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5/9 Dragon Club: Baazi Laga! (Page 39)

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Episode Analysis:

I would like to say, a la Aman, HEY, RELAX! Big smile

We have no proof that this is the reason Yash is angry...none whatsoever! This is all conjecture by Aarti and Aman. I still have a feeling that it something bigger than this. I don't think Yash doubted Aarti's character, but then even if he did, it is a good thing because Aarti can finally treat him like a person and not a god.

See you have to see the situation from Yash's perspective. Aarti said she was going to the mandir and then obviously met Aman...only to have her clothes returned the next day. It really does look like she lied just to meet Aman and left the kids with Yash, which is why he made that sarcastic remark when they left about her not being the only one who cared for the kids. And I think the clincher here is that she didn't get a chance to tell him. If she had told him up front then I think he would have been totally fine, but she didn't and it must have looked like she was hiding it from him.

I think this makes a lot of sense actually because it explains the waves of Yash's anger and madness. I think the real craziness set in when he realised he had given up on his magical connection with Arpita's stuff for Aarti, only to find that she had "cheated" him. And he got more and more aggravated because Aarti was "pretending" not to know what happened when he thought she did it on purpose.

Something important to remember is that Yash does not mind Aarti's mistakes as long as they are unintentional, the perfect example of this being when she broke Arpita's picture frame. When that flashback had aired I had said that it was sort of a reverse foreshadowing of what had actually happened to make Yash angry. There, Aarti did not commit the mistake of breaking the frame on purpose and Yash forgave her immediately and tended to her cut. Aarti also knew precisely what she had done wrong so she was able to fix it immediately. Here the opposite happened. Yash thinks that Aarti betrayed him on purpose and Aarti had no idea what she had done wrong so she had no way of fixing it...and so the situation got worse and worse.

And it all relates back to the fire episode too for the symbolism of the wiring and the geyser, i.e, Yash's deep seated problems (the faulty and old wiring that needed to be updated) and Aartis' carelessness, the two of which collided to create the explosion that led to the fire. Yash did not communicate the depth of emotion he was feeling towards Aarti, how could he when he had told her so definitively that he could never care for her? So Aarti had no way of knowing how sensitive and volatile his wiring was. And by not telling him (which I do believe was careless of her) she "left the geyser on." As a result the newfound faith inside Yash was burned in a blazing fire that erupted within him, and that faith was more necessary to him at that moment than even Arpita's memories because it was the thin thread he was holding onto that was leading him back to life and light.

So it is a combination of Yash's faulty wiring AND Aarti's carelessness that led the fire to break out inside him. And it flared up so fast that neither he, nor anyone else could even try to control it. That is why he never had the good sense to ask Aarti for an explanation. He was completely consumed by this fire and had no faith left to spare her. Then when he returned to Bhopal, he found he had also lost his connection with Arpita, not being able to go back to sleep after being thoroughly awakened during the Mumbai sojourn.  Now every time he looked at Arpita's pictures he remembered only his own loneliness and isolation...the grave he thinks he dug for himself. He told Aarti he could never feel for her and as a result he "lost her" to another just as she was making a place in his heart. Then to make matters worse, he realises he also lost Arpita by letting her fade into a pleasant memory, in order to embrace the present with that same Aarti. This is his own, self-made hell, where he has nothing and no one all because of his own stubbornness. That is why he is punishing himself, that is why he says he has no right to punish Aarti: because even if she did go off with Aman, Yash knows she didn't technically betray him by his own definitions. And yet he trusted her to wait for him, without him having to ask her. So he feels betrayed but knows that he has no right to, and that feeling of betrayal is the punishment he is talking about, I think.

The point I am trying to make is that it doesn't matter to Yash what Aarti did with Aman that night. What is torturing him more is the possibility that opened up, that Aarti could go off with someone else, and that he could do nothing to stop her by his own definition of their relationship. And if she must go, I think he wants it to be as easy and quick for her as possible, just like he did with the almost divorce, so he is pushing her away with his anger and his madness, hoping that she will be pushed to stop standing by this marriage on principle and be actually happy with a person she loves (shout out to Kirthi...it makes total sense now!), and not have to sneak around.

About the agnipariksha thing, it sucks but it goes with Aarti's character to a tee. She is always waiting for these dramatic moments to punish herself and prove her love. So maybe while on other shows I feel like they are showing injustice, here I see Aarti's character sort of justifying her own humiliation sometimes. She totally gets a high off of these types of moments.

I don't think this is regressive at all to be honest because it is showing regressive behaviour, but always in a negative light. Why do you think everyone has taken to Aman so much? Because he is being portrayed as a ray of hope in a regressive quagmire.

Also, I finally saw some depth to Bua today. She was totally projecting her own desires onto Aarti. Did you see the look on her face when she saw Aman? Her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Everyone is basically projecting what they would do on to Aarti and so misunderstanding her, which I find fascinating.

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by KamliKudi

Originally posted by jikky_84

But now in a very rude or violent manner Ouch Don't you think his reaction should have been more violent if he thought its Aman who is responsible for all these Ouch
HMM it could be because Aman is a outsider thats why he didn't get all violent on Aman.

Even, then is it a small thing Ouch Yash is felt cheated I guess more because Arati hid such a thing from him Ouch Ouch

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
@Borna : Gayatri surprised me too .. she actually was acting matured here and not like a typical saas ... she was trying to get into the depth of the whole matter rather than concentrating on bua's one track one night stand crap Angry... Even in Precap , Gayatri dint ask for any agni pareeksha , she was actually trying to ask a serious question which any adult mother will ask her daughter in such kind of scenario I feel .. Its India after all Ouch...

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
@ MeliciousDreams :

Nice take... SmileI esp liked the part abt ppl not being open minded and progressive... thats so true...but what they are showing abt  Aarti's reaction to all this is what is irking... esp the agni-pariksha and all...how much of insults...accusations should a woman take ??? How much should she bear???? in the name of a wife or a bahu...Confused

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kt25 Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyoti06

@Borna : Gayatri surprised me too .. she actually was acting matured here and not like a typical saas ... she was trying to get into the depth of the whole matter rather than concentrating on bua's one track one night stand crap Angry... Even in Precap , Gayatri dint ask for any agni pareeksha , she was actually trying to ask a serious question which any adult mother will ask her daughter in such kind of scenario I feel .. Its India after all Ouch...
@Jyoti - I completely agree with your post. Gayathri was way more level headed and most of all calm and composed trying to come up with a solution to get them all out of this mess.

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Eva JQ IF-Dazzler
Eva JQ
Eva JQ

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
@Samana:  thank you for a long and beautiful take. i love it. Heart

as you wrote :

 And yet he trusted her to wait for him, without him having to ask her. So he feels betrayed but knows that he has no right to, and that feeling of betrayal is the punishment he is talking about, I think.

that's so sweet Samana. All this while he knows she is there, waiting and waiting for him to come out from Arpita's Land but does he really realize that while waiting for him to come out, she is actually hurt by his words and affections to Arpita's photos and pics??? I wonder when will he ever stop from hurting herConfused

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jikky_84 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
@ Samana,

I think, Yash felt cheated because he thinks that she deliberately hid that nigh's happenings from him and if we go with Yash's character, that is one thing he hates LIES (in which ever way it may be)

Like you said, he cannot stop Arati from going away based on his own set rules but, then when Ansh gave the speech and told that his Mama admire chupke chupke his father and then all the Mumabi incidents and Arati's joke ILU confession has somewhere made him believe that she loves him and that is the reason why he was ready to leave Arpita and step out of the past because he thought he will have a friend and a companion who can understand him and help to come back to life.

I don't think even a tiny bit he would have misunderstood her, if she told him what happened that night, not a detailed elaboration or something but just in one line what happend or at least a phone call to let him know she is with Aman and the car broke down. But sadly, Arati didn't find it important to let her only husband know about this and now in trouble.

Hope, at least Arati now understand in how big troubles she can land herself by hiding things or thinking that not letting someone know the truth is a small thing.

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
Interesting episode today, made more interesting because of the lack of manic Yash.
- Aarti narrates the happenings of that night and before in astounding detail to Gayatri and all of us.

- Aman turns out to be very harmless. If you strip away his stupidity, he could actually be a friend all of us can relate to.

- Yash doesnt seem angry at all. Just a tad insecure with Aman around. Aman is certainly Alpha Male so its not shocking Yash is feeling challenged too.

- Turns out Aarti was in the most perfectly understandable set of circumstances always, just kept forgetting things. Given all this, I am sure she forgot to let Yash know by phone, sms, email, IM, pigeon carrier that she was stranded with Yash. If nothing else, calling Bhavri a coupla times could have given her audit trail. No, nothing of this sort were to happen.

- Bua is challenging Aarti's chastity..so? Let Bua speculate. Aarti knows and thats all that should matter...It clearly does not. Gayatri wants to know now and then I am sure the neighbours will need proof too. While at it, I am sure the three year old across the town will need overwhelming evidence. You get the idea. Idiots, all.

It all boils down to Yash. Yash has exposed their relationship to such ridicule and exposure. Yash has reduced himself and Aarti to having to divulge intimate details because he cant handle any damn thing himself. Does Yash need the proof from Aarti? If not, is he man enough to shut his family up? No, didnt think so.

Aarti is also insufferable. She must be drinking a cup of glycerine for breakfast everyday. Cry, cry, cry. Get a life woman. Chuck the moron and find out if Aman is available for a date.

Also, this situation of Aarti is no way comparable to that of Sita. It would behoove the creatives to respect the sentiment of people and not draw such idiotic comparisons to justify their hare brained plots. Stop now.

More baloney rolled in cr*p. What the hell is the team of writers doing? Are they imagining they are writing the plot for some half wits or real people? Lets throw all their typewriters and word processors into the agni and see how they fare in the Pariksha.

Overall, am reinstating the moratorium on PV for myself. They dont deserve my (self) esteemed viewership

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