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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

The Beast Palace: Wars are perhaps never fair.

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 10:23am | IP Logged

The Beast Palace: Wars are perhaps never fair.


" Come on! Fight back, Madhubala, fight back! Chaal chalo, waada todho, dhokha do."

This one dialogue of Rishabh to a terrified pleading Maddy sums it up all. Rishabh's complete 360 degree turn  to his cruel cruel self and all those traces of now-and-then warmth that were showing up for Maddy going to the nearest trashcan.  Maddy suddenly has turned into a backstabber , a swindler , a deceitful adversary who didn't play fair on her own strengths to defeat him, but found a sneaky slimy way to not only bow down to him but make his precious memories a  column in tattle tail newspapers.

The honest, righteous , heroic Maddy suddenly appears an A-list vamp to him.  Yes, he is furious and back to his revenge-is-best-served-cold bowl but you cannot miss the sense of betrayal and pain in his voice when he utters the last portion of the above mentioned dialogue to Maddy in the hospital. Suddenly, for him, Maddy is not any different from what he is or maybe even worse? Whatever Rishabh did till date , it was  in the face and always a frontal attack. But in 'his POV' what Maddy has 'apparently' done is absolute deceit and backstab. The way he stresses on words like 'dhokha' shows a definite loss of respect and even the original harsh affection for Maddy.

Strange. A man like Rishabh feeling feelings like 'backstab' and 'betrayal'. Who says there is no chance for him to go back to being permissibly human?

More than being angry and provoked  by Maddy's backstab which the poor girl has not even done, he appeared 'hurt' and clearly 'betrayed' in the dining hall. Suddenly, the only person he could see in the dining hall was Maddy. He didn't care that Bittu G, his mother , Sicku and servants were around ' he pinned Maddy to the wall , grabbing her arms lest he breaks her teeth. He may have said that how she got the audacity to backstab him. But his clearly wildly agitated face seemed to look at her in disgust and hatred ' disappointed that she was Maddy, right? You are not the one who ever went low? What happened  to you, biwi?  Had Rishabh been just angry , he would have broken more things in the hall, made pulp out of her arms and screamed his lungs out ' but he didn't. He just promised her a life that would be a vintage hell that she has only heard of. And then, he went out, leaving Maddy in shock and perhaps numbed by this 2 minute action film.

Rishabh's complete loss of faith and trust in Maddy and this misconception seeping into his mind that Maddy is just as capable of deceiving him and hurting him like anyone else is not good news at all. The way he recollects himself and his absolute disturbia in the car ' recalling how Maddy arm-twisted him, how he  said  sorry whose spellings he doesn't know , and yet Maddy backstabbing him. All the disturbed emotions and anger  goes into  his mind machinery and comes out as a cold pie of revenge.

Maddy is totally in no-man's land right now ' she is still reeling under the shock of " What the 'fill-in-the-blanks' happened? She is walking around like a zombie , going through the replay button of Rishabh's behavior at the dining table ' she is unaware of her saasumaa trying to console her and calm her ' all she remembers is Rishabh's disgusted face and his threat that actually dried up her blood for those few minutes. And then, almost like one psychic door that opens from  one mind to another in connected minds , Rishabh calls  her up from the hospital.

All of Rishabh's anger , disgust , temper and wounded reactions are under his control now and he has snowballed them into a game of cold revenge of fear-files on the playstation that runs in his head. The return of the sneering smirking grin , his loving 'biwi daud ke chali aao mere paas'  and his swag  are not good news again. It simply means that he is back to the one-on-one mortal kombat with Maddy.

And what follows is a pure mind game ' where you make someone feel what  fear actually means, what  it is like to have something precious and emotional get stuck in your throat , what it is like to dance to someone's tunes when you know that the person is holding something close to you as ransom. Maddy running to the hospital like a roadrunner  in 24 minutes, Rishabh scaring Maddy that he is going to stab Maalik , Rishabh sarcastically rubbing it in a shaky Maddy's face that she looks great as the deceiving backstabbing powepuff girl only and the raayeta he phailaaos in the precap by telling Maalik the truth in a twisted way.

It's a vicious circle and it is gonna go in circles and circles until the dynamics change in Rishabh and Maddy's equation. We always said that countering Rishabh with temper and aggression is  suicide and its  only going  to worsen the beast in him. Here, Maddy is innocent but her words and actions prior to that have worked against her. Rishabh only remembers her cold threats and her rebellion , not  her innocent pleading eyes and voice saying that she didn't do anything. Wo kehte hain na, ek jhooth ko 1000 baar chilla ke kaho , toh wo sacch lagtaa hai? Maddy ne bhi toh dhamkee dekar , gala phaad kar kahaa tha ki woh photos chhaap degi. So, no matter how innocent Maddy is , how do you explain it to someone like Rishabh whose trust on people is just as good as a nursery kid's ability to write all alphabets without forgetting a single one.

As for the viewers here at the forum and even   the general audience ' you will be like pendulums , actually. Periodically , you will feel bad for Rishabh and then, Maddy .Sometimes you will digress towards Maddy's sorrow and sometimes  towards Rishabh's grief. Even worse, if you are one of those  fanatic fandoms who are stuck to Rishabh or Maddy like fevicol just because the either of the two is your favourite character. Things like ' I want Rishabh to win/ I want Maddy to win blah blah and some more blah hold no importance in here. It's a war of  injured egos and broken hearts layered with passionate and intensely reactive natures. Nobody's victory is going to make you happy , just like it doesn't make Rishabh and Maddy happy as such to make pizza slices out of each-other.

Think about it.

And as I sign off, I  have to mention it that I loved two instances. First, Rishabh's mother's reaction to Maddy on seeing the pictures and simply saying ' "Kyun kiya aisaa?" It highlighted from the character's POV  the gravity of those pictures getting printed. Secondly , Rishabh's fake loving words to Maddy that sounded endearing nevertheless '" Agar mujhe yaad karne ke ilaawa koi aur kaam kar rahi ho, toh mutt karo. Yaadon ki insult ho jaayegi. Ab chalo, utho, aur daud ke chali aao mere paas."  They were dripping with sarcasm but were lovely if you forget the war between them.


But hey, the moment that takes the cake is Rishabh telling Maddy with the knife and the apple between them that deceit  and backstab suit her very much. And there , he was not being sarcastic - he said what he had felt inside.

War is war. No wars are won by fair play or even fought that way. Because whenever there is a wily will, there is always a twisted way. You  know how it works , right? People don't get angry , dude - they get even. Honesty, peace , integrity are reserved for peace agreements. Isn't that what human history is all about , hmmm?

P.S- Someone comb Paddy's hair and get Trishna a new wardrobe. Trishna's name needs  to be changed to Miss.Fashion Faux Pas. Oopsie! Bitchy much? Ah , well. Abb main hamesha to pyaari pyaari baatein nahiin kar sakti na. 

Love and luck always to all,Heart

God bless everyone. Hug

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Awesome poco...

Yipeee Me first LOL

Good Going CV's now its head to head fight..Rk spills the beans and Madhu attacks back...Wow..its between titans now...Madhu needed that reality check..she cannot get away ...nor does the people who supported her..

RK's pain was mostly on how selfish are people and how easily they cheat..he trusted Madhu on that Snaps fiasco..but destiny had to play major role for all those things...Both Rishab and Madhu needs to be pained and punished for each other this wont stop until and unless they feel each others pain..and that is where their journey of struggle and togetherness starts...

Their passion is their poison nor will he take it nor will she take it..she was as much disturbed as him...Hatred is the other form of passion fills your heart with so much animosity that you will want to have it is a pleasant feeling..the hatred passion turned passionate love is beyond the world of limitations..they can they never will let go each other..the string is strengthing more and is a bond for them neither of them can break...

Rishab's painful past filled wit deciet he never would have had the thoughts that Maddy is gonna decieve him..he does not remember her stance when she said no to her mother where she was forced to walk out..he does not remember that she is the one who saved his life..

He felt the betryal more and one the darkest emotion..what sense does he make out of Maddy he does not wanna see her crying..he wants her to fight back but fight fair do not back stab me darling...i can cut your deepest realtion with one blow of my twisted truth...

Maddy's needs a reality check when she is playing her hide and seek games with her soul for he is the master mind and killer shark...his brain works as he one can ever beat him in that department...

The alluristic movement of today was defo the wall pinning and the beauitful words filled with sabbitical sarcasm..asking her come to me sweetz i shall ensure nothing else occupies your mind..the octopous paul category..there goes the phone call..

Rishab's every veins just screams I have never known a more vulgar expression of betrayal and deceit...

It is that these two are capable of immense love and loyalty, and as capable of deceit and atrocity. It's probably this shocking ambivalence that makes them unique in their own way...


Lady Bheem ki lag gayi waatt..iron Woman LOL


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Basilisk IF-Sizzlerz

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Wow! Awesome analysis!
Sometimes I feel for Madhu and sometimes I feel for Rishabh so I don't either of them to the end they both are going to lose to love anyways. So yea I agree with you :)
And yes Trish does need a wardrobe mom hates her dressing sense LOL
I loved this line of yours 
It's a war of  injured egos and broken hearts layered with passionate and intensely reactive natures. Nobody's victory is going to make you happy , just like it doesn't make Rishabh and Maddy happy as such t make pizza slices out of each-other.

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MR.KooL IF-Addictz

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Awsum Blossom episode and full on BBB from Rk...Cool His aag wala Dialogue was bang onClap i cannot recall it clearly but Ganga-Yamuna mein bahane ke liye Haddiyan bhi nehi rahegi was KillerROFL ROFLThe taunting from Rk surely was hitting madhu like a knife Wink especially dat fight back one and gaddi se kisiko udda toh nehi diya na LOL Madhu bechari was not at fault but after wat she did yesterday especially making him 4 times i m completely on Rk's Side and watever he is doing... And Just Like Rk's Childhood Memories got printed... In the Same way its really important for Shamsher to know the Truth abt madhu sacrificing herself or rather selling herself for 40lakhs... And Just as Trishna said Padmini will lie till wen so its better to cum out the Truth in front of Shamsher... And Rk kisika udhar nehi leta and returns its with InterestLOL and Romu i really wanted more BBB of her... But still lady Bhim ki lag gayiROFLand Padmini kahan chuppi hain bahar nikal...damaad has cumLOL

btw...i found Madhu supercute wen she was cryingEmbarrassed i feel like pulling her CheeksTongue

and Padmini ki hair combing sirf Ballu kareka tab tak bear karo usse LOL and Trishna shud support madhu tabhi kuch kapde mil jaaye usse TongueLOL

and lastly amazing analysis Pinky Embarrassed

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-Sexy- IF-Sizzlerz

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i think madhu needed  reality check today,, i wanted this for her becoz  in future i dont want her to use bhatia for her revenge or game or whatever it is,,infact i dont want her to take revenge but i want her to stand up for herself from now on,,
i am hoping to see a stronger madhu after this fiasco,, want 2 way bajaoing,,
i dont know y rishab is so hurt that madhu cheated him with the pictures,, rishabh did worse thing for madhu,, the engagement fiasco n press conference n everything he did was backstabbing the maliks but now he wants madhu to play fair n square,,
the new IF video was nice,, sum times madhu is bigger nautanki  than rishabh i guess,,
ahh,, i love these 2,,
awesome analysis,,
today u were the first person i thought off as soon as i woke up for trp n i was so happy to see the trp's too!! thanks for the breakdown,,

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Kya bolun Shocked.Confused..aaj bolne to kuch raha nahe ...Rishbala ...Sigh ...abhe to khel shuru hua hai ...Rishab losing trust on Maddy, whom he treated as perhaps symbol of honesty and integrity, sums it all ...Doesnt matter who wins the game now as their equation seems to be to volatile ...Would be worth seeing when and how Maddy will be able to assert her true self in front of RK if in case she actually feels the need to do so after what RK did to Shamu 

Ok Just one question ...since Shamu seems to be well now ...does it mean Maddy is free from the marriage ?? 

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TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 10:29am | IP Logged

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-chrys- IF-Addictz

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nice post as usual...

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