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Crooner 1.32 : Strike when the "iron" is hot -UPDT (Page 3)

smashitup IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:09pm | IP Logged

I'm all out of review pics ... feel a bit like Arnav Dead

Please bring back the love ...

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smashitup IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:15pm | IP Logged

Is there any love here ?


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sejket2 IF-Dazzler

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honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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jakhushi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Will try and update post tomorrow Priya...
Edit :



Babes'.. as usual' a delightful crooner' focusing good & bad in an absolutely balanced crooner. And this is the reason, those of us who have the patience to read analysis, flock here despite sometimes crazy schedules.



To your 1st point ' For a change I know which posts you are referring to. Tongue Borrowed fame can be addictive Priya'samjha karr.

And yes, there are lot of people willing to read lots of words and share their thoughts because they feel a connect with the story, the characters or the premise.  I watch IPK somedays only for entertainment & on certain other days it makes me think, draw parallels from real life, relate incidents to real life. I refuse to regret either approach.
If it didn't matter whether I could relate the story to the real life I know in any form or fashion, then I would watching Lamp & wick.  

I have told you this before ' I love sarcasm (heck that's 1 more aspect of ASR that I love, whenever he dishes it out). But meaningless sarcasm to only appear intelligent loses its shine. And no amount of sarcasm or intelligence can replace basic decency & respect to fellow Human beings. When that happens ' well that makes me shudder!!!


Anyways'why am I wasting my time very precious time on this. I have loads of work and talking about this is quite pointless ( yes I do have a decent & busy enough life & job and yet have the patience & inclination to read analysis posts and discuss about a show I love. Imagine THAT!!! ShockedShocking I tell you!)


Now coming to the episode.


A brilliant start ' Khushi standing by her man, rebuilding his confidence that he will be able to fix things again. Like he always does. ASR back in his mighty avatar with the music back and booming. Loved the faceoff between him & dadi. Finally, he sees the pattern & a few of the clues to understand dadi's role and sudden need to visit her abandoned family. He said what we all hoped he would say (thank God for that!)


The picture you have on your post Priya ' very interesting placement of characters in the long shot. The family members surrounding the anchor, the head of the family - Akash, NK & Khushi on 1 side of ASR; Mami & Nani one side, separate from the group (most likely they will be driven by their affection to Anjali). Dadi standing alone (probably in the direction of Anjali's room), the only one challenging him.


Well I cheered when he asked Dadi why did she have to come back and she really should go back. Our man has never minced words. When he pauses on his way to his room, I was worried he will apologize to Dadi. Thank GH's extended team that THAT didn't happen.Big smile


The Arnav Khushi scene in his room ' again a beautiful start, Khushi being his pillar, taking care of him. And most importantly, understanding him, recognizing his signs of stress, helping him. The scene with the glass of water & her hand covering his was beautiful, it conveyed so much.Clap

Ofcourse the next moment they decide to puncture all my feelings of relief as Khushi implores him to get Shyam & Anjali meet and consider letting Shyam back into their house.


To say I was bewildered is putting it mildly. See, her believing in the greater good of humanity and that everybody can change for the good is part of the sunshine attitude. She has done that in the past and maybe the CVs thought they can get away based on that. But earlier, she gave him a chance because she believed she was the only one who suffered in his hands. It is was her self-sacrificing martyr attitude, putting Di & Arnavji before her that drove her to do it.


But today she knows that the man tried to Kill her Arnavji. She has seen it with her own eyes, fought it, saved him. How, OH HOW can the CVs justify that she forgot THAT!!! The man she loves more than herself, was attacked and nearly killed and she is ok to suggest that the kidnapper who doesn't hesitate to kill, can come back into the house! To borrow ASR's phrase ' "Unbelievable!!!" What were you thinking CVs - Nothing, NOTHING can justify that slip from you lead CVs! No man or woman would do that to their loved one!


Anjali's vulnerability in the beginning of the episode was well depicted. Great dialogues to express her pain.

Then ofcourse, she continues to be manipulated by her husband and now she decides to spread the joy to her Chotey and her family. Ohh dear! Ouch



I have ranted enough on the misguided focus on Shyam and why it can be nearly fatal. One cannot have the antagonist/villain take center stage so much that they change the premise of the story.

Especially when it is a daily soap and not a published book. People have the opportunity to review your product on a daily basis. While TRP might not be the most effective form of feedback, it is the ONLY available form of feedback presently. CVs - Take that into account and see if you delivering what was promised by you.
You cannot promise a gourmet meal to the patrons of a restaurant 'spread all the ingredients before their eyes, cook it, spread the aroma and suddenly decide to serve a dry, mould ridden toast! Just because you have developed this weird fascination for 2 day old toasts. DeadPeople will feel cheated and that's not the most effective way to generate or retain guests.


I seriously should stop now ' since I have taken enough space in the previous crooner on this point.


Other points :


I so agree with you Priya. How long will they make Akash roam around the halls of RM without a vertebrae?!!! Seriously time to build the parallel track between Payal & Akash, how they are coping with the tragedy in the house, etc. And give Akash a voice. Akshay Dogra is a good actor, he deserves it.


The Camera work ' 1.5 Long shot in a very impactful hall scene and that's it. Why not have some Pan shots of ASR, a few shots with the trio (Khushi, Akash, NK) standing behind him during his face off with Dadi. Kya boluin main Priya'. Arshad Bhai kyuin karr rahe ho aisa mere saath? Lubherboy ne dhokha de hi dia'ab Bhai bhi aisa karega??!!! This is worse state than Anjali, atleast her brother is being her pillar! AK & Camera Team ' Please, pull up your socks no. Pretty Please.


Was it only me or did you think that the lights were to garish in the Hall & the subsequent Room scene? Maybe I am being overly critical. Embarrassed


Mami & Nani's reaction to Dadi once they figured out why she came back ' Spot on.

The mysterious injuries (atleast for the family) on Anjali's feet still get no screen time!
BS was incredible in all 3 the scenes. I thought Swatiji held her ground well in the hall scene.

Loved Sanaya in the 1st scene and despite ridiculous lines that she had to sprout in the room, she pulled it off with conviction.

So long...Catchya later buddies!

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-Anku- IF-Stunnerz

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Always wait for your views and they always leave me in awe of your positivity and the clarity with which you see the show and its moments.

I won't reserve here, but I shall reply to the post in the morning.

It's a pleasure to be on the Crooner Priya Hug

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Nandalala IF-Rockerz

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"He who stands for nothing will fall for anything." 
~Alexander Hamilton

The above DOES NOT APPLY to the man below!

So, so looking forward to commenting here, hun...just read the Crooner...LOVED IT!  So much to say, but will be back here late this evening my time...Smile


I chuckled when I read your title today, hun... Those were precise words to myself as I was watching the episode on Friday...I had no time to dwell on it then, but lo & behold, you did it for me today!  Friday seemed to be a turning point of the show, but to me, we are now in a constant 360; and when it comes to characters, a random 180 as well!   Yes, "loops" are being closed, but we have no traction...The show rests on the shoulders of one man, yet that man is not the focus.  The CVs are bent on "barking up the wrong tree", ignoring the rest of the forest.  How many more idioms are we going to use here before the CVs start to clue-in?  Ok, I am going to take a break from the ranting and concentrate on those shoulders and that man.

Ever since last week, I felt like the CVs were chipping away at ASR...yes, it was Arnav in great measure, but ASR had taken a backseat to the point where Arnav was not relatable. The last time I felt it was ASR onscreen was when he confronted Dadi in his room...when he looked her in the eye and said he is not the boy who she had abandoned 14 years ago...Arnav Mallik had transformed into Arnav Singh Raizada.  But from that point onward, ASR had been shortchanged.  He had conceded and compromised enough!  

Finally, today the "spark" returned. Taking no prisoners, absolutely unapologetic and completely in character!  Putting Dadi on the spot, clearing every suspicion, and then laying the law in front of her...He finally confronted her on that which had stuck in his conscience for 14 years--she was not needed then, she is not needed now!  I had said a few weeks ago, that Dadi failed then and has failed now to understand the relationship Arnav and Anjali share.  Anjali has succumbed to the dark, evil presence in her life...She stands for nothing, except what Shyam has "fed" her...and the same is true for Dadi, too...Dadi only interprets how she wants to see things;  Shyam's story has been bought and sold to her: he (Shyam) is the only one who loves Anjali, Arnav can never understand that, Shyam has never said anything negative about Arnav...Yet, not once has she asked why Shyam was thrown out of the house; who or what compelled such action!? Why would the "perfect" Damadji be ousted?  Why is no one in the house favorable to having him come back into the RM!  In the Frost Crooner, I had written this is about Dadi redeeming herself for abandoning those children 14 years ago; and now that the baby is no more, she plays the trump card of just being Dadi and using Anjali--strike while the "iron" is hot-- to negate EVERYTHING Arnav has worked towards and built for the happiness of his family.  Redemption has turned into a vengeance against Arnav now.  Is this the sudhaar she was talking about?  Pit Damadji against her own flesh & blood?  

In a long time, I actually winced at an ArHi scene today...So much so, it compelled me to ask, how can ASR even relate to this Khushi in front of him?  Yeah, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? Many have suggested Khushi was acting "in character."  Friends, I beg to differ.  Do we honestly think the woman who rescued ASR, who played with fire, who looked Shyam in the eye and said"haad aapko hi nahi, hume bhi paar karne aati hain...humare pyaar ke liye!" is today willing to throw in the towel in support of the psychopath? The woman who stood in that living room, and untangled the web of lies in front of her entire family, trumping truth over lies while compromising her own honor and her character, today wants to bring the wolf back into the fold?!  The woman who can change a flat tire, turn every challenge on its head, and take on anything and anyone, today wants her own nightmare relived? All for Di...If this isn't a character 180, I don't know what is!? 

Or is it that SP finally woke up and realized their female protagonist  in this show is a bit "too real" for the real world?Confused   Now she has "morphed" into she who places such confidence in her man, and then throws a curveball out of left field that completely stumps any logic out of him! Who is willing to be a doormat now when she has always been above that stereotype?!  Yeah, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Other thoughts~

~Naani was brilliant today--My love affair continues!  Her reactions to her friend's truths were fantastic...Mediator par excellence!

~NK--THANK YOU for taking on the mantle of being the logical one!  One hour, a bowl of soup, and miracles...Yeah, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

~The restraining order, upping security (was there ever security?Confused), too little, too late?  No logic here given Shyam's presence in the house...

~Shards of glass; lacerations, electrocution, a traumatic fall, an operation and 24 hours is all it takes to get up & about...Logic...YYYEEAAAHHH?!Wacko Fail!!D'oh

~Shyam--Once a parody, always a parody...Can someone stop the smirking!!!Dead You ain't  a Bane, or The Joker, or a Nurse Ratched, never were, never will be...where is the nemesis?

Sobti did complete justice to what was asked of him...but to me, the director fell short in bringing a tour de force performance out of him; & its been the case for days now!  There was so much more left in that tank!  I only wish the CVs clue-into their powerhouse of a talent on a daily basis!  His 40 days have long been up!  He is willing & able...Please let him have HIS BEST "MOMENT" EVERYDAY!!!  

Finally, I would like to address the first part of your Crooner...I often wonder how many posts are made in earnest--based on true convictions or beliefs...Or is it that they are just a means to a certain number of "likes" and comments?  Or ultimately, is it just boredom and a quick fix to "cool" per their own minds?!  Their "intellectualism" defies me--because it always comes at someone else's expense... Yeah, what and where is the "original" thought?  Go figure!!!


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shybabe IF-Sizzlerz

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This is the only thing that cracked me up...bless you darling..LOL

Priya..I seriously...want to to strike a lots of things..but i choose to

Originally posted by smashitupsobti

I'm all out of review pics ... feel a bit like Arnav Dead

Please bring back the love ...

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