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IP REDUX : Iago ! (Page 2)

lalsunvid Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
"Even when we do not create children's fears, when they come to us with fears ready-made and built-in, we use their fears as handles to manipulate them and get them to do what we want"    

Perfect quotes Tants !!! Wonderful Title. IAGO : Villian ; Manipulator ; Fox

"Are you kidding ??" No !! Shyam is also a serious deal maker!! Shyam's tasting success and he always does taste success in the beginning of his mission ; just a mission to marry Khushi ; when ASR found him with Khushi; started on his way to get the will ; he is going to taste the success of his first step towards returning to Shantivan again.Khushi slapped him ; ASR married Khushi ; Khushi travelled in Shyam's steps to find ASR and ASR threw him out. Now Anjali's sathyagraha paves his way in ...He knows that this time the road is quite tough but he is travelling on one of the most profitable horse with a very skilled trainer. He will have his day when the horse stops running and kicks him.Its clear that the Anjali will show the way out "the correct way" out to Shyam on his D-day.

Daadi was all talking about rights,mis-understanding,deeds, consequences and above all to show the correct path for the family. Perhaps the future of her own parivar, family ,her kingdom was right in front of her. She is seeing through all the tinted glasses of "Sheesh Mahal " Slowly each and every tint of  glass\mirror of that Sheesh Mahal will fade away from its cloudiness and she would see the Sheesh Mahal back in beauty again. Whatever had happened 14 years ago has been calmly and slowly been registered only by those glasses\mirrors of Sheesh Mahal.Shyam brought only the broken hearts as glasses from that mahal .We will see what Daadi takes back that Mahal.Smile

Excellent confrontation in front of the family rather than in person between Daadi and ASR. Nani & Mami standing together and showed their complete disgust about Daadi meeting Shyam. ASR rightly told Daadi 'Don't commit the mistake I did". And he was right when he asked Daadi why didn't you show the path these 14 years and why now ? Daadi did mention ASR mom as "Kamzoor Sthree" and who is she ?? Went in hiding ? Wanted to repent for her mistakes or was Daadi helpless and let things go out of her hand?? She has not even faced her grand-children or her close friend for so many years...not seen them actually as told by ASR and Anjali. Was she not able to face the kids for so long ?? says so. She couldn't do so much ...certain things had gone above her hand and the major mis-happening took and this matriarch had to bow down and hide. 

"Galat" has happened 14 years ago ; All are unsure about who was the cause ,who was framed and who was victimized since all happened under wraps that day.No proper witness , discussions but the end result was disaster.The children took the blow for no mistake of them . Each one blame one another for what happened 14 years ago.But today knowingly in front of everyone the "Galat" of letting the wrong person inside is going to happen. So the judgement will be delivered truthfully and honestly with no loss of any more lives.  

Khushi mentioned to ASR that we should not be "unfair" to anyone while taking decisions. Clearly and Loudly . Remember ASR !!! Remember this word from more hurricane is setting up slowly to hit Shantivan again.
I have to mention : Akshay and Karan - total lack of expressions during the was completely annoying. Jayashree - Uttraksha - Superb !! 
Swathi - Barun - excellent delivery of dialogues. CV's : This small increase in TRP is not sufficient...One in 5 day episodes should show a progress in story and this week we had ...Thanks...and scale up.

After such a tragedy ...the family is on full make up mode..anyone saw Mami...and picture perfect Khushi...!! Logic ko Kya Naam Doom ROFL 

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droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Episode Review Today:

Nice movement in story today; with Dadi revealing where she is coming from. You have to give it to Shyam for being such a master manipulator that he has fed such lies to Dadi. But seriously, I am questioning something fundamental can Dadi believe Shyam against everyone else in the house? Reason - Anjali Shyam Jha. She is not a Raizada or a Malik has crossed over and made her decision. She made that choice when she chose to ignore the child in her womb, not once but twice. A stubborn person is difficult to deal with yes; but an emotional stubborn person is an even more difficult battle..and Anjali has become just that...

I thought I would feel sorry for her plight, her condition and her emotional state, but after she pleaded with Arnav to get Shyam back; I felt like she was for a moment a 12 year old girl, just wanting her way.  She is now using everyone's love for her as a weapon of destruction, of herself for sure and her loved ones along the way. What will Arnav do? Seriously, does he even have a choice? How long can he take decisions for Anjali? How long can he choose for her? I don't think he can. But the bigger issue I have with the whole "Return of Shyam" is that how are all these people going to stay under the same roof - there can be no co-existence here. How will they even begin to start that journey?

Its so funny, that the 2 couples we have - Arnav and Khushi are in a symbiotic relationship drawing strength from each other; whereas Anjali and Shyam are in a parasitic one...where one is just draining the other. I didnt have an issue with Khushi going to Arnav asking him to consider letting Shyam meet Anjali once...I had an issue with the way it was enacted. Sanaya's tone of voice was more commanding than requesting...thats an issue I have with the director too...but they redeemed themselves towards the end, where she accepts Arnav's decision. It will not go down well with me, if Khushi bends Arnav into accepting Shyam...I would not mind it if Arnav buckles under Anjali's emotional torture...thats more believable.

I really like where they are taking us...please do focus back on our lovely couple though...their chemistry is the USP of the show...dont deprive us of that...and please get Khushi and Arnav's clothes changed ASAP.

Thanks for the PMs and comments on the post! Everyone's reviews are spectacular as always!

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Arshics IF-Sizzlerz

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abavi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Lovely Title Tants- Arnav was Othello till sometime back and Shyam is being Iago still!
Anjarai Petti

Life is like that

So the 3 Maliks stayed back at the hospital for Anjali, the daughter of the house, while one of them is fooled by Jha again, the other two get a glimpse of the Malik Dadi's loyalties. Arnav immediately rushes his sister back home and warns the family to not mention about bringing back shyam. Kushi meanwhile removes the cradle at Anjali's room. Anjali is devastated but Arnav calms her.
Mindvoice: A very realistic scene... Kushi's move was very practical. The loss of the baby sinks in this way for Anjali. if it was removed when she was not looking, then Anjali would still be in denial. Acceptance heals the wounds faster.

The Escapist

Buaji persuades Garima to visit Anjali at the hospital, but Garima again gets a bail when Kushi calls to inform them that they have brought Anjali home and to come the next day. Buaji asks Kushi to take care of Arnav and Anjali
Mind Voice: Ennamo Daadiyoda palsetta thiruditu veetavittu odivanthaaplaila nee react panra? poi than paaren... Palset than illaye.. athu kadikaathu! kelivi patathila? Kolakara nai kadikaathu![Dogs that bark dont bite]

The Egoists

Kushi keeps giving Arnav his boost of confidence but Dadi is not happy with the proceedings. Arnav and Dadi confront in front of the family and Dadi is not able to change Arnav's firm decision that Shyam is a cheat and will not gain entry inside RM. Dadi confirms Arnav's doubts that she knew Shyam before she came to RM- the Raizadas are shocked. Dadi is confident that Shyam loves Anjali and he is the one who has rights on her. Arnav does'nt pay heed and walks away saying that the security at RM will be tightened against Shyam.
Mindvoice: Dadiku yaarum kuliye thonda vendam... Shyam kaiya asachaana.. daadiye kuliya thonditu ulla kuthichudum! [No one needs to dig the hole for dadi, she herself will do so]

The Conman and the Cynic

Kushi has her own views on the events of the evening. She contemplates aloud to Arnav if Shyam has changed after the Baby loss- Arnav loses his temper but his brains are intact- He says he can never change. Kushi finally lets it go and agrees with himwhile on the other side Shyam again gains entry into Anjali's room and plants his idea into her mind- Anjali to everyone's surprise walks into Arnav's room. While everyone is happy that she is so much better now- she asks Arnav to bring back Shyam to RM.
Mind voice: Anjali, ithuku per than "sontha kaasuleye sooniyam vechukarathu"[Anjali is spending money to do black magic on herself]


Now I know... Shyam is a wizard. He can apparate in and out of RM... he can heal Anjali's cuts in a jiff and he can clean stains in a wand movement... and he has been taking polyjuice potion and staying at RM as Payal. He knows Occumency and he has imperised Dadi's mind and Anjali's mind. He has been helping  Hp change his outlook time and again whenever he helped him in his small endeavours.
Mindvoice: Pavam Akaash.. payal thaan Shyamnu therinja enna aagum? Anjali and Akaash will fight for the love of their lives... Dadi will also join the fight taking a anti-aging potion... that is the greatest twist in the history of indian television!

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chitmanas Goldie

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I apologize if my post is appears a bit unstructured; my thoughts are a bit jumbled today and I could not get them into any order.


Shyam, the Master Manipulator


Mahabharat Connection: Sorry to go keep going back to this epic, but there's one story that I wish to share.  I watched a movie that showed a different side of the story of Shakuni.  Gandhari (Shakuni's sister) has a curse that the person whom she marries first will die.  So, her family gets her married to an animal (sorry don't remember this particular detail) and after that she gets married to Dhritarashtra in the Kaurava family.  When Duryodhan and his brothers hear about this, they feel insulted and cheated and take the entire maternal family as prisoners.  These prisoners are fed with just one bowl of rice each day.  The family members keep dying of hunger, but they decide that at least one of them should survive to take revenge and they choose Shakuni; while all are left hungry, he's the only one to be fed the entire bowl of food.  Shakuni survives and the remains of his family turn into the magical dice for him to use at the right time.  Eventually the Kauravas decide to release him out as he's all alone and the last survivor.  From that day start Shakuni's manipulations and plans to bring down the Kaurava family and he uses his dice to cause a war between Pandavas and Kauravas.  Now, I don't know the authenticity of this story, but if it's true, it sort of matches the motive of revenge that Doods wrote w.r.t Shyam's background.


Of course, it's clear to all that Shyam, like Shakuni, is the master manipulator and Anjali is the manipulated ''.is she truly though?  She herself is another manipulator.  But let's stick to Shyam for now.


Shyam knows he really needs Anjali to get back into RM.  His strategy is to feed her ego by telling her he cannot live without her, he needs to take care of her, be by her side etc.  Though his strategies failed earlier, he never gave up and now his plans are bearing fruit.  He pretty much planted ideas in Anjali's mind on how she can bring him back.  He tells her that he knows how obstinate she is, how she can refuse to do things others ask her to do, to which her reply is that he's the only one who can make her see sense when she gets into this stubborn mood.  Ahhh, things begin to slowly fall into place in Anjali's mind and she now has her own strategy on how to get her husband back into RM (you still think she's dumb?).  Bas, kaam ho gaya (the work is done), Shyam need not do anything further.


Anjali ' She's easily taken in by her husband's words, gets up from bed and decides to put her plans into action right away, walks to chote's room and tells him that she wants her husband back, thereby shocking everybody.  I give her full marks for her conniving strategy.  This is one hard woman who knows how to get things done using blackmail, period.


In conversation with Anjali ' Are you the weak woman who just lost her baby, was unable to even get up earlier and whatever happened to your bleeding feet, they don't bother you anymore?  Did you forget that RM is Arnav's house and not yours?  You talk so much about puja path and going for satsangh and all you learnt is how to manipulate others? 


Dadi ji ' Finally she tells the truth of how she met Shyam and how he begged her to unite him with his wife.  Dadi ji feels that Anjali is Shyam's responsibility and not Arnav's.  She doesn't believe one word of what NK or Arnav tell her about Shyam and wants proof.


In conversation with Dadi ' You got it right that Anjali is Shyam's responsibility.  So, why didn't you ever ask damaad ji to leave along with Anjali so he can take over her responsibility? Why didn't you plan for this and help him instead of helping him to meet your granddaughter secretly?  You were not even part of the family until recently, so why should anyone provide you with proof or justify themselves to you?


Arnav & Khushi ' Their equation has certainly changed dramatically.  They love and respect each other's views.  Khushi is providing Arnav all the support that he needs and giving him the strength to move on with his decisions regarding Di.  She hesitantly told Arnav that may be death of his baby changed Shyam and may be Shyam could meet Anjali just one time.  Arnav, who has now truly understood Shyam, his lack of character and his manipulations, is not willing to give him a chance; he also tried to ensure that the decision is agreeable to her.  Khushi accepts his decision.  This is a major change in that Love creates understanding.


Random thoughts:  Khushi's nature is such that she cannot see anything bad happening to anybody and is always willing to give people another chance.  For just a few seconds she felt that maybe Shyam had changed?  May be Di can meet him one time?  She didn't say let's bring back Shyam and let's all party together and be happy.  In fact, she listened to Aranv, respected his view point and is willing to go by it.  Yes, she knows Shyam better than Arnav in many ways, but doesn't it happen to the best of us that we doubt ourselves and our judgment at times?  She also did say this was for Di's sake.  Yes, as a woman Khushi understands Di's needs at this critical time.  Well, before we all take off at Khushi, Anjali herself is about to get her own way, so Khushi doesn't seem to have much say in this matter.


I was so glad to see Arnav's brain starting to work. But too late for the restraining order, Shyam is already in RM.  I'd rather he unearthed some more truths about Shyam by having him investigated.


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namedx IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:17pm | IP Logged

Thanks for the pic Kops! Hug


Heart today's title! Iago, a true Shakespearian legend as far as villains go!  

A complex character, just like Shyam; one who is painted as being amoral as opposed to immoral. A trickster, who deceives, steals and kills to gain a position of power and authority. It is not that he pushes aside his conscience, rather he lacks one to begin with...but is Shyam equally as black? 

In Othello, Iago is constantly shown to lie and deceive his wife and friends, a trait which requires a black heart, or rather an amoral compass. In every scene he speaks, it is easy for the audience to identify his deceptive manner, for his honeyed words are coated with his dark intentions. In the play, Iago tricks Othello into believing that his own wife is having an affair, without any concrete proof. Othello, who represents the follies of man to a certain degree, gets so caught up in Iago's lies that he refuses to believe even his own wife, Desdemona, even though she denies the whole thing. 

Are we not seeing a similar case regarding Shyam's character? Why is it that we love to hate such a villain? Had Shyam been painted with so much of an iota of a conscience, he would never have been able to keep up such a ploy, nor would he have been able to deceive everyone around him. This is what makes him such a successful villain. His actions portray him to be as cunning and ruthless as Iago, who held a similar diabolical prowess which enabled him to bend and twist the supple and somewhat impressionable minds of those around him. A manipulator who plays on people's fears, and who arguably resorts to cowardly tactics by keeping himself hidden in the shadows; be in the shadows of past or present circumstances. Much like Shyam, who's true nature is constantly kept in the dark, overshadowed by his sweet manipulations.  

His conscience is removed from all guilt which further portrays him to be a psychopath, if we go by modern day terminology. Iago's fate was decided when his own wife unfoiled his plans to Othello. As a result, he silences his wife by killing her, not so much out of reverie and anger, but rather out of pragmatism. She served no purpose, therefore he got rid of her. Will Anjali also meet the same fate? Will she be the one to unveil his deceptive nature? Will she lead to his ultimate arrest? 

Iago remained quiet till the very end, failing to show an ounce of remorse. A merciless character, one who would do anything to secure his position and chances. A villain who embodies true Machiavellian tendencies, withholding much depth and spirit. His amorality and cynicism give, what would be a very dull character, life, a life which Abhaas breathes into his character! 

Are we also headed for a similar climatic ending? Only time will tell, but damn, what a showdown we can expect!    

Ok, so I've just tuned into tonight's episode and two scenes really stood out for me. One was the confrontation between Arnie and Dadi, and the other, was the scene between Shyam and Anjali. The former scene was epic, but the latter was so clever in terms of dialogue, for it revealed a facet of Shyam's character which captures his shrewdness, which Arnav too is fully aware of.    

So this is how he's been brainwashing Anjali. He overrides his own concerns by latching onto her fears and insecurities. He utilises her weakness to his advantage and manipulates her into thinking that her weakness is her biggest strength. Tonight's episode gave us a fuller picture of the reality between their numerous encounters since the day he was kicked out of RM. Their conversations have always lead to similar outcomes, that which benefit Shyam. Shyam's sugar coated words provide Anjali with the strength and incentive to fulfil her desires, in doing so, she serves a much larger purpose in Shyam's grand schemes. 

He worries about her health whilst putting it in danger. He assures her of his presence whilst highlighting her dependence on him. Every word he utters he implants a seed of selfish desire, one which prompts her into action. His every word is manipulative laden with reverse psychology. Not once does he halt her thoughts from turning into action, rather he aids it without a moments hesitation.  

-- Update later if time! --

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trintring IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:23pm | IP Logged

"Tauba tera jalwa , tauba tera pyaar, Tera Emotional Attyachar"


I feel for Arnav, I really do.


Episode starts with HP removing the Baby cot from Anji's room. All the hopes that we have pinned on the WILL stuck underneath the cot went Tie Tie Phish with it.Confused Looks like we are always gullible enough to pin our hopes on some small detail which Cvs don't even remember later on. Or is it time for HP to redeem himself for letting those dodgy looking people install cameras all over RM? He might find that paper stuck underneath while putting it in the storeroom and brings it back to Arnav?Ermm Too much? I know...I never learn.Unhappy


Dadi confronting Arnav...again.Stern Smile You know I will be so happy the day this lady will see her mistakes and eat a humble pie. On second thought from the looks of it, this lady doesn't really need to eat any pie. Finally Arnav puts 2 and 2 together and realised why Dadi decided to annoy them after 14 glorious years of bliss (for RM vasis I mean).


Dadi seeing Shyam ke Ankhon mein pyaar???? Excuse me while I am rolling on the floor laughing my head off.ROFL ROFL ROFL All our suspicions have been proven correct. What did Shyam actually do when he visited her in the Ashram? Ermm I'm asking because I am very curious why this lady who is always stern and no nonsense about everyone, turns into mush regarding Shyam?


Moving on, I really liked the fact that the whole family especially Nani straight away said Shyamu was the guilty party.Thumbs Up They have no doubt in their mind and that is helpful. Loved Arnav's dialogues in this segment. We got some new ones rather than "Aas paas bhatakna" one. But Dadi is still stuck on "Jis insaan ke bareme aap baat kar rahehe wo Anjali ki Pati Hai".D'oh  And did the CVs actually read my wish list about Arnav finally being a bit more pro active?Big smile Maby I should write more of those. But really CVs, you cannot just show Arnav reacting to Shyam's plans. He is a self made man and one of the main qualities to achieve all these in foresightedness. Only times he has used this quality is to keep Khushi with him. About time we see it used for Shyamu. Looks like out of that whole RM gang only Arnav has understood the true face of Shyam and he will not be duped this time. Yup, he is still my hero.Star I loved when Arnav told Dadi that she was better off at the Ashram. Did you see the whole family's reaction then? Says a lot how much they all love you Dadi.Stern Smile On a side note, Barun Sobti was too good in the confrontation. Clap


Now I don't know which tunnel Creepwa crawls through and just pop up unnoticed all the time. But Shyamu, why give that clichd evil smile for the camera?Dead Do you think we have suddenly forgotten that you are the villain and you have to remind us with pointed looks and creepy smiles? Anji darling I do sympathise with you, in fact we all do. But honey why do you always use your Sayani brain for emotional blackmail of your brother rather than seeing hubby dearest in his true colours.Ouch I just have to keep on hoping. Pinch


Now lets come to Khushi. Did anyone else go Satyanash and Facepalm like me? D'oh Oh how nave and gullible can you get honey? Now if it was just him pretending to be unmarried while being married I could understand but you have seen him during the whole kiddu track and what he is actually capable of. Just a bit of fake crying did that? Please learn something from your husband about the real world.Ouch Will she finally learn when the past comes out?


Anji finally said the magic words "Mujhe Shyam chahiye".Dead Not even going to talk about Dadi's smirk here. This lady is really getting on my nerves.Angry  We all know what's gonna happen here, Arnav will initially say No. Anji will start her emotional blackmail in earnest and finally in family pressure (read Dadi and Khushi) he will have to bring back Shyamu.Ouch I just hope the whole family keeps tabs on him and not just start believing his sweet talks.


Finally, where was Payal in all these? Kitchen or Dhobi Ghat?Ermm

Was going to write somethinng about the title "Iago" but luckily my very learned friend Shazi's post is on top of mine. Big smile Sorry busy at work so its all a bit disjointed, but my friends at Redux are very forgiving.Hug  

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Bhrama, Pramada, Vipralipsa, Karana-apatava|
Arsa-vijna-vaakye Nahi Dosa Ei Saba||
~Sri Caitanya Charistramrit 2.86

Translation: Mistakes, Illusion, Cheating, Imperfectness of the senses (defective perception) does not occur in the wise speech of liberated sages!

Comments: Bhrama refers to false knowledge or mistakes, such as accepting a rope as a snake or an oyster shell as gold. Pramada refers to inattention or misunderstanding of reality, and vipralipsa is the cheating propensity. Karana-apatava refers to imperfectness of the material senses. 
There are many examples of such imperfection. The eyes cannot see that which is very distant or very small. One cannot even see his own eyelid, which is the closest thing to his eye, and if one is disturbed by a disease like jaundice, he sees everything to be yellow. Similarly, the ears cannot hear distant sounds. So is the case with some of the characters of IPK!
Na hai woh uski gopi na hai woh uska krishna!
Nahin samajh payi bas yeh hai ek mrigtrisna!!
Jis prempipasa ko woh hai bhujhana chahti...
Woh marudyaan nahin...
Woh trisna hai uske astitva ke liye atmaghaati!

She is not his Gopi nor is he her Krishna.
She is not able to understand that it is just an mirage.
The thirst for true love that she want's to quench...
That is not an oasis...
That thirst will be suicidal for her very existence.
Kaisa hai sambandhon ka yeh moh-paash?
Akalpaniya hai yachana, kya tod degi uska adig nishchay?
Kya agrajaa ka prem baandh dega uske haath!
Kaise karega woh apne vachano ki raksha?
Kya de paayega agrajaa ko sukh, shanti aur suraksha?

Is it relation or the attachment/relation has turned into a noose?
It was unimaginable request, will it end his steadfast resolve?
Will the love for his elder sister tie his hands?
How will he stay undeterred on his words? 
Will he be able to provide her happiness, peace and safety?
Jis vishaya par kuch samay poorva hua tha dvand...
Us vishay ko utha kya katu bana rahi hai apna prem sambandh?
Prasfut charcha kya nahin hai us sambandh ka anga?
Kaise sambhav hoga us vishvaas bin yeh prema prasang?
Apne vichaaron ko jahan vyakta karane ki ho swatantrata|
Yugal mein honi chahiye pakshapaat rahit vichakshanata!

Just a while ago there was heated argument on a topic.
Is she spoiling her relation by raising the same?
Is open discussion not a part of this relationship?
Without this openness and trust how will this union be possible?
Where there is freedom to express your thoughts...
A couple should possess unprejudiced, clear sight and skill to understand each other.

Khushi has seen more of Shyam than anyone else... As he became her savior then a friend and then the person who was leading 2 lives...trying to convince that he was forced to live in the loveless relationship with Anjali when the truth came out... he then went on with his obsession for Khushi and finally a reason to remove Arnav from their lives.
She has spared him twice...
  1. When she came to know about him being married and 
  2. Again when he showed his obsession for her. 
But when it was about Arnav she did not resist to put his reality in front of everyone. I understand that losing a child is definitely a life changing event for any couple but does Shyam deserves an iota of reserve from Khushi? 
On one hand I'm happy that Arnav -Khushi's relationship is at such a juncture that they can discuss whether Shyam can be given a chance for Di's sake...but when she has seen the worst of him then how can she think Anjali will be safe and happy with Shyam?

CV's please be clear with how Khushi is justifying her thought process!
Hi Reduxians Hug
That is all from me today.
Thanks to all the writers for sharing their pearls of wisdom! Heart you all for doing so!
I'm unable to reply individually to each one of you, please accept my apology. I was hoping September will be better...although my deadlines have extended a bit. I'll be posting whenever the creative side appeals to me Smile Enjoy! 
If you have commented on my post , please PM me the link, as I would love to know what you think.Tongue

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