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Arnav caught the camera. Last part Pg 10 (Page 10)

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 12:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by priyankaa

awesome...ff with a noble message...wowie..Clap

actually its quite true..i myself have received this message so many times..

plsss continue soon ..n plss pm me the update... 

U did receive same message?
That means its true. Thanks dear.

Roslyn1991 Goldie

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Originally posted by stephaniefer

pls carry on can not wait to see what Arnav does regarding the snake about the camera, pls add me to your list of update.


Ya dear sure I will update it soon. Don't worry. LOL
Add u in the list of update.
luckyarnav Senior Member

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All I can say is wish arnav used his brains in the show as well.

Nyway thnk you for letting him use his brains here atleast.


write soon 

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Roslyn1991 Goldie

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Posted: 11 September 2012 at 1:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by luckyarnav

All I can say is wish arnav used his brains in the show as well.

Nyway thnk you for letting him use his brains here atleast.


write soon 

Hehehe ya dear I wished the same.
Thanks for liking it.
arkho Newbie

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 6:32am | IP Logged
wish it cud  happen in d show

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Roslyn1991 Goldie

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Posted: 25 September 2012 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
Heyya guys secong part of this SS. Its the end.

~~~~Second part~~~~


Arnav wanted to share this thing with Khushi as she already knew about Shyam. But also knew that Khushi was so transparent and her face always revealed her emotions. He has to do this job all alone.

Two days passed and he couldn't decode what was going wrong. He couldn't find the place where the cameras were connected to.

In these two days Anjali faced miscarriage. It was really heart breaking news for Arnav. He couldn't bear the pain of his sister. He was about to walk up in the ward where his sister was moved to. He was about to enter when he saw Shyam and his Di talking. His eyes shot up open in bewilderment. Though the door was closed still he could hear what  they were talking about.


Anjali: "Shyam Ji you please go from here if Chote will come to know about us he will get angry. He never thinks anything patiently and always misunderstand things in anger. You please go from here." she was trying to send him away. The words of Anjali hurted Arnav like hell. He was dying with rage now. He thought that Shyam was trying to trap his DI again but this time he thought to work things out patiently.

He walked away from there and sat on the bench. Khushi was consoling him. He thought what a girl she was though she has faced so many problems because of him and his Di still she care about them and not her own self. She was really selfless. He hugged her and they talked to doctor to take his Di away from hospital.


~~~~At home~~~~

Anjali was sitting in her room. Arnav was tensed for her more now after what he saw in hospital. He was about to go and asker her for her medicines but he thought that if Shyam can secretly come to hospital then he can even come into home. He slowly went up to his DI's room and peeked behind the wall. The door was closed and the nurse was out seeing left and right in a panic state. He was right someone was there inside that's why the nurse was standing out guarding the door to warn who ever was inside.

He remembered something and hurried back into his room and went to poolside. As poolside was connected to everyone's room he slowly went near his sister's room and saw that the curtains of her room were pulled up close.

"Damn" he thought as it was the only chance to know who was there in. He saw that the curtain was slowly moving from one side because the fan was on inside the room. He walked up to the glass and peeked slowly like a cat. There Shyam was sitting next to Anjali on the bed slowly caressing her hairs and cheek. His biggest fear came to life. Shyam had entered in the home and her sister was aware of it and still she didn't bother to say him.

He ran back to his sister's room from the other side and with one quick moment he grabbed the nurse's face from behind and closed her mouth, stopping her from shouting. He dragged the nurse to the corner and talked to her.

Arnav: "How dare you let that man enter in without my permission? I will make sure that you lose your job." he threatened her. Just by hearing the losing of her job the nurse became frightened. She was shivering with fear.

Arnav: "If you don't want to lose your job then do as I say. That man inside is the biggest pervert. He is a threat to my sister's life and you let him in without even knowing about him or taking my permission?" he threatened her more.

Nurse: "I. . . I am sorry Mr. Raizada its just that, that man said that he is her husband and she needs him that's why I let him in I didn't knew he was a danger to her. He always called me to ask me if everything is clear for him to enter in the room."

Arnav: "Okay now do as I say. You will always report me when ever that man calls you to ask if everything is clear for him to enter in just say him that there are people around. And when you find a way just go and bring my sister's phone. Okay" he asked and the nurse nodded.

He then walked up the their room's gate and listened carefully what they were talking.

Shyam: "Even if I have to die to meet you I will die but I will never forget to meet you till my last breath."

Anjali: "I will make sure that I don't eat anything, I will support you to bring you back in the family." she said.

This words hit Arnav's heart like hell. His own sister was cheating on him. How could she do this to him? He was breathing hard trying to compose everything he has heard. He quickly ran away from there.

HP while cleaning and removing the decorations from the crib which he bought form Anjali's room saw a plastic cover attached to the crib he gently removed it and went and gave it to Arnav.

Arnav who was still angry threw that cover on the bed. The plastic was half open so when he threw the cover the papers came out. He saw them suspiciously and removed them from the cover. As he saw the papers his eyes shot up in bewilderment and guilt. They were those will papers about which Khushi was talking. The guilt was now increasing more and more. She was right all alone and now he have proof about her innocence. He saw Shyam coming out and slowly followed him. He reached at that place where Shyam was staying. After an hour when Shyam left back from that house Arnav entered in. He saw the equipments and played video feeds. All the videos were full of Khushi. It boiled his heart to no end. That pervert was spying and eyeing his wife like a maniac now. Khushi was right all along. She was so true. She never lied to him all along it was him who mistook her.

He walked up to the police station to make complain but returned from half way from there as he thought that he should handle this all alone first. While he turned back from the police station he dashed into a man. He got one more shock to see that man and when that man spoke up his knees became so weak that he fell on ground. He made that man sit in his car and drove away from there to RM.


~~~~At RM~~~~

Arnav flung open the in anger and barked in rage.

Arnav: "Shyam. . . . Come down in know that you are up in my room." he barked like hell.

Shyam who was really there in Anjali's room came out slowly. Khushi was scared like hell to see this side of Arnav. She slowly slid next to Arnav and he caressed her cheek in guilt, worry and care. That other man was standing out of the RM.

Shyam came down in hall slowly and Anjali was behind him. He knew that he was in there still.

Arnav marched towards Shyam and was about to punch him but to Arnav's horror Anjali held Arnav's hand. He was shocked to see his so called pretty Di doing this. It shocked him when he saw that Anjali was taking Shyam's side.

Arnav: "Di. . . " with shock and surprise.

Anjali: "Enough Chote, he is my husband. I have tolerated your nonsense enough." she was screaming and yelling in anger on Arnav. Anjali's acts and insanity was becoming intolerable by Arnav.

Arnav: "Okay Di. You love him so much and trust him enough na so tell your husband to take you away from here to his home." he said in anger watching Shyam's face carefully.

Shyam: "Uh. . .RaniSahiba I don't want you to be alone so. . ." he was about to continue but before that Arnav slapped him hard.

Anjali slapped Arnav back for his behavior which was wrong according to her. She thought how can he slap her God like husband. She was about to continue with her scolding  but before that Arnav screamed on her.

Arnav: "Enough Di." he yelled and Anjali flinched away in fear. She has never seen this side of her Chote. She too was too scared now. But Khushi didn't flinched away at this as she was used to Arnav's anger and knew something big is coming up, Arnav must have known something she thought.

He opened up those will papers and threw at his Di's face.

Arnav: "See these papers you will understand everything. See those cameras over there." he yelled through his gritted teeth. Anjali was stunned at this behavior of Arnav. He never misbehaved with her, but today something big was coming up.

She saw the cameras and then picked up the papers and read them carefully. Shyam was scared to see those papers and about cameras too. He knew that they were those will papers. Anjali was horror struck to see those papers. It felt as if the ground has slipped away from her feet. She watched Shyam's face and he started making excuses.

Shyam: "This is all a lie Rani Sahiba." he continued.

Arnav: "Oh yeah? Wait" he snapped in middle before he could make further excuses. Arnav clapped his hands twice and that man came in opening the door.

This time Khushi's eyes were opened up in horror and bewilderment. She was shocked to see that the man was Shashi. Shyam was scared like hell now.

Shashi explained the whole truth. Arnav's eyes were moist and Khushi was crying her heart out listening to this. Khushi was hell angry when she came to know that Shyam tried to kill him.

Arnav walked up to him and was about to slap Shyam once again but this time Khushi stopped him. It shocked Arnav but the next moment she came forward and slapped hard to Shyam.

Khushi: "How dare you? You tried to kill Bauji? You tried to kill him." she was screaming and slapping him continuously. She was slapping him so furiously that she didn't noticed anything but was angry like hell it when Shyam held Khushi's wrist and blurted out the truth in anger.

Shyam: "Yeah Khushi Ji and I will do anything for you." as he blurted out Anjali felt a pure shock and horror run through her body. She was feeling hell guilty.

When Shyam held Khushi's hand it busted Arnav's rage. He rescued Khushi and punched him hard. Shyam punched back to him. Arnav fell on ground and got up back. This time he dragged him away towards door holding his collar but Shyam got away his collar from Arnav's hand. Shyam smirked at Arnav. Arnav was determined.

Arnav: "Today is the end of everything. Its just the end. End of your crap, end of your lust, end of your evilness." he gritted hard, clenched his jaw and fist. He placed one foot forward, gathered all his power and placed a very hard and solid punch on Shyam's chest  and his lungs were damaged badly. Blood was oozing out from his mouth and as he hit the ground Arnav stamped his feet harder on one of his thighs which broke his leg.

He called police and they took him away. And at the same day he went to court and took restraining orders from the court for his whole family and their safety specially Khushi.


Me Shleephy. . .    Sleepy

How was it guys?

Tamatar and garbage deserving?

Please let me know.

Dont throw chappals at me i just want this thing to happen in the show.

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Ohh Res wa Ho Du du Dum dum Dadum !! 

Yes ! Un'res !! 

Amazing Update Wink Wish Wish Wish Shayam could be Punish like this but Alas ! Huh !! 

Anjali is Mad , she was Mad , & She'll remain Mad Confused LOL

Wohoo !! Babuji is back Wink I'm waiting for this move in the show as well Wink Plz Cv !! 

Over all it was Awesome Update Big smile

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