Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Taming of the Sherni FF/SS... Page55 NOTE (Page 51)

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Posted: 02 January 2013 at 5:42am | IP Logged
You know how long it took for me to add this thing???????
But I finally found out how to put here! Phew! Though I forgot two minutes later. But heey!
So srry, I already had written this part, but
  • My Microsoft  found it funny not opening, I had to do alot to get my work back
  • A grandmom died just a few days ago
  • My sister has her birthday tomorrow!
  • I gained weight...
  • I had to tell a guy of my class how I am going to marry Bruno Mars -still going-
  • I have a lot of work
  • I don't have a social life anymore
  • I feel depressed -I listened to 'Sau baar janam lenge' for two weeks straight
  • I have to take the most important decision of my life
  • I am in love with squirrels
  • I am lost in my love for Bruno *kisses his photo and typs again*
  • I need a lot of sleep -She says at 23.31-
  • I had to rewatch Aladdin
  • You ever noticed how beautiful Bruno's smile is?

To the comments; I LOVE YOU SQUIRRELIES!

Originally posted by forever_young

Res! :D

Okejj! XD
Originally posted by Enchantress

I went thru this rite now!!! The entire fic is awsome and i love the concept!!! Nice.. I have send u a request , do expt it and pm me wen u update next!!!

Continue soon!!!
That you Dee! That's so shweet of you! I accepted you.
I will PM you!
Originally posted by Syed695

Amazing Update..! Lovely description on Maamvi's POV..she is not bad..but circumstance has put her in such phase...she has bottled up her self...cant wait for the next update..!
THNX! AHw *blushes* Exactly! Ahw, srry for making you wait for so long
Originally posted by arhifandebi

Hello dear...Missed you a lot...Loved this part...Clap... I feel Manvi is a soft girl at heart but because of losing her mother at a very early age she behaves the way she does... I had missed your FF...You write so very well... Please do continue soon...I'll really be waiting eagerly...Smile.
Ahw, how shweet! Missed you too! Thnx! Mission;Succeeded. Thank you. Means a lot! Srry, wasn't as soon as I hoped it would.
Originally posted by Kiekeboe



I really like how you made Maanvi's pov known, nice update.
Do continue, you are doing a great job Thumbs Up

Thank You! Very much!
Originally posted by ..Ankita..

Originally posted by aaliya172

it was simply awesome.
thanks for replying to the comments.
continue soon.
eagerly waiting for the next part.

Thnk you! Welcome! I have to! I love the comments so much!
Srry for makin you wait so long
Originally posted by ArHiLover-x

WOw amazing update!
totally awesome, do continue soon and thanks for the PM :)
Thank You!
Srry, the soon updating didn't really happen...
Welcome! Thnx for reading!
Originally posted by ZAHARA.

AW Maanvi! I quite like Bruno's quote at the end! :D
OH OH OH FullMoonProductions? ROFLROFL Reminded me of Twilight!
OMG! I read this after I wrote another chapter, you and I think so alike!
I was qriting something, when something I wrote reminded me to Twilight...
I wrote about Twilight and Sesamestreet in that chapter - I am so random-
AHw! Yes, the quote was actually for this update
Originally posted by Enchantress

Umm!!! she's angry!!! Offcourse , there's a reason behind it.. Isn't it!!! The character's are way to different in this story!!! Jeevika , Viren and the entire story is just opposite, like Jeevika's and Maanvi's relation, Viren and Virat's relation.. Way too different!!! that is y , this story has a new touch and m really keen to know how the story unfolds!!! Well, wen are they meeting "Virman" I mean!!! when is it going to come!!! I m eagerly waiting for there meeting and the next update's.. and reading so far i could see it will be damn exiting to see the story unfolding!!!

Continue soon!!!
And thanx for the PM...Smile

Yeah, she is! Even I am waiting for this story to unfold... Well, it may take some time -yes more...- Srry for keeping you wait for so long. I really am. I know you probably have to read the whole thing again to remember what it was about. Welcome! P.s. Just realized you commented twice! Thank You!
Originally posted by Krazzy4u786

Awesome update again!!
Loved manvi's POV!!!
Can't wait 4 virman to meet!!!
Continue soon, waiting 4 the next update!!
Thanks 4 the pm!!
Thank you! Ahw! Glad you loved it. Neither can I.
Srry, haven't been able to do so.
Originally posted by deepika03

such a short update yar...n it seemed to be a bit disconnected with da story...dnt knw y bt it made me wnder if im reading an os? lolz...
I know. I just don't know how people do it! How can they write such long updates, I really don't know... Really? UHw! That is wrong... I will try not doing that again...
Originally posted by girl_rocks

ohk this was good update...manvi's feeling was well described nd yeah her behaviour towards her father well ummm its understandable
Thank you Squirrely~!
Originally posted by luv_virman

RES ( I will unres after having read all the parts since the beginning, I didn't red this FF before, tfs for the PM Big smile)
No probs! Thnx for reading!
Originally posted by Let-It-Go

The lenght is a shocker !!

Rofl! Shocked in a good way or bad way?
Originally posted by bhavnah

amazing update Thumbs Up
fnx 4 d pm :)
ThankYouji and welcome!
Originally posted by ITrustMyHeart

You amazed me with the length..I had to check if it's your storyLOL

It was a very descriptive chapter about Manvi especially, how she looks at life, what people mean to her, what's her behavior ..everything!
Loved the part where she tries to hide her face with her hair but then stumbles over LOL.
This isn't fair! You should make VirMan meet each other soon...how long am I supposed to wait?

Hope the next chap would fulfill what I've asked for! Be a Santa Smile
BTW Merry Christmas hun!
Hope you had fun!

Really? It is that bad? *looks to other updates...* Yeah, yeah it is that bad... Rofl! You did? LOL
Awesome; Mission accomplished!
Uhm, like I make you wait everytime... I know yaar! I am so incredibly mean, I can't believe myself. I would have murdered me if I were you, but you don't because you are sweet! *fairysmile*
AHw! I feel bad now... I am so not Santa, I even missed Christmas with my update...
I am so srry!
Uhm, can I say it back to you?
You know what? I am the first person that wished you a Merry Christmas in 2013! Am I not wonderful *looks away*
-I actually did have fun, I know you had to.
Originally posted by Priyamvada

omg... awesome part!Thumbs Up

btw... u call dat a long chapter?! lol... no offense, its a bit short but dat's k.. i enjoy ur updates.. i luv ur ff, will be waiting for ur next update...Day Dreaming

thanks for da pm...Hug
Uhm, no, I call it a longer update...
I know, it is way too short!
AHw, that shweet of ya!
Thanx, and srry for making you wait for so long...
Originally posted by Enchantress


Wish u a very Happy New Year!!! Dancing
Have fun!! Party

And do give our new year installment soon!!! LOL
Waiting!!! Day Dreaming

Dee! Squirelly, you are being way too shweet!
Ahw, I am loving you!
You are so damn swheet! Your third comment!
Once again srry...
Originally posted by Let-It-Go

Hah ! Finally read it... tell u college is blessing in disguise sometimes...
The Update was Fab !
I was not expecting Manvi at all in this update but u surprised me and I loved it.
It was so real and practical... I could imagine lil Manvi with her mom soaked , that was beautiful.
Awww.. I seriously felt bad for her ...she was surely in worst scenario right now with nothing helping her at ol.
But the fact goes...I felt bad for mr. chaudhary tooo .. ! I have no stand to take right now.
The whole hiding and avoiding thing was perfectly penned down.. It was Classic !
My hands are freezing now. and I.hate winters...
Update next sooonnn and Happy New Year hun... Hope u had a blast !!!!
Thank YOU! AHw! Once again;Thnx!
I love 'beautiful' thanks for using it for me!
Even I hate winters, guess what? It is snowing again next week,
I thought it was over... I am gonna cry.
Ahw, I am saying it 2 months too late, but WHAT THE HELL?!
Originally posted by Let-It-Go

If you would have updated right after my comment, then I would have done long ago ;-) ;-)
Waitiiinnnggg ... !!
Rofl! You completed the three pages!
Originally posted by Enchantress

Waiting!!! Day Dreaming
OMG! I love you! Fourth comment!
Originally posted by JESMY

Thank YOU!
Originally posted by mika17

loving ur work ur doing a great job
Thank You! Apreciate you!

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BrunoMars IF-Dazzler

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VIII.                           Chapter seven
He could give it a shot. How hard could it be? He just needed to observe her. It wasn't like he was actually going to marry the girl. Besides, Viren's said he didn't need to marry her. He just had to make sure she married someone, someone perfect for her though. Someone of which everyone was sure, she would live happily with. They weren't aiming on ruining the girl's life.
Virat told Viren he needed some time and it felt like he could breathe again when Viren told that he understood and friendly patted his back while walking away. But why was he here? If he wasn't going to do all this anyway? He tried to figure out himself. It was like he stood in traffic and suddenly saw another way to the left, but wasn't sure whether he would reach his destination with that road and whether he wanted to reach his destination using that road. But he was almost out of patrol... He stood still at that place without his engine stopping. He didn't know whether the way he has now is going to bring him to his destination either. But he couldn't drive further from here before thinking about it. He felt disgusted, is he really thinking about it? Where is a way to the right when you need it? This was wrong. It's against everything he stands for. What if he ruined the girl's life? What if ? What if? He can't ruin her life cause she is the daughter of The Owner of Full Moon Studios' can he? Heck! He couldn't, he wouldn't ruin any girl's life. The more he thought about it, the more his confusion increased. What is he doing? Focus!
He ran his hand through his hair. As if all the thoughts could disappear, -Amnesia Completa- they didn't. It is frustrating, trying not to think about something, but not being able to stop the thoughts running in his head, trying to win a race, but the finish line still unknown. He decreased the volume of his radio, it wasn't really helping. The DJ was obviously in the mood for old songs, as he just played Kya Dekhte Ho of the film Qurban, 1980. And as usual Virat new all the details of the songs. His friends always looked at him oddly when he came up some details about some old unknown song...  'What?', would he say and shrug it off saying it was just something he heard somewhere. He never said he didn't like old. He actually loved old songs. AHw, he knew the next song too! Film; Prince Year; 1969 Song; Nazar mein bijli. Wikipedia much...? The brilliant scene of Shammi Kapoor following Vyjayanthimala that happened during the song played in his head like a beautiful memory. Mohammed Rafi indeed was a genius... And yet again he forgot to focus!
He opened the darkened window of his black Range Rover, that looked to be dark purple in the sunlight. He needed some air, his weird thoughts conformed that, possibly the lack of oxygen made him go insane -he hoped it was the lack of air-. He pushed the button to have a better view of the happenings outside.
Since he parked his car opposite the Choudry Mansion, obviously that's the first thing he saw. That mansion is huge. He couldn't blame the people he asked the address to the mansion when their eyes got a twinkle of excitement. It was beautiful. The white mansion wasn't ordinary. The red coloured inviting gate was being guarded by two guards. One small old man with a funny mustache, in a guichet, he probably made sure the gate was closed for people that weren't allowed to get in -or out, maybe?-  and the other was big and looked strong, he had a stern look on his face. He had his arms crossed on his chest. Virat didn't pay a lot of attention to him. 

The path you had to follow after you went through the gate consisted of white shells that were crushed by the people walking or cars driving on it. It still made a crisping sound when you walked on it though, it probably still had some shells not totally crushed. The garden was the most special thing. He couldn't see it all, but what he could see was beautiful. All kind of flowers were there, totally different from his Dadaji's garden. The French garden with symmetry and all kind of mathematics used for it. Virat used to get lost in the garden when he was young.This garden had little trees with red flowers in them and the gated was decorated by red roses, it reflected warmth and care. Jeevika. Then the mansion, that stands out of all. It has two floors, the ground floor and the 1st floor. He never went inside, but the living room probably was on the ground floor -as most are-. The bedrooms, bathrooms and study were upstairs on the 1st floor. He could see some rooms from here. Then the roof that also functioned as a terrace, it had a roof that covered half of the roof.
He stopped admiring the house when someone disturbed his thoughts by screaming frustrated. The most important part of the conversation was already said inside and the girl that was the source of the noise walked towards the now opening gates. She walked fast and her hair flew in the air, up and down, like river flooding. She was trying to handle her small empty bag -she definitely wasn't one of those girls that takes everything you need on a deserted island in a huge handbag of some big wellknown brand-, and cope with the books in her arms -obviously too heavy-. The shells crushed under her feet rapidity. His eyes went to her clothes as he couldn't see her face, her hair was blocking his view of her face. Another thing she had to cope with.
She wore a light blue skinny jeans with a plain white slim fit T-shirt over her T-shirt she had a red with black blouse, the ones stereotype lumberjacks wear, half unbuttoned. With simple red converse under that. She had finally worked everything out and had everything in order. The next thing was her hair. The books were in her grey backpack and she got a hairclip that was established to her jeans to that thing your belt should be in. She looked down while holding all her hair and rolled her hair at the back of her head to make a knot. She successfully placed the hairclip in place and looked up.
He kept staring at those bright honey eyes that expressed the rage she was in. As if he got electrocuted by these eyes nazar mein bijli and if her eyes hadn't hypnotized him enough her attitude was making it extra hard for him to concentrate for what he was here for aada mein sholay. Behind her an mid 50s man came after her running, well, walking fast' trying to do so' 'Wait!' Virat heard him scream, but he didn't look away from the pretty girl. Janaab-e-aali mein sadake javaan. He saw her expression change, as if she wanted to stop. When he tried to make sure he saw that, it was gone. As if she tried to fight with something and in a flash the war ended, as soon as it started. But there was new determination on her face. She wasn't going to stop or turn around for that man' Zaraa palat ke idhar to dekho. Uff! He place his arm on the dashboard and let his head rest on it. He sighed. Ohw Gussevali main sadake javaan.
The old guard gave a warm knowing smile while standing and saluting the girl. For a second the anger vanished and was replaced by a faked stern look to the old man, to which the guard answered with a apologizing look in his eyes. She pressed her lips and forced a smile as if forgiving him. Then she walked through the gate and walked past the big guard who saluted her. Though this time she just ignored the man with a poker face and walked past him.
Virat watched all this with a smirk and quirked his eyebrow at her ignoring the big guard. Kabhi toh hamko salaam karlo kabhi toh puchho ke haal kya hai. Virat watched her walk away from there. He still looked at the corner, where she just disappeared, as if she would come back. Kya yehi pyaar hai? Haan yehi pyaar hai. He shot back up. What?! Kya yehi pyaar hai? Haan yehi pyaar hai. Rocky, 1981, Sanjay Dutt featured sung by Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar, he couldn't help it. Virat smiled at his foolishness shaking his head. He needed to know more about this girl. It is weird, and it isn't some strange rope thrown by that girl pulling him. -He shouldn't have watched that cowboy film'- Curiosity?-
'Why did you open the gate?!' the mid-50s man asked the old guard irritated. 'I am sorry sir. I didn't know you wanted to speak to Maanvi.' He guard answered innocently. Virat's eyes widened. Maanvi?! The rest of the conversation was a blur for him. Something about forgetting saying madam? He got his cellphone and searched in his contacts. He stopped when Viren flashed on the screen. He brought the phone to his ear and waited till the peeping stopped and got replaced by the voice of Viren. One beep, two beeps, damn it! Three. 'Hello? Jee' 'I 'm in, what do I need to do?'
'All these roads steer me wrong but i still drive them all night long' -Bruno Mars

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If you would have updated right after my comment, then I would have done long ago ;-) ;-)
Waitiiinnnggg ... !!

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Waiting!!! Day Dreaming

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loving ur work ur doing a great job

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wow tht was amazing 

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great update, great job! 

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