Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


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Since we are generally dissatisfied on the Forum with regard to the show's dying quality, let me try and present some satisfaction as of what we saw in tonight's epi:



1.       Need to applaud Shyam's dialogue-writer. He is provided with such unbelievably amazing dialogues that tend to manipulate his needy wife and the blind Dadi into doing what he wants.

2.       Dadi's lid was banged upon by Arnav's drumsticks! Respectful to the aged woman in not saying 'get out' and still pinning enough when he said to her face "you should have bloody stayed in the Ashram instead of wagging your tail at my door!"

3.       The whole family is sooo concerned about Anjali that they keep a regular watch on her while Arnav takes time to converse with his re-fiance. When she goes missing from her bedroom, the entire train of Raizadas come searching for her. How crowded! How concerned!  

4.       "I will never let that gutiya man enter this house." Really Arnav? And I keep wondering how Mr. Gutiya entered his wife's room and fed her what-not. better fulfil your promise of increasing the security measures around the house ASAP. Not that it will help. Mr. Gutiya is so gutiya he will cook ways to enter the house. Spiderman style! Hope he gets strangled in his own web!

5.       Kushi the beacon of undying hope. She still thinks the four-faced monster can help clear this "Di mess". Poor girl, how much she hopes. No Kushi, listen to your hubby (I mean ex-contract hubby) and be a good girl! That's my Kushi. I'm glad she openly asked Arnav if Shyam should be brought. Conversing the uncomfortable matters of the present can make the future more comfortable.

6.       "Di looks better," said Arnav. All I saw was 'I'll-faint-any-moment-so-be-there-to-catch-me' Anjali, dizzying ant the door. And NK's dialogue, "What happened in this one hour that brought you walking out of your deathbed, Di?" Anjali must have said to herself, "I was fed reviving poison by a passing dog."

7.       Anjali was amazing in her initial scene, when she was talking to her Chotey. Her torn expression on seeing the cradle taken away and her very touching question if the child had been a girl. The culmination of all her dreams about her 'little princess' ended in a nothingness. Poor girl! She didn't even get to SEE her child at least once. But its good they didn't show her the child; it would have broken her heart and become a figment of her nightmares and frequent flashbacks. We viewers have a terrible time managing flashbacks anyway, and we don't need a new one now, do we?

8.       I love when Arnav grits his teeth when speaking. And I love it when he yells! Guess why? Coz I've been greatly unnerved by the 'Barunification of Arnav' I saw in some of the past episodes. Especially in the latest Date Scene at the Orchid. 'Relieved' is the word. I was 'relieved' to see ASR for a change. He has the manliness and the strength that are lately missing in 'love-boy Arnav'. But I love love-boy too, so long as he does not always do 'hugs' and 'kiss misses' and kill the excitement of seeing it in passionate minimum.

9.       Did I tell you that I love it when Garima is flustered and scared? She looks very original when portraying that expression; otherwise I used to categorize her as an off-expressioned female. But how realistic she is when acting nervous and petrified!

10.   No precap. Nothing new here. There is scope for imagination in this case. And whatever happens, we will watch it right? Take it as it comes and be happy with the scoop on your plate.   



1.      HP taking away cradle. Hmmm...since the cradle is synonymous to a woman's womb, its 'being taken away' is NOT a sign that Anjali will never have a child. The cradle had been made by Shyam, remember? So it implies that she will never have a child from Shyam again. Like we didn't know that! *snort* And the fact that it was HP who was taking it away is also pivotal. On the basis of priority, if it was 'mighty brother Arnav' or 'strong supporter Kushi' who had taken the cradle away, it would mean that Anjali will be "denied" the destiny to have any more children. But since it's a servant of the house that took it away, she is merely "freed" of an obstacle that stood in her path to redemption. Slowly, I want to see each of Shyam's things in that room thrown out and only then will Anjali be really free. Starting with that huge picture of the couple hanging above her bed!

2.       No character has irked me as much as Dadi. I hate to admit this but though she is useless in her advices and demands, her understanding of Anjali is very right. Her dialogue that "You can tear Shyam physical's existence from this house, but by it, you cannot tear the psychological existence of Shyam from Anjali's heart." That's the problem. Anjali's still holding onto Shyam and Arnav cannot redeem his sister as long as the broken girl holds onto her failing hope.  


The tone I used need not be termed sarcastic. It cannot be. I was only trying to add my little positivity in the 'negative language' of the Forum.

P. S. I suggest, my dear friends, speak up. Try to embrace the good things in the show and the bad-sad things must be viewed in a light tone, comically even, so that you don't affect your mind or the minds of those seeking comfort in the Forum. Just because the show is dying, we mustn't let it die. We must revive it and to revive it, we must first revive our spirits. Never predict. Never fall for spoilers. Don't be too taken up by the show. Take it as it comes.   

Oh, and since we have lost the habit of rewatching every night's epi, if you need to pass your time, I've updated my FF too:

Originally posted by garlic

Sometimes someone loves somebody so deeply ,blindly that they are not able to see the actual takes a load of time to reach there,some people even don't  reach their.Anjali is in similar state :she has seen so much in her life that after getting shyam she thought now her life is complete so it is very difficult nearly impossible for her to see true colors of Shyam specially with no proofs.I never say Anjali as dumb coz her character is very difficult  to understand...she is not weak ,its that she is blindly in love and her love all the time showers only love on how can she see the truth?

Originally posted by sarun_deewani

dunno why but i actually loved khushi..she was just telling arnav that after listening and understanding words of dadi about what was the right thing fr anjali...she knows shyam can never change but she did ask arnav to let shyam in for anjali to get better...and she did stop arguing with him when he clearly stated NO...shyam can never change.arnav knows it and khusi knows of world, anjali and dadi don't know it and can never understand it ...but why i feel dadi isnt that bad i mean she is trapped by shyam...dadi can be good if truth comes out... anjali did speak up what she wanted: what she wants is shyam rather than support of her brother...she needs her brother but her first preference would be always shyam... shyam's reentry could team arnav an khuhsi and make them expose shyam...

Originally posted by vimmiya


Why is the show dying?  The show is gearing up and they are trying to assimilate the past with the present.  
Everyone are having a past and trying to apply it to the present.   Their pasts are entwined, why is Shyam doing this?  There has to be a motive.   That motive is the past.  Unless otherwise, he is not back in RM how will his past be deciphered. 
The show is not about just two crossed lovers - lovers have families and ties.  Despite coming from distinct background how they try to adjust to this difference is what makes 'iss pyaar ko'.

Kalpana!! I so miss talking to you! Hope you are doing well...and Shweta too...miss her badly! The Forum's so changed now, I don't feel "family-like" anymore...But I will wait coz there are people who care for me and still love the show and I will do anything to stand by them! You know what your place is for me...

Originally posted by shass

for me, da epi ws gud, it ws gud coz it laid basis for many thgs dat cud happen in da future.. no, i dnt thnk its dragging or da writers rnt doing their job.. coz its progressing evry day.. i dnt knw y ppl suddenly strt to complain if v get to see sum othr character gvn more importance in an epi or evn a scene.. after all, its Arnav's story n all these characters r important for him n r there bcoz of him.. they hv to b shown doin or thnking sumthg, dat shud affect arnav in one way or anothr.. n only thn vl da story move.. as for shyam-arnav, i wnt to say dat their story nvr ended.. shyam ddnt pay for all da wrong he did so far, he needs to b punished n arnav is da only person,who's smart n powerful enuf to bring him down n provide justice to all these ppl who suffered in da hands of shyam.. at da same time there'r mistakes evn arnav made in da past n he needs to rectify thm..i thnk DM wnts hm to understnd da importance of destiny n God in hz lyf..lets see where dat goes..
 anji's one vry enigmatic character, nt to mention most of da times i feel diljeet doesnt do justice to hr role,as i cnt understnd or feel wt hr character's goin thru..for her its gud in parts n thn below average at othrs.. bt newys, i alws gave anji a benefit of da doubt,coz she ws nt gvn ne proofs n all.. it wsnt until recently.dat i realized hw delusional she is!! she hs a psychological problem,PERIOD !! wtevr happened in da past hz damaged hr so badly dat she hz lost da sense of ryt n wrong.. n da day she'll land in da REAL world, it'll b extremely painfull for her.. n i feel dats wt they r try'n to establish.. dat doesnt mean dat am vry happy wth hr or i dnt get annoyed by hr ways.. bt v need to understnd dat she's nt US, v wud hv reacted in a different way bt she's Anji.. an Anjali made by her past, her sorrows,her insecurities n her fears..
khushi being true to her character is as alws thnkg of try'n to mk ppl happy n solving problems.. i wud hv been surprised if she hdnt cum up wth da suggestion of getting shyam bk,today.. dats khushi, she's been lyk dis alws.. da same girl who sacrificed her honor,her happiness,her pride for a sister who's not her blood relation.. she hz alws kept othr's above herself .. i ws really surprised at dis whn, she ws all nice to arnav,despite da wrong he did to her n tried to stop hm at da airport.. who wud do dat? i knw i wudnt, EVER!! bt khushi wud, ALWAYS!!
shyam's one exteremly dangerous guy, coz he knws all da strengths n weaknesses of his enemy.. he's here wth a mission n his strong determination's his biggest weapon.. he knws hw to manipulate hs opponent.. ryt nw he has hz finger at arnav's jugular vein.. evn i believe dat arnav wont b able to resist hs entrance for long n in a way its better dat he doesnt.. if its a war, thn he shud kp hs friends close n enemy closer!!

Originally posted by Leafs

I would just like to add that story telling is an art.  It should have a balance of good and bad.  This show is special because it has that balance.  The story tellers are building this track because Shyam's truth is going to come out sooner or later and we are all going to enjoy it to our heart's content when Arnav gets to tell his whole family - I TOLD YOU SO!
Do you remember the time when we did not know or were not sure about Shyam's story, he convinced us, the audience, that he was a good guy till we saw what he did to Shashiji?  He is showing the same good side of himself to his wife and dadi so unless they actually get to see his nasty side (and they are going to see it) it will be hard to change their opinion right now.  . 

Originally posted by taniks

Honestly I feel khushi is the best thing for arnav especially now , nani was bang on when she sed khushi for being so young her thinking is very mature.
Firstly this girl has seen the man she loves open up and let the floods of grieve engulf him which he was denied as a young boy who lost both his parents on the same day cos he chose to be his sisters shield and pillar . She knew how his confidence in his ability to take care of his sister has been rocked , when she tells him that he is doing right by taking care of his family and at that he is doing it so well , he looked at her like a puppy lapping up the
Praise but also in awe as he realized nobody knows him as well as she does and knows wot he needs and how to give it to him . She truly is his better half, khushi was wud him in not allowing shyam back until dadis drama , when dadi sed wot if anjali does the same as his mom khushi then realized that it could happen cos anjali is very likely too fall into deep depression. She 
Had to be the voice of reason to the man she loves cos she knows how much damage his moms death did to him , if something happens to anjali he will be lost forever and be devastated. When she spoke to arnav it was on be behalf of anjali whom khushi knows is a weak woman and she is trying to protect arnav from a blow in the future that can kill him. She s not telling him ur sister whom u love is a weak, clingy woman who unlike him can never raise up
Like a phoenix from the ashes of her life , she knows this will hurt him rather she is using the devastation of loss bringing a change in any human being as a reason to give him a chance. She knows her husband will be able to be more focused as long as anji is ok ,so if anji is happy he can keep a close eye on shyam if he is in the house . Shyam is unpredictably and cunning as she realized since learning that whilst he was ousted he was able to convince a 
Woman to return to the lives of two orphans she left devastated and alone 
When they needed her the most , to advocate on his behalf , if u look at her face when dadi sed dat arnav is just listenin to what he was told , khushi knows he lied abt her and by not criticing arnav to dadi he won her over , so for khushi its a case of keeping ur enemies closer and under the hawk eye of arnav is better so they know his movements. Khushi is not stupid to blurt out those reasons now wud her hotheaded husband whose is dealing wud his own and his dis loss . In my opinion khushi is very intelligent cos by getting him back saves arnav from dadis razor tongue , bringing some surface calm to everybody in da house and releiving him of some responsibilites to anjali ,so he can keep shyam under his surveilance. For khushi who is a woman very much inlove wud her husband is only doing this to protect him and the sister he loves above all.

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so finally back to being under your nose...n i am really sorry for not commenting at all yesterday, n i haven't checked my inbox yet, so if you  have written any post, i will definately readin some time n comment!

today's episode was really good but frankly i have lost all hopes with the ladies of RM n sadly with khushi as well...anyways, i really cried for arnav...this man really deserves some happiness...the person thinks himself as a failure n loser because of sadness his near ones have n in return, he gets back stabbed...i mean, really, how can they show such pathetic poojali's last scene...dadi, no comments  for her!

lin, i cant tolerate these character any more in my lovely show.

i now just care about arnav's happiness!Cry

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Loved your post...!!!Thumbs Up..7th and 9th points were hilarious..!!!

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Dadi needs to Censored. I loved Arnav, my ASR is back!!! Day Dreaming

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Heyi... Not happy with khushi... She knows shyam so well more than ARNAV, then also... Silence is a better option if u don't want to support, but why such unintelligible suggestions... CVS pls get a grip on the story... Even good ppl can be strong decision makers...

Oh... I loved asr today... Wow, he caught Dadi al right... Now everybody knows how she suddenly decided to show up after remaining elusive for 14 yrs... And I loved him when he asked her AAP ab Kyun aayin hain??? Seriously Dadi shyam ki best fren, pls go back to the ashram, get some peace and let us also get some peace...

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lin loved ur post..and digging deepers..HugClap
dunno why but i actually loved khushi..she was jsut telling arnav that to after listening and understanding words of dadi wat was right thing fr anjali..she herself gone through pain and how shyam did destroy her life..she knows shyam can never change her heart knows perhaps she did ask arnav to let shyam in r anjali to get better...duno why people dont understand it...khushi is just the one arnav can get she did stop arguing with him when he clearly stated NO...she did just conrol him infront of dadi and this right is just given by arnav himself...shyam can never change.arnav knows it khusi knows of world anjali and dadi doesnt know it..and can never understand it though..but why i feel dadi isnt that bad i mean she is trapped by shyam...but 14 years ago she may have left fr good who knows perhaps arnav is in misunderstaning abt his dark past...dadi can be good if truth comes out...khushi will never go against arnav but anjali she did speak up wat she wants wat she wants is shyam rather than support of her brother..she needs her brother but her first preference would be always shyam...why cant shyam reentry would team arnav an dkhusi and make hem expose shyam it can be true also..perhaps loved ur post...garima ya she looks good when she is tensed mode...but still the past isnt that dark which it really seems...

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I agree with you dear...I am not disappointed at all with what is going on in the show.
Sometimes someone loves somebody so deeply ,blindly that they are not able to see the actual takes a load of time to reach there,some people even don't  reach their.Anjali is in similar state :she has seen so much in her life that after getting shyam she thought now her life is complete so it is very difficult nearly impossible for her to see true colors of Shyam specially with no proofs.I never say Anjali as dumb coz her character is very difficult  to understand...she is not weak ,its that she is blindly in love and her love all the time showers only love on how can she see the truth?

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the whoe forum here is actually bashing kushi todayOuch
why people don't understand that anyody living or meeting on a daily basis such a mean, manipulative, spineless(list goes on) woman ike anji will actually end up in a situation like poor kushi.
anji only cares about her kushi & plz don't give that she is naiveAngryDead
poor kushi dreamt of a grand wedding & even before anji mishap all focus was on anjiDead
poor arnav can't even love his love properly. he didn't marry properly first time 7 seecond time again anji ruined it.
so anyone coming across wil anjali be it asr or kushi will end up going crazy crap like kushi todayWacko
Plz stop bashing kushishe neds our support in this dark situation only created by sickilyAngry

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