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Sajan FF: Love after Marriage (Ch 14 Updated) (Pg91) (New Update) (Page 41)

suhani.cipamisa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 April 2013 at 4:54am | IP Logged
Hey FatimaHug 

Read all your updates!! Wen u posted your first update i liked it and waited... and waited forever, not realising u had updates many parts!!LOL LOLZEmbarrassed Actually i forgot the title and searched for it endlessly... ConfusedTill u gave me the link yesterdayWink

Lovely updates!! Do PM me wenevr u update!!Big smileEmbarrassed

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HSFA IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2013 at 12:55pm | IP Logged

Well, I was planning to give this update from a very long time but then thought to give it today and I dedicate it to my very special friend cum sis Pari.

This is for you sweets I hope k tera mood kuch better ho jaye ga after reading it. I know how much you adore Sajan so here comes a full Sajanish update just for you. Do tell me k iske baad how u felt.


But all in vain. The door was not opening at any cost. He tired hard but all his efforts bore no fruit.downloadmilejabhumtum24.jpg

   downloadmilejabhumtum24h.jpg                                                                                                                               S: Oh God! Koi hai? Hello!!

G: Kya hua? (Gunjan asked very innocently despite knowing what was happening)

S: Darwaza jam ho gaya hai aur kya!

G: Oh. Ab?

S: Ab kya humein yahin raat guzarni paregi.

G: Oh main pehle mom ko bata doon warna wo bekaar main hi fikar karein gein.

S: Hello! Wo meri Mom unhein pata k main aksar aesey late ho jata hoon.

G: Han unhein apki is adaat ka pata hai par phir bhi un hein batana to banta hai na? Aap unhein kabhi inform nahi karte.

Samrat was made speechless for a moment by Gunjan.

S: Lekin?

G: Lekin wekin kuch nahi.

Gunjan made a call at home and told her mother-in-law the whole situation after which she felt relieved and turned after making the call and to her surprise Samrat was staring at her and her movement towards him brought him to the real world. Samrat actually liked Gunjan's concern for his mother no one except him showed affection towards SM and he felt really good seeing his wife's love towards his mother.

S: Thanks.

G: Ismein thanks ki koi baat nahi hai wo meri bhi Mom and I do care for her as well.

S: Hmm wo to dikhta hai (almost mumbled it to himself but Gunjan heard him and passed a liitle giggle)

G: Ji? Kuch kaha apne?

S: Han. Nahi nahi kuch nahi.

G: To ab kya karna hai?

S: What do you mean by that?

G: I mean k ab kya?

S: Kuch nahi m gonna do my work. Mujhe bohat kaam hai.

G: Bas kaam, kaam aur kaam. Aur to kuch soogta hi nahi hai apko.

S: Whatever. Mujhe kaam karne do.

 He moved towards the table, sat on his chair and stared looking at the files. Meanwhile Gunjan made a sad face seeing her husband like this but she had nothing else to do so she sat on the sofa keeping her hands on her chin and seeing her husband lost in work. Gunjan could not help but smile although she hated seeing her husband the 'typical sadu' types but his dedication towards the work impressed her.

It seemed as if everything was working in Gunjan's favour as Samrat opened his laptop the light went and finally after waiting for those boring 20 minutes Gunjan's face lit up and her eyes shone brightly. At this moment Gunjan was the only source of light in the room with her smile making her all the more ethereal.

What The' was Samrat's expression after which Gunjan's chuckle was heard which made Samrat angry and he got up and it looked as if Gunjan would not be spared but thanks to the electricity management authorities that due to the darkness Samrat could not see anything and Gunjan was saved but the unfortunate thing was that Samrat hurt himself badly on his foot.

S: Ouch. Ah.

G: Kya hua?

She rushed towards her husband who was in pain. As she touched Samrat he felt a certain type of current which he never felt so quickly jerked his hand.

S:Choro I'll manage.

G: Chup kijiye. Yahan ayein.

Gunjan searched for her cell which was lying silently in her bag it was time to work and so she switched the flashlight on and with its help made Samrat sit on the sofa. Samrat was obviously hating all this as he was a self-made person. He works on the phenomena of always being on your ownself but today he was here taking help from a girl who was now his official wife.

Gunjan quickly brought the first-aid box with her from the cupboard and started applying ointment on the injury. After applying the ointment Gunjan went to put the box back and when she came back she saw a smiling Samrat.

This time the smile was from the heart. Gunjan could also feel the warmth of that smile that made its way from his heart directly to his face. Gunjan just kept staring at that million-dollar smile which made Samrat realize what was he doing. 'Just smiling like an idiot' was his reaction to himself. To cover up he quickly said

S: Kya hua?

G: Kuch bhi nahi.

S: Han han tumhein kya lagta hai k m I an idiot? Han?

G: Nahi maine aesa kab kaha?

S: Hmm.

Samrat looked away as he was searching for words.

G: So kya plan hai?

S: Kuch nahi. (in a disinterested way)

G: Kya matlab kuch nahi dekhiye ab light bhi nahi hai so no more kaam that means we can enjoy.

S: What? Seriously I mean are u kidding? Enjoyment aur wo bhi office mein and bina light k. No ways!!

G: Uff oh! Aik to har kaam to karne se pehle hi apka 'NO'beech mein a jata hai. Arey enjoy karne k liye dil hona chahiye jo unfortunately apke pass nahi hai (making a face)

S: What? Tum..tum kehna chahati ho k'

G: Please please please aap phirse gussa mat karein. Main keh rahi thi k bas agar aap khud fun-loving hona to har moment special aur enjoying ho jata hai environment jaisa bhi ho. Ab chalein merey saath.

S: Par kahan?

G: Chalein na.

Gunjan took Samrat's hand and made him go with her to the window and opened it. As she opened it an air of fresh air enveloped the room and blew Gunjan's hair and she closed her eyes enjoying the wind that was touching her face. She felt as fresh as a daisy and that enchanting smile on her face throughout. She looked so heavenly that anyone could have stared at her for long and Samrat was no exception.

He just got lost in that innocent face that had the most enchanting smile while Gunjan oblivious to her sorroundings was just busy in admiring nature and letting herself being drowned in it. It continued for almost 20 minutes after which Gunjan turned back and found Samrat's gaze on her which made her cheeks turn to a little pinkish shade and she lowered her eyes shyly which brought him back to reality and he looked here and there to avoid her.

G: Apko bhook nahi lagi kya?

S: Agar lagi bhi hogi to tum konsa jadu se khana le aao gi.

G: Ab aap meri capibilities par shak kar rahe hain!

S: Haan Matlab? ( in a total surprised tone)

G: Matlab yeh k jadu na sahi but atleast I can make something.

S: And wo kaise?

G: Uff oh aik to aap sawal jawab bohat karte hain merey saath chaliye.

S: Kahan?

G: Canteen!

S: Really now?

G: Of course let's go na I am damn hungry.

S: Ok fine chalo.

They began to walk slowly towards the canteen area and surprisingly started to enjoy the slow walk with each other. Finally they reached the canteen which was full of darkness. Seeing this Samrat tapped her shoulder and questiongly looked at her.

G: Kya?

S: What do you mean by kya? Is andhere mein sab kuch kese hoga?

G: Aap business man hain na?

S: Haan hoon to?

G: To please kuch sochiye. Jitna dimag business mein lagate hain na utna hi idhar bhi use kar lein please.

S: Tum'.

G: Please haan not again apne gusse k folder ko thori der k liye close hi rakhiye aur apne thinking process ko use kariye.

After some moments.

S: Mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi a raha.

G: Idea! (she spoke in full excitement)

S: What idea?

G: O ho yeh canteen hai to candels to hongi hi na to lets find them to fight back this darkness and jab roshni ho jaye gi to I'll make something and then can enjoy the dinner together.

S: Together? ( it struck him hard and he asked it in confusion)

G: Do we have another choice?

S: Well, no you are right.

G: Finally kisi baat par to agree kia. Sadu kahin ke! (almost to herself)

S: Kuch kaha tumne?

G: A' nahi to I was just..saying'k..k'candels dhoondte hain.

S: Haan let's go.

Both of them started searching candels with the help of Gunjan's mobile but this time again fate played another trick and Gunjan heard a familiar sound which made her close her eyes in exasperation.

S: What happened?

G: Another problem!

S: Means?

G: Means k mobile ki battery is almost dead and abhi tak humein candles nahi milein.

S: We have to be quick isse pehle k tumhara mobile bhi off ho jaye.
G: Mujhe samaj nahi ata itna bada empire hai apka aur phir bhi office k canteen mein candles nahi hain.

S: Excuse me!!

G: Mil gayi! Yehy finally got it yahan aur bhi hongi.

S: Thank God. Koi to faida hua tumhara.

G: Hello. For your kind information aj kal sab kuch meri help se hi mila hai samjhe aap!

S: Haan haan fine.

They found loads of candles and finally also got the match box. This was a huge sign of relief for the two at least now they could have some source of light to be able to do something. After getting all the candles they quickly placed them at the appropriate places and started lighting them up.

After done with the lighting Gunjan took two candles with her to the kitchen and after two minutes she came to the canteen with this.

S: Yeh kya hai? (With werid expressions)

G: Apko chashma bhi laga hua hai kya?

S: Matlab?

G: Matlab yeh k yeh sandwhiches hain.       

S: Kuch ajeeb se nahi hain?

G: Is waqt jo mila wo ban alia isliye chup kijye aur yeh kha lein.

S: Do I have a choice?

G: No.

Gunjan was about to turn when Samrat stopped her by holding her arm.

S: A.. tum kahan ja rahi ho?

G: Kahi nahi bas window tak ja rahi hoon.  Apko kuch chahiye kya?

S: Tum.

G: Han? (with utter shock)

S: (fumbling with words)  I' I mean tum gi?

G: Nahi apko bhook lagi thin a aap hi kha li jiye.

S: To tum apne liye bhi bana leti na.

G: Saman itna hi tha to bas yehi bana payi.

S: Ok fine thenw e'll share it.

G: Share? Are you share.. I mean'

S: Of course I am.

G: Apko acha lagey ga?

S: Ofcourse. ( he didn't knew where did this came from) I' I mean abhi thori der pehle tum mujhey manners par lecture de rahi thi na to I want to make it clear that I am not mannerless and it won't look good k main akela hi kha jaun isliye please sit.

So leaving no option for Gunjan she sat down beside him.


Together they ate the sandwhiches and felt good but still could not decipher the reason for it. Weather this happiness was because they finally had dinner or was it because they had each eother's company well time will tell. Then they went to Samrat's cabin and sat on the sofa, they were very tired and wanted to have a good night's sleep. They soon feel asleep due to tiredness and Gunjan's head was on Samrat's shoulder while his arm on her waist and they slept in each other's embrace and felt soothed and rested!

 I don't know how it went. Pari I hope it worked as your stress buster. HugHug
Plz do like and comment your valuable comments and suggestions means a lot. Love u all Hug

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ProngsPadsMoony IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2013 at 12:59pm | IP Logged

aww jaani i love you alot Hug

tune mere liye update kari  that's so sweet of u

coming to the update

totaly januable just like our sajan

samrat was behavingg like asr and gunjan like khushi 

the candlelight dinner reminded me of the same sajan  scene

the pics toh Day Dreaming

now update HSSH

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suhani.cipamisa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2013 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Aww Fatima it was so awesome and cute and really Sajanish with a twist lolz... gunjan is so khushi type and samrat is almost mayank like lolzz I loved it!!! My Sammy cant resist a pretty Chashmish like her after all!! lolzz

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Vithu Groupbie

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Posted: 24 April 2013 at 6:11pm | IP Logged
It's really a nice update
Keep u the good work

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love.piyali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 April 2013 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
Amazin update. .loved it...

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--Isabella-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 April 2013 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
Hey Fatima just started reading this FF, nice concept...
btw, do you have any Index of your SAJAN works... I will love to read them...

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chichi220 Goldie

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Posted: 24 April 2013 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
Hey just found this story its really cute I read all updates together. Luv gunjan

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