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Crooner 1.32 : Strike when the "iron" is hot -UPDT (Page 7)

Newbiesoapfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:14pm | IP Logged

Priya -- your'e back! CVs listen ! You can dumb us down for some time but not for ever. You can dumb the characters down too for some time but not for ever!

1) where are the glass pieces in Anji's room? Who cleaned them up?
2) Where are the blood stains?
3) Why are there no bandages on Anji's leg
4) no one knows what baby was born -- the sex I mean!
5) Shyam seems to have a secret entrance into RM ..khule aam aata jaata rehta hai
6) ASR knows things about Shyam .. why is he not sharing the reasoning behind his dismissal of Shyam?
7) Why are you dumbing down Khushi-- she is the only one who knows the full extent of shyam's wickedness ... she should not even support his re-entry.
8) Is the will still there for someone to discover it?
If all of these questions are not at the back of your mind , you would have enjoyed yesterday's episode. Good confrontation between arnav and Daadi and a rational dialog between A-K.
So everyone gets dumbed down so that the villain can become supervillain ... then we need Superman -- here he comes!
So will the shaatir dimaag Superman triumph over Lex Luthor ( with hair )!  The kryptonite here is Anji... and very damaging one at that !
BTW , why is he fighting alone... what about the other brothers? They are present only for raakhee... can they step forward please for other purposes?
Since I am also upset with the portrayal of all the women in RM ... wouldn't mind a joint superwoman attack on the snake- imagine Khushi ,Payal , Naani , Buaji and Garima here ... Anji can replace on of these when she gets her eyes and brains back!

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-Sudhanya- Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:21pm | IP Logged

How are you? I am posting something after a long time. I was away and felt kind of disconnected from this part of the world.

A very honest Crooner dear. Loved your thoughts. That quote of yours is such a perfect one, one of the important lessons, life has taught me.

I liked the episode and I am not disappointed with Shyam and Anjali scenes also. They need to show how Shyam is emotionally manipulating Anjali. But yes the "na-insaafi" word from Khushi was something really really stupid and I have a feeling that she will support Anjali in bringing Shyam back to RM. Shyam should be back for the story to move forward, I know that.
 Priya, I just want to know, is this the beginning of the "Chess game" we discussed a few months back here or is it a completely different track now?

One thing for sure, our show has changed. The show which used to bring a smile on my face, my reason of escapism, doesn't remain the same. So many of the normal viewers I know have used the remote, but I will stick to it, no matter what for I believe that this team is capable of doing wonders. I hope they show a little more maturity, realize their strength and act accordingly before its too late.

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subiscs IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:21pm | IP Logged
Heyyy...i loved the crooner..bang on it was!!!

Loved the way u described arnav khushi relationship ya...the few scenes that were a saving grace!!!!

Totally agree the man of the house ..the one who decides..and the one sstill paying for his decision..himtrusting shyam!!!!he will not repeat it yet again...!!!!

And when everything seemed to go well...came shyam and his wife...good lord!!!!kitna boltha hai woh..badi badi baathein...!!!

And isnt shesupposed to be asr 's daadi!!!! Seriously...the same person who chose to leave her grandchildren..and s asking her owngrandson for proof...!! And the entire family..almost is supporting asr...!!!!!Lplease sapno ke duniya se bahaar aaayiye!!!! The truth that she is not able to see in the present...that last dialogue by asr was too superb scene...

And khushi...was totally in character..the forgiveness..her genuine love for others...buton the other side..nainsaafi...and woah asr did read all our mind voices...r u kidding me khushi!!??? And like u mentioned...are u kidding ??(cv)

And now i surely get the crooner title!!! 

Anjali and shyam are beyond my understanding!!!! And Looks like writers/cv are presidents of shyam fan club!!!!Confused  Yr they so hell bent on preventing asr from using all his tactics...y glorifying shyam...and at what cost!!!!! Like u mentioned why hell bent on showing the villain to be brilliant...and can manipulate the protagonist!!!!

And i wud love to see sometime the soch nayi factor being implemented..esp with anjali and khushi..and for daadi..pls send her bac to ashram!!!!

Barun was just brilliant yday..and so was daadi..sanaya was great !!!and daljeet did a good job in the opening scene...!!!! The 15mins ,asr and daadi face off had me glued and then came what the moment of the day!!!!

Anyways today is gonna be intersting for i really want to see if asr will succumb to his sister's plead..which i personally don want him to do..!!!but lets see whats in store...

P:S: kindly ignore any typos...typed in record speed..i always fall in love with crooner and cant resist to post!! And ignore if it doesnt make sense alsoLOLLOL

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Parsha Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by honeypriya

Post cannot be quoted.

Seriously--" Strike when hot."..I thought you are talking about "D-Company"...3 members of the team working in sink and  in coordination on their well crafted plan...but agree to what you said!!
 IPK team is following its own strategy regarding TRP's..they really dont want to increase the eyeballs..their viewership is consistent...Jinko daekhna tha woo daekh rahe hai..LOL..

But  rapchik..mast...dhinchak... Raizadas shatir Neurons ..grey matter all functional and active...connecting dots..Think more darling..u'll find links and clues and proofs of the game laid out and being played in ur mansion with only one active team... they think you are the other party...and you are still unaware the game ..."Checkmate"..clock is ticking!!

I loved the episode yesterday except for its khusification part...specially when CV's had to go "the didi" way then why they  made our Mother India talk about "badal gaye ho" "unka dukh"  (kill me) and "naainsaafi" ..Khushi of all the people..come to think about it..when she knows the truth...grave and dark truth.. !! 

CV's forgetting about Dii's wounded leg...her sigerian one talking about blood stains on floor shards in door-met..i hope our  supersonic intelligent chubby anaconda dint forget to remove gloves and box hiding under the bed..!! will kae papers toh HP lae gaya..iska hisaab ho raha hai kya..tumhare paap ka ghara HP...

High security ..restraining in your own land always decides against you..
I  remember during Laa fiasco Nawab  asked Nani "iss gher mai mere khilaaf jana fashion ho gaya hai kya"..few things never go out of fashion it seems..

Khushi: "Aap sab theek ker daenge"
ASR: "Mai sab theek ker doonga"
Dadi: "HUm sab theek ker daenge"

Dii: "hum ager dawai aur khana sirf aap kae hanth sae khaye toh"


hope today Nawab  starts singing his fav. rhyme "meri shaadi kerwa do...meri shaadi kerwa doo"..all 4 in RM..Dead..but waiting...Wink..Aa daekhe jara ..kiss mai kitna hai dum!!

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:26pm | IP Logged
wonderful post. 
hope they do strike while they can, or at least the truth strikes them before it's too late.
as for the so called intellectuals, should they really be hanging around at a daily soap forum? we are not worthy of their high brow attention. and if they look carefully, they'll discover we're not seeking it.

just as we're not seeking to see the evolution of satan right here on our television screens. and please, sirs, if it was all about the negative character you might have done yourselves a favour by casting barun sobti in that role. it takes a certain level and kind of talent to mesmerise the ordinary human being (such as myself) with evil. we are prone to lean toward love and positive things, i don't deny that the dark side has its own attraction, a fascination even, but our moorings hold us tight, leading us constantly toward the light. till along comes an anthony hopkins (i never thought i'd watch a movie about a cannibal with such excitement), or an al pacino, or a heath ledger, oh my fave christopher lee, and actors like that. but abhaas mehta?

and please, dear creatives, what's happening with the craft of writing? i miss your style, people. and you had loads of it. suddenly it's no longer necessary to watch that scene again. not even the asr scene. 

khushi isn't a fool. nor are her viewers.

anjali can't walk about and scheme in that state. perhaps, the gentlemen who wrote the scene have never walked on glass then been electrocuted, and lost a baby and plenty blood. just to inform you, post a regular c-section surgery, takes practically two days to clear the fuzz from the brain. also, why the rush? surely, your golden boy can strike two days after the op or even three? what was the rush? tells me, pilleejh, had to do a paisa vasool on the jodhies and backless choli, kya?

at last, asr tells dadi what he needs to. applause. when i'm feeling better will go watch that scene three thousand times. at least someone struck when he needed to.

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Dazee Goldie

Joined: 19 June 2012
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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
Very well said Priya.  For the first time I FF'd all shyam anjali scenes throughout thiss week. just couldn't be bothered with these two any more.  Have long since lost interest in shaym and anj.
   Nothing seems to move between them. Its like running like crazy to stay in place. Have had enough.

My only thought was that they want anjali to be the one to find outshyam's truth and punish him.  But there were other ways. For starters she could have found the will taped to the crib...many more.  anyhow.

The confrontation was terrific today. At last Arnav had some great lines (asr's mind working, making connections, calling a spade a spade...and BS was fantastic.  Very true to form. He asked dadi some really good questions. Finally.  Thumbs Up

Arnav khushi was very nice too.  Though I really wished they hadn't made khushi say that about shyam...what was the point if they are going to makeanjali do the manipulative bit anyway

But I really want BS and SI to change out of these clothes now ;). CAn't watch one more epi in these clothes;  let them change pls cvs :)

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Dazee Goldie

Joined: 19 June 2012
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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52

khushi isn't a fool. nor are her viewers.

anjali can't walk about and scheme in that state. perhaps, the gentlemen who wrote the scene have never walked on glass then been electrucuted, and lost a baby and plenty blood. just to inform you, post a regular c-section surgery, takes practically two days to clear the fuzz from the brain. also, why the rush? surely, your golden boy can strike two days after the op or even three? what was the rush? tells me, pilleejh, had to do a paisa vasool on the jodhies and backless choli, kya?

at last, asr tells dadi what he needs to. applause. when i'm feeling better will go watch that scene three thousand times. at least someone struck when he needed to.

So true Indi!  Well said

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-Prashu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:45pm | IP Logged

Hiee Priya and My Dearest Croonies…Hug

A warm hug from my side!!Hug

Priya Darling.. We love your crooner.. Its always a platform where I can speak my heart out about the show… Love it completely.. Speak don't stop opening a crooner .. as you always make it special.. Yours and others' insights make it more wonderful.. You all post something which I never thought upon..

I understand yaa… Offlate, many members are being negative.. A request to them.. Guys.. stop it.. We have always loved this show.. We need to be calm and accept the track .. we just cant keep feeling so negative about it. Yes, there are always glitches in any show. Its normal. We can voice out our opinion but not bash everytime.Ouch

Priya,. Love the way you pointed out the fact that, Arnav has always been a mentor for everyone. He must be just26-28, he is actually the head of the family, taking tough decisions for everyone. His judgement being fair. He is the one who makes everything right.!! Love this man to the core!!! Everyone looks forward to him as their support. He dsnt prove anyone wrong. He has grown to be a person who can stand up for himself and others. He has fought every battle and won it. Loved that piece Priya.ClapClapClapClapClap

True, loved the face off!! He , for the first time, blurted out everything what he felt. Just said it!Wink

I can understand Anjali's condition now, the girl is shattered completely. She wants someone's support. Any girl in such time would want support of her husband. Even though she is being manipulated, she is getting support of her husband(even though its fake). So, she is grabbing it, holding on to her husband for a perfect start which we know it will prove dangerous for her. At other side, I know she is not at all using her brains, not relying to her chotte's decision. Getting her "perfect world" back at the cost of her life!OuchOuch

What happened to Khushi suddenly?? It was disbelief for me to hear positive points for Shaym from Khushi's side. For now she didn't said anything. Thank God. Smile

I don't knw what is going to happen!!! Now that Anjali asked for Shyam's re-entry in RM.!! My Poor Baby's reaction it said everything.!! He is again shattered!CryCryCry

Shyam and AnjaliDead  Can we plz not get anymore "I love you" dialogues from them...Dead  I cannot digest that thing now.. caz As a person I believe in love, where here, Im watching Shyam to break all the emotions connected to love. "I Love You" is no meaning in his life.. Its just upsettingCry

Thank You priyaHug

PS: I updated short comment on prev crooner. 
Im sorry fr not updating on timeCry

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