Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX : Iago !

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The Moor already changes with my poison.
Dangerous conceits are, in their natures, poisons.
Which at the first are scarce found to distaste,
But with a little act upon the blood.
Burn like the mines of Sulphur. I did say so:
Look, where he comes!
Not poppy, nor mandragora,
Nor all the drowsy syrups of the world,
Shall ever medicine thee to that sweet sleep
Which thou owedst yesterday. (3.3.33)

"Even when we do not create children's fears, when they come to us with fears ready-made and built-in, we use their fears as handles to manipulate them and get them to do what we want"

                                                          John W. Holt, Jr. quotes


Read Lavender Bulletins of Sul/Anjani Pagali ;

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          THE ROYAL STANDOFF... TAKE IV        


                                   Chor Pakda Gaya!

                      this is what happens when

In my earlier takes on the ROYAL STANDOFF's between Arnav Singh Raizada and Subhadra Malik.. I called Arnav and his love for Khushi as the UNSTOPPABLE Force guiding him and taking him on his path of union with Khushi against the IMMOVABLE Object, Subhadra Malik..

Now the tides have turned..Dadi aka Subhadra Malik and her agenda to bring Shyam back for Anjali's sake because she has absolute faith in the love and devotion Shyam holds for Anjali has become the UNSTOPPABLE Force..

Arnav's stance on not letting Shyam enter His home, Not letting Shyam come near his di and give her further grief has made him the IMMOVABLE object! 

The Standoff today!

Arnav who has become wiser with time and under the positive influence of Khushi, has been keeping his anger under check despite the repetitive digs which dadi takes at him.. 

Dadi in her quest to bring Shyam back in Anjli's life is leaving no opportunity to tell Arnav that his actions are impulsive, against medical advice, not favorable for Anji.. His rash decisions are not helping Anjali get any better.. In fact they are just making her condition worse!

He keeps his cool and tells her that there is no point talking to him about this.. His stance will not change.. He will do as he deems fit for the protection of his sister.. He does not need anyone telling him what is best for her.. He knows very well how to safe guard her.. And to Safe guard Anjali, Shyam should stay away from her life..

Dadi, not the one to back down easily, builds her case by saying that the person whom he is talking about is Anjali's husband who is responsible for Anjali's well being.. He also has lost his child and he has full right to be with Anjali.. 
With what right an authority is he keeping Anjali and Shyam separate from each other?

Arnav loses his calm finally.. Even Khushi is not able to keep him in calm.. He tells his dadi that Shyam has lost all the rights on his di.. And he can never forgive Shyam for his deceit to Anjali and the family members.. 

Dadi accuses him of being stubborn and plays another card by asking what if Anjali takes the same part as his mother and takes away her life.. What will he do then? Does he really think that by beating Shyam up and throwing him out of the hospital, he will be successful in erasing Shyam from Anjali's heart, mind, body and soul.. 

She stresses on her belief and the lies she has been fed that NO ONE LOVES ANJALI MORE THAN SHYAM.. And she has seen the truth of his love and devotion for Anjali in Shyam's eyes.. (How thick can you get old lady Angry)

Nani, always the peacemaker, tries to intervene and bring this confrontation to an end for Anjali's sake.. 

A thought which had been nagging Arnav from the time he had seen Shyam and dadi together in the hospital and noticed their familiarity.. An idea which was taking shape.. A doubt that was seeded in his mind..

He stops nani while looking at dadi.. and asks her.. How did you see so much love in Shyam's eyes in the first time? Why are you so sure of his love after the first meeting with him? You have not been with us for 14 years then what makes you so confident... unless aap..

Chor Pakda gaya

Dadi, never the one to cringe..because I know him more than you know.. He wept and begged to be united with Anjali in front of ME.. 

Arnav.. barely holding back his anger.. Shyam aapke paas Ashram mein..
Dadi.. (haughtily) Haan.. Aaye the humse milne.. 

HE told ME about the museebat (read Khushi) in RM. But he never tried to blacken your name, or point fingers at you.. And you.. you never tried to keep his dignity intact in front of me.. He only wants to live with his wife and child.. A wife for whom his love knows no bound..Rest all the Misunderstandings.. 

Arnav: GALATFAHMI!!! Koi galatfahmi nahi hui hai!Angry

I would love to continue with the blow by blow version of the rest of the confrontation.. but I think it was a better watch than it would be a read!Embarrassed

One thing which I concluded from this confrontation was.. Though Arnav was sure of the true face Of Shyam Manohar Jha, his truth has been cemented and set in stone in his mind now.. HE is now aware of the fact that Shyam can go to any lengths to serve his purpose like his move to visit dadi and bring her.. He has the capacity to influence his grandmother to an extent that she does not evn raise eyebrows at the fact that Shyam tried to kill him.. Rather believes his words that Arnav was led to believe so and he was ignorant.. 

The other matriarch Nani and NK were not even given a chance to finish their sentences against Shyam.. 

The veil of lies that Shyam has woven in front of dadi's eyes is so thick that she is blind to the fact that the whole family is standing in unison against him.. Her ears are deaf to the voice of his grandson and those around her..

As Arnav said earlier.. 

"Dadi is like that.. hamesha se aisi hi hain woh..Dadi hamesha cheezoin ko apne angle se dekhti hain...Sachhai toh jaise unhe nazar hi nahi aati..Wahi samajhti hain jo woh samajhna chahti hain.. Aur expect karti hain ki sab log cheezoin ko unki tarah se dekhein.. aur agar koi nahi dekhta hai, toh unke liye woh galat hai"

Her stand that because her grandson has erred in the past, he is in the wrong again.. She is not person to accept her faults, if she did any.. One of the glaring ones being leaving her grandchildren at the times when they needed her the most..Blames Arnav for not being able to differentiate between the right and the wrong!

Little does she know that she what she considers truth is the biggest lie.. She mistakenly believes that her act of bringing Shyam back in Anjali's life will save the sinking ship of Raizada's.. Her strong belief also is out of the guilt of her being unable to do anything to prevent the events that happened 14 year back.. 

"NOO" comes the cry of the MAN of the HOUSE... You had no idea then, and no idea now what we need.. You left us.. I have taken the responsibility of Anjali and this home on my shoulder.. Why did you come.. You should have stayed back at your Ashram.. Frankly speaking, the last dialogue made my day! Big smile

His cry conveyed all the pain of the past and present.. A clear message to her to not to mess with the things she has no idea about.. He is aware of her one directional thinking and inability to see the truth even if it bites her in the butt.. He knows she will not rest in her mission.. He makes it clear that he is increasing the security and taking out the restraining order for Shyam.. She better warn her ally, else he will be behind the bars!  

Shyam the puppeteer.. Anjali the gullible one..
However much we hate him, we have to give the credit to him for he is the MASTER MANIPULATOR.. when exposed in front of the family.. he did not give in.. He kept on spinning the web of the lies in order to discredit Khushi's, Payal's and NK's story..

He believes in using and throwing.. When he sensed that victory was in his hand, he would soon own everything that belonged to Arnav Singh Raizada, he signed the divorce papers without second thoughts.. 

Now he knows, Anjali is the only medium through which he can gain entry to RM for his revenge on Arnav And Khushi for making a fool out of him, he is using her ruthlessly.. 

Dadi, who is not a simpleton, but a woman of shrewd nature, is a mere puppet in his hands.. He has been playing her from day 1 to serve his purpose.. 

Shyam's strength lies in the fact that he is an expert in finding out the weakness of the people and how to best manipulate them.. 

His method for Anjali from the beginning of his marriage to her has been that.. 
He will feed her a thought.. retract a bit and then let her ponder over it, tell her that she is the only person that matters to him.. when she falls hook line and sinker and with his clever words make her believe that the idea was hers to begin with.. 

He feeds her the idea that she will not take care of herself when he is not around.. If she becomes stubborn, she will not listen to anybody.. If he was here, he would have fed her himself.. Anjali begins with if I don't take meds and food from anyone but you, then? He insists that her health is most important he will not jeopardize it.. But he will do anything to be with her..

Kaam ho gaya! Anjali will go on a hunger strike till Shyam is back.. He professes that he will keep meeting her even if it means dying in the process.. 

Result: Anjali calls up on her hidden energy resources and walks up to her brother's room, who is just now done explaining to his wife that Shyam is the Manipulator and he is the person who can NEVER change.. says

"humein Shyam ji lauta do Chhote"

Other little things..

1. The baby's crib has been removed from the room.. Cry It was an emotional moment for mother Anjali.. Her hopes lost... Dreams turning into nightmares..

2. Garima back to hiding from Dadi! Ouch why??? get over with it, woman!Angry

3. Khushi's faith in Arnav.. She is trying her best to make him realise that he is the only person who can once again collect the broken pieces of the family and join them..He is the ONE his di needs the MOST.. And she is sure that he will emerge as a WINNER..

4. Nani and NK will turn out to be Arnav's strongest allies in his war against Shyam.. 

5. Khushi ji.. Are you for real?? After what the creep has put you through, after he tried to kill the person you love the most.. You think he has changed and should be allowed to meet di.. You don't want any injustice to him..

6. In Shaz's word.. Atta boy Arnie, for not listening to one mad woman.. But I pity you, there is a whole flock of them in your home! 

I was ecstatic to see that Arnav did not even consider what Khushi was blabbering.. Khushi in the end conceded that, he must not have changed, if you say so.. Please Khushi, listen to him more often!

7. Dadi's look of satisfaction that Anjali is asking for her hubby herself! Angry
Love the title Tants.. of the most sinister villains..  fits Shyam perfectly!

The following are the 2 most relevant points I found for him in the current situation!

As in Othello, Iago was able to manipulate and trap othello successfully which led him to kill his wife Desdemona.. Shyam managed to manipulate ASR earlier leading to destruction of Khushi by his hands.. In the end it was Emilia, Iago's wife who was responsible for his arrest.. Similarly hopefully Anjali will be the one who will finally have the proof of Shyam's misdeeds and lead to his final verdict!

Iago is a Machiavellian schemer and manipulator, as he is often referred to as "honest Iago", displaying his skill at deceiving other characters so that not only do they not suspect him, but they count on him as the person most likely to be truthful.
How dadi is influenced by Shyam.. Not believing her grandson and her best friend nani also, despite their repeated telling her..

Uff! D'oh

As I feared, it became too long... Sorry guys..Smile

Thanks for the likes and the comments lovely ladies! Big smile



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Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai
Kuch Nahin Kuch Nahin Pyaar Ho Raha Hai

Tere Mere Beech Ka Bhed Na Khol De 
Koi Jaake Kuch Mere Bhaiya Se Na Bol De
Bhaiya Bol To Raha Hai

Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai
Kuch Nahin Kuch Nahin Pyaar Ho Raha Hai....

I cant believe I dedicated a song to Shyaam-Anjali "Romance"..But It seemed apt at this time!
The "Pyar" that is being showered on her by himDead, the "Bhed" that is being hidden from the brother Angry, the fear of "bhaiyaa" finding about the truth!!Ouch

Sabse "Sayani" Behna, Anjali:

The woman is blind in love. So much so that she fails to see the smooth slimy way her hubby traps her in his jaal! She has always been manipulative and has made sure that indirectly her all wishes are granted! And we are being witness to the same Anjali now!
Yesterday the overwhelming grief overtook everything else in her life, but today she has started "thinking"! In her haste and illusion, she fails to see how smoothly her hubby has planted the "idea" in her mind!..She misses the cue that it is Him that is indirectly putting words in her mouth, him who is reminding her of her "Zidd", her nature of being adamant, giving her enough clues to decode from it!! And she decodes his words without understanding the intent behind it! And its going to prove costly!!

Today, all that she wants is him and she will do anything to make it happen!
Even ready to walk in this condition and demand from her chotte the return of the devil! She knows how much Arnav hates the man, she knows it pains him to talk about it..Unmindful of that, she still asks him as she is herself reeling from grief of loosing a child and she thinks that the only one who can help her overcome this, is her husband...Her illusion is intact, the dream world preserved and her manipulative nature in full swing! Ah! We have difficult days ahead!

Shyaamwa the creepwa:

He is tall, dark(in heart), and evil! With an ulterior motive behind all this. At this point of time, the only mission is to get inside RM because only then he can start his "plan"..whatever that is..
He has realized dadi is good-for-nothing (Pardon my bhasha, but its just the way he said it yesterday) so he cannot really rely on her! He tried doing the nautanki himself in front of Arnav and his saale-sahab gave 2 hoots about it! So the only person who can help him is his bholi-bhaali patni. Yesterday he laid the foundation of his drama by indirectly blaming her for the accident and claiming he would not have let it happen..and today he just elaborates it! Makes her "understand" how he would take care of her, feed her with his hands, bring joy to her life..He makes her "realize" how clever she is and how ziddy for always making things happen!! Not too direct but just enough to plant the seeds in her mind...And she catches on to that!
She asks him if she stops eating food or medicine until he gives it to her, then he has to come back and he smartly encourages the idea!

Two things he said correct today, the only 2 truths:

1) "Arnav aapse jitna pyar karte hain ,humse usse kahin zyaada nafrat karte hain" -- wao! Kya observation hai creepwa maharaj!!
2) "Hum aapke saath rehne ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain"..Even if the reason is something else entirely, this is true...he will do "kuch bhi" to stay "with" her in RM!

He makes himself the ultimate bechara pati by telling rani sahiba how everyone in her family will stop him for entering her life..and inspite of what everyone, not just Arnav but everyone thinks, he loves her a lot!Note,  By this he covers his ground that its not just chottey who has had a misunderstanding but also everyone at that when tomorrow Mami or NK or Nani will try to take Arnav's side, in Anjali's mind all are delusional, all are under MU!
Well played Shyaam Manohar Jha! Well played!Angry

The Not-so Akalmand Dadi:

Anjali gets her genes of "illusion" from Dadiji. An elderly woman who has seen the ways of lives gets easily trapped by a bholi-si-surat damadji..She believes him to an extent that the words of her family members, her pota, her BFF fall on deaf ears!
I agree that Dadi has not seen any "proof" about Shyaam's evil intentions..So she refuses to believe Arnav..But then has Shyaam shown her any proof of what he is saying is correct? 
There is no evidence from both sides, the only thing is what each of them are telling her..So why she believes what her daamadji is saying over her whole family? What is the logic behind it? I fail to understand it! Confused

When Khushi is trying to soothe Arnav, she comes and taunts him!Angry Taunts him about "kitna sambhal rahe hain,kitna bigad rahe hain"?? Seriously woman?? This is how you tackle situations at home?Angry I am glad you were not there for the past 14 years otherwise the two kids would have never recovered! She would have pushed them in more gloom and distress!!Dead

Also how can she tell Arnav it is Shyaam who Anjali needs the most? That he loves her more than Arnav does? Lady, you chose to live in an Ashram when the two kids needed you the most, when Anjali needed someone elderly to protect her and make her life better...It is Arnav who has done that and you do not get to speak about his responsibilities or the lack of it whatsoever!!Angry
And she has to look at Khushi when she speaks about "Musibat".*Rolls eyes*..Maateh, see a mirror and look at the jeeti-jaagti nishani of musibat!

I am fuming mad at Dadi today! For her unrelenting support to shyaam, for her faltu ki zidd and ego to not listen to anyone else, for bringing up the past again and again in front of Arnav just to prove her point!
No sympathies for her! Absolutely zero... The only thing I can appreciate is she admits meeting Shyaam in the aashram! That's it!!

The Wisest Warrior, Arnav:

The only sane man in this pagal nagri, the man who thinks, who acts, who is brave, righteous and just! Angry, impatient, yes..but also protective and responsible!
Liked the look of relief, gratitude and love when khushi gives him the much needed confidence that he will right the every wrong done!! beautiful...

Loved the whole face-off between Dadi and him..His absolute disgust at the mere mention of Shyaam's  name,his impatience and Anger at dadi for not even tryingto understand, his bang-on instinct about their equation.
I loved the way he stopped Nani midway to confront Dadi about how she knows Shyaam so well and his absolute disbelief at her acknowledgement...
And how angry he is at her insistence that all this is a Galatfahmi! he shouts that word, unable to comprehend how can she even think like this!
His "enough" echoed my sentiments exactly!  Enough Dadi!!Enough!!Angry

But I also think he needs to start accumulating proofs to make his blind grandma see things clearly..he cannot negate the fact that without proof its always difficult to make someone believe their POV, esp someone like Dadi!

An absolute "Seeti bajao moment" when he tells her about where she was 14 years ago, how he has taken care of Anjali since then, how she chose to stay in Ashram rather than be with them and why she just doesnt leave now for her fav place!!.I loved it, loved it, loved it! Wohoo!!Clap and Barun, hats off! you nailed this part!!Clap

Liked the whole scene with Khushi. Absolutely loved how he just looked at her with anger in his eyes when she started talking about Shyaam! That was perfectly done by Barun..
His "Are you kidding me Khushi" was a total rip off from my mind! I said the same thing..
And every thing else that he said, was absolutely correct! I am glad atleast one man keeps his sanity!!

The naive Khushi:

A woman as sharp as herself should not fall again into the jhaansa of Shyaam Manohar jha! I understand she is naive, she is pure at heart, she is like this..all this I agree to!
But how can someone be even remotely sympathetic to a man who cheated you, made your life miserable, tried to kill you,and more importantly tried to kill your husband, your soul mate? She feels for Anjali, which she should!
But she suspects that Shyaam can be a better man, can actually be changed because of this tragedy, then she comes across more foolish rather than naive..and Khushi is NOT foolish CVs..She is the one who first found out abt Shyaam's treachery, who found out abt Arnav's kidnppaing and followed it to the end!!
and thats the reason I find it difficult to swallow that even though temporarily, but she did believe all the drama that happened in the hospital! Its not about her asking Arnav to let Shyaam meet di once, but her thoughts over how he could be a changed man..or even that there is a possibility of him changing!!This is what completely amazed me..and not in a good way...LOL

Atleast I am happy that she didnt push it much , just agreed that if Arnav feels this is right, it would be right!!

Other little thoughts to ponder:

  • When Shyaam is exiting from his room, he is almost facing the pool!!How many pools are there in the house? Sabke room ke bahaar ka raasta pool se hokar hi hai kya?LOL

  • The paalna has the Will chipkofied under it! Will it ever come to surface? Where is the guy taking it? to throw it?put in Store room? how long until someone finds that? Or will it never see the light of the day?

  • Loved everyone's reaction to the news of Dadi meeting Shyaam chori chori chupke chupke and her consant admiration for the love that he has for Anjalia! Loved the disgust at Nani's and Mami's face at this!

  • Also loved the way NK tries to say his POV and Nani vehemently denies that all this is NOT a misunderstanding!! Even though Dadi turned a blind eye to this, atleast they voiced their opinion!!

  • So Arnav and NK both noticed that something happened in this last 1 hour to get some Raunak back at Anjali's face!Poor NK, he was so happy for his di..Ouch

Some points to think over, CVs

  • What happened to Anjali's injured feet? No Bandage? Do they have the ability to heel on their own? Atleast show a bandage to make it look even remotely realistic!

  • Payal is missing since two epi..At a time like this when she should be with her in-laws..Khushi is not the only Bahu of the house, you see...Atleast have a line being said by any family member about her she has gone out to take some medicine or something...Anything will do!
    But who am I kidding? Mamaji's absence from the show for such a looong time hasnt been explained till now and the mystery cannot be solved even by CID and I am talking about Payal!! Silly me..

  • When you are trying to maintain a suspense element in the show with Garima-Dadi past, Please do not release any pics before hand! For me it spoils the fun! I dont want to see a pic of something this mysterious before hand! For any romantic scenes, it is fine! Not for this..Atleast not for me!

  • Promos, Promos, Promos...This is all I want!! please...

Love, Sumi

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Love,drugs, lust and dhoka

Shyamu the master manipulater is back at RM. ASR is too late in deciding to beeef up security. The damage has been done. Iago's poison (as Tants named him today) has already worked. If Anji is the female version of Othello then she has already accidentally caused the demise of their child and she doesn't even know it. SMJ is deadlier than Iago. He is more ruthless if not more cunning. He has no qualms about killing his child or putting it in danger (even if the child is alive he could not have predicted that outcome). Anjali his blind victim continues to trust him. In the process she has been reduced to a mere skeleton of her former self. The master of deceit is not done with her yet. He continues to spin his web of lies around her. He feeds her her own fears. Puts ideas in her brain without her even realizing it came from him. He has his finger on her pulse and sings the tune to match it. The pied piper of Anjali is leading her on a path of self destruction. She follows him enchanted, drugged on love and anesthetized towards his Dhoka. So far the family has championed her cause, her brother being her biggest champion. He has pampered haer, indulged her (a little too much perhaps). Will she continue to garner his sympathy or will Arnav realise she has been meeting her husband behind his back? He may succumb to her wishes but will this create a rift between the siblings? Will she become more isolated from her wellwishers? Shyam has already started pplanting the seeds of mistrust and hatred inside her heart. Will he turn her completely against her Chhotey? Is that part of his game, the reason why he wants to be in RM? He wants his revenge from Arnav and what better way than to take away the love of his sister from him?

When Khushi first started canvassing for Shyam, I looked on with dying hopes. Shashi ji had mentioned in one of the episodes how Khushi has a pure heart and she thinks the whole world is just as nice. She cannot comprehend an evil heart like SMJ. This was before coming to Delhi. Inthis last year she has learnt a lot about this world. Inspite of that she remains an innocent. Her naivity persists. With this inherently trusting and compassionate nature her heart is still susceptible to the tears of a man who just lost a child. Being just she wants him to get a chance to mourn the loss with his wife. Has the pied piper put his spell on Khushi? She has backed down from persuing his cause with Arnav today but will she continue to stand by and see Anjali pine for her husband or will she join gathering of the Pied piper's ffollowers?
On the other hand Arnav is worldly wise. He sees everything from the eyes of a cynic. He doesnt trust easily and once you lose his trust you cannot gain it back. He has also learnt a lot about love in this last year. However he remains a cynic at heart. He has no hopes of goodness from Shyam. Hethinks he can see through his black heart. Shyam's heart is so dark, however, that all of ASR's cynicism is not enough to guage the extent of his evil. The biggest drawback for Arnav is his Anger. Once rage fills his brain it shuts off the vital process of  thinking and reasoning. If he could control his rage and think, he would have figured out Shyam's plans. If any one can stop Shyam its Arnav. He just has to open his mind and control his rage. There is hope for him yet. Like Khushi said,"Hume poora yaqeen hai aap sab sambhaal lenge"
Hume bhi yaqeen hai aap pe ArnavjiEmbarrassed
Daadi ji. Hmmm...Why would she trust an outsider, albeit her damaad over her son? She gave some clues today. She knows his anger. She knows how it can freeze his thought process. She thinks it is partly responsible for his hatred for this man. It seems they had a major difference of opinion 14 years back. He sided with his mom while she sided with her son. They had a fall out and she doesnt trust his judgement where people are concerned. It was therefore very easy for Shyam to convince Dadi of his innocence laying the blame on misunderstandings. It will take a lot more than verbal assurances from ASR to convince Dadi of Shyam's true nature. The piep piper is gathering a following.
Naniji has not been a witness to the proceedings at the hospital. She is supportive of Arnav's decision but Dadiji has been trying to chip away at her belief that indeed this is the right thing for Anjali. When she sees Anjali so distraught will she become yet another victim of the Pied piper?
The rest of the folks except for NK have only second hand information and lack the complete story to make sound judgement. How difficult will it be to convince them of the vital importance of SMJ in Anjali's life? Will they follow the rest?
It is yet to be seen.
Meanwhile the past is inching closer towards Garima. She was able to save herself from facing it for one more day but how much longer. If buaji succeeds we should have some answers pretty soon.
Just loved
  • How Khushi reassured ASr and tried to build back his confidence and self-esteem. He was grateful.
  • NK coming  to support ASR
  • Everybody's expressions were phenomenal. Not for one moment could we fault anybody including Anjaly and Mami.
  • SMJ portrayed perfectly his acting of an acting.
  • Respect for SMJ as an evil genius grows. He has been actually succeeding in his plans lately.
  • The beautiful Khushi and the drop dead gorgeous ASR together supporting each other.
I just have one complaint. It wasnt nice the way ASR shouted at his Dadi. I understand she is wrong, mean, nasty. She could be any number of things. That doesnt give anyone the right to shout at their elders. He could have said whatever he had to in a level tone. He could have gnashed his teeth and flared his nose all he wanted but to actually shout at an elder is just plain wrong. 
All in all an awesome episode. Loooved the drama. It seems like there is still more on the way. The cat is getting her cream. Thank you IPK team.
Waiting for my next dose of Love, drugs, lust and dhoka  with baited breath.



This is from ASR to Koosie bitiya



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An episode that left many viewers dissatisfied, especially with Khushi. However, a lot of progress was made today. Some revelations were made and the stage is being set for future twists.

     We have the manipulative Anjali back but with a different face this time. Anjali has been manipulative since the first episode. She has always used the love that her family, especially Arnav holds for her to get whatever she wants. Perhaps she was always like this. Or perhaps she has lost so much in life that now she doesn't want to lose out on anything that her heart desires. Until today, her emotional blackmail has always been subtle. She has done it with smiles and pouts. She has hidden it behind her innocent smiling face. Some of the audience might have even missed it. However, this has been the truth since the first episode. Today, finally for the first time she is manipulating and doing emotional blackmail openly when she plans to go on a hunger strike to get what she wants.
Anjali - Arnav
     How similar the two are yet both are so different. Arnav has done his share of blackmail as well. He has blackmailed mami into staying at RM by appealing to her need for materialistic things when she was leaving during Payash track. He blackmailed Khushi into marrying him to save his di's marriage. The only time he ever blackmailed for personal gain was when he blackmailed Khushi into reutning to RM. Usually his blackmail is for the sake of other family members and for their happiness and unity. On the other hand, Anjali's blackmail is usually for her to get whatever she wants.
Dadi - Arnav
     Finally ASR's brain is back with a bang! Welcome back, was missing you a lot brain jee. Unfortunately, you appeared a bit too late and Shaym has already inflicted some damage and is now eagerly awaiting his entry into RM. I wonder why daadi believed Shaym without any proof but will only believe Arnav after he shows her proof. It has been shown that Daadi thinks Arnav misunderstood his father probably because of a woman and senior Malik was innocent. Perhaps she thinks Khushi manipulated Arnav just like the other woman had manipulated senior Malik. She also doesn't think very high of Arnav's sense of judging other people. As she once said to Arnav "aap ghalat aadmi ko doshi thehra rahein hain jaisay aap nay choda saal pehlay apnay baap ko ghalat doshi thraya tha". Why she doesn't trust Arnav's decisions and judgements remains to be seen but I guess the answer is located somewhere in the past as well. Perhaps she thinks, Arnav made a mistake in judgement and is blaming the wrong party like he always does. When Arnav said "Daadi wo hi dekhti hain joh woh dekhna chahti hain", he was absolutely right. Daadi doesn't think he is capable of making the right decisions hence she does not believe it when he tells her the truth.
Naani - Maami
     These two were absolutely disgusted when Daadi was talking about bringing Shaym back. Will they stand up to Shaym and daadi when the time comes or will they back down because of Anjali's condition remains to be seen. Naani has a lot of spunk as seen from the Lavanya track. I do not expect her to sit around quietly when Shaym is back in the house. Mami loves Anjali like a daughter and is scared of daadi. However, despite knowing how much it will hurt Anjali she still told her the truth and even questioned Shaym when Anjali did not want to. So, hopefully we will see some action from mami's side as well.
Shaym - Anjali
     Shaym's plan is progressing along quite nicely. From Anjali's side, it is not love. She is obsessed with Shaym. In other relationships, she is usually the taker but in this relationship, she is the giver. Shaym came first for her, not her baby. If she was not obsessed with him, she would have sat down somewhere after getting hurt. Her obsession led to negligence towards the safety of her baby resulting in miscarriage. I have a feeling she will not accept Shaym's truth until he admits it himself. Good to see Anjali finally admitting she wants Shaym back to Arnav. One may ask, why does she need Chotte's permision to be with her husband. Why doesn't she just leave Arnav and go with Shaym. I don't think Anjali can ever choose between Shaym and Arnav. She can't let go of Shaym because then she will be a failure just like her parents were. She can't let go of Arnav either because he is her emotional crutch.
     Unlike most of the forum, I did not think her character was butchered today. She didn't support the idea of Shaym coming back to RM permanently nor did she buy into the fact that Shaym loves Anjali now. Her support for letting him visit Anjali once came only from the loss of his child. Khushi knows Anjali is hurting beyond words. She bought into Shaym's tears over the baby's death so thought it was a good idea for the parents of the baby to meet once in order to share their sorrow and to get some closure. Her heart melted because of the dead baby only. That is Khushi for you, the one who does everything from heart. If she had told Shaym to take a hike straightaway, that would have been a very Arnavish reaction.
Khushi - Arnav
     Their last scene is a perfect reminder of how one is the heart and one is the brain in the relationship. They disagreed this time as well as they have done in the past. However, no insults were thrown around this time. Arnav didn't call Khushi "brainless" and Khushi didn't call Arnav "heartless". They respected eachother's opinions. How far these two have come!
CVs: Where did all the glass shards and blood stains on the floor go? How come Anjali's feet aren't bandaged? How come no one at RM has realized that Anjali's feet have been injured? Why didn't the doc or Anjali mention this to anyone?
P.S: If anyone replies to this post of mine, please PM me the page number as it is hard for me to go through the entire thread...Thanks..

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sharmibalan IF-Rockerz

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Why Iago? We have so many villains but why choose Iago? Then I found the reasons evident, when I compared Iago with Shyam. Yes they are both master manipulators and plotters. Both doesn't leave anyone in their path without manipulating or plotting them for their vengeance. Superb Title Sathya...Clap


Today we witnessed the extent Dadi was manipulated by Shyam. She stood against Arnav and the whole Raizada family and supported Shyam. Such was his manipulation. Today Dadi proclaimed that all she could see was the love Shyam had for Anjali in his eyes. She refused to believe Nani and Arnav...stopped NK from continuing further. She requested for Proof against Shyam. Life is such. Everything in life needs proof or trust. She was manipulated by Shyam to trust him and his love for Anjali... more than her trust for Arnav. He cleverly plotted and made sure he never uttered one wrong word about Arnav. This played to his strength today. He clearly credited all the blame on Khushi. Hence her anger towards Khuhsi who she feels is the root cause for all the problems in her grandchildren's life. Here we cannot blame Dadi for falling a prey to Shyam's plot...But have to praise Shayam for the skill he posses to manipulate he knows people blinded by love and guilt can easily fall a prey. Here he played with her love for her Grandchildren and the guilt she must have had in abandoning them 14 years back.


Fear is the enemy of logic-FRANK SINATRA

Anjali's greatest dilemma in life is her fear of losing her loved ones. She lost her parents to suicide. She was abandoned by Dadi. Shyam was thrown out of her life without a reason. She lost her baby. Today shyam played with that fear. He cleverly instigated her to use her strength to acquire him back. Her strength being her adamant nature. Her strength being her brother's weakness to fulfill her every request/wishes. He manipulated her...using her weakness for fear. Anjali said exactly what Shyam wanted her to tell her brother, without her realising that she is being used. Like a fish that cannot breath without water Anjali cannot live without people around her especially without Shyam. Such was his plot.

Shyam enjoys ruining Arnav & Anjali's life. But why? The reason for ruining someone's life. The clear motive...So far Shyam hasn't got a clear cut reason for his vengeance. His reason varies from acquiring Arnav's wealth to Khushi same as Iago who gave too many reasons for destroying Othello's life. But are these reason's enough to destroy someone's life... we even need a reason to destroy one's life...Or Are we still to see the actual reason behind Shyam's vengeance. ...???


Today Dadi & Anjali stood in the same place where Arnav, Khuhsi, Nani, NK, Aakash, Payal, Mami, Buaji, Garimaji and to some extent Shasiji stood months back...all it would take is just one small mistake by Shyam... for Dadi & Anjali to realise that they have been manipulated & plotted all this time. That day they will realise their mistake of trusting Shyam over family. That day would see the end of Shyam Manohar Jha. But if he is Iago then he will bounce back to give a much bigger blow than expected.

Some suggestions:
Payal plays an important role as Khuhsi's sister and the DIL of the house. Her absence in such important scenes should be justified with a dialogue rather than ignored.
Mama is missing all the action. Please bring him back or choose someone else to play his character or give a valid reason for his absence.
Thank you IPKKND team for giving us another fabulous episode and a superb acting by all the actors.ClapClapClap
Thank you for taking time to read my post.

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Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.
I saw this tonite I am somehow liking the pace & progress invaribly laced with numerous loopholes which are ever present in the story yet this track is much better than the kidnapping track we saw, what I fail to understand is that are women always so naive as projected on TV, yes to a certain extent I agree that the major social setup depends on a woman and her prefrences and sacrifices in smaller setup of family and than the larger canvas od society but if a women can be strong, smart intelligent, narturer and cant she be independent in her thinking or is it that in the desire to hv the right and good in world she is taken for a ride,
I saw three women at three diff juntures of life a mother, a grandmother & a wife all of them who hv somehow borne the burnt of Shyam's deciet  and are still reeling under the poison bought by him in their lives yet all of them are reay to gv him a chance
A Grandmother for whom, the tragedy which couldnt be stopped by her led her t gv worldly journey and repentance in a ashram as a penance and who hasnt been in communication with her near and dear one says I hv seen him begging and crying for his wife, so does crying and begging justifies Shyam against her own Kin, who is blaming shyam to be a murderer
I saw a mother/wife Anjali, who on various occassion has been decieved by him, but each time ha been cleverly steered by him in a direction which justifies him, but is this woman who is educated from a upper strata of society, so naive & dumb that she cant pause and think that why it happens repeatedly, why cant she pause and ask herself why is my own kin blaming him, who for 3 years hasnt utthered a word against him, why she cant pause and think, that if he can lie for me and meet me arrange situations etc with me, cant he do it with others or create a world of amke belief around me,  she is mother who hours back has lost her child, a child who lived and was breathing in her instead of mourning that loss of motherhood, she is selfish to hv her husband partner, she has restored to emotional blackmail by gving food & water,,,Is love a emotion which destroys us, sorry I do not think, I am an average viewer with average IQ from one of the upcoming economic powers, raised in a middle class family with middleclass values yet I hv been taught that love can be our greatest strength and if you can think that someone is taking you for a ride in the name of love, think, analyse & research and then react but yes u hv been blessed with brain cells from god, kindly use them
& then I saw Khushi - A Gal/women who has been in closest contact  with shyam, and has seen the worst of him, as a persuer, as a lusting leech, as a philander, she has heard his numerous pleas wherein he claimed, he didnt love anjali to an extent that he was miscreating her image as dominating wife, a kidnapper and finally a murderer too when he left her on the highway, saying    " if he cant have her nobody can"  so is this women who has seen so many various shade of this trachery will be able to be gving him a chance agn, will she try to coax her would be husband to gv him a chance, she has faced of his colors, the sweet the sour & the bitter when he maligned her character in front of whole Raizada clan will he be ready to gv him a second chance, if so I am sorry to say I do not understand her, I cannot & will not identify a character like her, we all give second chances to out loved one, our relations and when they hv been at fault but a person who has repeatedly raped (I am sorry to use this word, but i feel this jusifies the gruesomeness) the emotions of other to suit his purpose.
so do u think  women when they represent UK as Margaret Thatcher & stand By Mr Barack Obama as Michelle Obama on the world podium, when they lead Pepsico as Indira Nooyi a commercial giant  are that naive that they will not be able to differentiate between the good and bad, why are we taken for a ride, we who contribute to a economy as significantly as the other half
Why will we not be able to take the Truth in totality as act as judge
A majority of you mite not agree to me but this what I felt, I am not against second chances, but with reason, a few tears and are we all sold
I loved the dadi arnav faceoff today, Finally a few right questions
I loved Nani & Nk standing by Arnav
I loved Khushi removing the baby crib
A Great Reason for religiously following IPK has been Khushi who doesnt not shy when she is at fault and fights when she is correct, so a more realistic aproach vis a vi a balanced drama Qoutient is all I seek when I tune in to IPK

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Apologies for the long post, turns out I had a lot to say about this episode.

Arnav was truly the star of this episode in how he handled Dadi, not only did he put the pieces together and realize she and Shyam had known each other from before but also called her out on not being here for all these years while he took care of his sister. The added bonus was the fact he talked about the kidnapping! It did happen and it has not been forgotten and for once his family heard from Arnav himself how Shyam tried to kill him. Dadi is a real piece of work, no concern for her grandson's kidnapping, no hesitation to bring up his mother's suicide suggesting Anjali would do the same and had the nerve to believe she knew better than Arnav despite her absence all these years. Is it any wonder why Nani looked at her with disgust and finally took a stand?? For me Nani backing up Arnav was what made this scene perfect! Nani really took a stand and made it clear this was no MU it was the truth plain and simple! Thank you CVs for a powerful, well written scene that was the voice of the viewers. It is now clear the family stands by Arnav's views of Shyam

Khushi, now here is a character in which I tried to watch with two points of views so here it goes. My first POV is in defense of Khushi, here's a girl who has always believed in seeing the good in people and right now all that mattered to her was Anjali's recovery. It is not that far fetched that she would think Shyam would be devastated over the loss of his child, many of us as viewers did not expect him to kill his child despite knowing his history. It was a shock to all of us.

My second POV is against Khushi who should know better by now than to believe a man like Shyam could ever change. What happened to the Khushi we saw during the kidnapping track? Back then her dil too ruled her emotions but it was also a driving force behind the shaatir dimaag that did not allow harm to come to her husband. It was just moments ago where Arnav spoke about how Shyam tried to kill him, it was just seconds ago where she had to stop Arnav from breaking the glass in his hands so how can she speak about injustice to someone when she was doing the biggest injustice of all to her husband by even considering to bring Shyam back even for one visit?? I want back the shaatir dimaag Khushi!

Anjali, complete disappointment I do not have an ounce of sympathy left for this girl. This was the CVs chance to redeem her instead what we got was even further damage to a character that is already hated by many. Its sad what things have come to in which I can now say she is the perfect match for Shyam, its sickening the way she intends to manipulate her brother to get her way. Anjali is selfish and I look forward to the day she regrets this but at what cost?? I really do not want to see another incident where ASR is harmed but it may be the only thing that opens her eyes

Blooper - One minute Arnav, Khushi and Dadi are outside Anjali's room and the next all are downstairs with the rest of the Raizadas!

Rant - How in the world did the family expect Anjali to be up and walking after being shocked, falling and miscarrying??? Obviously she will be weak, she will be in mourning given the fact its been less than a day since she learned her child died!!

Overall an episode that had its good points like the confrontation scene, Arnav and Khushi's bond continuing to strengthen but then it had its bad by further ruining Anjali's character and to a degree Khushi as well. I've given up hope with Anjali but there is still hope for Khushi whom I hope does not pressure Arnav in the next episode, she showed faith in him and did not push when he said a man like Shyam could not change so she needs to stand by that faith and support him.

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