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saf24 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:18pm | IP Logged

Sorry I don't have much time for a proper take, had a really hectic and stressful day. I did however love today's episode especially the Mumbai flashback scenes. Couple points on the episode:

  •  Loved the part where Aarti comes out of the first flashback with Bua holding on to her hand and she actually removes Bua's grip on her hand and turns back to Gayatri to continue relating the incidents that took place in Mumbai.
  • In the first Mumbai flashback scene when Aman tells Aarti if he had know she was getting married a second time, he would have flown from Denmark and beat Yash to it, Yash was intently looking at Aarti's reaction as if to gauge her feelings and when she looks at him apologetic and a bit uncomfortable, it's as though he got the answer he wanted to hear.
  • Aman being a guy is familiar with the way men react to certain things, so when he tells Aarti that he will prove how much Yash loves her as in a minute Yash will walk through the door. Aarti is doubtful since there is no sign of Yash nearby but within that one minute time frame he really does walk through the door with his phone in hand.
  • The table tennis match between Aarti and Aman commences and Yash who pretends to be messaging on his phone is intent on watching their every move and for someone who is supposedly busy in his corner, he has the accurate score and knows that Aman has cheated Aarti.
  • Yash then decides to play against Aman and an enthusiastic Aarti sticks out her hand to wish him best of luck, which he hesitatingly takes and then grips while Aman remarks that an old friend is nothing compared to a husband.
  • Yash injures his elbow and Aarti rushes towards him and tends to the wounded area. Once she realises that he is fine though, she reprimands him for being so competitive but Aman again interjects saying that being a hero in front of your wife is much better than getting a medal and men can do anything for love. I like the little lines and hints Aman uses as they are not overly done. Yash is however uncomfortable when Aman terms them as a modern Laila-Majnu probably as he is still confused with all these new feelings he has been experiencing in Mumbai and so he brushes of the comment and asks to continue the match.
  • One of my favourite scenes has got to be when Yash wins and he stands smiling proudly while Aarti rushes towards him and hooks her hand around his elbow. He initially doesn't seem to realise what she has done but only notices when he feels the touch change which causes him to turn and meet her gaze which he holds until she pulls away. Realising what he has just unintentionally admitted to those eyes, he makes the excuse of having to make a call before leaving the room. Yash has got to be one busy man with all those calls he's been making lately lol.
  • After all the fun in the first part of the episode, the seriousness starts with Aarti explaining what she thinks caused Yash's outburst. She was going to the temple, which Yash knew as he sent the driver with her as he had to take the kids to a friend's birthday party. Her car broke down the same time Aman calls asking her out for coffee which she refuses but since her car broke down, he decided to come meet her and take her to the temple. She gets there and everything is fine but on the way back, there is heavy rains so she gets drenched and then stuck in traffic as there is water everywhere.  Aman takes her to his home and she changes into his sister's clothes before continuing on their journey.
  • I really like that Aarti  is telling everything that happened and even though she knows that the scene will look inappropriate she does not hide the fact that Aman's family was not present so I admire her for that.
  • Bua on the other hand was adamant on blaming Aarti's character. She had a logical explanation for the situation but Bua's mind does not want to accept defeat so easily and so she tries her level best to insinuate that something else happened between Aarti and Aman that night. Aarti and Aman are disgusted by her way of thinking and even Vidhi and Gayatri seem to understand her helplessness. Bua even assumes that Yash is at home waiting on Aarti but Aarti corrects her saying that Yash and the kids also spent the night at his friend's home because of the weather.
  • Despite Bua's comments, Aarti continues to explain that she didn't get a chance to inform Yash as they came home tired and Ansh got injured so they had to take him to the doctor so it slipped her so Gayatri asked her if she didn't tell him how did he find out.
  •  Aman apologises for interrupting and takes up the story stating that since he was going to be away on business, he asked the driver to drop Aarti's clothes and it was delivered to Yash so they assume that this is what got him so upset as he left immediately for Bhopal. I don't think that this is the full reason as the driver could have probably made some inappropriate comment about Aarti and Aman's relationship. Also Yash is not aware that Aman is  behaving in such a manner to make him jealous and admit his feelings for Aarti so after hearing such comments, he just assumes that it is the truth and the hurt that he is feeling comes out in the way he reacted.
  • I didn't like Bua bringing up the fact that Yash and Aarti's relationship is only based on a name even though Aman is her friend. Some topics are just not appropriate in a mixed crowd and I  so I liked when Gayatri asked Aman to leave so that the women can have a conversation with Aarti.

This turned out longer than I expected but then there was so much little things to note in the episode. Looking forward to tomorrow's.

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Deepti1808 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:21pm | IP Logged
Maybe yashudas needs to hear her say ILU one more time and mean it.

Once that happens he will come out all guns blazing. 
He himself said that he has no HUKK on her to punish her so once he has the confidence that he really does have the so called hukk he will blurt out about what is eating him.

Arr baba itna bura bartav karne par toh aarti might be having second thoughts about actually loving yashudas. She will be thinking " i dont deserve this treatment. i have had my share of tears with Prashant i dont want to live that life again. I will do tritiya vivah with aman. He seems more my kind of a guy. And he is already waiting with a varmala"

What will happen today i wonder?

Going off for holidays tomorrow. No internet , no hindi tv channels. Will be back on 16th. So guys please forget me not.

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
@Deepthi: Have a nice holiday!

@All: A member on the main forum posted this tiny spoiler from her dth service. Check it! Cool


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Kittya_Cullen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
Once again, I cannot remember the details of who said what. I really don't know how I can remember details from a video and yet not memorise the exact quotes I wish to mention from you guysCry.
@ Jyo: Your points have really made me think tonightEmbarrassed!
@ Indu: Sigh...why must you always make me go soft toward Yash? It may not be your intention, but your words make me remove my emotions and once again be the objective viewer...for nowLOL
@ Sam: When I read your analogy of the fire, the geyser, and the our two confused lovers- to- be, I was once again left staring open- mouthed at my screen. Could you please stop making me do that?Confused And thank you for the compliment!Embarrassed
@Kirthi: It has never failed to disturb me that men are constantly excused for so many behavioural mishaps and foolishness, while women are harangued, abused, and insulted when the situation only seems terrible. Even in addressing the issue, a woman is referred to with degrading, lowly names, while a man gets away with cute terms like playboy, loverboy, casanovaLOL, "boss", etc. Nonsense!!!
@Saf24: The first thing that came to my mind during the time Bhua was insulting Aarti was how could she stoop so low as to mention intimate details of Yash and Aarti's married life? To exacerbate matters, it was infront of a guest and stranger of the home. Not only this, but why the hickory is Yash's bedroom a thoroughfare for the Scindia family discussions? Does no one else in the family have a s**ual life to attend to? I knew Bhua was awful, but today, I realised that she is truly evil for the sake of being evil. In other serials, most evil characters have a goal- let me make X's life miserable so that I can get the property or let me kill Y so that I can marry B and have his babies. However, never in all my serial watching, (Kasamh Se, Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan, Saat Phere, Choti Bahu 1 &2, Agle Janam, YMGGK, etc.) have I had to see a character whose only motivation for causing misery and pain, is the reward of said misery and pain. No property, no wealth, no revenge, nada, zilch, nyet, nahin, ne pas, nothing but to be a source of misery for Aarti and Ansh. Absolutely revoltingDead

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Kittya_Cullen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Deepti1808

Maybe yashudas needs to hear her say ILU one more time and mean it.

Once that happens he will come out all guns blazing. 
He himself said that he has no HUKK on her to punish her so once he has the confidence that he really does have the so called hukk he will blurt out about what is eating him.

Arr baba itna bura bartav karne par toh aarti might be having second thoughts about actually loving yashudas. She will be thinking " i dont deserve this treatment. i have had my share of tears with Prashant i dont want to live that life again. I will do tritiya vivah with aman. He seems more my kind of a guy. And he is already waiting with a varmala"

What will happen today i wonder?

Going off for holidays tomorrow. No internet , no hindi tv channels. Will be back on 16th. So guys please forget me not.

Have a great holiday!!!! Hopefully by the time you get back, Bhua will have her own PV, or would have been kicked out of the houseClapClap Maybe Yash will actually have revealed his POV by then as wellShocked

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redeye2012 Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:57pm | IP Logged

@Sam:  The kids have taken a back-seat, thanks to Yash's overriding need for attention and solace.  What about 'dhokha' to his kids? His ego prevents him from even visiting the kids. He has made this all about himself.  It appears like he cannot survive without a crutch. The crutch has to be in the form of romance or an illusion of romance. Now, neither is available to him, as you pointed out and he's falling apart. 




Whatever Yash's inner conflicts, he brought them into the public's eye, the moment he snuffed the flame out at the threshold.  And after having progressively increased the publicity quotient with his other antics, he has every Tom, Dick,Harry, Bhavri, and Chagan in Mumbai, Bhopal, and Denmark discussing, analyzing, and racking their brains over his angst, while he refuses to divulge or if anything, speaks mysteriously, and responds only to multiple choice answers, as he waits for Aarti to arrive at the right answer. And he's back to designing as though nothing happened.   



Where really is his sense of fairness?  He knows he has the entire family in an unholy twist.  And he knows how antagonistic his family can be to Aarti, and yet he has thrown her to the wolves.  He knows now, that his actions are affecting his kids. Nothing seems to shake him out of his misery and worry about someone else for a change. And he has put Aarti in a bind as well.  He expects her to read his mind. He's caught in a trap of his own making, yet seeks to punish someone else.   



Can he be a better man by temporarily suspending his mental troubles by saying, hey listen, let's get the kids back, my mind is in a mess, I'm going to take a break for 3-4 days while I resolve this? Can he can be the better man and put everybody's anxiety and grief to rest?



Whatever be Yash's POV, it can't be any worse than the accusations she's already facing right now, can it? I hope these accusations wake him out of his 'noble' silence and speak out.  One can excuse a momentary lapse in one's responsibilities, but Yash seems to have gotten a free-pass even as his wife and kids seem to have been left out at sea.



Somehow, this whole thing has become a bit boring.  The CVs really need to bring this home quickly.  

Edited by redeye2012 - 05 September 2012 at 10:02pm

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FireLordPhoenix IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by angake

I enjoyed the flashbacks. Kratika was fabulous. Her every little shriek of happiness was so infectious. And I kept wondering how can Yash and Aman not be in love with her. LOL

@angake - Is your name Kirthi? I loved the flashbacks as well. Kratika was marvelous and I loved her expression in the present when she scrunched up her face when Bua was suggesting that she and Aman got intimate. But in the Mumbai flashbacks, I loved her energy and her infectious bubbly attitude. Not just Aman and Yash, how could anyone not be in love with her (which makes me wonder what kind of person Prashant left her for). Also, and this is just my opinion, I love that Aarti's character isn't overly bubbly like some heroines are made to be nowadays. The writers craft an annoyingly bubbly OTT heroine and match her with a morose serious brooding hero and then we see the predictable process of the heroine changing the hero into a somewhat bubbly version of herself. Aarti is changing Yash, bringing him out of his shell, showing him that he can be happy too if he takes the initiative to be happy. I like that Yash hasn't changed instantly (like so many other heros who seem to change at the snap of one's fingers). And I love that Aarti isn't one of those annoyingly bubbly characters (like Mona of Ram Milaye Jodi, her personality was loud and obnoxious and grated on my nerves). 

@SmileyMJ- My sister thinks I'm a freak for spending so much time on IF but I have seriously cut back now due to school. And my cousin thinks it's an illness (she asked me the other day "How are you handling that?"ROFL. I don't even come on here that often. 

@Kittya - I agree with you about Bua- In the beginning Bua's negativity towards Aarti was understandable but overtime she just became a villain with no real purpose other than having the satisfaction that Aarti (or Ansh) is not wanted or loved by Yash or any of the Scindia family members. 

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Piie Senior Member

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 10:03pm | IP Logged
Hmm...puzzles has started falling in its place piece by piece finally.
Looks like Yash is suffering from some serious case of "INFERIORITY COMPLEX". He no longer feels like a superior in this Punar Vivah. He feels that he's not up to Aarthi's mark as perfect husband @ super-hero.
Poor soul...he's feeling totally LOST to a much younger, vibrant and good looking guys and feels couldn't keep up with his equally vibrant, cheerful & playful wife!!
No wonder CV's showed us the "dahi handi" scene & FB of Aarthi's I LOVE YOU & playfulness in the rain which Yash claimed as bachpana.
All this goes to show that Yash wants to be part of Aarthi's liveliness but his inferiority complex is creating a roadblock...simply because he feels he can't match to Aarthi's vibrancy & liveliness...he's feeling   worthless for Aarthi love.
Though he acknowledges that Aarthi was just poking fun of him on the "Uncle" terminology during dahi handi, but deep down it did "SHOOK" his insecurities...no wonder he insist for Aarthi's confirmation that he's indeed not an UNCLE in any way...poor Yash!!
To top it all off...Aman proves to be in exact line with Aarthi's character...vibrant, playful, lively & younger (like the character Karan in dahi handi which Aarthi seems to like / enjoy)!!! 
Yash need to understand ONE thing about Aarthi...that she LOVES HIM FOR WHO HE IS WHOLEHEARTEDLY...she'd never set any condition nor expect him to change himself for her...
Since Yash just refuses to talk or see Aarthi...probably now will be the best time for the grand entry of "AARTHI'S DIARY", a new character that Yash should "accidentally" bump into...a book where she'd poured out all her innermost secrets...and was written way before Aman's entry in their life!!!.
The diary holds almost all the answers Yash need to know in regards to Aarthi's feelings towards him. He need the assurance that Aarti wasn't joking the day she profess her love to him on the beach.
Yash need to know that he has always been the ONE & ONLY person that holds that special place in Aarthi's heart...no AMAN, KARAN or PRASHANT (in case he decide to pop up later in their life)...sirf ek nam hai Aarthi ki dil paar...YASH!!!
With this assurance...probably Yash can defeat his inner demons & seek the hand which has been relentlessly reaching out to save him from his multiple demons (insecurities, guilt and inferiority complex).
All Yash need to do is...give the slightest HINT to Aarthi that she IS INDEED holding some special place in his LIFE / HEART...and then just sit back, relax & watch how the "MAGIC WAND" starts to weave her magic, colours & vibrancy into his otherwise dull & empty life he's cocooned himself all this while...she'll rekindle his lost self esteem!!
ONE HINT Yash...just give her ONE TINY LITTLE HINT of your feelings...which she's been yearning all this while...your life wouldn't be the same again...your self esteem will skyrocket...TRUST ME YASH!!!
Go on Yash...give her the hint...leave your ego aside...let her help you...YOU'LL NEVER REGRET!!! 

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