Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

So Basically All Women Are Dumb?

laddoo598 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:37am | IP Logged
W*F was that? What was with Di, Da-Di, and Khushi competing to become Shyam's Gopi? What are the writers trying to prove? That all women are dumb? And only the men are the smart ones, the ones who know how to manipulate and control these women? Shyamu is making AnJhali and Dadi dance to his tunes, and Khushi seems to have lost whatever few grey cells she has, and ASR is the only one who has some semblance of sense left. What a mockery of women, its clear that all  writers want to convey  is women are fools who wear their hearts on their sleeves and are prone to committing all sorts of dumb foolery.

  • Someone please explain to me why Dadi loves Shyam so much? What has he done for her to go against the words of the whole family? She decides to abandon her grand kids and go to a godforsaken Ashram when they needed her the most and then saunters back into their lives, to make things "right", all based on the words of a stranger? She refuses to listen to any explanation anyone has to offer, and drones on and on about Shyam's undying love for AnJhali. She is always hollering about riti-riwaz but has no problem with Shyam coming to live as a ghar jamai.Cut the crap woman. The only reasonable explanation I can come up with is that she is in love with Shyam herself. Love is after all blind. Shyam + Dadi = ShyaDi = Marriage.LOL

  • Next on our list, the biggest manipulator ever, AnJhali Shyam Jha. This woman disgusts me. She just lost a child, and instead of mourning the death of her child, she is cooking up ways to emotionally blackmail her family. Whatever sympathy her miscarriage had generated has gone out the window now. She is vile, selfish, manipulative and yes, dumb, but she is dumb only when dealing with her hubby, and not with her family who dote on her. I don't get it, if she is so desperate to live with her husband, then why can't she walk out of her brother's house? Why must she make everyone else bend backwards and bring her hubby back to live as a free loader who mooches off her brother? She disgusts me. Again, why must all women be portrayed as brainless bimbos? Shyam was openly manipulating her, and yet, she remains blissfully oblivious.

  • Last but not the least, Khushi, who has sadly been bitten by the SP heroine bug. She is on her way to become a devi reincarnate, self sacrificing lamb. AnJhali and Dadi don't know of Shyam's atrocities, but Khushi does. She knows Shyam is a perverted lech and  she knows that Shyam has tried to kill both Arnav and her. Shyam has confessed to her that he doesn't care two hoots about AnJhali, or the baby, and he will do whatever it takes to be with Khushi. She has seen Shyam trying to burn Arnav alive. And yes she chooses to believe that he can change, or rather he has changed just because he cried at the hospital? I am sorry but I don't see a magnanimous heart and innate want to see  good in everyone. What I see is a stupid, brainless, women who is pathetically gullible. Again, writers are all about degrading women.

ASR was the only one talking sense today. I am glad he hasn't forgotten about the fact that Shyam tried to kill him, and that he finally thought about taking some legal actions. But what good will it achieve? Little Miss Manipulative Jha will starve herself to death if the need be as long as she doesn't get her boy toy back. Guess its the case of too little, too late Arnav. Should have done all this when you learnt Shyamu was your kidnapper.

What an utterly disappointing episode. I guess the new writer is showing his true colours. Glorify the hero and the villain at the expense of dumbing down all the female characters. This is beyond pathetic. Just to accommodate one character, they have reduced the whole show to an illogical mess. Guess its all about loving Shyamu at the end of the day.Dead

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momma1128 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:41am | IP Logged

Tanu, what a dumbass cast of characters this show has become - every single one of them.

ASR only got some brains today so that he could confront Dadi.  Otherwise, he is kept mum.  Every single person in that room could have called the Gupta House, every single person could have told what they heard and saw Shyam do.  It is enough to cast a doubt if nothing else - well the Gupta call and even a side call to Happyji would fix everything - but we don't see it because for some stupid reason we have to have Shyam live.  And having Shyam live means everyone else has to be a fool, because he can only hoodwink fools being a number one jackass himself.

Dadi is supposedly some kind of pious woman from an ashram.  This ashram must have been run by Pol Pot or something because she is the most disgusting excuse for an elderly woman I have seen.  She brought up her daughter in laws suicide as emotional blackmail, in front of her child, in front of her mother?  She has seen the love of Shyam for Anjali in his eyes?  How did she see anything past the twitches?  She chooses his words over all the collective experiences of an entire family!  And she is choosing who comes to live in a house where she is a guest, for the ghar jamai no less.

Anjali is a disaster of a woman.  I feel no sympathy.  Instead of mourning the loss of your baby, preoccupation with your leech of a husband is what got you in this mess and now she is intentionally manipulating her family that does not want him there.  She is doing it because she is selfish as she knows everyone wants him out.  If you can't live without him GO TO HIM.  You can't have your cake and eat it too.  Leech off of chotte and bring back his enemy cuz I need a snuggle at night.  KICK HER OUT I say.  Send her, her husband and Dadi back to the Ashram.

Khushi made me *head desk* like never before today.  I can't even relate to how a woman who has suffered so much at the hands of Shyam and saw his ugliness up close and wayyy to personal, who saw that neither the love for his wife, the love of a child or this family could mend his ways could even bring those words to her lips.  I mean did I hear it right - shyam ki nainsaafi.  Hello woman, he tried to kill you and your husband/fiance/bf whatever ASR is today, he should be in jail and is out playing hide and seek - he's good, trust me.

The story is trash, the characters are all dimwits of one level or another and this show needs to end.


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paru_rox IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:42am | IP Logged

Thanks for the brilliant post Tanu Hug ... so needed it today.

Shyam + Dadi = ShyaDi = Marriage. --This is hilarious stuff bey ... only a true beyhoodi can decode this LOL

Good stuff first:

ASR's brain is partially rising above the fumes of whatever the CV's have been smoking. I loved the "Return of ASR's Dimaag - Mini version 1.0"
1. He realized sumthing's cooking b/w Dadi & Shyam
2. Remembered the kidnapping ... like WOW

ASR-Dadi confrontation was the sole scene worth watching today Thumbs Up ... NK babua is an angel. Can I please just kidnap him for myself

Rant stuff:

1. Jhalli's few remaining grey cells, have Gone with the Baby Ermm ... In-your-face manipulation karna aata hai but wen Shyam does the same with her, she does not recognize it ... Oh woman If I could just lay my hands on you Angry

2. Dadi needs to tone down her LOWE for Damaadji ... SP nuns yeh sab bardaasht nahi karengi

How in the name of heaven have Jhalli's feet healed, where are the khoon-bhare footprints & where is the glass bhara mat ... I need answers PRONTO

4. Khoosie ji ... your SP bahu ka balidaani act is still not gonna get the TRP's up. Kindly refrain.

And while we are at it, can Daiyya ho please reduce the buff, shaving his chest just does not do it for me Dead

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lazyleaves IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 March 2012
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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:42am | IP Logged
We made it to the first page :D *Phew*


Tanu mast post banaya hai Smile


The famous ASR dimaag is back and how! I loved him in today's episode. I actually look forward to Dadi and Arnav scenes so that I could see that Dadi losing *smiles gleefully*

Thank you CVs for the ArDi confrontation today. At least he kind of sort of hinted to her that you leave and he figured it out that Shyam is so chalaak that he is trying to get in Shantivan through Dadi.

But why didn't he tell everyone what that Shyam told him on PayAsh wedding night that the only hurdle between him and Khushi is Rani Sahiba? ASR doesn't need any proofs to know how sick Shyam is.


Meri Sanka Devi ko kya ho gaya hai? She knows that Shyam looks at her with 'gandi nazar' while he knew that Di is pregnant. Have you forgotten Holi Khushi? The way he tried to smear your face with colour twice, then he cornered you at a tree then at the poolside, sab bhool gayi kya?

What achchai you are talking about Khushi? He freaking tried to kill your husband?? Sikho kuch Anjali se. Sabse pehle suhaag baaki sab khaak.


Anjali bitya is resting in her room, so it is ok to discuss family matters. Don't stop Chotay in the future when he goes all ASR on Dadi.


I love you dammit. Bas!


Thank you for the attendance


Why aaj mouth ko silent mode pe rakhaa haayi?


Wow she was glowing today? I couldn't notice that behind the mask of deception she wears.
Blackmailing ki mallika hai ye.


Inside information is that Dada never called Dadi with any endearment and Shyam calls her Maharani Sahiba in 'private' hence the ubal taa hua pyaar


Hum aapse I love you dammit Hug

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Rasgulla_sp IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 January 2012
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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:42am | IP Logged

Thank you laddoo for the scrap and the PM.


Now before I start with the rant let me just tell you that this is a general rant and not completely specific to tonight's episode. But you know that I have been waiting to rant on your first page for long so please excuse the deviation-

I have watched every episode of this show. I have not done that for any other show ever!

I am writing an SS on ArHi when I have never written fiction in my life!

I joined India Forums for this show!

I stopped watching How I Met Your Mother midway to the 7th season when I just couldn't take it anymore, when I felt I was watching a drama instead of a comedy...

I stuck to IPKKND during the supposed "hate-marriage track" which was supposed to be high on drama but was a comedy fest...


Waiting for better times...


According to me the show went downhill from New Years onwards  when the CVs forgot how to keep the story, actors and characters together. 


The PayAsh wedding track was amazing  and enjoyable ekdum ArHi style paisa wasool but that was full of bloopers and gaps in the story. Par toh bhi unko maaf kiya.


I didn't want ArHi to get married. But I actually enjoyed the first two or three weeks of proper hatred (No. I am not a sadist but I can appreciate hatred too as much as love). That was half the theme of the show: Hatred. But then it was all about annoying your husband track and bearing with your wife's tricks plot! It is a hate/forced marriage for crying out loud! I bore that waiting for better times.


Then the kidnapping track which was so stupid, so senseless and with so many loopholes that a 5 yr old could rip it to shreds. Maine woh bhi sehan kiya...


I knew a redemption track was on its way. Different people on IF wanted different types of redemptions. I didn't mind any type of redemption as long as I could get my dose of ArHi since the Ar part of Hi was missing for so long.


But no. What did I get? Anjali being fussed over by her family left, right and center.

Finally, the remarriage. I didn't want the remarriage (I just realised I didn't want ArHi to get married on both the occasions!). To me they are married if they consider themselves to be married. Khushi had no problems with her marriage either until CVs suddenly decided to bring in Dadi to question the legitimacy of their wedding to give Khushi her "dream wedding".

I won't even start about the miscarriage track.

Today's episode:

But...but today when Dadi actually admitted that she was there to save Anjali's dream of a marriage I was stumped to see only ASR shutting her up. NK and Nani just had a dialogue each which really didn't make ASR's stand any stronger. And no one, no one in the family thought that what a player Dadi is, to have been hand-in-glove with Shyam all this while? Anjali doesn't have the strength to move but can play manipulative games against her brother? Khushi, he stayed as a paying guest in your house, lied to you, was eyeing you even after your marriage, even after he came to know his wife was pregnant with his child? You forgot all that? Like really???

I ask the CVs where is the IPKKND that I watched which was a blend of love, hate, passion, attraction with a pinch of family drama thrown in? Where are my ArHi who could put the screen on fire even in a scene which was not about them, without a single dialogue, just because they were in the same frame together? Why is it all about milking people's emotions in the name of entertainment? I am not looking for logic but don't expect me to accept anything.

I don't know for how long I will wait for better times. I have never been known for my patience and for IPKKND I have reached my limit...



Sukoon mila.

Thanks again Smile


But I am still addicted to the show...

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pixiegirl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:45am | IP Logged

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-Sunset- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 September 2011
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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:45am | IP Logged
The only sane people are NK, Nani, Arnav... 

I don't care Dadi or Anjali supporting Shyam... But KHUSHI!!! Really? Did she forget everything..?? 

What the!!!

No more words... I'm totally disgusted by the CVs today... 

I thought Khushi and Arnav interaction would be like this... Anjali would have requested Arnav to bring back Shyam...

Khushi may be irritated, but would say even if Arnav brings him back, she is not afraid, coz this time She has Arnav to protect her... 

But what did that woman say!!! She thought Shyam would change??? Dead

I wish I could just slap the CVs

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Dora123 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Reserved because I am pissed!Angry

Thanks Tanu for the abode! You have given all the appropriate words to my thought process I need not add anything more in words, atleast! All I can do is vent out via these pics! Courtesy:

psstt: the collage was indeed made in a big hurry so pardon!

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