Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Taming of the Sherni FF/SS... Page55 NOTE (Page 47)

BrunoMars IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 December 2012 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
It is longer and updated faster! Can i have an applause? Thank You! *bows* Mwhuaah Mwhuaah! *handkisses* You can actually scroll with this one! Okejj. How was 'Doomsday'? Ironic, listening to I will survive, well it defintely helped cause I have survived, that means I can write the end of this before I die! Nonono! Won't end that soon! VirMan haven't even met yet and it is already at chapters 7! I am so damn slow... *sighs*
Will comment on the replies! Yeey! Love the replies, you guys are so swheet!
Originally posted by rush007

Nice and different kind of story , waiting to see virman meeting officially . Plz update soon.
Thank You! Rofl! You have got to wait for that, at least 4 updates... I am srry, it will be 2014 till that time... I will try update more regular...
Originally posted by deepika03

hey menika wen r u gng to update? its been more than a month nw
I know and I am srry! *holds ears* But you got 2 updates in one month! *smiles uneasy*
Originally posted by S.Khan

No because i have connections the USA, hahaha thought soo lool, yeah it kinda is isnt it, no i got it wrong they were Mating in my garden ewww yuck, neither do i but unfortunately have to, yeah i know roght theyre so adorable, ps sorry for the late reply and happy belated diwali
Inayah! Long time yaar! Ahw,,, Rofl. They are! P.s Ahw you too! Got my PM? For diwali?
Originally posted by Let-It-Go

Awww...That was so sweet ! For a moment I was just aww-ing at the post and then I scrolled down to see the update , Menika , the lenght surely gave me an attack but since you are occupied, well badly occupied , you are excused. First of all , I am so thrilled to read it and I Loved it ! Truelt .
Every line had me cracking and by end I was having stomach ache .. Poor Viren ! He is so cutee yaar .. and equally poor Jeevika . ''Phone break ! ROFL ..How do you manage such awesome punches ? I loved it. Truely worth waiting for .
I am waiting for phone convo now. VV surely makes me curious.
Better update Fast otherwise you are surely gonna get bugged by me ;)
Great Job Menika ! . I thoroughly Enjoyed it !
Rofl! After reading you comment I went to my 'update' and scrolled down. Gosh! It looks pathetic... Well... I am can't talk it away. *sigh* I am so srry for the attack. But heey! I attacked myself too! -It doesn't sound that well, in my head it sounded quite good...- Thank you! For excusing me and understanding! Really? Awesome. Something went good. Rofl. First I attacked you and then a stomach ache?! I just want to make this clear. You are reading this at your own risk and you can't sue me for this. -Please don't sue me?- -didn't even know it was that funny until you pointed out, yeah my friends find me funny without me trying to be, so it reflects in the story, maybe- LoL. Ahw! You think so? A month? I think you are the only thinking that way. But thank you so much! Love you for that! Really? Ohw WOW! Now I got one more thing to add to my list. Please telling me, I will try to add such stuff. I updated! Thanx!
Originally posted by forever_young

Nikz! Eee An update after soo long!!! How I have missed your writting!! xD

Well, the update was short LOL
But good! loved it!! There was enough detail in there to understand what was happening!
I really can't wait to read more!! U better update soon! Wink
Awh! We understand Nikz, Schhol is already bad enough, teachers is worse and on top of that so much work! -.- Don't worry hun! xx

Awwh thankss babes! LOL the way i was looking for my name in the light blue and then 5 years later found it gold colour! Tongue

Yeah, yeah ir was. Thanx! AHw, phew. It always happens that I see what is happening, but I can't write it well, or I forget to write it down properly cause I exactly know what happens, so Phew! Thanx for understanding. Got so many understanding friends, wish my friends at school were like you guys! Rofl! Why am I not surprised?
Originally posted by ITrustMyHeart

You updated? Really well I was waiting from a long time..and reading something from you is worth after a really long tiring day. It was short actually but I could make out what it is all about.

I've been saying this that you're story has a different angle from the start, different from the lot I've read. Since you're so much drowned with your school work I can understand how it is like, I'm going through the same phase but I often get leaves as my teachers these days are much interested in touring. And that is a relief to me, but before going they put up with piles of work on your head Dead.

Anyways I won't bore you with my dukhbaari school life, but I'm surely going to look forward for a faster update with a good length, no pressures btw! Big smile

Yesh! I know *looks away ashamed* AHW! That means a lot to me! Really? Thank you! And again; Really? *pats herself on her shoulder* That is awesome! As I said earlier. I am bad at telling precisely what happens as I see it clearly in my head and fail to write down the details often. And again; Thank you! Thank you for understanding. Indeed, but got 2 weeks off! You don't know how good I feel! Sleeping never felt so good! *writes while wearing a pyama* Ahw Lucky you! Yeah, sounds familiar. Nothing dukhbari, you can share anytime! Rofl! Here you are, longer, and within a month!!!! Rofl, yeah yeah, no pressure right!
Originally posted by shabana20

Poor Jeevika!!...
Looking foward to the following updates!!..
Thanks for the pm..
AHw! Someone thinks about Jeevika!
Thank You!
Originally posted by shona9

gud 1 ...
Originally posted by aaliya172

Hi thanks a lot for the update.
Update d next part asap.
Sorry.the like button is not working.
Hello! Thank You for reading!
Rofl! Yeah, done!
Don't wrry. Thank you for liking anyway!
Originally posted by Syed695

Hey nice update..! Like viren's worry as he had no plan ready with him...thnks fr the pm:)

Hello! Thanx! AHw, and someone minds Viren's worry! Welcome!
Originally posted by Krazzy4u786

Loved it!!
Awesome update!!
Can't wait 4 ur next update!!!
Thanks 4 the pm!!
Thank You! Thank You! Here you are! Welcome!
Originally posted by ZAHARA.

OH MY GOD. Menika! I had to just read the whole story again to refresh my memory! It's so good! Love the original and liking this! Keep up! <3
Rofl! I can understand... Thank You! For eading it allover again. Thnx! AHw, means a lot to me, and I will read you updates this week!
Originally posted by cutyvirman

awsome dear
keep it up
Thank You!
Originally posted by bhavnah

gr8 update :)
Thank You
Originally posted by ArHiLover-x

Very nice update, it was short but sweet.
do continue soon and thanks for the PM :)

I know and thanx! Updated! Welcome!
Originally posted by deepika03

nice update...bt i want virman story asap plz plz plz Smile
I know. But you will need to wait atleast 4 updates... I know it is going terribly slow.
Will try to write faster...
Originally posted by Priyamvada

omg... i missed u nd ur updates so much <3


awesome part dear! but alwayz so short.. kyoun? i understand u r busy wid school.. update soon yar...

p.s. i was busy wid my college.. sorry for da late commenting
Ahw! Thank You!
WoW you too! Gosh! That is incredibly shweet of you! AHw! Sho cute!
I tried to write longer, this time you can actually scroll!
Done! Soon enough>?
p.s. No yaar! We are even. I updated late, you commented late
Originally posted by deepika1692

I went thru this rite now!!! The entire fic is awsome and i love the concept!!! Nice.. I have send u a request , do expt it and pm me wen u update next!!!

Continue soon!!!
OhW. Thank you! Thnx. I have accepted! Pms have not been sent out yet...

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BrunoMars IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 December 2012 at 12:10pm | IP Logged

VII.                    Chapter seven

She sighed, sometimes, life was good. Funny how she always ends up thinking that when she lays in the green grass of the Chaudhry garden. This is her favorite place, well, after her balcony of course. She just sprinkled water on the plants and was exhausted 'sprinkling the  huge area filled with plants around the Chaudhry mansion wasn't just something-. Content with her work she decided to lay down. Her mother used to sit here hours long. Doing the same. Maanvi vaguely remembered that. She would try to help her mom with giving water to the plants, of course she wanted the hose, with which she failed miserably. Even with the small blue water can her mother gave her she ended up being soaked. She sighed. Those memories always gave her a nostalgic feeling. It felt nice, but somehow not. Because she knew after those sweet memories she would feel like something heavy was pressed against her chest and she had to swallow  to get rid of that feeling. The facts that time wasn't going back, and the chance that she will get a time machine tomorrow is small, were so hard to accept. Changes are part of life. Yes, she could understand that. It is just so hard to adjust to the new situation' and it had to change just when you adjusted. Is it a kind of rule for that to happen? Some weird logic she would never be able to understand. There were so much questions with no answers'


Stop it Maanvi! She told herself in her head while placing her palm over her eyes. She somehow saw red while her eyes were closed. The light of the sun made her see the inside of her eyelid. Weird. Just as weird like the voice in her head she heard but didn't know how it sounds. She had been thinking about that lately. The voice in her head she heard, it wasn't hers, it belonged to no one. She couldn't even tell how it sounds. Yet she heard it. Weird.


'Maanvi?!' There is Mr. Irritating' 'There you are!' Mr. Chaudhry head of FullMoonProductions said relieved while walking towards his youngest daughter. He stopped after just a few steps in the grass. Maanvi saw her father walking from the white door on the left side of the house, near to where she sat. He obviously was worried. When wasn't he? She rolled her eyes. Two daughters each the other extreme, the only thing that the girls shared was ignoring him. Yet he never stopped , never gave up. He loved them. 'Yes, Mr. Chaudhry, how can I help you?' Maanvi said in a cold robot voice that sounded like it was installed on a computer. She had her arms stretched like her legs and her hands behind on the grass letting her upper body rest on her hands, while sitting and staring at nothing, her back still facing her father. He scratched his head, he really messed up this time. He hadn't expect Jeevika to tell Maanvi so soon about all this. He had counted on some more time to tell Maanvi about this. 'Maanvi beta, I-I' 'Please Mr. Chaudhry. You have done enough.' She said rage obvious in her voice. Mr. Chaudhry wished he heard the cold voice again. She was so mad at him that she couldn't even control her anger towards him. 'But'', he didn't know what to say, but he had to say something. Maanvi turned around to pick up her bag and the books that she had planned to read. For a moment she saw his eyes, hurt. Her vision blurred, she winked the wet nothings away and bent to pick up her bag, using her hair to cover up the her expression.  She hurriedly walked towards the gate, which wasn't easy with all those books  in her hands. 'Wait!' Her dad sure knew how to make it harder to walk away' Should I stop? For a moment she felt her feet slow down. No! Maanvi you can't. Walk!


Of course, her hair was perfect to cover what she was feeling at times, but there were times where she was searching for a pair of scissors. She almost fell over her own feet because of her hair. Where is that damn hair thing?! Finally! She took her hairpin to put her hair to the back of her head, still walking in full speed.


She smiled when she saw Mr. Singh. The sweet old man was always kind and happy. She couldn't help but adore the short man for his enthusiast talks he repeated over and over again. He is a great friend. You know you are nuts when you are friends with the old guard' But then there he did it again. He saluted! Ugggh! Some people will never understand' With a fake angry expression she pointed out his mistake. He looked at her helplessly, slightly shaking his head. Of course, he had no choice, with Mr. You-Have-To-Salute-Her behind her walking in his 'full speed', Mr. Singh had no other option. She pressed her lips. Somehow answering the look on Singh's face. A very light nod, that is what she gave him. He understood. She walked through the gate and went left to directly be surprised be the buff guard. She never liked that guy. If her hair was open she would have flipped it the other side just when she stood in front of him. Since she couldn't do that now, she decided to totally ignore him. Afterwards that was even better, she should ignore him more often' She walked around the corner, hoping she would be on time. She hoped Mr. Singh would not forget to say madam instead of Maanvi, her dad could go mad for that, when he explains why he kept the gate open. She shook her head Poor Mr. Singh'


'I learned people are watching' so don't do anything stupid!'-Bruno Mars


Chapter VIII, Page Fifty-one

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-Serene.Rose- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 7:13am | IP Logged
omg... i missed u nd ur updates so much <3


awesome part dear! but alwayz so short.. kyoun? i understand u r busy wid school.. update soon yar...

p.s. i was busy wid my college.. sorry for da late commenting

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Enchantress IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
I went thru this rite now!!! The entire fic is awsome and i love the concept!!! Nice.. I have send u a request , do expt it and pm me wen u update next!!!

Continue soon!!!

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Syed695 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 2:43am | IP Logged
Amazing Update..! Lovely description on Maamvi's POV..she is not bad..but circumstance has put her in such phase...she has bottled up her self...cant wait for the next update..!

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arhifandebi Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 6:31am | IP Logged
Hello dear...Missed you a lot...Loved this part...Clap... I feel Manvi is a soft girl at heart but because of losing her mother at a very early age she behaves the way she does... I had missed your FF...You write so very well... Please do continue soon...I'll really be waiting eagerly...Smile.

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Kiekeboe Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 8:59am | IP Logged


I really like how you made Maanvi's pov known, nice update. 
Do continue, you are doing a great job Thumbs Up

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aaliya172 Groupbie

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 9:18am | IP Logged
it was simply awesome.
thanks for replying to the comments.
continue soon.
eagerly waiting for the next part.

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