Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Crooner 1.32 : Strike when the "iron" is hot -UPDT

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 10:21am | IP Logged


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soni.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 10:24am | IP Logged
O teri!!!! prothom!!!

priya sweetie!!!Hug

Loved the Crooner!!!!! great take on the epi...short and sweet and absolutely to the point!!!! loved the title and ur last line to the cvs!!! loved ur mention of aakash's wedding incident in context to arnav taking fair decision for the family!!!

"this time he won't silently stand in the Glass House and see getting it shattered!!!!!" loved it!!!!

coming to epi...i enjoyed it...well not all of it but parts of it...arnav-khushi scenes were good and arnav-dadi face off fantastic!!!!

Theme of the epi...shyam ko RM wapas lao abhyan!!!!


the first attempt to get shyam back...dadi confronts arnav and it results in a superb face-off...since yesterday dadi has been irritating me with her actions and was no different...dadi is reeling under the charm of shyamu (jahan dekho damaadji damaadji shuru ho jaati hai) but has her brain also stopped functioning...she is willing to believe a stranger over her own grandson...will give her that as she believes arnav is under khushi's charm!!! shows her now famous hand to NK but i lost it when she disregarded nani's words and asked for proof...she wants to make everything right for this family by believing a stranger who has been thrown out of the house just because he cried and begged for her granddaughter...dadiji have u ever heard of an art called acting...guess not!!!!!


khushi requests arnav to let shyam meet anjali once as she felt that he was also upset on losing the child...khushi always tries to see good in everyone...but when will she learn that everybody are not necessarily good...i am ok with her suggestion if it was made because of her thinking abt anjali...but shyam mein badlav...can't digest this one...she knows shyam's true face and what he is capable of...she had given him a chance earlier when she came to know abt anjali's pregnancy...and how she had to pay for that mistake!!!! her again believing that shyam can change is as ASR says "Are You Kidding?" thankfully she doesn't push much and agrees to arnav's views abt shyam!!!


The brahmastra...for both shyam and the cvs...they needed to get anjali in this state so they can justify shyam's re-entry in RM!!!!"humein kuch chahiye...humein shyamji lauta do!!!" anjali asks her brother to let shyam back in her life!!!! i am not sure how to react to anjali...this character confuses me...intially i liked her...she used to listen to all but would do exactly what she wanted...she is the same person who went against shyam and got khushi in RM...she would believe his excuses but would also question least she seemed believable but now that woman is missing and in place stands a diluted version of anjali with whom am not able to connect...btw post MC i can understand she is distressed and upset at her loss so unable to see logic !!!!!

Arnav's reaction

loved arnav's reply to dadi...and also can see that his brains are back from the holiday as he connects the dots and realises that dadi had met shyam earlier at the ashram!!!! it was good to see ASR back...and his" NO"...for a sec even dadi was scared!!!

also loved how he reacted to khushi...he was upset with her suggestion but kept his temper in check...loved the "okay" at the end!!

poor arnav...the shock and disbelief at her sister's want!!! i really felt bad for arnav today...all his efforts to protect his sister from shyam results in nothing as she herself is on the path of self-destruct by wanting the same man back in her life!!!!

1. dadi's dialogues and her smug face at the end!!!

2. shyam-anjali scenes...the puppet and puppeteer!!! shyam manipulates and anjali is manipulated!!!

3. loved nani and mami's reaction towards dadi when they realise she had met shyam earlier!!!

4. NK thank you for standing up for Nannav!!!

5. mamaji ka pata nahin ab payal bhi gayab hai!!!

PS...sorry guys if don't make sense...updating in a hurry...have a dental appt...didn't know if i could update after drilling and filling!!!!

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Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 10:24am | IP Logged
I liked the episode and dont have much to complain. Substantial Increase in TRP or not, the show seems on track for me. Smile  I will go by character today & it will be strictly my POV. Please bear with me, as you read. Smile



The moment she said to Arnav how affected Shyam seemed at the baby's death, I said out loud, "She has lost it." It is not because how she felt but because of the sentence following which she said it. "I hate that man, Khushi" – this one sentence clearly expressed how much hatred & loathing Arnav has for Shyam & Khushi knows the reasons too. The sensitivity & maturity we have seen in Khushi over the past couple of episodes can never justify how she could come up with this conversation when the man was standing in front of her, almost open with all his hatred, frustration & helplessness. She just has seen her clinging onto the glass of water, almost on the verge of shattering it .. she herself has comforted him, took the glass away from him. I have no rationale to justify how Khushi could respond to his hatred for Shyam with her thoughts on his "supposed" change.


Now, how could Khushi be so moved by Shyam's act of a breakdown? She has seen how low he can stoop – she has seen him at his murderous best. She has seen his deception, his lust. A loss of child is something that a woman perhaps can relate to most – perhaps more than a man. Since Shyam is a very convincing actor, it is very much possible to be fooled by his acts. I am ok if his breakdown over the loss of child seemed genuine to Khushi – because a child is completely a different equation – even the worst husband in the world can be at his fatherly best. But if this clouds her mind, if this makes her forget what he has done in the past – things she were not told but she has experienced herself - I have serious issue with that. Judging it by the episode, I forgive Khushi considering she was only suggesting a meet up between the mourning parents to share their grief over the loss of their child. If she meant, not letting him mourn his child's death is an injustice – I am ok with it. Otherwise, just as Arnav said, "Are you kidding, Khushi??"

I was really happy how they ended the conversation. She shared what she thought of but she chose to rely on Arnav's judgment. The progress & the conclusion of the conversation was practically handled in regard of a married couple in a dialogue over an issue with different views. She backed it up properly with her concern for Di but I hope her concern does not make her lose her senses.
On a different note, I just love how she is keeping Arnav nourished. That little comfort, a boost of confidence she gave him outside Anjali's room was all he needed. "Saab thik ho jayega" – did not mean anything to him but he stirs up the moment she says, "Aap sab thik kar denge – aur aap sab ko sambhal bhi lenge". That is all he needed to hear, that is all the strength he needed and she rightly delivered.


"Di Mera Responsibility hain" – and he will do anything to fulfill his responsibilities. So can he bring back Shyam in the house too for that?


I wonder how shocked he must have been hearing his Di asking for Shyam. He probably, not in his wildest dream, has imagined that. It was so needed for him – a reality check. The one thing Arnav should have done was to talk with Anjali over her thoughts on Shyam after the revelation. He should have tried to understand how she feels over the whole issue. He assumed his Di will go with his judgment and there lies his mistake. He will realize he has misunderstood again – he has misunderstood his sister. No matter what he thinks, he cannot control how his sister feels about his husband. The question is .. will he give in?


Honestly, I always feel a matter between a married couple should be solved by themselves. Others can play a role if needed but in the end it is the man & the wife that need to & must have the freedom to make the decision. The ideal thing here should be for Arnav to clarify to Anjali how he feels about Shyam and let her decide. They can discuss whether Anjali should move out to be with Shyam or whether Shyam can enter RM or not but in the end, it should be Anjali's choice whether to be with her husband or not. Arnav's intention is the best for his Di but as long as she does not understand that, he is never going to get anything out of it. It will be a difficult thing for Arnav because he knows how low Shyam is and also he is protective of Anjali. I will wait to see how he handles this shock & dilemma and I hope he gets Khushi by her side all through to stand strong.


I love to see how he has grown in love – how he has recognized his need for Khushi in his life. Khushi is his life source, his source of strength and I love how comfortable he is seeking from her, accepting from her. I love how he keeps admitting his mistake about Shyam – his sense of guilt over wronging Khushi is evident every time he does that. I wished he did a little bit more than just feeling bad when Daadi referred to Khushi as the "musibaat" of the house. Well, I still see a start and I hope it continues.


I guess we are finally getting our ASR back in full form. He finally has started connecting dots again. It was good to hear him talk about security & court today – this is how I want my ASR – being the practical one amid such emotional mess. "Aap sab thik kar denge – aur aap sab ko sambhal bhi lenge" – bring it on, ASR!



I really loved the practicality the CVs showed in her asking Arnav whether the baby was a girl. This one sentence tore my heart – brought back memories of closed ones going through similar trauma. In Islam, you have to name the baby, before going for burial, for spiritual reasons. How painful it must be for a mourning mother.


And then bang! The manipulative Anjali is back! I have always said I have no issues with her loving her husband. Apart from my way of thinking, there is one simple logic to justify her action in love – if Arnav can believe his wife without proof, why cannot she do the same for her husband? Her wrong, for me, was in her effort to keep both the men in her life happy at the same time – without taking a clear stand. If she believed Shyam, she should have been vocal about it to his brother but she did not want to risk making her brother unhappy too. So who else was happy that she finally walked up to Arnav and voiced her need, "Hume Shyamji luata do Chotey"? Shyam is her assumed life source & she feels she cannot live without him. She was back to her normal self since her secret rendezvous with her husband started. She was never okay without him after Arnav threw him out of RM. This she should have done way before instead of sneaking out to meet her husband. She was trying to keep things ok between her & her brother but desperate time calls for desperate measures for her too. She has struck the iron while it is hot .. she knows it will be difficult for her brother to deny her now. She knows only he can bring Shyam back and she walked up to him placing her need with frailty but firmly.


We can expect the lengths she would go to now to bring Shyam back in the house. She is again going to manipulate her brother by not eating food or taking medicine – she knows her brother will bend for her. She is now focused on her needs – her "jaroorat' & she will get it by hook or by crook.




Daadi may have flaws in her traits but I still will give her a benefit of doubt for supporting Shyam. I really want to know what story Shyam told her. Shyam applied psychology on her too properly & blamed everything on Khushi. She was happy that he never said anything bad of her pota. "Iss ghar main kya musibaat ayi huyi hain," - the amount of distaste she has shown for Khushi indicates what sort of "Kahaani" she must have heard from Shyam. I really hope we get a flashback or at least a narration of Shyam-Daadi discussion in the Ashram. I have reasoned before why I don't blame Daadi for believing Shyam but it was interesting to see how she was asking for proof. I guess she will get it once Shyam comes back to RM.


I hate it when she keeps bringing the past, pricking his wound but I feel her remorse about the past too. She is here to fix everything because she knows she has failed miserably in the past. She has her sense of guilt and that guilt perhaps is leading her to saving the marriage of Anjali. I will wait to see her role in the past – she cannot be judged until the past is revealed.


I loved one thing Daadi said today and I so agree with her. Indeed, Shyam being out of the house will not do a thing, he has to be out of Anjali's mind & heart and I guess Shyam's Re-entry track will lead towards that in the end.

Random Musing


1) My most favorite scene of the day started with Arnav standing in her room facing the pool and ended with "I hate that man, Khushi". I loved the direction & the subtlety of the scene. Brilliant!


2) The face-off between Arnav & Daadi was bang on. But I wonder how they suddenly shifted to the hall from the passage! I loved Naani and also NK but I hope Akash & Maami are given more role in the family drama. Was Payal missing?


3) Barun was brilliant as always. Some of the dialogues were delivered with perfect emotion. My favorite would be "I hate that man, Khushi" – I could feel the hatred almost burning my skin. His interrogation of Daadi on her knowing of Shyam was also brilliantly handled.


4) The rocker goes .. does the will goes away too? Or will we have HP bring the papers and hands over to someone useful as he finds it? Or may be CVs has just forgotten it like many other things!


5) Every episode is leaving me with a good feelings these days – all credit goes to the development between Arnav & Khushi. It is a bliss to see how love has molded these two for betterment.


It will be interesting to see the face-off between the siblings tonight. Can't wait!

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--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 10:24am | IP Logged

Superb crooner Priya...loved the title, pics and the quote. I always forget mentioning the beautiful pics that you takes me a lot of time to get my eyes off those gorgeous pics!! Judge people by their actions and not by their very true!!! Its a beautiful quote and so apt. That is what Arnav is doing...with whatever he has seen of Shyaam, he has made a sound judgement. 

I loved the maturity shown in Arnav-Khushi relationship. I loved it when she said hum jaante hain ki aap sab kuch teekh kar denge. She was giving him the support and strength that he was looking for and that is what gave him the courage to fight with dadi. For me the face-off was a total paisa vasool scene!! Brilliant acting by Sobti boy!!! Clap Clap. He was shining throughout the scene...everything about him was perfect. His body language, his diction, voice modulation, perfect expressions. This scene reiterated why I love this man so much...Arnav Singh Raizada is no ordinary man. He will stand against the wrong even if it means he has to fight a lone battle. All his questions to dadi were spot on...that lady has absolutely no authority questioning him. He has been the pillar of support in Anjali's life...he has always been like an elder brother to her. He has fulfilled all her wishes and after what she has gone through, he has the right to decide what is good for her. Dadi, who herself had run away from her responsibilities 14 years ago, talks about being concerned for her grandchildren. What does she know of Khushi to call her a musibat? Really!!! Loved Arnav's expression there...if he could, he would have punched Dadi. The lady who abandoned her grandchildren leaves no opportunity to remind Arnav of what his mother did. Why does she keep doing that?Angry Loved the way Nani and Mami's expressions changed...if at all anybody has any authority then it is these two ladies. Nani, who inspite of her own loss became a guardian and Mami who became a mother to the two children.

Arnav voiced many of our sentiments LOL. Best part was of course "Aap aayi hi kyun? aap wapas aashram chali kyun nahi jaati?" ROFL

When Khushi asked Arnav to let Shyaam meet Anjali once...I could see where she was coming from. Khushi has always been emotional. She has always thought about the happiness of others. All she wanted was Di's well being. She has done it in the past as well so this time, it was not surprising. Furthermore, Khushi has fallen for Shyaam's crocodile tears otherwise there is no other way to explain why she felt there was a possibility of him changing after the miscarriage. Khushi should know better that a scumbag like Shyaam will never change! She has seen the worst side of shyaam...actually there was no need for her to open her mouth in the first place. She could have expressed her shock in finding out about the Dadi-Shyaam nexus and left it at that. I agree with you Priya, they shushed her up because of the wedding otherwise there would have been another showdown in the bedroomLOL. I was happy she didn't push Arnav unlike a normal SP bahu. She stopped the moment Arnav asked her if she was kidding him LOL. She knew where she had to stop and went with his decisionSmile. Loved the way he clenched his fist throughout the conversation...he has come a long way na? There was a time when he would just ask her to get out if he found it hard to talk to her but last night, not once did he raise his voice on her even though he was irritated with her suggestion. 

Anjali is blind! She has absolutely no clue that Shyaam has dug her grave for her and he is walking her towards it!!! Cant really blame her after all the sweet talk. She is being manipulated and all she wants is to be with him that she no longer feels guilty of betraying her brother. She was ready to emotionally blackmail her family  only to get her husband back! Unbelievable!!! If she had even an iota of self respect, she would have suggested to move out and live in her own house. She knows how much her brother hates Shyaam, yet she went up to him asking him to get her husband back! Obviously she has zero concern for her brother. His happiness means nothing to her at the moment and looks like it will take a long time till she can think beyond herself. Should I feel sorry for her? Not happening this timeConfused

I agree with you completely about the projection of the villain. I have seen many serials before but never have I seen the villain being given so much of screen space...what kind of a villain is he? What has Shyaam been doing all these days that he needs 10 minutes to display his concern for Anjali? What did he tell her during all their clandestine meetings? Why does he have to resort to fake tears in order to convince his now she should have been determined and not in the process of being convinced!!!!! One of the best villains I have seen onscreen is Ashutosh Rana in Dushman. Every time he came on screen, I felt creepy, disgusted, angry but sorry to say, when Shyaam comes, I am plain irritated. This is the time for both Abhaas and Daljeet to shine with their performances. Daljeet has her on and off moments but for me, I am still to be affected by Abhaas.Ermm

Other thoughts:

1. Have they discarded the cradle or has it been shifted to the store room? The nakli will is still there! Somebody look at it...pleeej!

2. I loved Nani and Mami's look of disgust during the brilliant face-off between Dadi and Arnav. Both of them were convinced with Arnav's decision...just goes to show the amount of trust the Raizada parivaar has on their chotte! Like Aakash said, Everybody loves BhaiEmbarrassed and Bhai ne kaha hai tho sach hi hoga. Bhai knows it allBig smile

3. When Chotte told Dadi to go back to the aashram, nani did not stop him. I was overcome with respect for Nani has gone up higher LOL

4. How on earth did Anjali walk up to Arnav's room? I am assuming she had an operation then it is that easy to just get up and climb the stairs?Shocked What has happened to her bruised feet? Why is there no bandage or has nobody bothered to look at her feet? How is she able to walk when her brace is hidden?Ouch

5. Its been more than a week that Mr and Mrs Raizada are in the same set of clothes...time for a shower sweetiesEmbarrassed

6. I wanted to give a bear hug to Arnav at the end...he was so shocked at Anjali's request. He does so much for her yet it means nothing to AnjaliCry. Now if he agrees to let Shyaam come inside, I want it to be on his terms and conditions. I really want to see Arnav having the upper hand...I want him to trap Shyaam and restrict Shyaam's moves to such an extent that Shyaam has no option but to confess to his sinsAngry. Like I said yesterday, I want to see Arnav smirking when Shyaam enters the house. Shyaam will be oblivious to Arnav's plans and will think that his plan is successful. Even a "Welcome to Hell" wala smirk will do for meTongue

7. I agree 100% with your point on people with making digs and passing insenstive remarks at the characters. It is disgusting to say the least...sometimes I am this close to calling it quits. The crooner and the buddies here are the only reason for me to come back everyday. I have to thank you for creating this space for us Priya. This is the only place where people agree to disagree respectfully without getting personal. This is the only place where I feel so positive after reading the posts. There maybe other threads with a positive feel as well...I am not sure but this is the only one that I am addicted toSmile Thanks to all of youHug

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dennisdmenace IF-Rockerz

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@ priya, another Super crooner…..Nicholas Sparks and d pic with hands and glass….ClapClapClapClap

Now there are two pair of hands working together to protect the glass house and d boy in d glass house is all set to start the war against d force who wants to shatter d glass house….

In my POV each and everyone related to IPK including us should sing only one song " yeh kahan aagaye hum yuhi saath saath chalte …….
dadiji: reached her destination from ashram to RM….sab thik kar denge….yippeee….because she been informed about d sudden strike of a MUSIBAT called Khushi….as Arnav had already mentioned that dadi sees and believes only what she wants to then she is quite predictable….damadji has done d needful…she is convinced of Shyam being innocent, full of love for Anjali….so here Dadiji arrives to set things right….whatever mistakes have happened 14 years backs and continues to happen…she has arrived to correct them….henceforth d judgement comes…since you guys don't have any solid proof against Damadji then call him back and flourish Anjali's life..
Anjalidi: reached home from hospital….me a mother of two …gone thru Anji's case also…wishing vehemently ki kaash I would have also got that magic soup in time to roam around just after delivery….chalo would have insisted my hubby should feed me to increase d power of that magic soup…
Kudos to d writer who coined d poem Anjalidi badi sayani….mother of all sayani…AngryAngryAngrypresented d idea on a platter to Shyam….i have been constantly saying that its high time Shyam should understand that his most deserving partner is Anjali only….not only she thought about this but had the heart (I prefer guts) to go and tell chote to call Shyam back….
Shyam Damadji: welcome ji welcome….from dadi's side and CV's side…..
No more entry from backside, poolside is required…we will soon see you in RM enjoying d perks of being a damad of Sumitraji…
Khushiji: madam SP bahu….you surprise me honey….leave all the tricks Shyam has done to you and Gupta's, forget all his lies, forget that he cheated on his wife, fooled your Husband, forget that it was because of his forced hug on d terrace your life went haywire, you and Arnav suffered so much, forget that he left tied in d middle of d road to be ran over…but dear how can you forget that it was SHYAM who kidnapped Arnav and was going to kill him……I am disheartened….how can Khushi speak a single sentence in favour of Shyam?
So true priya, "are you kidding"……StarStarStarStar
i have a small kostin here( aadat se majboor)..LOLLOLLOLLOL
here Anjali is hell bent on getting Shyam back ...turning a deaf to all d accusations and allegations against him  whereas at d same time Khushi seems to question Arnav's decision...thank god she didnt overrule or oppose him ...In this family everybody has d audacity to speak against d man of house…glad that Khushi opened her mouth only in d confines of their room…
But would love to point out that I loved it when Khushi said that AAp sab thik kar denge….yes he will….he is d righteous here….and will set everything right…all evils will be punished by him…
this confidence, this trust and faith was so required...Thumbs Up
ASR: returned with shaatir dimaag working full force, roaring NOOO, gritted teeth…..ab kisiki khair nehi….TongueTongueTongueTongue
It didn't take much time for him to understand Dadi-damadji nexus…."unless" you have met him before how are you so convinced of Shyam as a loving Husband and distraught father….
Total citi maro moment for me…PartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancingPartyDancing
See where CVs made you reach….chalo der aye durust aye…he knows his mistakes and as he said he is not going to repeat them again….so nani can go back to ashram ..she is not needed in RM…..ASR know his responsibility and is more than capable to take care of his family…..
Alas, only if he knew that the person for whom he sacrificed his Khushi, he got married in a haste, never enjoyed life, is d one who is going to stand against him….for this Di he told Khushi sab tumahari galti hain….meeting you is d biggest mistake of my life… what pain is he gonna go thru can anyone fathom that? Oh dear a true tragic hero…..
Tit bits:
1.Mamiji: good expression…never believe Shyam…in case CVs forget you remind them of your Mano Bond avatar…
2.AAkashji: pls speak or you r also in shock that Payaliya is lost in RM..
3.Paalnaji and HPji: hai hai….if paalna is gone, then d will is gone….CVs do you still remember that??? Hp pls be useful...check d paalna before you throw it out...AngryAngry
A small piece of Advice( lena hain toh lo)WinkWinkWink
pls Move ahead of d word Ghatiya… sure there are some more same meaning wala word in Hindi vocabulary.
Next time make d punches more solid….there was no cut or bruise on Shyamua's face….
Last, we have also reached here with IPK…ranting continues, satire continues, humour continues, discussion continues, my free advice continues BUT BUT we are not touching d remote….WinkWinkWink


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Arnav_Khushifan Senior Member

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Hi Priya,
Nice title!!!  awsome quote and so true!!!.  Looking forward to your crooner as always.  Congratulations to myself I am on the first page!!!   Loved todays episode.  Things are moving forward at a good pace.  Our show is definately back.  Getting better and better.  Looking forward to what you have to say about todays episode.  I have learned so much from all of the wonderful writers  in Crooner.  Wish I had the ability to write as well as all of you or even analyze like you all do. 

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writ_in_water Goldie

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Iron. See it from the other side. The iron is being struck from all sides. Reminded me of Thomas Carlyle.. don't ask why. I googled for the exact quote and here it is.

No iron chain, or outward force of any kind, can ever compel the soul of a person to believe or to disbelieve.


WARNING: THIS IS LONG AND POSSIBLY YAWN INDUCING. But I had to get this out of my system.

@Priya, like always, you always make me think deeply and consider the myraid perspectives one can and one ought to consider. But today, I have to respectfully disagree with some points in your crooner. Before that, let me agree first wholeheartedly about what you say about the forum and the first 15 minutes of the show.

Like the quote I have put up here yesterday, it is ASR himself in a sense who is the Iron. And only when the iron is hot can be hit and moulded.. whether for better or worse. ASR is being hit and moulded when it is hot. This is essentially his trial by fire. And how he emerges from it is the story I want to see. But I won't talk about this too much as I have much to say about the rest of the episode!

I did discuss a bit of this in the other crooner but I think I better put that here as well. I have to say full respect to what you feel and what you got out of the episode. This is just my POV.

First of all, I disagree that this is a dumbing down of the women characters in the show.  On the contrary, I feel all the women in focus today, Anjali Jha, Khushi and Dadi were shown to be clearly thinking. For me it is totally BESIDES the point that there is emotional manipulation from an external force involved here... obvious in Dadi and Di but more subtly with Khushi.

Dadi and Di's thinking capabilities, however obscured by emotions is more obvious. But less obvious is Khushi's. So I will concentrate on only Khushi in this post.

I thought it was totally in character for Khushi to say what she did. What's more her statement and her acquiescence to Arnav was for me not just in character but also depicted a growth in her understanding. I have been arguing from yesterday that this is not Khushi's stupidity but just her naivete which i hope never completely goes away.. for that is one of her core elements that make her what she is. She hasn't changed much from her original self...she will always be somebody who will give people many many chances and try to fish out the good in them.

That is why she is capable of loving ASR so much without ever wanting an apology from him. And please notice, she did not say Shyam might be a changed man but she said, the baby's death might change him.. she is giving him a chance and not even to come back.. just to meet his wife. And crucially, she is asking for this chance, with much less emotion and more logic than she has ever displayed. How you ask?

A vital thing about Khushi that people forget when analyszing her character is her principled outlook to life. Yes she is all heart, yes she is naive, she may appear stupid to some in her goodness and naivete but she is also extremely principled. Notice that she asks a chance for Shyam to meet Anjali less emotionally but more to ensure fair treatment. She feels it is only fair that a father, however evil has been, might feel for his own dead child  and might want to meet the would-be mother. That is for me, not at all unthinkable and Khushi has obvously THOUGHT this through.. she is not pleading sentimentally for Anjali.. she is pleading by using her brain and her heart together.. for that is the only way one can be principled, despite the fact that the person who she is asking a chance for, has been a threat to her and her loved one's life. And that is what a principled person essentially is.. fight for your principles even amidst dire threats, be it to your own life.

In a sense, this makes Khushi in a very twisted sort of way, a total bleeding heart liberal.

And the final icing on the cake was her growth. She said what she had to say but bowed to Arnav's wisdom. Now just because ASR has better wisdom than his woman, which life and experiences have bestowed on him... Khushi hasn't seen as much life as he has,  does that make Khushi any less or does that mean she does not have her own wisdom, intelligence and brains in other areas? Isn't this womanhood's burden that we always put ourselves down most of the time? Why this hankering for equality? Men and women are not equal.. men and women have different strengths and different weaknesses and that makes us both sexes special. We are not meant to be equal. But please remember, this does not mean we should not be treated equally or that one deserves more respect than the other. Just like our strengths must be equally appreciated, so must our weaknesses be humbly accepted.

Just because intelligence can be coloured by emotion, or that people can have different kinds of intelligences,
  it DOES not mean that the woman becomes dumb because she is moved emotionally. By calling this emotional strength of women  (which can be a double-edged sword like many other strengths) dumbing down,   just because they have an emotional kaleidoscope to view life through,  we are doing a disservice to ourselves and womanhood in a way.

This post is already very long so I will refrain from talking about Anjali's brains, yes she does have them!

P.S: This does not take away the fact, as Priya rightly says about audience manipulation.  The writers may have indeed taken this route to glorify the villain or ensure the shaadi. But I see the story like how it is presented to me and I refrain from thinking about writers' motives in doing so. I only analyse what is presented to me.

Secondly, to demand that a story must be portrayed in a certain way like some forum members do or bash the writers for not sticking to individual ideas of intellect, equality and feminism is naive at best and harmful at worst.

Sorry again for the long long rant.

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 December 2011
Posts: 16880

Posted: 05 September 2012 at 10:54am | IP Logged

Very pertinent reflected the thoughts of many of us who have always given the creatives the benefit of doubt and tried to hang on to the silver lining of a track when the rest of the forum was crying for blood. This digression of what used to be signature IPK: darkness related to turmoil of complex human emotions to this ultimate celebration of evil is becoming a pain to sit through. Since the clandestine tea party of Shyam and Anjali at RM, I can say that fast forward feature of YT video has been one constant in my 1st viewing of every episode sans a couple. I know an antagonist is needed for adding a kick to the drama...but the previous episode's "Shyam walk" in the hospital corridor is one example of how things are being taken too far...what the hell was that? I ranted in the previous crooner about repercussion of over-importance of Shyam on the TRP... a simple one time walk through the numbers vis-a-vis the content of the episodes will give them a crisp picture of why inspite of other part of the script and execution working fine, the TRPs are hovering in the 2.7 zone.
The only reason it has not dropped further is for the guy in my collage.

I need to add as usual brilliant title, quotes and fantastic caps edits.Clap


The episode had me rooting for the man ASR in the beginning and wanting me to hug the brother Arnav at the end. What myriad of emotions a guy went through. The caring brother who tried to comfort his grieving Di... Only to be accused by Daadi(another gullible victim of SMJ's brainwashing) of being callous about his Di's needs. That led to an ultimate face-off between  Daadi and ASR. The best scene of the day. We saw a man with conviction, who's not afraid to acknowledge his own mistake reminding Daadi about her misconceptions both in the past and present, about her abandonment of the orphans for 14 years and at the end reaffirming that he'd take care of Anjali's safety like he has since their parents' death. And the shatir dimag takes no time in connecting the dots about Daadi-Shyam nexus.
Barun was fantastic in the scene! It gave him an opportunity to use all his acting chops; He optimally used  every single muscle of his face to perfection, to that add the gulps, gritted teeth, the expressive eyes and great diction ...end product is an acting of a class of its own! He was aided by some great script and awesome dialogs.

I agree with you Priya about the "Are you kidding??!" scene between ASR and Khushi. I was surprised to hear it from her! I could understand her trying to give Shyam benefit of doubt on Payash wedding day after she came to know of Anajli's pregnancy. But since that day she's the one who was on the receiving end of Shyam's lecherous advances which reached disgusting proportion during Arnav's kidnapping. She had seen first hand how a smooth talker he could be, when it comes to getting something he wants. So for her to feel sorry for him was just a bit too much. Thank God sense prevailed on her for now. For those who said, she's in her character, I have to disagree because Khushi has till now never been shown as gullible. Yes she has given ASR numerous chances because he's always been by her side when it matters and people do weird stuff when they fall in loveWinkLOL...there's no such feelings for Shyam, especially after his attempt on both of their lives.

I skipped through the parts between Shyam and Anjali.

The last shot of disbelief on Arnav's face hearing Anjali's request for allowing her 'Shyamji" to come back,spoke volumes.

Few questions for CVs:
  • The mysterious case of missing shards of broken glass: no mention or sign of injury since those bloody feet around the one absolutely no one noticed her bloody feet: her family who took her to the hospital or the hospital staff. Another convenient amnesia?
  • RM has secret passage : Otherwise explain to my little brain how does one reach Anjali's room inspite of a house full of people and "security"...
  • What was in the soup or whatever in the bowl?: It gave a woman who just miscarried that day, with her feet slashed by broken glass, miraculous boost of strength; more than she had during her pregnancy to walk up to her brother's room to request for her favorite playtoy.

An episode which I enjoyed the 1st part, was livid at the irritating middle part and felt sorry for a brother who sacrificed 6 months back his dreams for his Di who in return cares only about her own feelings. An all in all Sobti episode.

Edited by GanBarunFan - 05 September 2012 at 10:11pm

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