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Sajan FF: Love after Marriage (Ch 14 Updated) (Pg91) (New Update) (Page 87)

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Plz plz plz plz update.

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Ch 14  

Gunjan was sitting in her room trying to understand her relationship with Samrat. It has been one whole week since they had returned from the wedding, and it has been all okay till now. Nothing extraordinary happened that should be remembered. It was all normal. But one thing that keeps her stirring in her sleep as well is her loneliness. She was feeling dismal, again. Although Sm did keep her company and she enjoyed it too but she still something was amiss. She might be overthinking but these thoughts keep coming back to her and each time with a strong notion. The intensity increases every time.  Samrat. She thought for a moment then diverting her mind thought of something else. But nothing was actually in her mind. Why will she miss Samrat so much? Despite, him being there actually... well not really. Lately, he has been coming home late and going off to work at the early hours of the morning. He is having a bad schedule these days, which in turn affects her. She didn't know why. Instead, of enjoying her own company she gets distracted by it.  

"Gunjan beta." SM's voice brought her out her reverie. 

 "Busy tou nahi thi? Disturb kar diya?" She asked sweetly. 

 "Arey nahi Maa ayie na." She assured her with a small smile.  

"Tou chalo tayaar ho jao. Bahir chaltay hain shopping par. Tumhara mood bhi theek ho jayega." SM suggested.  

"Hmm. Main tayaar ho kar ati hoon." 

Gunjan said before leaving.  

Kuch tou hua hai jo Gunjan mujhse chupa rahi hai. I hope kuch serious na ho. Kahin Samrat ne tou kuch...? Bas mere bachaye hamesha khush rahein.  

She sent a silent prayer to her stars before getting the car ready for them to leave. SM and Gunjan toured various shopping malls and even bargained for random stuff. Gunjan finally smiled at her mother-in-law's antics and she knew those were for her. For her smile. How much she loves her. She has found a mother in her. 

 "Maa aap chalein main ati hoon." 

Suddenly Gunjan moved towards that something which attracted her. It was the same coloured bangles that... 


"Yeh lo. Pehan lena." 

Samrat told Gunjan. 

"Abhi?" Gunjan asked.

"Haan. Wo yeh maine aisey hi li thi aaj tumhaari saari dekhi tou socha de dou." 

"Yeh aap meray liye laye thay?" Gunjan asked, astonished

"Haan. Jaldi tayaar ho kar neeche a jana the function is about to start." 

"Meri itni fikar?" 

Gunjan closed her eyes immediately after saying that. She should not have said that. 

"Kyun nahi karni chahiye kya?" Samrat questioned her. 

"Apko jaldi khayal nahi a gaya?" She asked with mischief in her eyes.

"So tum yeh sach mein karna chahati ho?" 

"Main samjhi nahi."

"Samjhi nahi ya samjhna nahi chahati?"

"Apko kya lagta hai?"

"Do you really want to play this game?"

"Which game?" Gunjan remained naive. 

"Chashmish please, chashmay k saath saath ear plugs bhi lagaye huwe hain?"

"Kya..apne...yeh...and...CHASHMISH??""Sorry I didn't mean to ... waisey itna bura bhi nahi hai Chashmish." 

He let out a hearty laugh. Gunjan looked at him annoyed. 

"Nafrat hai mujhe is naam se..sirf nafrat." 

She picked up her bangles and harshly started putting them on.

"Ouch", she winced in pain. 

"Theek ho? Lo I'll help." 

Samrat held her hand and started to blow her bruise. He seemed worried as she looked at him. He captured her eyes and she drew herself deep in his. They kept looking at each other like that without caring about anything else. Their law of attraction exempted them from the was that strong. 

They were staring into each other's eyes penetrating deep when there came a knock on the door. Embarrassed they shied away and Gunjan ran outside without wasting a second. She heaved a sigh of relief leaning against the door while her cheeks reflected the colour of a rose. 

"Tou aj kal meri bahu kuch zayada hi mehak nahi rahi kyun?""
Ji maa aap wo..main..actually..."
"Kaha tha na k sab theek hota jayega. Waisey tum dono ne tou mujhe bolne ka moqa hi nahi dia. Waisey disturb tou nahi kiya na."
"Maa chaliye aap main bas ati hoon."
"Raat mein gossip karne ge okay beta? Ab chalo aur Samrat ko bhi bula lao."
"Haan tou aur kon?"

For the past seven minutes Gunjan has been standing there not knowing what to do. She was not in a condition to knock the door and call Samrat out. She tried but failed comfortably at it. She gulped hard with raising heartbeats she finally managed to knock. 

Samrat who was ready to come out was rather surprised by the knock. He came only to see the exquisite painting in front of him but smiled to himself knowing it was Gunjan. He knew that she was there. He could just feel her. It was different but he knew he could sense her and he felt awkwardly happy about this fact. 

 During the function both stole glances at each other. Immersed in her own thoughts she was passing through the hall when she bumped into someone hard and cried in pain. Annoyingly she moved ahead but to her shock a powerful force made her come with it. It happened so quickly that she had no time to react.  

"Itni sharma sharmi?"  

"Leave me." 

"Kyun? Dar lag raha hai?"

 "Aap...yeh kya..." 

Gunjan could not even complete her sentence because she felt breathless for a second but it was so potent that she felt it hard against her body. Samrat was moving towards her with intensity filled in his aura. He came so close to her that were barely a few inches away from each other. 

Their breaths almost mingling into each other. Gunjan was unable to bear this aroma so she closed her eyes tightly. While Samrat came way too close to her and then tilted slightly whispering into her ears.  

"Bohat januable lag rahi ho Chashmish."  

Gunjan opened her eyes and looked perplexed. What was the meaning of all of this? This surge of emotions gushing through her body meant something more something that she was unable to understand.

Something serene and pure. Out of her comprehension. Out of this world. She felt it and these emotions just intensify with time that's what kept her thinking. She was engrossed in her own thoughts when... 

"Gunjan...kya hua beta?""Ji Maa aap?""Haan beta jiske khayalon mein tum ho wo tou kab ka gaya.""Nahi tou Maa." 


Later at night Gunjan was staring at the starry sky aimlessly thinking about that day. About all the moments they shared in Morena. They didn't shop too much but still Gunjan's head was rolling she was feeling a slight headache only due her mind being stuck at the same moment. 

It seemed like her mind had captured that moment perfectly and it was still in Morena. No matter how hard she tried to move on she cannot. So she decided to ask him about it tonight as he comes home. Gunjan was disturbed by the horn of Samrat's car. 

 "Khana khaye gaye?" 

"Nahi kha kar aya hoon par aik cup coffee bana lo." 

"Coffe peni hai?"


"Pehle merey aik sawal ka jawab dena hoga." 

"Nahi pehle coffee."

"Nahi pehle mere sawal ka jawab." 

"Kaha na coffee."

"Kaha na jawab."


"Apse kam."

"Main kisi aur ko keh deta hoon."

"Koi faida nahi hai!"


"Kyun kay Mr. Samrat Shergill ghar ke saare nokar so chuke hain so basically you have no choice."  

Samrat gritted his teeth and was finding of a way to dodge this question-answer session. Somewhere he knew what she would ask and he would do anything to avoid her questions.  

"Soch lijiye. No jawab tou no coffee."

"Acha poocho Chashmish." 

"Sabse pehle tou aap mujhe yeh bulana band kijiye." 

"Kya Chashmish?"

"Haan yehi."

"Ab Chasmish na bulaun tou aur kya bulaun?" 


"Same same chashmish." 

"Yeh januable kya hota hai?"

"Oh tou tum iska matlab hi sochti rahi itne din?" 

Gunjan was infuriated by Samrat's teasing and she knew he was avoiding her and her questions and this could be the main reason of his extremely busy schedule. But she was not the one to give off easily.  

"Aap bata rahe hain ya nahi."


Samrat said casually and walked past her but Gunjan stopped him immediately. Shivers went down his spine as she touched his arm and he got to know what she had felt on his closeness. It's a complete different feeling that disconnects you from everything except for that person.  

"Please." Gunjan almost whispered. 

"Sabse pyaara."  


"Januable matlab sabse pyaara."  

"Matlab main?" 


They stared into each other's eyes. Listening to the music of their hearts. Samrat came near her. 

"Ab meri Coffee." 



He gestured from his hands. Gunjan's cheeks turned to crimson red and she looked away shyly. Trying to hide her blush and as far as Samrat is concerned he too was embarrassed and the awkward silence between them was way too blatant. 

 "Main coffee lati hoon." 


This was all what both of them could muster. 


"What was this all? Samrat control rakh khud par. Uff! Jitna main is ladki se dur rehne ki koshish karta hoon utna hi kismet humein milane par bazidd hai. Koi tou solution hoga ise dur rehne ka. Jo bhi sochta hoon ulta hi parr jata hai. Ab tou mujhe apne aap se darr lagne laga hai. Is Chasmish ko dekh kar tou main khud par control hi nahi rakh pata. Something attracts me towards her. Na jane kya hai ismein. Shayad yeh mujhe attention nahi deti isliye? Nahi deti tou hai meri har cheez ka khayal rakhti. Mere sone ka, uthne ka, khane ka, peene ka yahan tak k ab meri coffee ka bhi. Aesa care kabhi kisi ne nahi diya. Main is par dependant hota ja raha hoon aur cha kar bhi khud ko rok nahi pa raha. I feel helpless when it comes to my emotions especially when its concerning her. Par yeh feeling mujhe utna irritate nahi kar rahi as I thought it will be. Waisey itni buri bhi nahi hai." 

He smiled unintentionally while saying this.  


"Yeh kya ho raha hai mujhe? Kuch bhi samaj mein nahi a raha. Samrat ke saath aesa ehsas...aesi feelings kuch mujhe har cheez se juda kar dein. Itni powerful k phir mujhe khud par bhi control na rahe. Main khud se bhi juda ho jaun. Uff Samrat yeh kar diya apne!! Aesa kabhi pehle nahi hua k main apni hi feelings se itna anjaan ho jaun...lagay k main kuch ajeeb kar rahi hoon. Akhir kyun? Itne din unse dur rehne k baad bhi mujhe yeh khayal ata hi raha k akhir kya hai hamare beech mein? Jitna secure unke saath feel hota hai pehle kabhi nahi hua. I feel protected. Main janti hoon k wo kese hain phir bhi na jane kyun I feel drawn towards him. Kyun ho raha hai mere saath yeh? Pareshaan ho gayi hoon bilkul. Gunjan focus abhi jaldi se coffee bana aur de unhein bas dur se hi de dungi. Wese kehna parega itne kharus bhi nahi hai." 

Gunjan bit her lip and smiled sweetly while thinking of him...


Precap: Tere Mere Beech mein...WinkTongue

PS: Your comments are really important for me. So plz be generousEmbarrassed. Thanks for keeping up with my pace for this FF LOLLOL. I promise I will update soon this time. InShaAllah Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Monaya_Vrushan

res Cool
I think I deserve unres now for all the updates. Nahi?
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Originally posted by rajeeviansonai

Nice dear
Thanks.Embarrassed I ma honoured. Kindly add me in your buddy list if you want pms for the coming updatesBig smile
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Originally posted by HSFA

Originally posted by Monaya_Vrushan

res Cool
I think I deserve unres now for all the updates. Nahi?

we will see about that i need to read the whole ff i forgot the story Ouch

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Originally posted by Monaya_Vrushan

Originally posted by HSFA

Originally posted by Monaya_Vrushan

res Cool
I think I deserve unres now for all the updates. Nahi?

we will see about that i need to read the whole ff i forgot the story Ouch


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Originally posted by HSFA

Originally posted by Monaya_Vrushan

res Cool
I think I deserve unres now for all the updates. Nahi?
Ye unres kabhi res nhn ho paye ga ... LOL

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SM is the best mom/Sasu mom Smile
She tries to make Gunjan smile n succeeds in it..
After all..
Shopping relieves Women's tension..u know Embarrassed

Khushi has really found a loving mom in her..

Samrat calls her Chasmish..LOL
N he calls her JANUABLE ..Sabse pyara ..Silly

Daal mein kuch kala hai..

Gunjan ,too,is unable to ignore him..
She's too conscious of his proximity..Embarrassed


Itni bhi buri nahin

Itne bhi kharoos nahin

Wink   LOL


Day Dreaming   Heart    Blushing

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