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Credit for this brand new gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Episode Analysis

I would like to say, a la Aman, HEY, RELAX! Big smile

We have no proof that this is the reason Yash is angry...none whatsoever! This is all conjecture by Aarti and Aman. I still have a feeling that it something bigger than this. I don't think Yash doubted Aarti's character, but then even if he did, it is a good thing because Aarti can finally treat him like a person and not a god.

See you have to see the situation from Yash's perspective. Aarti said she was going to the mandir and then obviously met Aman...only to have her clothes returned the next day. It really does look like she lied just to meet Aman and left the kids with Yash, which is why he made that sarcastic remark when they left about her not being the only one who cared for the kids. And I think the clincher here is that she didn't get a chance to tell him. If she had told him up front then I think he would have been totally fine, but she didn't and it must have looked like she was hiding it from him.

I think this makes a lot of sense actually because it explains the waves of Yash's anger and madness. I think the real craziness set in when he realised he had given up on his magical connection with Arpita's stuff for Aarti, only to find that she had "cheated" him. And he got more and more aggravated because Aarti was "pretending" not to know what happened when he thought she did it on purpose.

Something important to remember is that Yash does not mind Aarti's mistakes as long as they are unintentional, the perfect example of this being when she broke Arpita's picture frame. When that flashback had aired I had said that it was sort of a reverse foreshadowing of what had actually happened to make Yash angry. There, Aarti did not commit the mistake of breaking the frame on purpose and Yash forgave her immediately and tended to her cut. Aarti also knew precisely what she had done wrong so she was able to fix it immediately. Here the opposite happened. Yash thinks that Aarti betrayed him on purpose and Aarti had no idea what she had done wrong so she had no way of fixing it...and so the situation got worse and worse.

And it all relates back to the fire episode too for the symbolism of the wiring and the geyser, i.e, Yash's deep seated problems (the faulty and old wiring that needed to be updated) and Aartis' carelessness, the two of which collided to create the explosion that led to the fire. Yash did not communicate the depth of emotion he was feeling towards Aarti, how could he when he had told her so definitively that he could never care for her? So Aarti had no way of knowing how sensitive and volatile his wiring was. And by not telling him (which I do believe was careless of her) she "left the geyser on." As a result the newfound faith inside Yash was burned in a blazing fire that erupted within him, and that faith was more necessary to him at that moment than even Arpita's memories because it was the thin thread he was holding onto that was leading him back to life and light.

So it is a combination of Yash's faulty wiring AND Aarti's carelessness that led the fire to break out inside him. And it flared up so fast that neither he, nor anyone else could even try to control it. That is why he never had the good sense to ask Aarti for an explanation. He was completely consumed by this fire and had no faith left to spare her. Then when he returned to Bhopal, he found he had also lost his connection with Arpita, not being able to go back to sleep after being thoroughly awakened during the Mumbai sojourn.  Now every time he looked at Arpita's pictures he remembered only his own loneliness and isolation...the grave he thinks he dug for himself. He told Aarti he could never feel for her and as a result he "lost her" to another just as she was making a place in his heart. Then to make matters worse, he realises he also lost Arpita by letting her fade into a pleasant memory, in order to embrace the present with that same Aarti. This is his own, self-made hell, where he has nothing and no one all because of his own stubbornness. That is why he is punishing himself, that is why he says he has no right to punish Aarti: because even if she did go off with Aman, Yash knows she didn't technically betray him by his own definitions. And yet he trusted her to wait for him, without him having to ask her. So he feels betrayed but knows that he has no right to, and that feeling of betrayal is the punishment he is talking about, I think.

The point I am trying to make is that it doesn't matter to Yash what Aarti did with Aman that night. What is torturing him more is the possibility that opened up, that Aarti could go off with someone else, and that he could do nothing to stop her by his own definition of their relationship. And if she must go, I think he wants it to be as easy and quick for her as possible, just like he did with the almost divorce, so he is pushing her away with his anger and his madness, hoping that she will be pushed to stop standing by this marriage on principle and be actually happy with a person she loves (shout out to Kirthi...it makes total sense now!), and not have to sneak around.

About the agnipariksha thing, it sucks but it goes with Aarti's character to a tee. She is always waiting for these dramatic moments to punish herself and prove her love. So maybe while on other shows I feel like they are showing injustice, here I see Aarti's character sort of justifying her own humiliation sometimes. She totally gets a high off of these types of moments.

I don't think this is regressive at all to be honest because it is showing regressive behaviour, but always in a negative light. Why do you think everyone has taken to Aman so much? Because he is being portrayed as a ray of hope in a regressive quagmire.

Also, I finally saw some depth to Bua today. She was totally projecting her own desires onto Aarti. Did you see the look on her face when she saw Aman? Her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Everyone is basically projecting what they would do on to Aarti and so misunderstanding her, which I find fascinating.

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Short and Crisp Title Samana


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Loved the title samana ;) oh and welcome back...i can't believe i forgot you were bacl LOL sorry for the late welcome gawjuz. *Hugs*

here's my take from yeseteday's episode for those who haven't read it yet =D

My Take =D

Well the beginning itself was pretty expected. Yash was continuously going to do the dhoka jaap and BAM! We have aarti with aman to irritate yash even more. I am surprised pankaj didn't ask Aarti about aman, when aman interfered between him and aarti LOL and yash's anger was pretty obvious, though I felt that he's not angry with aman, he's angry at aarti! The way yash looked at aman, he wasn't angry. Nor did we see him ask aman what he was doing in his house. Had yash been angry at aman then we would've seen yash blast off at him but he's plain angry at aarti. Even when he saw the two standing near the door, yash says "Bhaiya, inhe kahiye ki yeh yahan se chali jaaye." (He wanted aarti to leave. He didn't refer two aman and aarti.)

Any ways carrying on with Vidhi and her blast off. Seriously since when did she become so narrow minded? Or maybe she was always narrow-minded but we noticed it today. She claimed to trust aarti and took her like a younger sister yet she didn't once bother asking her before accusing her about all that stuff. I fight a lot with my sister but not once do I accuse her for things without confronting it with her first. Vidhi should've asked aarti who aman was and what's with all these photos. Vidhi sort of shut up when aarti told her that it was yash himself who took those photos and that he was present all the time. And why is it always Aarti that is blamed for everything? Yes we know Aarti is a ghajni, and I really dunno how can she forget such big thing. Coz after watching the flashback it is impossible to forget that this could be the reason, as we saw aman clearly tell aarti that yes! Yash is her aashiq. How can aarti forget that she had a bet with aman on yash. honestly had it been me, this aman would've been the first thing to pop up in my mind coz after he entered and how yash decided to leave the next morning after she got home late. Aren't such things so obvious? Or the Cvs just forgot about all this in order to move the storyline ahead and now they are realizing it coz such mistakes are really standing out now.

Coming to the flashback, this time I literally shut my logical mind coz I wanted to enjoy something sweet after a long time! So didn't care how one earth did aman get to know that aarti was in Mumbai and that was her house. And didn't think why yash ji didn't really say anything to aarti ji when she mentioned rain in front him. LOL (this pretty much was obvious how yash is completely over Arpita) I almost choked on my water the minute I saw yash punch aman. I was like What The! Did yash ji just punch aman and said "how dare you touch my wife?" ROFL

Aman is certainly a treat to watch coz he brings in positivity in the atmosphere; he makes it feel as if things will be okay. I loved how aman noticed within the first meeting itself that yash loves aarti. After all zor ka punch koi aise thodi na maarega LOL and I liked how aarti was so open to aman, she didn't hesitate to say anything to him, from the remarriage to the fact that she's head over heels for this Yash! And aman continuously saying "tera yash" sounded too cute LOL

Yash's epic expression...when aman grabs aarti's hand, jealousy is clearly seen on his face. Him continuously keeping an eye on the two while they had their own moments laughing and having fun. There was a line that yash said "There's no place for fear when there is trust in a relationship." What happened to yash ji now? Is he so much angry about aarti getting late that he trusts her no more? Yash is aware of aman's flirty nature, he's seen it himself! Oh well...i better not judge yash ji and his anger until I hear his side of the story LOL

I loved the way aman praised aarti and flirted around with her in front of yash to get a reaction out of him...and we did. Yash told aarti what color suits her best. Yellow it was...haha honestly the first thing that came into my mind was the bathroom scene. Coz aarti wore yellow in that scene ROFL any ways...we know we'll be enjoying these fb scenes for a while Wink

What I hated the most was gayatri...what on earth did she mean by that "prove it that you are still pure." Does she really think aarti will cross her limits with another guy? Must say gayatri really pointed her finger at aarti's character. Bhua has been told off for it by aarti already and I loved it...now I feel aarti should give a dose of their own medicine to gayatri and yash! enuf is enuf with all these accusations. Sometimes I really wonder whether aarti actually has a thing called self-respect :| oh well...i should jump to any conclusions...can't wait for 2nites episode ;)


My Theory:

okay this is what i think may have happened. since we all know aman has decided to flirt around with aarti and play tricks in order to get yash ji jealous so we get to see yash's possessiveness for aarti. and since aarti said that yash and her went out with aman a few times and had a blast, so I guess this one time yash refused to go along with the two, and asks aarti to go along with aman and have fun...now we all know yash ji is probably reached to the peak of the jealousy. Yash is restless and has his eyes set on the clock which is ticking 8,9,10...Yash waited for aarti at the dinner table assuming that she'd have dinner with him. no sign of aarti...the clock sturck 12, yash ji tensed because it's heavily raining outside and he cannot get in touch with aman or aarti. yash is super duper angry at aarti for being so irresponsible about such matter. the clock strikes 3, aman drops aarti home. aman had probably asked aarti to pretend as if nothing happened and to act all normal in order to make yash ji even more jealous. so when aarti got home, aman probably blabbered on about how much fun him and aarti had that they completely lost track of time. aarti didnt bother telling yash where she was and why she took long coz aman had asked her not to...nd this is what got yash so angry because he has started to think that he holds no importance in aarti's life. he has no value and he means nothing to her and that's why she didn't bother to give an explanation about what got her so late while he was worried sick for her at home all this time!

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Will post some songs today, well I must say CV's are kinda confused and with bhai and  bahen making appearance to promote their movies things are dragged even further!  Just not liking the way they showing Aarti as a weak link here, ZEE TV  bahus always crying and sacrificing, is this what Indian woman are about, times have changed and TV should too!

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RESERVED for today's episode analysis =D

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 AarYa and Character consistency Smile

Today I just had to list out few things about Yash and Aarti's character consistency since I see lots of posts showing concerns regarding Aarti's character getting ruined or Yash's character getting ruined Ouch...
So this post is in defence of both Aarti and Yash as I feel their character consistency is perfectly mentioned in the show till now Approve...
Tell me honestly ..what is the fun of watching perfect characters in a serial  ?? I will anyday watch a Barjatiya marriage album than a daily soap then LOLLOL...Mayb I think differently .. but I feel its fun to watch flawed characters and their transformation into flawless ones than watch a flawless perfect character turning into a flawed one LOL
For me Yash and Aarti were always flawed .. Aarti hiding truth of her divorcee status and Yash over obsessed with Arpita  itself is their biggest flaw .. so where is the question of ruining these characters come from ?? I see their current actions as part of their character consistency to b honest as these characters were already flawed right from start of the serial and we r yet to see the transformation Smile...So Yash's current outburst and Aarti's current night blunder are part of their characterisation only ... Aarti was always known to make silly blunders and not realise it till someone like Shobha gives her a jerk and Yash was always known to make extreme judgements and not listen to others till someone gives him a reality check  ... They r still the same Smile...Let the story unfold and then we can shout  about perfection Embarrassed ..
For me characters r ruined when they make certain promises, gives big lecture of love and relationships and then do the opposite  .. Like today if Yash was behaving in this manner after confessing his love to Aarti or making promises to her  , then I would hv called it a character butchering  or if Aarti actually had an affair with Aman on the lines of infedilty  ,then  I would hv called it a character butchering ... But I dont think thats the case for either characters .. right ?? Embarrassed..
At  times we might b irritated or confused with Yash's sudden outburst or  with Aarti's nonstop pleading or crying .. but nowhere we can call it character butchering because both characters were never really projected as perfect from the start LOL... Character butchering happens when initially we see certain traits in a character but eventually the character changes into  something else and we r like this is not the Yash or Aarti we know LOL...
But here I can still say this is only the OCD Yash and this is only the blunder queen Aarti LOL .. their character traits r very much intact LOL...If I hv to give an example of character butchering  best will b many of  those shows  where every character after a point or post leap has to ditch his/her lifepartner and opt for someone else to keep the show going .. for me thats character butchering at its best LOL...well they do work that way ..so sighhh Ouch...
In previous dragon club thread I was going through jabirnou's take where she mentioned about two forms of jealousy ...Destructive Jealousy and Protective Jealousy which is perfect ClapClap ... ..What we r seeing in Yash regarding Aman case is destructive jealousy  Ouch whereas in the past what we saw in Aarti regarding Neelam case when she saw lipstick mark for the first time on Yash's shirt was protective jealousy Embarrassed
Now these two instances itself define their character consistency ...Yash is always destructive in nature and Aarti is protective in nature  ..If Yash is fire then Aarti is water or vice versa reason why there is always a combo of fire and water in every incident of AarYa's life  from Aarti saving Yash's life during floods(water) by walking on fire in Dargah  to Yash saving Aarti's life during the geyser(water)  accident by walking through the fire in Mumbai to this recent night fiasco where it seems rain is involved   Cool.. So Both coming together by resolving all their differences  can make a perfect combo as in future Yash will b able to destroy the evils trying to harm Aarti( Prashant for egWink ) whereas Aarti will b able to protect Yash from all sort of hurdles (his loneliness for eg Embarrassed)
So in short neither Yash nor Aarti is ruined .. Both have their own flaws and both coming together will make their flawless journey ahead .. Lets wait for that story to unfold with a bit of patience Embarrassed
My only issue with the CVs is why are they dragging this mystry so much just because few film actors will make their film promotions Angry.. I m just waiting for them to get a move on quickly now Angry...but like I said Yash and Aarti r still the same .. there is no character butchering at all Smile

I think few things where CVs should stop repeating themselves are ,.
1)Aarti's nonstop humiliation and Aarti pleading or crying in front of all as if she is the culpritOuch..For a change let Aarti protest strongly Smile
2) Yash always walking off and Aarti running behind .. for a change let Aarti walk off and Yash follow her Evil Smile...
3) Bua repeatedly trying to snatch Aarti's mangalsutra as if its some Olympics ka gold medal ConfusedLOL...Can Bua go for some Tirthyatra plss Stern Smile
Bas these r only few issues I hv as of now .. rest I m fine with the dragging as long as the outcome is positive and like I said characters are all intact Big smile ... So far one positive outcome of this whole track is tata good bye to Arpita Big smileLOL
Episode Analyis

Today's Episode solves the mystry for sure but leaves a big question mark on what does Yash feel ...What is Yash's POV ?? Is he really doubting Aarti's character or is he suffering from a big inferiority complex ... Only Yash can make it clear once he speaks out .. so fingers crossed Smile 

Aarti and Aman r sure Night fiasco is the reason .. Bua and co thinks Aarti cheated on Yash .. But what is Yash thinking ?? Ouch
We r yet to get Yash's POV and unless I hear it from Yash's mouth that He doubts Aarti's character too , I m not going to throw any accusations on Yash yet Smile ...If tomorrow  he too stands with the crowd of Bua and co doubting her character , then thats it , I will go all against Yash but unless I see his POV I will not say a word against Yash right now Smile
Now there r few hints coming from Aman which makes me feel there is something more to the whole Night fiasco ...Ermm
First Hint ..Yash knows Aarti went to temple alone : Yash is well aware of Aarti went to the temple ,.. in fact Yash only gave his car to Aarti since he took kids to some birthday party which means Aarti dint lie about her temple outing and she dint go out with Aman either ... Her car broke down and she was forced to take lift Smile...
Second Hint .. 2 Points to b Noted :: Aarti came home late at 3am but first point to b noted here that Yash and kids too could not reach home and stayed back at their friend's house ... So Yash had no idea Aarti came home late ... Next morning Aarti wanted to tell the truth to Yash about last night fiasco but before she could tell , Ansh fell down from jhula which is second point to b  noted  here .. another incident happened with Ansh and  who knows Yash could b upset because of this .. did Ansh fall because of Yash ?? Confused.. Is that the reason Yash feels like a looser ?? ...
Third Hint ...Yash was already angry even before he got Aarti's dress next morning  Ouch : Aman says next morning  he sends Aarti's dress to Yash which Aarti left back in his house but that time Yash was already in anger .. he takes her dress and storms out of the house .. so it means even before Yash got Aarti's dress from Aman ,  he was already angry ...Why ?? Did Yash read Aarti's diary before that and so getting Aarti's dress from Aman only added up to his anger  ??Confused... Or did Yash came to know about night fiasco from servants and is angry why Aarti dint tell him ?? Confused
In short is Yash really doubting Aarti's character just because she stayed back for few hours at Aman's house to change her dress or is it the combined anger of night fiasco + diary fiasco + Ansh falling down from jhula + his own realisation that he is falling for Aarti but is not worthy of her  since Aman is superior ?? ConfusedConfused 
Like I said Yash's POV is very very important to this whole matter because so far Aman and Aarti thinks  Yash is angry because of night fiasco  ...Bua and co thinks Yash is angry because Aarti cheated on him ...But what Yash thinks here ?? ...Its clear that night fiasco triggered his anger  but in what way ?? Only Yash can clear it Smile
Like I said earlier too  Aarti and Yash r always attached to each other with a connection of water and fire .. It all comes down to water and fire again ... A rainy night puts doubts in Yash's mind and tomorrow Aarti will hold fire (diya) in her hand to prove her purity ... Will Yash save Aarti from this Agni Pareeksha  just how he saved Aarti from the fire accident in Mumbai at the cost of burning down Arpita ?? Embarrassed
Is Yash suffering from Inferiority complex ?? Ermm
Lets start from  beginning ...Yash says Hadsa happened ... Yash also  said " I could not be a good father , good son , good human ... "  last week ...Ermm
Now lets compare it with Ansh ka accident of falling down from jhula which Aarti says is the main reason her mind got diverted and she could not tell about the night fiasco to Yash Ouch...
Ansh falling from Jhula is a hadsa.. right ?? .. So Yash could b talking about this hadsa mayb in his sleep Smile... Mayb when this hadsa was happening , Yash saw Ansh falling from jhula and but could not save him and he got injured a bit Ouch...Same time Aman's driver gives that Aarti's dress to Yash and he comes to know Aarti went to Aman's house last night Ouch ... So what Yash concludes ??  .. First Aman saves his wife in last rainy night .. then Yash could not save Ansh from falling nor he could help his wife out in last rainy out Ouch ... Aman gets like house on fire with Aarti ... he has a competing spirit .. he understands Aarti well .. knows her well .. in short Aman has all qualities of a better husband , life partner and a father compared to him Ouch..This is what Yash concludes Ouch
This explains why last week he lies on his mother's lap and says he is not a good father , good human , good brother and almost spills out good husband ...Cry
In short  Yash feels like a looser in front of Aman because  even though he wins a table tennis match with Aman after getting hurt , but still he cannot protect his wife and son in times of crisis Ouch...Yash could not even show his superman image to his son by winning in a simple dahi handi competition ... Aarti calls him uncle jokingly while Aman is the cool dude who matches upto Aarti in every way Ouch... All this I m saying from Yash's POV Smile
When Yash was with Arpita ,  He was the Lord and Master of Arpita  since he always used to lead Arpita everywhere from making her wear western outfit to taking her to a pub .. He was superior there ... But with Aarti ,its the opposite ,  We see Aarti throwing challenges on Yash from dahi handi event to table tennis .. Also Aarti herself was willing to wear western outfit and go with him to the pub .. Aarti is superior to him in every way and he is not able to match up to her  ... He feels incompetent  and with Aman's arrival ,  he feels further insecure Ouch...
Gayatri's babysitting is not helping him either since he wants to b Aarti's superhero but Aman turned out to b the superhero in Mumbai by protecting Aarti in rain and mayb saving Ansh too ...Ouch
Yes Yash is suffering from inferiority complex... Smile... He feels Aman is a better match for Aarti and Ansh than him Ouch
Fact that Aarti never came with an explanation of last night fiasco on her own , made matters worse for Yash since he feels she is with him only to do a favour on his family and kids  and thats why before storming out of beach house , he joins his hand to Aarti and says no need to do any more favour to my family ... Ouch...He says Aarti gave him dhoka because for him Aarti's ILU on beach which he took seriously looks like a dhoka now reason why he keeps remembering it in his flashes  because he feels all that ILU and Mumbai moments were Aarti's favour  on him when in reality mayb she is genuinely more happy in Aman's company Ouch...
I wont b surprised if Yash even feels that Aarti dint go to the temple but went to meet Aman  because she needed a companion .. she needed a partner with whom  she can share her emotions ...He dint doubt her character but its his inferiority complex which makes him  feel that Aman is a better match for Aarti and Ansh than him and so whatever Aarti is doing for me and my family is just her favour to fulfill this punarvivah whereas he wanted to b her hero in Mumbai but failed in it Smile
Rain incident triggered this final realisation in him that he is incompetent Ouch... he believes Aarti went to meet Aman with an excuse of temple  because he is a boring man lost in Arpita thoughts whereas Aman is someone who can make her happy whereas he is not able to do that when  he wants to ... Ouch..Yash tried to b a hero in Aarti's eyes but Aman took the cake ... simple ... he is not doubting Aarti's character but he feels Aarti finds real happiness in Aman's company Cry
Yash is also not angry on Karan .. Why will he ??  Its his mistake if he is not able to compete wiith a Aman ... thats how he thinks ... and he is angry on Aarti because he feels she is faking this all patni and bahu act to do a favour on his family by supressing her own dreams and desires which he does not want  since he is beginning to think about Aarti's happiness and dont want her to supress her dreams because of her punarvivah responsibilities Smile
Las but not the least he broke Arpita's photo  because he might b feeling he could not become Aarti's hero while Aman took the cake simply because of his Arpita obsession Big smile
Chalo case solved LOL
Yash needs to say it all loud and Aarti needs to sing this song "Tu mera hero .. tu mera dilbar " LOLLOL...Aarti needs to make him feel like a hero  and Yash needs to fulfill his husband's duty by making sure Aarti dont put her handi n fire tomorrow to prove her purity Smile
So overall more than the actual episode , I  only analysed the possibilities of Yash's inner turmoil  and main reason of his anger LOL ... Apart from that I loved the Aarti-Yash-Aman table tennis match and AarYa yeh dil hai eyelock moments  and also their hand shake which again nails the fact that Yash truely wanted to b Aarti's knight in shining armour at the end of Mumbai journey , but he feels mayb Aman took the cake there Smile...Tomorrow's Episode might either make or break my belief on Yash .. so fingers crossed Smile

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