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5/9 Dragon Club: Baazi Laga! (Page 46)

arcoiris Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 3:45pm | IP Logged
Yash's anger is disproportianate to the incidence shown...there may be a possibility of Prashant meeting Yash and explaining he is the father of Ansh.Yash being averse to lies...is mad at Aarti now.He is not able to confess becoz everybody at home believes Aarti was widow...so in a way protecting Aarti. I seriously doubt Yash believes Aarti and Aman had something to hideConfused
Bua is getting on my nerves nowShocked..her erotic fantasies are way over the top...LOL I really hope Cvs do not put Aarti to any more tests... She has done enough to prove her love and loyalty to Scindhiya parivar.

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pvanatic Senior Member

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
did you all notice after the tennis match and yash had left. aman was talking about aarti's inability to speak in front of yash and aarti replies that when she is front of yash she does not know what happens to her. she told aman that he would not understand. notice his reaction sadness, hurt.Shocked

any ideas anyone?

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FireLordPhoenix IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 6:38pm | IP Logged
Love the new banner!

The best of today's episode, for me, was Kratika. We didn't get to see much of Yash except for in the flashbacks and oh how I loved Yash becoming possessive and so attuned to Aarti. I'll get to that in a moment, but first:

- Bua the Interrogator - She revels in humiliating Aarti. I just wanted to wipe the sly smirk off her face. She even seems to be affecting Vidhi. Earlier Vidhi believed that it may just be a misunderstanding but then Bua had call Vidhi naive and paint an ugly portrait of Aarti as a characterless woman. Obviously Bua would make use of the situation and try to show Aarti as a lowly woman but I thought fir a moment that G3 may side with Aarti. While she was listening to Aarti go on about what happened in Mumbai, she seemed like she was almost ready to believe Aarti. Whatever suspicions she had seem to have melted but according to the precap, we see Bua's fruitful results and now Aarti has to do an "agnipariksha."

-Aman- I loved Aman in the flashback. He and Aarti have such a cute friendship. But I couldn't understand how he didn't know of her first marriage. I guess they didn't keep in contact very well. However I loved Aman for trying to make Yash jealous. Amd Yash was falling for the bait as well. When Aman said that Aarti and Yash are the "Lela/Majnu" of today, Yash didn't deny or protest but just left to make a zaroori phone call (why does Yash not have any other excuses?). 

Now on to my favorite: Kratika
I loved her acting as always but particularly in the Mumbai flashback. She can express any and every emotion with that face of hers. I loved the part where she cheers for her husband and then goes on to grab his arm. It all looked so natural and not forced. Throughout her game with Aman, it looked so believable that she was enjoying a game with her good friend. Kratika and Adesh have such good chemistry as friends offscreen (from the interview segment) that I think it translates well onscreen. 

Another favorite part - When Bua grabs her hand and turns her around to question her, Aarti just turns back to G3 and answers. Aarti feels the need to explain to G3 because she's her sasuma and she truly thinks of G3 as her second mother (I just hope the day is near when G3 and Aarti are happy saas-bahu again, I missed that about them). She didn;t feel the need to explain to Bua because she knows that Bua has a twiested mind and only hears what she wants to hear or what she can use to her advantage. I think maybe Bua felt a little jilted then but she still hasn't learned that people won't give her respect because she's not deserving of it. 

I'm unsure as to how I should feel about the precap. I'm already scared thinking  of what the "agnipariksha" could be  Confused.

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Kittya_Cullen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 6:48pm | IP Logged
I considered doing my analysis, but not up to it tonight, feeling lazy. So instead, I'm going to do something I don't usually do in IF.
Didn't come out the way I was expecting. Yikes!! I make Aarti sound so depressedConfusedCry
You left me there standing,
Ripped apart by your treachery and lies.
You showed me life,
Gave me hope,
Impregnated me with joy,
Then left,
Ripping a piece of my heart out with you.
I stood alone,
Son in womb,
Watching the sun leave my life.
My tears meant nothing to you.
My screams of agony,
Caressed deaf ears.
They became too loud even for me to stomach.
So I stood up.
I grew up.
I wiped my tears away,
Placed you in the back of my mind.
Yet, you I could not forget.
How could I?
Each time I looked at my son,
I saw him mourning your loss.
Every glance in the mirror,
Reminded me of you.
Your unwanted wife,
The waste of your life.
For isn't that what you saw me as?
The filth on your shoes,
To be cast off in disgust?
Yet, I ploughed on.
I lived for my son.
Not our son at all.
I lived with a fear though,
A blight of your doing;
For if you could not love me,
Then how could any other?
For if you desired me not,
Why would another?
You taught me a lesson,
I will never forget.
Your filth sullied the reflection,
I saw now in the glass;
But, I found another
One better than you.
A being of a different kind,
Who saw me as a mother.
At first he scared me,
I mistook him for you;
Another creep,
Wrapped up in the colours
Of manly lechery.
But he wasn't you.
He was him.
He was wholely and solely him.
Can you believe,
I almost lost him 'cause of you?
The funny thing is,
Once again I had fallen,
For a man enamoured with another,
Meri kismaat konnection,
Tied up with a ghost,
This undead beauty,
Who haunted our dreams.
Still though, I loved him,
Adored him,
Admired him through the haze,
His misery wrapped around him.
Do you know,
One word from him,
Wiped all your murk away?
One smile of his,
Brightens up my day?
He remained aloof,
My intangible god up in the sky.
He saw me from afar,
N'er deigning me a glance.
Why would he?
After all,
I remained as undesirable
As you said I was.
Strangely though,
The sun peaked into my little garden,
For this aloof god of mine,
Had deigned to smile at me!
Oh my God!
Thank you God!
He smiled at me!
This seems to good to last.
I was right.
Unforeseen shadows hid my sun,
My beloved god,
became angry at me.
He banished me.
Removed the brilliant sight of his smile,
From the vision of my eyes.
It was worse than losing you.
I never knew I could feel so much pain.
My heart,
Bursting with love,
Now lay battered in the rain.
Uss raat,
Murderer of my dreams;
Uss raat,
Making him scream at me;
Uss raat,
Bringing such agony to his visage;
Uss raat,
Colouring his eyes red;
Uss raat
Bringing "dhoka" to his lips;
Uss raat,
Clipping my poor wings;
Uss raat,
Laying me bare before mine enemy;
Uss raat,
Crumbling my new family;
Uss raat,
Commanding agnipariksha;
Uss raat,
Will it never end?
Kadeen Nichelle Oksana Waldron
September 5, 2012

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Deepti1808 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 7:14pm | IP Logged
Bua is wasted staying at home. 

She should become a prosecution 

lawyer. The way she kept on 

acccusing Aarti. I thought aarti 

would just give up and say "Yes 

I Cheated. Take that BUA. I am 

leaving this court now. Bye."

My prediction yesterday that 

this is going down the RAMAYAN 

route proved to be 100% correct. 

Its like when in doubt do what 


We are still waiting for YASH 

POV.My bump on the head theory 

is yet to be disproved. Whatever 

happened to him after he left 

the room yesterday. Maybe yash 

and aman played hide and seek 

and aman gave up searching for 

yash and headed to where the 

ladies were having a 


Why couldnt aarti have just 

called yash if she had a car

break down. She could chat with

aman and he could come to give 

her a lift but not her hubby. 

Maybe she did not want to 

disturb the papa and children 

fun time. 

@Jyo: Loved your comparison . 

Yash's heart's faulty wiring and 

aarti carelessness a la geyser 

episode to what is happening 


Did not like the FB. I play 

better TT than that. Also when 

were the photos taken. I thought 

they will be playing lawn tennis 

as per the photos atleast.

For the future episodes what 

pareeksha are we talking 

All this is sooo SAAS-BAHU i 

expect better from PV team. Come 

on guys Aarya deserve better.

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bbbccc IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 7:25pm | IP Logged

Now we have whole picture of  of Uss Raat...

She came back late(very late) never once bothered to call himOuch, he was not at home, came late too again no communicationOuch. He was fine in morning, so no accident at B'day Party. Ansh fell and they took him to doctor, again all was fine between then till then...
He took the suit from Aman's driver and just thought worse himself. Actually it is quite reasonable, how else would any husband react? But why he burned Arpita's picture because he doesn;t love her anymore ... Ok we take thatConfused..
But what hadsa, he kept refering as he saw somethingOuch Ok now it make sense, why he was thinking of same image of Aarti having fun in rain. Thats what he kept thinking, she loves rain and it was raining. So he just imagined both two having fun in rain and is disgustedOuch...
And his keep repeating that he is worthless, is because he loves one who he think betrayed him but the one who he think really loved him, he destroyed herUnhappy His condistion is complicated but does make sense..
Ok, now I feel good.. It does make senseTongue

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redeye2012nirmalac99Kittya_CullenEva JQPearl_27SamanalyseAngeloScuroAniSweetyAllbut1aanyakunatInduG64lulujjjjDeepti1808ZetterFireLordPhoenixcssudhajyoti06Loveforlife

Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 7:27pm | IP Logged
Beautiful Morning/Afternoon to some and a great evening to other...Hope you have a good one! Smile...Up early it's after 3AM, enjoy a delish cup of java and getting my daily dose of reading on TongueEmbarrassed

@Jyo: Tell me about it, all this sulking isn't helping anyone...Yash not opening up about his feelings o confronting the problem head on is creating a lot of unnecessary drama...And once again Aarti is the one that's facing the firing squad while he cowards away in some corner of the house Ouch

LOL you're right boa being the one to question Aarti's character just proves that's not what's bothering Yash cause those two are never on the same page...she says apple & he says orange ROFL so whatever it is Yash isn't sharing it with anyone and until he doesthings ain't gonna get better.

@Raveena: (God i hope tha's your name Loveforlife)I'm was happy as well that Aarti didn't screamed nor cried while narrating the events Clap...LMAO at your idea for Aarti to set boa on fire LOLLOL

Boa has a dirty mind and she she thinks that everyone is like her Angry

@Binde: same here...I really hope that Aarti doesn't forgive him easily either but knowing our girl she'll melt faster than butter in a frying pan Big smile

@Veena: Ewww boa is just disgusting, the way she was taunting Aarti and when Aman came the comment she made about them was just despicable...I don't get how a woman can say such cheap things about another woman...She has no shame *SMH* 

@Nina: Great take ClapClap...liked Aman & Aarti's friendship...his plan was working cause Yash fell  for it...Hook, line and sinker LOL

OMG Kratika was phenomenal in those FB, i loved her facial expressions especially in the present when boa said what she did when Aman came into the room and joined them..Kratika just rocks

@USManenetian: That's a great thought Wink

@Kadeen: Like it Smile

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bbbccc IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 7:34pm | IP Logged
@Kittya_Cullen, AwesomeClap
You wrote the full journey of Aarti till that night so beautifully...
What's with you french grils, first Prasadini  and now you.. Do they teach poetry in school or something.Tongue 

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