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Sajan FF: Love after Marriage (Ch 14 Updated) (Pg91) (New Update) (Page 76)

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Originally posted by -Marie-

Please do na update angel :P
Haha ok Sweetheart thoda sa wait karo. Embarrassed

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Originally posted by HSFA

Originally posted by -Marie-

Please do na update angel :P
Haha ok Sweetheart thoda sa wait karo. Embarrassed

Waiting Embarrassed

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Originally posted by -Marie-

Originally posted by HSFA

Originally posted by -Marie-

Please do na update angel :P
Haha ok Sweetheart thoda sa wait karo. Embarrassed

Waiting Embarrassed
Big smile
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Originally posted by ronojoy_ria

the up is really good
so by samrat and gunjan smiling samrat's mother felt nice
gunjan is really trying to adjust with her life partner 
but the best she did was making samrat clean up the mess
plz cont soon and pm me
LOL Well yeah even I enjoyed writing that part. 
I am glad you liked 
HSFA IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ritzsammy

Superb update..
Will wait for next chapter.
Awww Thanks a lot dear for appreciating Embarrassed
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Posted: 06 November 2014 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Barbievishi20

Read all in one go Embarrassed
Awesome Awesome Awesome ClapThumbs Up  
Well its a big compliment Vish that you liked it so much Thanks a lot. Embarrassed Haha well I hope you will see a change...a development in their relationship. 

Started with pain:
main Kya bolu... mind blowing ... pain of Gunjan...
Samrat was so rude angry young man ... I can imagine jinna hot lag raha hoga gusse mein Day DreamingBlushing
But I hope he repents Approve
ugh Gunjan ne sab sun liya Cry
2 takey and all omg Samrat feel like smacking you fr this Censored
SM is super sweet Embarrassed
chali koi toh meri gunjan k pain ko samjhne wala Thumbs Up
wrna that SD Thumbs Down
I think Samrat's past is related to his dad Ermm
Haha well I hope you will see a change...a development in their relationship. You will seea s the story unfolds.       

Reception Day Dreaming
Kuch Kuch hua dance k beech dil mein sparkling haaye Day Dreaming Heart
again tum meri Kuch nai Jo wgrah wagrh Tongue
Finally a deal Cool
Samrat's mom Rocks Party
SaJan ek sath ek room mein Day DreamingThumbs Up

awww Gunjan prepared food for him but he thought his mom prepared chalo koi nai atleast he ate that's enough for Gunjan HeartEmbarrassed

Office scenes my favourite Day DreamingHeart
Gajar ka halwa
locked inside office
light gone
searching candles
Sandwitches prepared by her.
He felt bad fr her and shared them with her..
window scene..
sleeping scene  
I am glad you enjoyed reading it all. 

all super awesome ClapHeart

Cockroach haha Gunjan bhi na darpok Tongue
Samrat is right Cockroach se bhi koi darta hai Ermm
Atleast main toh nai darti Cool
awww she questioned him abt his fear Ouch
Pinchful question Ermm
Related to past D'oh
Everyone has a past but I am sure you guys will get to see a different perspective here. 

Samrat's rudeness..
Gunjan heartbroken
Guilty Samrat..
Gunjan's ignorance..
Effected Samrat..
Samrat's first sorry..
Special fr Gunjan..
SaJan became friends... HeartHeart

File searching sequence was super cute HeartHeart
Samrat snoring Tongue
Annoys Gunjan Tongue

hehe embaraas Samrat Wink
Awww Gunjan ko uska Raj Jarur milega in Samrat Cool

Waiting for chapter 11 eagerly Embarrassed

Super Duper awesome updates ClapThumbs Up
Here are my stars StarStar.StarStar.Star

It means a lot Vish. Just keep loving me like this<3 
HSFA IF-Sizzlerz

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Ch 11

"Main kar lunga." He took his shirt from her and made his way to the washroom leaving Gunjan stunned. She sighed. His behavior was not was weried. He was like a puzzle that she was unable to solve. He just gets complicated by the day. She went in the kitchen to have a look at the breakfast being prepared. As it was Sunday so the atmosphere of the house was quite relaxing. SM was on the terrace reading newspaper while having her coffee.

"What an elegant woman"...Gunjan thought while disapproving of Samrat as her son. He was just like his das. Like father like son. She nodded her head in negative and greeted SM plasting a smile on her face and SM gave her blessings and invited her to sit with her. Gunjan smiled and seated next to her.

"Apko dekh kar Maa ki yaad ati hai."

"Main bhi tou Maa jesi hi hoon na? Agar maa nahi tou?"

Gunjan hugged her mother in law with tears in her eyes. She has found yet another mother here in Mumbai. SM was a motherly figure for sure. Her caring nature and loving tone can make anyone her fan. Gunjan was after all her daughter-in-law. After breaking the hug SM cressed her face and wiped off the tears from Gunjan's face.

"Muskurate hue hi achi lagti ho."

"Aap bhi maa."

"Ab bas hamesha yehi kena mujhe. Asey hi bulana."

"Maa..." Gunjan spoke again just to be sure and feel it.

"Waise uth gaye hain kya sahib?" SM asked whispering to Gunjan that she couln't help but smile widely at her mother-in-law's antics.

"Ji tayaar hone gaye hain."

"Sunday ko bhi sakoon nahi hai."

Both SM and Gunjan laughed heartily talking about Samrat and his arrogance. While they were busy having a good time Samrat was in his room getting ready for the day. 10 minutes ago when he had came out looking here and there...he relived. Relieved on not finding her in the room. He can't let himself get effected by a girl. He had bigger aspirations..bigger dreams and to fulfill that he can't get off track just because of a random girl. Of course she was random. Ordinary. In the past too he had girls as friends and even as girl friends but nothing could keep him off guard. So he will make sure that this new entrant in his life will not mess it up either. He had to cut things short. Broke off this friendship and be wat he was. What he always had been since...since. It doesn't matter. He just had too keep her out of his contact. She is risky. Very risky.

As Samrat joined both the ladies on the terrace both Gunjan and SM made a considerably straight face and looked at Samrat who has just enterted.

"What?" Samrat questioned unable to understand the reason behind their smile.

"Kuch bhi nahi. Aao betho hamre saath." SM took charge of the situation and diverted the topic to Samrat again.

"Nahi mujhe jana hai." He told them expressionlessly.

"Jana hai magar kahan?" SM asked confused but as saw Samrat looking down trying to run away. She got him there.

"Bilkul nahi. Aj Sunday hai aur tum ghar par hi raho ge. Bas aur mujhe behas nahi karni." SM got up from her seat folded her hands to her chest and ordered sternly. Having no choice left Samrat started marching back towards his room when SM again callked him. "Samrat...Kahan ja rahe ho? Yahan aao baat suno meri." Samrat went back to her and stood there quietly. "Bura laga? Kya itna bhi haq nahi hai?" Samrat's head snapped at that and he made her sit on the chair while he kneed down in front of her holding the delicate hands of her mother in his.

"Sab haq hai apko Mom lekin bas jana zaroori tha. Lekin Your Highness ab apka order a gaya hai tou kaise ja sakta hoon?" Samrat questioned while smiling to his mother and put head on his lap.

"Tou aj ka din family ke naam." SM said jovially.

"Yup." Samrat replied cutely.

"Good. Tou chalo tayaar ho jao aur le jao apni pyaari si wife ko ghumane."

All this while Gunjan had been the spectator. Watching silently over the cute relationship that the mother and son share made her flow to the oceans of her memories with her parents. The way they had brought her up...nurtured her...told her about right and wrong...made her realize about the complexity of life but still told her to enjoy each happy moment as it passes by. To never lose any opportunity...fight back all the odds and return as a winner. She was proud of it all. She felt blessed to have given her such amazing parents. No adjective in the world could do justice to the stature and postion that parents hold in one's life. She was missing them. Truly. Especially on a Sunday as it was a family day for them in particular if by chance they miss an opportunity to catch up properly on week days. Ha! Golden memories.

But the sudden turn of effects took her by surprise as SM suggested Samrat to take Gunjan for outing. Samrat was shocked to hear all this from her mother. He didn't want that. Spending a day with her will make him all the more uncomfortable and still don't know why. Maybe because he is afraid. Afraid of being disclosed. Afraid of letting the past haunt him again. The fear of going into the web of darkness from which he has taken out his very self after so long. No he can't let this happen.

"Yeh kya hui Mom? Apne kaha tha family!!" He snapped at her mother for trapping her.

"Haan tou biwi hai tumhari. Family hi hui na."

Samrat looked at Gunjan as she looked at him and their eyes met. They stare for a while after which Samrat broke the eye lock smacking himself mentally. Wat the hell was he doing? And what did mom said? Family!? No way. She is not family. She's just a...a...a stranger. No friend. Nothing. Family means your and other people close to you. Indeed very close to you and she's is not an inch closer to me. Ok yeah she is my wife. Fine! But we don't have any relation with each other. Its only for the name sake. I don't know her nor does she knows me. Ok yeah we do sleep in the same room but we don't share any mutual feelings except for hostility. This hostility will continue to be. Samrat tried hard to convince himself. Gosh. Why the heel was he a businessman? He had this very bad habit of thinking from all angles. Giving all logics and justifications to prove himself right. And somewhere deep down he knew he wasn't there. Then how will he convince his mom. Beacause unless and until you are sure aboyt the deal and about its merits demirts how are you going to convince your client? And in this regard his client was his mom. Bloody hell.  

Meanwhile Gunjan felt guilty of staring at him. Just like that. Without any conection or feelings? What must he be thinking about her? Of course not praising her. Well the fact of the matter is he hardly praises anyone. She was also not willing to go with him.With her husband! Only for the name sake. She can easily reject him as he too didn't seem quite happy about roaming around in the entire city with her. She felt relieved but looking at SM made her scared. SM was hoping against hope that Samrat would agree and this would give them some time to get to know each other. Gunjan closed her eyes in order to be at peace. She was in a battle with her mind and heart. Her mind simply disapprove of her going out with him while her heart gies all out for SM seeing her so hopeful.

"Theek hai. Tum tayaar ho jao. Hum chalein ge." This reply made SM celebrate in joy while Gunjan stood there shocked. She was unable to understand this man...Samrat Shergill...the leading business tycoons of India who was apparently her husband. At one point of the day he ignores rude with her but at other times he totally different. He is friendly and is really taking forward the friendship that they had a day ago. Friendship? She thought he had backed off this morning. Difficut as he was. Totally inexplicable.

She moved to her bedroom to get ready for the day. Her heart clearly won as the happiness of SM was just perfect. Her smile was reaching to her eyes and she was genuinely happy for her children. Gunjan smiled a bit thinking of her.


As she came outside she saw him walking near his car. He felt someone at his back so turned and saw a beautiful lady in front of him. Dressed in a red churidar with a pair of earings hanging delicately from her ears she stood there with just a bit of kohl and gloss. She kept it simple yet looked elegant and mesmerizing. Samrat stared at her for quite sometime after which he signaled her to sit in. He too was looking quite dashing with a bit of moustache giving him a subtle look. He was wearing his white t shirt with denims and a red coloured over coat to compliment his look. She admired his way of dressing in her heart. That's only what she can do.

There was silence between them. Complete silence. It signified many things. To Gunjan it was his disinterest in her...he has got no topic to converse with her. She felt unimportant to him. At least, he could have some respect for their friendship. If for nothing alse at all. But no! She found him quite arrogant and rude. Her preseption of him was so damn right. On the other hand, as far as he was concerned he felt that Gunjan had the same sentiments as him. Their relationship hold no existence once their interaction with the world ends. There was nothing between them. He somewhere knew that she felt the same. He can't change now it was diffucult for him.

As his car came out to a halt both of them dazed out of their thoughts looking around.

"Baat karni hai." He told her as they got out of the car and she simply nodded waiting to hear from him. As they began to walk side by side they felt an unusual relationship brewing between them. It is neither love nor friendship it is something very strange. Strange as Samrat and Gunjan do not want to engage with each other in any kind of relation. They were living with each other...bearing each other just for the sake of it. Samrat was fulfilling his mother's wish while Gunjan was doing so for her parents. She knows that they want her happy and she can't risk with their lives..with their reputation. Moverever they can do least about the relation in which they are bounded. They can't just call it off in such a short span of one will accept it and it will complicate things.

"Dekho Gunjan..." he began "Mujhe nahi pata ke tum kya sochti ho ya kya chahti ho lekin mujhse ab yeh "GOOD BOY" ka natak aur nahi hoga. Tou please don't force things on me. Main nahi chahta ke baad mein problems hon."

"Aik tou na mujhe apki samajh nahi ati. Kabhi aap dosti ke liye haath barhate hain tou kabhi ajnabi ban jate hain. Karna kya chahte hain aap?"

"Dur raho mujhse bas. Mujhe tumse koi taluq nahi rakhna bas."

"Rakhna tou padega!!"

"Nahi rakhna."

"Aap jaise log hi shaadi jese rishte ki qadar nahi karte aur use aik useless rishte ke tour par duniya ko dikhate hain. Jabke aesa nahi hai. Shaadi tou 2 logon ke beech aik aesa bandhan hai jo bohat hi nazuk aur pure hai. Tou please mehrabani kar ke is rishte ka aqas kharab mat ki jiye. Aur..."

THAT WAS IT!! Samrat took her hand and dragged her vigorously to the car without letting her complete where he pinned her to the door. Gunjan closed her eyes due to their growing proximity. He was dangerously close to her and was still lessening the distance between them. He stopped as he realized that they were too close to each other. Gunjan opened eyes to look at him and found him just a few inches away. As he felt her gaze on him his anger took the form of some venomous words.

"Bas Karo apan yeh lecture and just listen to me. I SAID LISTEN TO ME!! Samjhti kya ho tum apne aap ko? Kbahi bhi kuch bhi bolo gi and you expect from me ke main bas sunu ga tou yeh tumhari sabse badi galat fehmi hai. Aik simple si cheez keh raha hoon ke dekho mujhe in fazool kamon mein nahi parna bas. Mere liye mera business meri first priority hai. Mujhe yeh dosti dosti aur nahi kelna. Hum strangers thay hain aur hamesha rahengey jab tak hum saath hain."

"Kya aap apni mom ke samne bhi yehi keh sakte hain?"

"Zayada smart act mat karo. Samjhi!!"

"I am just stating facts Mr.Samrat Shergill!!"

"Oh I see..listen girl itna desperate hone ki zaroorta nahi hai I know tum jesi ladkiyan..."

"Hold on Mr.Shergill!! Just hold on. Bina mujhe jane apko koi haq nahi hai ke aap mujhe judge karein. Got it! I know what I am so I don't need a character certificate from you. Aur rahi baat apki mom ko batani ki tou haan main unke liye worried hoon kyun ke wo sach mein apki khushi chahti hain aur chahti hain ke hum zindagi ko aye naye pehlu se dekhe aur age barhein lekin agar apko mujhse saare rishte torne hi hain tou theek hai I am very cool with it lekin aap sabke samne yeh admit karna hoga ke hamara rishta aik mazak tha...aik natak tha dunya ke liye. Kyun ab main aur yeh acting nahi kar sakti. Mujhe azaad kar di jiye ta ke main apni life mein kuch productive karun. That's the deal!!"

As she complete her sentences a couple of freshly made tears threaten to make their way out on her cheeks but she composed herself. Hurt was evident in her eyes. Of course she was hurt who wouldn't be? Finding out that your very own husband is judging you. Its very wasy for people to judge a girl because their sanctity and their innocence is lying right in the market to be sold off whenever possible. She hated it all. She hated the people who used to judge her at school. She used to be the most talented and responsible girl of the lot therefore was an easy target. People used to bully her with indecent names and play the weriedest kind of pranks on her. She ignored it all until she got the strength to fight it out. Today she was not going to tolerate any of the gibberish talks against her.

Samrat looked at her and found a new strength a new energy in her. She was determined and steadfast. It felt like he saw a new girl emerging from behind those specs. There was an authoritative gleam in her eyes. He felt sorry. For the first time he really was. He felt sorry for judging her...he felt her pain. He knew he was the reason behind those tears. Mistake Admitted.

She was about to leave when he blocked her way and began clearing her doubts.

"Listen...mera tumhe hurt karna ka koi intention nahi tha. Look Gunjan all I want is ke hum dono aik doosre ke bare mein koi bhi doubts na rakhe. You know baad mein hum kisi galat fehmi mein na rahein. So please hum bas strangers hain. That's final." He resmed authority.

"Par dost kyun nahi?" She inquired.

"Kyun ke..." He stopped midway and looked at her. Ugh. It was so difficult to say.

"Kyun ke?" Gunjan repeated his words.

"Kyun ke..bas main keh raha hoon?"

"Asey kaise maan lun?" Gunjan counter argued.

"Problem kya hai?"

"Aap aik business man hain tou bina logic ya reason ke tou koi bhi baat nahi karenge na. You tell me what's on the crads?"

Smart. No over smart. Samrat thought. Has has to find a way to deal with her.

"Boliye na?"

"Meri baat manogi ya nahi?"

"Aap bataein ge ya nahi?"


"Theek hai phir bye bye. Hopefully we will never meet again aur apse mil kar bilkul bhi hushi nahi hui..."

"Kyun ke tum mujhe effect karti ho yaar!!"

He blurted out and closed his eyes in exasperation s soon as he spewed it out. He stomped his foot on the ground to show his disappointment. But what he said was true. Indeed true. From the day she has come into his life things have started to change. And for god knows what reason he has been obeying her like he always needed some one like her in his life. She was like a breath of fresh air in his mundane and boring life. All the memories came rushing to his mind. She was on his mind all this while. Declaration.

While she was facing his back as his words made her stop in her tracks. She blankly stared him. What was he thinking? First he started off with all mean things in the world then became a little mild and they became friends. He even obeyed her in cleaning all the mess in his room and they share a good time. Then what happened? So what if she effects him? They are friends and for a person like Samrat who only means business it can be a though relationship in the strat but as a pair they can mend things. He has to let go of his so called ego and move on. He has to see the beautiful side of life and has to realize that there is a little self with in that wants to see that bright side of life but he has to let go of that ego and become a little humane.

When ho got no response from her he turned to face her and found her disapproving his words. He don't know what to do. He was speechless.

"Effect karti hoon? I know apke liye yeh sab bohat naya hai bohat alag hai. Par iska matlab yeh tou nahi na ke aap zindagi ko apne aap ko aik aur moqa nahi denge. Mujhe nahi pata ke apko kisne cheez ne aesa bana diya hai aur main kabhi poochungi bhi nahi lekin please apne aap koi aik shell mein band kar ke mat rakhiye. Off and on muskura diya kijiye aur kabhi kabhi hans bhi diya karein. Aur rahi baat hamare relationship ki tou ab dosti ki hai tou nibhani tou padegi na."

All this while Samrat nooded in the affirmative and felt like believing in her every word not because she effected him or something but because he saw that dedication in her to bring him alive. For the first time in life after he has grown up he wanted to trust someone without having to worry about a heart break in the end. He was ready to give it a go. He felt relived after hearing it from her. She was like an ordinary small town girl but yet there was something special about her. But he didn't know what.

"Sorry. Main tumhe hurt nahi karna chahta tha." He told her to which she smiled.

"Its ok par next time se be careful." She warned.

"Haan pakka I will be. Really sorry par trust me I don't judge people..."

"I know that isiliye I became your friend bas apka gussa kabu mein nahi rehta lekin koi baat nahi ahista ahista yeh bhi chala jaye ga."

She chuckled and Samrat joined in too and soon they were on the driveway back to home.


Precap: Will Samrat be able to change and open up in front of Gunjan or will he again try to hide things? Where will this friendship lead them? 

To find out stay tuned:P  

Guys I honestly don't know how it was.Have written it after a gap so please do guide me and appreciate if you like itLOL 

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Finally you updated i was dying to read this FF..
 AHH now i have read only i want to say i want next LOL

as usual it was amazing angel.. i love this rude samrat and sweet gunjan..

I loved Gunjan n SM bonding..  so adorable..

Loved how Gunjan got ready simple yet elegant like always.. and Mr.Handsome is always lost in her..

Their conversation.. how rude it was.. Ouch

But loved how gunjan replied.. 

Good that he realised it soon and apologised..

Really anxious to know samrat's past..but i love how positive gunjan is here.. 

I LOVED his confession moment.. So dam adorable..could literally imagine them..

Hopefully the friendship will continue... waiting to know more about them.. update soon..dont make me wait long angel

it was amazing ! LOVED reading it! Especially gunjan n samrat 's thoughts!

Edited by -Marie- - 06 November 2014 at 2:17pm

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