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HTAI (05/09/2012) - War of turmoils and brains (Page 25)

rushshri IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 4:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by riti4u

This is what I wrote after Friday's episode... My Demands...LOL
A Request ..
I am writing after a long time..but had lot inside to just let it out.. and could not think of any other place...
I saw a movie few months back where a woman takes on a terrorist who killed her husband and as result her child too... Being an action hero fan ,I never clapped or whistled this much when Salman takes on goons,but I showed no hestitation in whistling for this woman when she takes on this fight for her child..At time we are shown immersion of durga.. Well what is context in which i am saying this... It is weak characterisation of women characters in this show that has made me write after a long time...I understand this is just a fiction but it is watched by mostly women so it can be made as a medium to pass a message to those who do injustice and specially to do who become victim of the same...Why Anjali or even khushi for that matter needs ASR for delivering justice to them .. Why this time we all want ASR to set things right...
Shyam in this show has done injustice that is beyond any forgiveness or say redemption and he is culprit for all three - Arnav,khushi and most importantly Anjali.. I know anjali is delusional and blindly loves her husband but now she has lost everything coz of her love and desire for this man who is not at all deserving of such love.. Why cant we have her open her eyes to see reality ,understand it and then deliver justice for her baby and her brother this time around... When you show us man who has crossed all limits when he decides to kill his own child, I want you to show me his execution too.. no not by hands of a hero this time.. but by the hands of a mother whose child he killed...a wife whose dreams he thrashed and a sister whose brother's life he has endangered... I want justice to be given only by Anjali...
I know it is love story and we will be given situations to separate lovers or to build hurdles for them.. yes they have fought their own battles till now...Thus I am ready for the storm that writers intend to bring for them ..but do show me that they are together in facing this storm.. atleast show me that they became each other's strength

well said...Clap

@fully justifies the charcter. A stronger Anjali taking revenge will be a treat to watch. Though in that case forum will again shout giving more space to DB but if cv's develop Anjali in this way, it will have long lasting effect in tellywood.

If u read my ROH u'll get the impression of this...w8 copying that piece of writing. Chk this piece

uys firstly sorry to gv u all half part yesterday. 2 reasons -

* I literally felt it
* u all will know as u read dis.

U all must b thinking how can I who always spread hope n positivity shows a danger to foetus. Blieve me it was necessary. Y bcoz a woman like Anjali who is blindly in love wid Shyam will 4gv him in future but mother Anjali will never. Dat was my pov on which I worked.

Few of my friends didn't like d idea in d end n demanded for no harm to d unborn. Chk out wat happens.
Anjali was screaming in pain "aaa aaa" but d evil show ne mercy.

Shyam - aaj to hum ye kissa khatam kar denge.

N comes to anjali who was on floor wid both hands on stomach. She was in pain n khushi trying to hold her.

D evil lifts his foot to hit to her tummy but Anjali , THE DURGA, holds his feet in air n pushed him with all strength.

Anjali - yiiiya

Khushi , THE OTHER DURGA, in no seconds gets up leaving Anjali n pushed d trembling shyam with all of her strength resulting in shyam falling on floor.

Shyam c's reflection of GODDESS DURGA in both woman. Devil feels d terror. Khushi immediately picks d scissor from d temple n pointed to shyam.

Khushi - tum insan nahi ho...shaitan ho shaitan...khabadar jo ek kadam bhi Anjali ki taraf bhadaya...yahi kaat denge.

First time fear from a woman ran down thru his spine. He was shocked dis face of both d woman. For him d woman who was meek n fully dependent on him can b so strong dat can bring him to ground n d other wid whom he was obssessed as according him she possess all womanly qualities can b so strong to threaten him to death. He was mute in those few seconds. But devil is devil, a monster wid no gud inside him.Suddenly he gets ...n start walking 2wards khushi.

Shyam - kya kaha aapne...aap hume kategi.

Khushi looks at d floor how Anjali in is pain...

Khushi - haan

Shyam tries to come closer - dekhte hai

Khushi moved d scissor in air which touches d chest of shyam...blood makes its way...shyam keeps his hand on scratch.

Khushi - hume kamzor mat samajhna...

Anjali -

N faints.

Khushi got distracted, shyam took advantage n hold her wrist.

Shyam - aapne hume chot pahunchayi khushiji.

Khushi tries to snatch her hand but failed.

In d meanwhile dey both heard sm1 coming by SUV. Sensing danger shyam flee from spot.

Arnav enters.


Precap - SURPRISE...

** hope all complaints taken care off.
** demands if ne

This is the last one in that series...

Last ROH.

The journey of ROH has been gud wid sm humps n bumps but yeah nothg completes widout dem. Dey r as imp as shyam in d show.

My gratitude to evry viewer n reader who appreciated my lil piece of work. It was wonderful to hear from u all a word of appreciation in form of comment. Thanx for ur appreciation n tolerating all my stupidity as ROH.

Nxt morning anjali was not there for pooja. Payal n khushi checked in evry room of RM but she went missing.

Information flows of missing anjali to arnav too. He was continiously trying her cell no but all in vain. It was out of reach. Arnav got worried. His heart started beating faster wen he remembers d evil. He was restlessly looking here n there in RM.

Arnav - mein di ko dhoondh ke aata hoon.

Aakash - bhai mein bhi sath chalta hoon.

Arnav - nahi aakash tum ghar mein raho, in sab ke sath. Agar di ghar aati hai to mujhe inform kar dena.

Aakash - ji bhai

Arnav turns to go..."theriye" voice bring his foot steps to halt.

"hum bhi chalenge" said khushi.

Arnav " tum kahan jaogi...pata nahi kahan kahan jana padega...wo shyam..."

Khushi - kuch bhi ho hume bhi chalna hai, yaad kijiye pichli baar bhi humne hi unhe dhoondha, tha phir aap hai na humare sath.

Nani - khushi bitiya theek kahat hai chhotte, iee par ta humhoo bolab...aap inhe sath leke jaye.

Arnav - ok...chalo

N dey left RM hurriedly.

Dey were go on searching many temples, many streets but she was not found nowhere. It's afternoon 13.00 n dey hv been searching for 5 hrs wid no clue.

Arnav finally bursts into tears.

Arnav - di, kahan ho aap

Khushi cannot c him in tears. HerY eyes too bcome wet.

Suddenly his phone rang.

Arnav was so desperate to hear info abt his di dat widout listening hu on other side he just said "DI"

" hum di nahi jijaji bol rahe hai sale sahab" n devil laughs.

Arnav mind immediately started working. Instead of bluetooth he started conversing wid mobile.

He continued - suna hai aapki di kho gayi hai kahin ye to nahi.

N he said anjali to speak but she didn't. He threatened her by kicking punch in air near to her tummy...

Anjali " nahiii"

N d work done. Shyam's hand stops in air. He smirked.

He said to arnav - suna arnav, ab soch lo hum kya kya kar sakte hai.

Droplets of perplexion appear on arnav's forehead while khushi looked worried.

Arnav - kya chahiye tumhe

Shyam - KHUSHI chahiye hume arnav, khushi...jiske liye hum koi bhi had paar sakte hai.

Arnav angrily - how dare u?? Khushi meri PATNI hai.

Shyam - humne kab kaha ki wo humari patni hai..haan par jaldi hi ho jayegi. Soch lo arnav DI ya KHUSHI. 1 ghante mein bata do. Aur haan tumhari di ne 50 crore diye hai, 50 crore aur chahiye hume...ab itna to tum de hi doge apni PATNI ke liye.

N phone got disconnected at devil's laughter. B4 disconnection of call arnav pressed a button on his cell phone.
He hv to act smartly n cleverly. D evil's laughter on DI or KHUSHI echoing in his mind n ears. He cannot afford to loose ne one of dem. He is d master of dealings, but this deal is going too pricey for him.

Khushi cudn't understand y her husband suddenly instructing his bank to b ready wid 50 crores. She has no clue but her husband's perplexion sensed smthg awry.

Finally she spoke - kya hua

Arnav cupped her face - mein tumhe kahin nahi jane doonga...kuch nahi hoga.

N his face hardens. He instructed s,thg to khushi. Wid evry word of him khushi's eyes widens.

After an hr shyam again called up. Arnav was w8in eagerly.

Arnav - paise le kar kahan pahunchana hai.

Shyam - arey arnav tum bhool gaye kya paise aur khushiji dono chhiye hume nahi to tumhari di...

Arnav gritted his teeths - dekho tum di ko kuch mat karna, mein dono ko lekar pahunchoonga. Tum batao kahan aana hai.

Shyam told d address. It's an old temple outskirts of city.

Arnav drove fast as fast as he can...khushi all d way closed her eyes.

Dey reached d spot. Anjali was tied to a pillar.

Arnav - di...

Anjali - chotte..

Arnav tries to open d knot of rope- di aap ki ye haalat...di aapne pani piya...kuch khaya...di aap ghar se akele...

Suddenly sound of evil interrupted their conversation.

Shyam - waah waah kya pyar hai bhai baheno ka...sach mein...manana padega...bhai ne apni behan ke liye apni patni kurbaan kar di...n laughs.

He continued - khushiji kahan hai aur paise.

Arnav - di ko jane do...tumhari har shart manzoor hai.

Shyam takes out gun - aise nahi arnav, pehle meri shart...warna tumhari di...

Arnav - nahi...mein bulaata hoon

Arnav called khushi. Khushi dressed up like a bride. Red lehngaa, wid all accessories looking like a perfect bride.

Shyam looked at her full of lust.

Shyam - hume pata tha khushiji, jis din aapko humare pyar ki gehrayi samajh mein aayegi aap khud humare pass dulhan ki tarah aayengi.

Khushi in tears whereas arnav binds his fist.

Arnav gvs 50 crore bag to shyam.

Arnav - now leave di.

n arnav opened her knot.

Anjali - chotte khushiji

Arnav looked at khushi wid tears in his eyes.

Couple were gettin seperated but khushi has sm other plans. She take out a gun n shoots herself in tummy...

Arnav n anjali 2gether - khushi

Arnav runs n took her head in his lap, crying - khushi, ye kya kiya tumne...kyun...

Khushi - arnavji hum aapke ke bagair hum nahi jee payenge.

N dies.

Shyam frustated, devastated sits on ground - khushiji...khushiji...

Suddenly he pointed his gun on anjali...arnav sttod up n to defend her he stands btwn shyam n anjali.

Shyam - aap dono ki wajah se humne humari khushiji kokho diya...ab tum dono maroge...n shoots.

Anjali screamed - chotte.

N heavy metal havan kund hits shyam's head from back. It's our vry own khushi who did d job perfectly on time.

Shyam faints.

D bullet fired touched arnav's arm. Blood trails r noticeable.

Anjali surprised.

Arnav - ye humara plan tha di.

Wen evil comes back to his senses, he was tied wid d same rope he used for anjali.

He was shocked to c khushi alive.

Shyam - khushiji aap...jinda...

Suddenly he hears d police coming. He smirked.

Inspector on site. B4 arnav speaks, he started blabbering - dekhiye inspector sahab kaise ye log hume yahan bandh kar maar rahe...dekhiye kitna maara hai hume...

N he showed d point on head where khushi hits him.

Inspector - chup rahiye...hume sari sachai maloom hai...aapke jo threatening calls kiye hai wo record karke Mr. Raizada ne hume diye hai...hume sab pata hai.

Shyam was untied. He finally speak to anjali.

Shyam - jail to aapne bhijwa diya rani sahiba par ab mein aapko zindagi bhar nahi chhodoonga.

N d biggest TWIST unwrapped.

Anjali - tumhe kya lagta hai hume sirf pooja karna aata hai. Shayad tum bhool gaye hum ek hi college jaise tum waqueel waise hi meri degree bhi waqualat ki hi hai aur waise bhi marks humesha mere acche aate the.

This is not over. Anjali has another xplosion for evry1.

Anjali - ye mangalsutra jiska tumne mazak bana diya, jiski tumne koi ahmeeyat nahi samajhi...janate ho iski hai tumhate narak ka raasta...nahi samjhe...isme micro camera fit hai aur jo kuch bhi yahan hua hai sab isme recoded hai. Itna kafi, hai mujhe tumse alag karne ke liye.

Arnav n khushi shocked. Dey never thought dat anjali who has always seen in tears doing pooja path can b d, most strongest woman in world.

Anjali - aur mein ye announce karti hoon ki tumhare against case mein khud ladoongi...aur dekhoongi ki tumhe fasi ho. Le jayiye inspector.

Few hrs later RM was found doing pooja for DM's grace.

Arnav took khushi in one arms n whispered in her ears - to tum mere bagair jee nahi sakti.

Khushi as usual blushed while arnav as usual smirked.

Sorry guys thoda lamba ho gaya, last tha na. Hope u liked d ending.

Those hu missed last one, link...

Take care. Love u all my virtual family.

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henamani IF-Dazzler

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hi rashmi. how come no comments on our dear ASR. good post though

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Manvi90 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Lovely post makes a lot of sense ,I guess the ride is truly getting bumpy from here on ...

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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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@rashmi di - I have read that one where you have written about shyam trying to kill anjali's child and khushi comes in... I guess if I am right..but you saved the childBig smile ..right
@hiahmad- so nice to see you here too

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rushshri IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by riti4u

@rashmi di - I have read that one where you have written about shyam trying to kill anjali's child and khushi comes in... I guess if I am right..but you saved the childBig smile ..right
@hiahmad- so nice to see you here too

correct, that's my ROH, this one after that which i wrote on the day of Holi. "THE DURGAS"

Even they hv copied my DIL scenes, chindi chor...paise bhi nahi deteCryLOL

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rushshri IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by hiahmed

hi rashmi. how come no comments on our dear ASR. good post though

thank u

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rushshri IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Manvi90

Lovely post makes a lot of sense ,I guess the ride is truly getting bumpy from here on ...

yup and we are on for it. thanx for commenting.

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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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Di , I read it again..Clap..though I had read it earlier..I followed your that series..Big smile..really nice one..Embarrassed..hope it happens in the show..would love that

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