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5/9 Dragon Club: Baazi Laga! (Page 47)

InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 7:35pm | IP Logged
You are flawed; you are stuck in old patterns; you get carried away with yourself...Indeed you are quite impossible in many ways. And still you are beautiful beyond measure.

Yash is not doubting Aarti's character...period. The reason for his anger is simple yet complicated...complicated because he made it so, his insecurities made it so, his lack of inner confidence and self-acceptance made it so. This is a period of transition for Yash...and as such his self-worth is at it's lowest...He is relying too much on the sunlight to find its way in and light his inner core on its own...and this reliance is defeating him...making him create clouds between him and the Sunlight. These clouds...of his insecure persona of the moment along with all the defensive patterns: the fear, the distrust, the reactive prowess, the aggression, and the distorted perception...this partly cloudy sky is filtering his feelings for Aarti. Yash cannot let his love freely flow...because the wounds that he carries have not surfaced fully to be healed, and till they are healed he will continue to feel inadequate and not let the warmth seep through him...

Yash continuously moves back and forth between clear skies and dark clouds...between clarity of his relationship with Aarti and his interpretation of her needs. Because he is so different from Aarti in  personality, he is overtly sensitive of his dark nature falling short of her sunny one...because he feels himself handicapped because of his obsessiveness for Arpita, he feels he has no right to hinder her happiness, which is why he so readily let go during the divorce fiasco. This is exactly what is happening now...he is letting go...and making a complete mess of it. Why? Because this time, his feelings have taken a turn. But why is Yash letting go? Why does he think that Aarti wants...rather needs...out? One word...Aman. Yash's insecurities came to the fore with the advent of this long, lost friend from her past...one who can make her laugh...one who seems so attuned to her. Unfortunately, this intrusion coincided with his letting go of Arpita. So, just when he was coming to terms with his past...he sees her past present itself. Look at the turn of events...

In Mumbai, Yash had started to feel the warmth of Aarti's closeness and bask in the glow she emanated...in the words of love she uttered in that unguarded moment...and had started on the path of self-acceptance, when the chain of events happened. Yash was fine with Aarti when the frame broke...because it was a genuine mistake and she was profusely apologetic...and he was more impatient with her carelessness that caused her to bleed while picking the glass pieces. Again, when the fire happened, he was fine with a much bigger loss than a broken frame...till she blurted out the truth. He got upset...yes...but he was fine because she was again apologetic and had accepted her mistake. Then, on the backdrop of all the easy camaraderie between his wife and her friend, the night in question happened...and this time Aarti neither let him in the matter nor did she admit to remembering it...and that was Aarti's biggest blunder.  What she didn't find important enough and let pass as the events of the morning took over, Yash found it gravely amiss that she should keep such a big matter to herself and not disclose it...that is why the distrust...As far as he is concerned, she had gone to the mandir on her own...and then he finds she was with Aman...and she didn't even bother to let him know later about what happened. Not only that...she just refused to remember what it was that could have made him angry. 

Yash was totally defeated here...and standing at cross-roads from where he himself had permanently barricaded Arpita on one hand, and on the other, the one toward whom his heart reciprocated didn't seem forthcoming. Arpita no more gave him peace...and one who would seemingly is happier with and seeks the company of another..."...and why won't she be? After all I told her I was not interested in a relationship!!!" Yet he expected her to come clear...his feelings for her now had started to make him expect from her. These conflicting, transitional feelings became difficult for Yash to deal with. ...Loneliness engulfed him once again. The claustrophobic feelings spiraled out of control and the anger burst out, and in anger-hazy logic he assumed Aarti is better of with someone like Aman...so he kept pushing her away...or kept running away from her. This is the reason he keeps saying that nobody can help him...and that he has to live with this hell. He himself blocked her approach to him, so he feels he has no right to stop her from doing anything...Yet the fact that she seemingly blocked him out hurt him so bad!!!

Aarti is definitely misconstruing the importance of the night's events. And she is doing nothing out of character...It was a night out spent mostly on the roads with just a small break in Aman's apartment, where she changed...and the importance of Ansh's injury took precedence over the night, so she passed it by. What she cannot fathom is that it is not the whole reason for Yash's disappointment. Well...she'll know soon enough. In the meantime she just gave enough fodder for bua to completely malign her character and for her to give in to another bout of histrionics...this time, Agni Pariksha!!! She still has the fire in her to stand up for herself...in whatever manner she can. That is so our Aarti...isn't she? The never-give-up fighter...!!!

That's it folks. I have rambled...and gone totally berserk with my thoughts today...my apologies!!!

Have a nice day.Smile

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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@Veena: Great post Dear!...I believe he destroyed Arpita's pics cause he might be thinking to himself that he isn't worthy of her memories either ConfusedConfused

No seriously AarYa need to learn to communicate much better cause the lack of communication and understanding only create misunderstandings <_< 

Gotta go get ready for work...I really hope i can catch Indu & Red's takes before i leave...BBS!!!  

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 7:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zetter


@Binde: same here...I really hope that Aarti doesn't forgive him easily either but knowing our girl she'll melt faster than butter in a frying pan Big smile

LOLLOLTrue True!!! I'm like that...its ok...when your in love nothing matters but him Day Dreaming
Especially when that HIM is our Yash Babu BlushingLOL

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 7:51pm | IP Logged
From the previous tracks I doubt they will show AArti undergoing Agni Pariksha and all that  ( hope I am correct) remember during the TEEJ Vrat too we expected the hero coming and fainting scenario and it didnt happen here if we dont see the traditional hero coming in saviour thing we may see Aman taking centrestage and saying enough is enough u neednt prove anything when you are innocent and both may actually walk off. LEts see what they show us i always believed this show to show progression in regression so keeping my fingers crossed. Its only that Aarti with her low self esteem wants to prove shes innocent in a desperate manner in the traditonal manner. 

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Kittya_Cullen IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by bbbccc

@Kittya_Cullen, AwesomeClap
You wrote the full journey of Aarti till that night so beautifully...
What's with you french grils, first Prasadini  and now you.. Do they teach poetry in school or something.Tongue 
Thank you for the compliment, but I'm actually not French, I'm Guyanase. Guyana is waaay down in South America. We're the only English speaking nation in South AmericaROFLROFL
@ Prasidini: Si vous etes ici, je suis toujours a dechiffrer le poemeROFL

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 7:55pm | IP Logged
Was Bua a CID inspector in her past life? Gosh she could make a really convincing one no doubt about that.  LOL
My favourite expression today has to be of Aarti's disgust at hearing Boa even think that Aarti and Aman 'did' something that rainy night. I'm sure all of us hated it too but it just goes to show, the truth can be told with your face and Aarti's face showed it!!!
Make her go through a 1000 Agni Pariksha's and she'll come out clean. That's because her thoughts/actions are pure! I mean, I know the Scindia's can be completely orthodox in one setting and completely modern in the next. This is where we have to witness the former, mainly because of Bua's constant interrogation and Gayatri's fears that it is indeed something AARTI did.
What surprised me most is Gayatri's line in the precap: I have the strength to hear the truth. What would Gayatri do if Aarti had indeed done the deed? Would she tell her to leave their lives? I mean why did she look like she wouldn't be so absolutely furious if Aarti was the culprit? Is it because she, like the rest of us, has had enough and just wants to hear the truth (although Aarti already told her atleast her half of it)? I just found that bit interesting that's all.
Coming to the flashbacks today: I loved the table tennis scene. Ahhh, what a delight seeing Yash be challenged and not backing down. If there's one thing this man loves, its a challenge. And when it's the case of being the hero/winner in front of his wife, Yash will take it on like a true sport. Of course the most priceless reaction was of Aarti's when Yash wins the game and she runs with delight to Yash and wraps her arm around his. Day Dreaming I could totally sense a feeling of pride in Yash at that moment but he tried to hide it with his typical "I've got to make an important call" excuse LOL.
Clearly from the rest of the flashbacks, every situation fell like dominos against each other and things just happened the way they were meant to. The thoughts of everyone involved were innocent and there was no deception going on. The missing puzzle piece then, is Yash's POV, his side of the story, the side of the story he DOESN'T wish to reveal!!!! GAHH!!
I think either before, during, or after this trial by fire of Aarti's Yash will realize he needs to speak up -- and he better! -- and will reveal the rest of the story. I have to go with Jyo here and guess that he's having a serious inferiority complex. Perhaps while he was at the birthday party at his friend's house he worried for Aarti. When he couldn't get a hold of her he was upset. Getting to know somehow that Aarti was with Aman that entire time must've really made him upset and further angry at seeing her clothes being sent by Aman. Something must've happened before that which had already upset him (like reading her diary perhaps?) that had already planted a seed of doubt in his mind and his anger was further fuelled by seeing Aarti's clothes. He must've felt cheated that on one side Aarti claims to be loving Yash and on the other she's loving Aman. Why would she claim she loves him when she in fact doesn't receive any happiness (since he's always crooning Arpita's name and knows she won't fall for him) .. is it a deception to just make him happy like Gayatri wants and she doesn't harbor any feelings for Yash? So many questions!!! And I guess we'll only find out after Mr. Ranbir 'Barfi' Kapoor gives a shoulder to cry on to Aarti after she feels dejected and defeated -- something we've seen very little of in Aarti. Yes, no matter how many tears she's shed (which is not a sign of weakness in my eyes -- it's a sign of strength because the person is able to display their emotions and not hide them) she's still holding strong. But after all these accusations and no one to believe her, why wouldn't she feel like a loser?

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@Indu, nice take..
These two have issues when it comes to communication, and is causing all issues. This is all big missunderstanding.
He doesn't say anything but expect her to be understanding and same goes for her. They don't live like regular couple but have similar expectationsConfused
I was very mad when I first watched, but now after some analyzing and reading here, feel little better...
Just hope they have better and crisp direction. And some flow in storyline...

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I analyzed the timeline too while tracking all events and thats full with loop holes reallyUnhappy...
Aarti came back home at around 3, Yash and kids after that.. She said they were tired so slept for a while. Now that should be atleast 3-4 hours.
So we are at around 7:00 in the morning..
Then Ansh fell, and they had to take him to doctor. So it should take us easily atleast 9:00. Aman's driver returned her suit after that and that made him angry..
So then he decided to come back, even if you get charter planeConfused they still reach home after 12..
And after that Aarti decided to do Nirjala vratOuch and whole drama at home after thatUnhappy...
Hope they don;t take us for fools next time too, as longer the drag more we analyzeTongue

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