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Crooner 1.32 : Strike when the "iron" is hot -UPDT (Page 9)

.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
I enjoyed tonight's episode despite some disappointing scenes. The Dadi and Arnav face off was too good, finally ASR got to tell Dadi exactly what was on his mind and I loved every minute of it! Nani and Mami looked as disgusted with Dadi as I was when she brought up their mother's suicide suggesting Anjali would do the same and showing no concern when Arnav spoke about Shyam trying to kill him, it was sickening and I loved Nani finally speaking in Arnav's defense. We now know Arnav has the support of his family, they will not be easily fooled by Shyam like Dadi has been they will remain alert.

As for Khushi, I'm in two minds about her. On one hand I see her completely in character, she never holds grudges against anyone and given the situation I can understand her thinking a meeting between the two could not hurt given it is a loss for both. Khushi does not know Shyam killed his child, none of us saw that coming so from her POV there is no harm in a visit with all of them there to keep an eye on this.

On the other hand, I was completely annoyed by her people can change and we should not be unfair to anyone. Those dialogues just pushed things too far, Shyam is not capable of changing and she of all people should know this well nor should she speak about being unfair given what he put her and Arnav through. One thing I can say for sure is that Khushi is no mahaan character as shown in other shows, things have not reached that point nor will they ever because one thing this show has going for it is that ASR is far from being your typical male lead. The mahaan Khushi will not happen.

I loved Arnav and Khushi's conversation simply for the growth they've made as a couple, the trust that has been built. Did any of us think a day would come where these two could actually have a civil conversation? Where they could understand each other and support the other?? The bond between them has been beautifully formed and for this I give credit to the CVs for a job well done.

I've given up hope with Anjali's character, I can take the denial but not the manipulation. The CVs have ruined her character, no sympathy left for her.

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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 10:35pm | IP Logged

Hey Archana,

I was just about to leave but saw your take...Clap..It had everything that I wanted to say or say scream aloud..LOL.. Indeed so agreed with you on shyam's take..he is no heath ledger..sorry but I dont knw him too...LOL..I mean he is not that sort of villain that can take entire episode on his own.. and totally agreed on TRPs take... I have said it many times... Shows at top are fairly doing in terms of promotion is concerned..and thus are getting TRPs...This show is fairly doing well with no promotion at all...Please wake up ..someone from SP should take a call in promotions soon...

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 10:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shybabe

An emotional VM...Embarrassed..

Lets just hope that its not my last..

aww don't say thatHug  Hug

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sampin

Originally posted by indi52

at last, asr tells dadi what he needs to. applause. when i'm feeling better will go watch that scene three thousand times. at least someone struck when he needed to.

That was the only beautiful thing about the entire episode that moved me...The angst and the fury was too real.."Wahi rehna chahiye tha na!!"That felt so ASR!!

yes, sam, wonderfully rude and nasty. and true.

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Anchal_M Senior Member

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 10:52pm | IP Logged

Fantastic Crooner Priya.Clap

I have mixed views on the episode.  I loved the first half of the episode. ASR-Daadi confrontation scene was brilliant. Finally, we had ASR's Eureka moment, and he could connect the dots that Mr. Creep slithered his way in the aashram and hypnotized Daadi much before she came back to RM.  I really can't connect with Daadi's character ' she is outrightly a stubborn and delusional woman. She has chosen to believe that stranger than her own grandson and is refusing to even hear his part of the story.  Sobti was absolutely brilliant in this scene ' the seething anger in his eyes, the clenched jaws, the voice modulation ' everything was perfect!

 However, I just don't understand why has ASR chosen to not give his version of the truth to Daadi and even to Anjali on what he knows about Shyam ' Shyam had clearly told  ASR that he doesn't love Anjali and she is a roadblock between Khushi and Shyam's love story. WHY isn't he clarifying?!!

Anjali-Shyam scene was very much expected. Anjali is still in a state of shock and is the most vulnerable at the moment. Shyam didn't even have to make efforts to feed his thoughts to her ' she just picked his cues and formed the thoughts he wanted her to form. In a blink she agreed to throw tantrums of not eating and drinking anything until Shyam comes back to RM.  At some level, I do understand that this woman is broken and is in a state of shock ' but she choses to act dumb only when she is manipulated by Shyam, she has a mental capacity to think of a plan to continuously lie and manipulate her family for Shyam's sake. They have lost their child and instead of mourning about the loss, she is selfishly thinking about bringing back her husband (and I wrote it earlier to here in the Crooner, why can't she move out of the house if she is so keen to stay with him?? No trait of self-respect both for herself and her husband??). She has turned from an innocent dependant sister to a compulsive liar and manipulator ' which at the moment she doesn't realize. And frankly, I could sympathize with her on Friday and Monday, but the sympathies have all gone down the drain within a span of 2 days.

 Scene between Khushi and ASR . Khushi's remarks on "naainsaafi" with Shyam were totally out of place for me. We know that this girl is righteous and she sees goodness in everything. But she has suffered the most because of Shyam's evil acts and she is the biggest witness of Shyam's psychotic instincts. Forgiving such a man not once, not twice, but thrice is just plain stupidity, to put it bluntly.  Her argument to get Shyam back in the house would have still made sense after Anji's breakdown and after Anji's insistence. But sympathizing with Shyam and thinking that he must have changed after baby's death just doesn't make any sense at any level  - I don't think it was within her character coz she has been shown sacrificing her own happiness for others but she has never been shown delusional.  

However, I was relieved to see that she agreed to ASR's argument of not bringing him back and that it would be "nainsaafi" to Di and to the family if he gets back in their lives. But my point is, if she had to agree then why show that conversation in the first place at the cost of making her sound dumb?  May be we get better clarity on the purpose, with today's "Humare Shyam ji humein lauta do" episode.  Though I am praying that she stands by ASR today ' in whatever decision he takes coz Khushi arguing with ASR again on bringing back Shyam would just ruin the maturity and understanding they have developed over the time.  

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-Eris- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
Awesome crooner as usual priya:-) the higher a villain rises greater will be the fall. Shayam is not grey he is black. Dont know why people around are upset with the story or the focus on anjali and shyam. The show is getting average trp s if it needs to survive for another year or two the drama and the obstacles in the love story should be more only then will the lovers fight and overcome . If it was just a love story about star crossed lovers we would have had the happy ending long back. So yeah go shyam for now soon asr will be making mince meat out of him. :-)

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EnVee Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Priya, you talk of silent stalkers and here I am! Only I have not made any post ever here or anywhere! So I can safely assume that I am redeemed!!Ermm

With the regular crooners nearly covering all that I ever want to say and more, I am cornered to being the silent stalker always!

Jokes apart, I like the phrase "hibernating hopes" that you have used. It explains the unrest that we are feeling about a show that held us "without batting eyelids" and also that there is some hope left. Hopefully, the writer and director will remove their blinders and take in a 360 degree view of their story in today's context rather than having us go round and round, and dizzy.    

I for one am waiting for the chess game to play out again, if at all it will. At present, it seems as if the rook? (Daadi) and the Black king are pitted big against the White king (Arnav). FYI: The king and rook work together to force the enemy king to the edge of the board, where it can be checkmated! Well, I stumbled upon this analogy and it seems interesting to apply here. It would be interesting to see Arnav and his rook and queen Khushi checkmate the enemy hold!

I hope this made sense! ErmmI am not a chess player as such and know only vaguely about the game and its strategies!

And I must say you are a great anchor for discussions on this show and for keeping things grounded. Thumbs Up

Aur sirf loha garam nahin hain ji. Loyal viewers bhi garam hai isiliye shayad writers hamein maar maar ke ulta seedha kar rahe hai! Confused

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by arch_nat1112

Priya... What a post darling! When I saw the title I was honestly so intrigued! And then when I saw the post - it was just fantabulous!

I don't get this playing around with Khushi's character, honestly. I quite enjoyed even the swami phase, and I know how OTT someone can go when they are actually hurting from inside - I just did it last night! So when she said "aap sab theek kar denge" - I was really thinking - THIS is what Arnav wants to hear. He needs to know he is in control and he needs someone to have faith in him. That's exactly what Khushi is doing for Arnav - as you said, much a mature conversation, such a moment for the two of them. Then how can she, who has seen so much, come out in support of Shyam???

And to my mind - when Arnav can say a dialogue about his misunderstanding about Shyam and Khushi - didn't Khushi also do the same thing? When she found out that Anjali was pregnant, she let Shyam off the hook without telling Arnav and then he continued his antics - so what has changed now? How can the CVs allow this to happen? And if this is to glorify how Arnav atleast will never change his mind over Shyam while Khushi can, I cannot stomach that as well because it makes intelligent Khushi look stupid and that is really, really unfair to her character.

I know I have been kidding about becoming one of those "I want only Rabba Ve and Arnav-Khushi scenes" ranters out there - but honestly I'm considering doing just that. It's becoming very hard to handle this glorification of Shyam, like you very rightly said. I remember your words from I think 2-3 Crooners back, where you had hit bulls-eye - Abhaas is not that great an actor that he can really pull the show on his shoulders like a Heath Ledger in Dark Knight (I agree he is very good though). Neither is his character such an epic character that it needs to be shown like this. That walk in the hospital really got me angry. I can understand if you have a character like ASR as a villain how you will continue maintaining the focus on him (I'm talking about just Shyam versus ASR here, not Barun versus Abhaas - though I can say a lot on that topic as well). But Shyam? It's really flabbergasting - especially when you know people want less of him. I know the story demands it right now - but the excessive focus can be very off-putting.

And how excellently you have said it too here as well Priya - "at the cost of the vulnerable sentiments of a bruised mother". It smacks of over-dramatics and of laziness, because like you said, it was like pressing the reset button. Our CVs seem to do this from time to time when they are stuck somewhere, and it's very frustrating for a person who watches this show as closely as we do.

And Dadi - God, she really really irritates the heck out of me. I am so glad that Arnav has figured it out that she is hand-in-glove with Shyam - and he is so right - she went away 14 years ago. Who gave her any rights in this house? And she can believe Shyam whom she just met and not Arnav???

Somehow I feel that the tone of the serial that we have been talking about for over a week now, through a number of rants in this space - she is responsible for that tone change. I know it's silly to blame it on one single character, it's also about the reactions to this character - but I am finding it extremely hard to stomach a character like hers in a show like IPK. If this is for a bid to bring IPK to "mainstream" Star Plus - then sorry, the channel and the PH just does not understand why and for what people watch this show.

Priya - got a question for you - was this Dadi a sudden creation prompted by a TRP factor, or the channel, or was there always a character like this slated? Any idea?

Really - the CVs need to stop insulting the intelligence of the watching audience. We are not part of a 6.7 (or I guess now it's 5.6) who can accept a lot of things - and even there I guess the TRPs were due to a reason which can be very easily replicated here - please correct me if I am wrong. We are part of a fairly discerning 2.8 (and here TRPs have gone up from 2.7 without ANY promotion) and if the channel and PH who have been around for so long don't realise that, when everyone around can see it, then something is just plain wrong. I am so tempted to send across a copy of Kotler's Marketing Management to them to just refresh their memories on Marketing 101 - the 4Ps have two Ps on Product and Promotion - both of which need to be revamped - one slightly, and the other majorly - and quite immediately at that.

All in all, I hope the maturity in Arnav and Khushi's relationship continues, and we get some beautiful moments and a lovely intimate wedding, Dadis and snakes (or is it crocodiles now with all the tears?) notwithstanding. If this wedding really does not happen, if there is a rift or a separation at this point, it would just kill this show. The PH might as well pack up this show and focus on their other priorities at this point. Samjhe ya samjhaaun?

Phew, ok rant over finally. Sorry - I just needed to get it all out. Have a lovely day / night everyone!

archu, hi, long time

lovely rant. that question in bold, good one. i have wondered too from the moment dadi opened her mouth. would be great if priya has the answer.

i know what you mean about khushi in her ott days (that's when i came to the forum), it was hard, but not intolerable. and there were utterly cute moments, many. plus, later we all realised that their relationship grew during that phase. a sense of trust and belonging took root that actually worked for both of them during the separation owing to kidnapping (by tactics not yet understood, nor motive), and helped them accept that they loved (not hated) each other no matter what. most imp, as you say, ott can be a natural response to extreme stress and sadness. what's happened to our writers now, where's the understanding of their own characters and their lives?

also about shyam the character and abhaas the actor, not quite joker or hannibal, are they? same thoughts funnily in my post, same pinch, girl Hug.

i am all for maturity in their relationship but not for khushi to become bland, boring, and continuously uncertain of her position on things. (ugh i said position, wonder what the gutter queens will do with thatLOL). this is a feisty, spunky babe, that's who asr is smitten with. not pra-san-kshara (can't even believe i know these names).

proud to be 2.7. thank g not part of 6.7/5.6 whatever.

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