor Anjali got the brunt of some purely cruel comments... the reason why I say this... is because honestly, can someone deny not believing the man you love when he gives you one of those lines... Oh I was sooo busy... ya right busy partying with your friends... etc etc...
But Daljeet carried on... she played her part... whether people threw eggs at her or roses...
Then Anjali got pregnant and Daljeet refused to wear the bump... why... I swear I don't even know... but there was some tension... then she wore the bump only to lose the baby promptly...
now here is my question... to Daljeet... wear the bump be a mother... at least have the audience accepting you and your character... or lose the baby, the audience now has no respect for your character... they hate the sight of you on screen... no matter how well you play your role it sits as nicely as cold two days old pizza on an bad stomach... at awards shows since its all popular and not critics... no one will vote for you ... so basically you have the role you wanted... a parallel lead not a mother... you get to keep your flat tummy but you lose the love of the audience and now every member of the audience is abhoring your presence on screen and your stupidity of character... so tell me when would you threaten to leave?????????? Then or now?
CV's...  no one asks Anjali what happened to her... why she was alone on the stairs... no one saw her feet... not even the nurses in the hospital??????
Really... REALLY... ok I apologize for being so hard on you... you see I love this show and when there is so much love there is so much more expectations...
I loved that today all the characters played their roles... Khushi has accepted her position in Arnav's life... Arnav will not tolerate even a wrongful look in Khushi's direction... Dadi showed up because she thought she could fix things... Nani stood up because who the hell is Dadi coming in here and pretending she knows better... Mami stood tall besides Nani she helped raise these kids... NK spoke up again (beautifully done... he doesn't mean disrespect just brought up in a different environment) Aakash looked down ... digesting all the information ( so true to his logical character... I wish they use his cool common sense and soothing way of handling the situation more) Shyam instigated his love...Anjali blinded by love followed down a treacherous path... Buaji instructed Khushi to take care of Arnav... Garima stood shaking in fear... where was Payal??? vacation day????
Why are they still in the clothes from the engagement... yes I know they got new outfits but does that mean they make full vasolli of them... Jeez...
And finally to the reduxians... I take a break from writing starting tomorrow... sorry guys for me the magic is lost... lost with the  love story...lost with the hope that Anjali would not be the weakling that they set her out to be... lost with the hope that the baby would be on sets of IPKKND... I would like to thank everyone for their continued support, love, and time taken in reading my posts and sending me PM's...
To Sandu, my cyber sister... who discovered my ramblings... reserved a spot for me, got me noticed... then threatned me with her cyber danda to write everyday... without you this journey would not have been half as fun... love you long time...
To Tant, everyday you start the redux and everyday a treasure trove of knowledge is unleashed upon me... thank you for enhancing my learning experience.
To Guru D, what can I say... sometimes I wish the CV's would just lift the story from your analysis... it would make perfect sense and would keep us entertained...
To Koel, JJ,Bushy,Anu,Maria,Sam, Sumi, Trin, Naz, Shaz ( a thousand apologies if I have not mentioned your name, you see I'm falling asleep while typing ) and everyone I have bumped into on the redux... thank you... for enriching me with your praise for taking the time and for enlightening me with your brillant takes... muahhh
And that my friends was my two cents...
Lots of Love
P.S. I won't be sticking around please PM me your comments...

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