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Sajan FF: Love after Marriage (Ch 14 Updated) (Pg91) (New Update) (Page 46)

HSFA IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -BurningDesire-

Awww the update was adorable
Thanks a lot Ayshu Embarrassed so happy to see u back.

HSFA IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 8:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -BurningDesire-

Awww the update was adorable
Awww thanks a lot Ayshu. So happy to see u back Embarrassed

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HSFA IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 8:23am | IP Logged
Hey Guys Hug look who's here LOL Yes finally I got time to update. Here's the update.
I hope that you all will enjoy so straight to the update. Embarrassed 

Gunjan's sleep was disturbed by the sun rays and she slowly opened her eyes and found her in his arms. She looked at him and couldn't stop herself but stare at him. He was looking so peaceful and his child like face was so innocent. He definitely has that innocence and sweetness but still was hiding it under his so called attitude she thought.Just then she saw Samrat opening his eyes and she moved her gaze somewhere else. Samrat slowly opened his eyes and just stared at her face. He couldn't understand but there was surely something in her that she was becoming irrestible for him.

G: Good Morning (wished him in her sweet voice).

S: Morning.

G: Ghar chalein?

S: Yeah chalte hain.

As he was getting up he realized that his hand was on her waist he quickly removed it and there was an awkward slience between them. Gunjan got up before him and starting moving towards the door.

S: Kahan ja rahi ho?

G: Wo fresh hone.

S: Tumhein kya zaroorat ha'.. (Samrat realized what he was about to say and hit him in mind)

G: Mujhe kya? ( asked innocently)

S: Nahi tum freshen up ho jao then we'll leave for home.
Both left to get freshup. As they were moving out Sanrat spotted the guard and went towards him.

Guard: Good Morning Sir (with a smile)

S:Hamari night barbad kar k tumhein yeh morning good lagti hai? (said sternly)

Gurad: Kya hua sir. Maine koi galti kar di kya?

S: Lo inhein to pata hi nahi hai k inhon ne kya kia hai? ( sacrasam laced in his voice)

G: (interrupted the convo) Samrat chalein na der ho rahi hai.

Guard: (smiling as saw Gunjan) Namaste Bhabhi Ji.

S: Oh Just Shutup! Tum jante ho tumhari wajah se kal humein sari raat office mein spend karni pari.

Guard:Oh I am sorry sir mujhe laga k bhabhi ji(Samrat glared at him) mera matlab Madam ji a gayein hain to aap dono nikal jayein gein.

S: Aur tumhein aesa kyun laga?

Guard: Sir wo jahan bhi main kaam karta tha aesa hi hota tha merey saare boss apni biwiyon(wives) k ane k baad foran hi chale jate thay.

This left Samrat speechless. Samrat and Gunjan looked at each other. But Samrat soon became normal.

S: Still tumhein check kar lena chahiye tha!

Guard: Sorry sir agay se aesa nahi hoga.

S: Better!

Both of them left leaving the guard behind to think about their relationship. He was really confused.

In the car both of them sat on opposite sides while the driver drove off. Various thoughts were running in their mind. On one side where Gunjan was looking outside the window thought about Samrat. That one look of him was resurfacing in her mind. He looked so cute while sleeping'.peaceful as if his dream world was everything unlike the stubborn look that he has put on now. This was confusing for her. Gunjan was lost in her chain of thoughts while Samrat was no less but he was just cursing himself. What was he upto? What if he had blurted out the truth..completed his sentence? God! He closed his eyes in exasperation and rested his head on the seat. Their thoughts were deepening when their heard the horn and realized that they were home.

Both went in and were greeted warmly by SM.

SM: Are wah junior Mr. and Mrs. Shergil saath saath. (she teased them)

S: Mom (sounded irritated)

SM: Maine kuch galat kaha kya?

S: Main thodi der rest karne jar aha hoon.

SM: To office?

S: Meetings sham ko hain.

SM: Suno na. (she said again stopping him)

S: Ab kya hua mom?

SM: Beta aj plz office ki meetings cancel kardo na. Aik din se kya farak parega?

S:What? Cancel kardun? Par kyun?

SM: Ismein kyun ka kya sawal hai? Bas maine ked dia to keh dia.

S: Mom!

SM: Kya mujhe time dena teri responsibilities ki list mein shamil nahi hai kya?

S: Oh to yeh baat hai. Ok Mom apke liye kuch bhi. Thodi der tak milta hoon.

Samrat went upstairs to his room.

SM: (to herself) Uff yeh ladka bhi na pata nahi kya kya karwae ga mujhse. (looking at Gunjan) Kitni pyaari bachi aur aik usko dekho kaam se frusat hi nahi. Par beta bhulna mat k main bhi teri maa hoon dekhti hoon tu kaise avoid karta hai ghar ko Gunjan ko.

G: Maa kuch kaha apne?

SM: Are nahi to beta tum jao na thoda araam karlo.

Samrat and gunjan slept for sometime after which Gunjan made lunch and set the dinning table. Right at 2 pm Samrat came down as was really hungry and moreover the aroma of the food made him stand next to the dinning table. Looking at the food he couldn't control and sat on the chair inhailing the wonderful smell that came from the dishes. He was about to serve himself when he swa something and just stared at it a bit. OMG! It looked so tempting.

Why it tempted him well the reason was obvious as it was his favourite 'Gajar ka Halwa'. But on second thoughts how can he have it before his lunch? His mom would never allow him so decided to have luch first but again stopped. He looked around to see if anyone was around because he didn't wanted to become ill-mannered especiall in front of that Gunjan. Gunjan ugghh why was he thinking about her?

He shrugged of these thoughts and was about to leave when heard his mother's voice.

SM: Bethe raho. Main bas yahin a rahi thi.

S: Wo aap ayin nahi to socha'

SM: Are kaise nahi ati meri pyaari bahu me itne pyaar se bulaya ana to tha hi na?

He saw Gunjan coming after SM and was stunned at her action.

S: Isne apko bulaya?

SM: Haan to?

S: Par main bulne hi wala tha na.

SM: Sam tum bulane wale thay par usne bula lia na.

S: Par'.

SM: I know k tum kyun nahi a paye and its perfectly fine main samjhti hoon.

S: Apko pata hai? (shocked)

SM: Haan bhae main janti hoon k tumne jaise hi apna favorite gajar ka halwa dekha nahi k bas tum sab kuch bhol gaye. By the way khaya to nahi hai na?

A wide eyed Samrat just looked down out of sheer embarrassment. His mom was opening his secrets and that too in front of Gunjan no ways he can't let that happen. What will she think? How will she react? Ugghh again Gunjan. While Gunjan and SM laughed heartily. SM told another incident of Samrat that just happened recently while he just thought to hide his face somewhere or just wanted to vanish.

Everything was at peace during lunchtime. Gunjan and SM's laughther with Samrat's embarrassed look was worth to capture.

It was evening time when Samrat was moving up ro his room when he heard a loud scream. He wondered what was going on. He rushed towards his room and as soon as he opened the door Gunjan banged into him and quickly hugged him tightly. Samrat was shocked but soon reciprocated the hug calming her down. They broke the hug after sometime.

S: Tum theek to ho na? Kya hua?

                                                                                                                                         G:W'wo andar

S: Kya hai andar?

G: A..aap khudi dekh lo na.

Samrat goes in the bedroom but found nothing. He called from inside.Gunjan peeped through the door.

G: (scared) Yahan nahi aur bhi andar.

S: Haan?

G: I mean washroom mein.

S: Washroom mein bhi kuch nahi hoga.

G: Hai aap dekho to.

Samrat brust out laughing much to Gunjan's surprise.

S:A..andar hahahaha (he was not able to talk properly due to continuous laughing).

G: (annoyed) Ismein hansane wali konsi baat hai?

S: Haha (trying to control) Acha? Hansoon nahi to aur kya karun?

G: Use bhagayein yahan se.

S: Come on Gunjan you can't be serious haan ai'k ai..k(laughs again)

G: Cockroach (makes an innocent face)

S: Itna darti ho tum?

G: Please aap pehle use nikalein yahan se. Please!

She went to the furthest corner of the room still scared.

S: Ok ok calm down.

Samrat calls two of the servants who took that hedious creature away from Gunjan's eyes and she heaved a sigh of relief.  

G: Phew Thank God chala gaya.

Both of them sits on bed.

S: Waise Gunjan wo bechara masoom cockroach itna bhi bura nahi tha.

G: Apko wo masoom lagta hai kya?

S: Haan usne tumhein kuch kaha tha kya?

G: Nahi.

S: To?

G: Phir bhi it was so disgusting.

S: Tum larkiyan bhi na choti choti cheezon se dar jati ho.

G:A..aesa nahi hai (pretended to be confident)

S: Acha to abhi jo itna natak kar rahi thi wo kya tha?

G: Haww apko wo natak lagta hai?

S: Lagta hai matlab natak tha to lage ga hi na.

G: Main sach mein dar gayi thi.

S: Yeah yeah whatever.

He gave a non-interested look to her and was about to go outside when he was stopped by gunjan's voice.

G: Apki bhi to koi kamzori hogi na? Apko bhi to dar lagta hoga kisi cheez se? Akhir kuch to hoga jo apko bhi dara deta hoga.

S: Apne kaam se kaam rakho!

He went out in anger banging the door loudly behind hjm. Gunjan was kind of shocked due to his sudden outburst and kept thinking about it while outside Samrat was fuming with anger. How dare she? She has no right to question him! He banged his fist into the wall hardly hurting himself but he daam care about it. He went to his study room where he could atleast find peace.

Why was Samrat so angry? What can be the reason? Will Gunjan be able to find it? Will he allow her to do so? How much time will love take to envelope both of them in its trap? will they embrace love so easily?

Well why should I tell you people all this?LOL Lol

Stay tuned to know all this and many more. Plz don't forget to like and leave your comments even if it's only a word. EmbarrassedReally sry if I couldn't interest you people or you find it boring to let me know. As this update was really important for upcoming parts.Smile

Will be updating soon this time really soon so pour in your precious feedback.



Fatima,Fati,Doll,Angel (whatever u call me) LOL







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.Chashmish. IF-Sizzlerz

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Lovely upd ! Morning sajan scene was so cute Embarrassed Cockroach scene was Hilarous ROFL upd soon Big smile

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-Ocean.eyes- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 9:07am | IP Logged


pehle toh sorry for being late
*kan pakde*

cuming to the update..
It was so amazing

wow that morning cuteee and serene.
I loved it

so samrat has started liking her..wah wah sahi track pe hai beta =))

lol poor guard..bekaar me daant khaani padi usse..

And that dinner scene..hehe samrat ke raaz khol diye...

Awww that hug was so cute

gosh...why did he behaved that way..?jaldi bata

cont soon
thanx for the pm

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Glowing_Star IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 9:29am | IP Logged
Very nice update! Really cute! Loved it <3

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-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 9:35am | IP Logged
fati Hug i am finally caught up to this ff!
and I love every bit of it infect when i ran out of parts to read i was really sad!DisapproveLOL
i love the akdu samrat and the determined gunjan and there fights are really adorableEmbarrassedsajan ki language mai bole toh full on januable haiWinkLOL
i love how she cooks his every meal and makes sure he eats! I love Gunjan's character in this she is determined adorable cute and funny!
hoping to see some more sajan romance soon ;)
update jaldi se karna warna...WinkLOL


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HSFA IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Mohit-deewani

Lovely upd ! Morning sajan scene was so cute Embarrassed Cockroach scene was Hilarous ROFL upd soon Big smile
Aww thanks a lot Roshni Embarrassed 
LOL I know. I will yaar for sure

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