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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director's Cut - Sep 5th, 2012

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Welcome to another edition of Director's Cut!

We hope you have enjoyed the show!!
- The Beatles, Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

The simplicity and elegance of today's episode was a treat for me today. High in drama content and emotions, taking me on a roller coaster ride, with thrills and spills and some good old-fashioned nausea. Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon? is a love story wrapped in a whodunit, and a drama that is full of suspense!

"There is a distinct difference between suspense and surprise and yet many 
pictures continually confuse the two, ...  We are now having 
an innocent little chat. Let us suppose that there is a bomb underneath this table 
between us.  Nothing happens and then all of a sudden, "Boom!" There is an 
explosion.  The public is surprised, but prior to this surprise, it has seen an 
absolutely ordinary scene, of no special consequence. Now, let us take a suspense 
situation.  The bomb is underneath the table and the public knows it, probably 
because they have seen the anarchist place it there.  The public is aware that the 
bomb is going to explode at one o'clock and there is a clock in the dcor.  The 
public can see that it is quarter to one.  In these conditions the same innocuous 
conversation becomes fascinating because the public is participating in the scene.  
The audience is longing to warn the characters on the screen, "You shouldn't be 
talking about such trivial matters.  There's a bomb beneath you and it's about to 

In the first case we have given the public fifteen seconds of surprise at the moment 
of the explosion.  In the second case we have provided them with fifteen minutes 
of suspense.  The conclusion is that whenever possible the public must be 
informed.  Except when the surprise is a twist, that is, when the unexpected ending
is, in itself, the highlight of the story."
  • Alfred Hitchcock, a master story teller in an interview with Francois Truffaut, another great director. 

As we watched the cradle being taken out of the room, how many of us were urging Arnav, Khushi and HP, 'Come on, look under that thing, there's a will there!  That is all the proof you need, dammit!'

But no, the proof walks out the door, and we sit back and go, Oh No! Where did it go? The storytellers leave us hanging. We do not know the fate of that will. Perhaps we never will (pun completely intended!) 

There are many open threads in the story. 

Let's take Garima's story. We know there's a story. But we don't know what that story is. Is it the twist in the tale that we are expecting? Or will it be just a lame, tame misunderstanding? Will Arnav and Khushi separate because of her past? Will their love survive whatever dark secrets are revealed? We are left hanging as Buaji hangs up the phone. The expected Garima-Dadiji confrontation will not happen today as well. The suspense continues - or will it be just a surprise?

For a bit, we are brought back into the world of Arnav and Khushi. Standing on what should have been the threshold of a life together, yet held back by tragedy. Khushi, the true ardhangini - other half - giving her husband the reassurance of the faith she has in him. His gratitude and love for her shines through his eyes. Until they are rudely interrupted by Dadi. 

We all know Dadi came to RH on Shyam's instigation. We all know that she hated Khushi on sight because of what Shyam has fed her. We all know that she is helping Shyam behind Arnav's back. This is the first bomb that we know is ticking. Arnav had already had his suspicions yesterday, in the hospital. How long before Arnav puts two and two together to come up with four? 

The conversation moves to the hall, the place where Shyam's true colors were revealed to the Raizadas. Nani, Mami, NK, and Akash stand around the two in the center - Arnav and Dadi. Khushi stands behind him - literally and figuratively. The battle of words begins. 

She insists it is Shyam's right to be with Anjali at this point in time. 
He bites out that he lost his rights and he can never be forgiven
She throws in the emotional atyachaar - what if Anjali does what your mother did? Would you be able to forgive yourself?
He is restraining himself: Di wont do anything like that. 
She still tries to goad him

And we are watching, waiting for dadi to expose herself. And she does. 
She looks down her nose at her grandson and says, no one loves Anjali more than Shyam.

There is disgust and anger in Arnav's face. Nani and Mami are aghast They all know exactly how much Shyam loves Anjali - not in the least.

She reveals more of herself to Arnav - I have seen the love and longing in his eyes for Anjali.

As Nani tries to pacify them both, something clicks for ASR and he stops her. 

He has finally put two and two together. The bomb has just exploded. A little bomb, but a bomb nonetheless. A bomb we had been waiting to see go off! Sarcasm and disbelief drip through his voice as he interrogates her.  You saw this much love in Shyam's eyes? You met him for the first time yesterday, right? You were never here. You never met him before. How can you believe him so much after meeting him for the first time? Unless you... Unspoken were the questions - what ELSE are you hiding from us, Dadi? WHY exactly are you here? 

How many of us thought this was a completely YES! moment for ASR? I'd like to point out something here. Many times we were told that when ASR lost his temper he stopped thinking. Here he is on the verge of lashing out at Dadi, when Nani intervenes. It distracts him from his anger - and he THINKS instead. What was a niggling doubt yesterday, becomes a full-fledged conclusion. He has found out Dadi, what is more important is that he has exposed her in front of the whole family. A family that is as distrustful of Shyam as he is. Everybody is suitably stunned at Dadi's duplicity. The first bomb was a success, eh?

As he realizes the extent of his Dadi's audacity, she in turn stands tall and proud. She is proud that she is needed to save this household. So very proudly, she reveals Shyam's visit to the ashram, where he explained what 'trouble' was brewing in the house. She looks at Khushi as she says so. Arnav closes his eyes, furious that Shyam would have put Khushi at the center of all blame. But he is not surprised. Little Bomb number two explodes. Her unexplained hatred towards Khushi is explained. 

Dadi is now on a roll. She explains that Shyam had never said anything against Arnav. All he said was that he wanted to live with his wife, who is the expectant mother of his child and whom he loves Beintehaan. The rest is all a misunderstanding!

We, the veiwers know that Dadi has been made a complete fool of. So does the Raizada family. Shyam has fed her need to feel important. He knows her biggest weakness is her own ego and self-importance. He has cleverly stroked it. How long before Dadi understands that? That is the third bomb ticking in this scene, but we the audience know it wont explode now. Probably later, maybe never!

ASR loses it again. MISUNDERSTANDING! There was no misunderstanding. .. Do you have an idea? This man tried to kill me. 

And now another bomb goes off - one which doesn't surprise us, but hits Arnav hard. Dadi doesn't believe him! This time he has support from NK , but Dadi does not listen. Once more Dadi spouts words that almost seem to come from Shyam - Do you have proof? All of them look at her. They know she is firmly in Shyam's camp, now. She had come to save this house - now she is the only one standing on one side of a line that she has drawn. They are disgusted with her actions. 

Finally Arnav has had enough - You didn't know what was right or wrong for me 14 years ago and you don't know now. All these years, I've been looking after di. Not you. And i will do it in the future too. You left us, right - why did you come back? What have you come for, from your ashram? You should have stayed there. 

This is something we, the viewers were waiting for, weren't we? Dadi was an uninvited guest, who came with the express purpose of bringing Shyam into the house, and breaking up Arnav and Khushi. The foundations of a family that was finally getting to be stable is shaken. She came to this house, not to save it, but to break it up! Arnav's shots finally hit home. A negligent grandmother - she is not as powerful or as important in her grandson's life as she had thought. He has hit his target. He has reduced her importance in his life. A hard one for the old lady. But this is one little bomb that we didn't see coming, although we'd expected it. There is instant gratification for us, the viewers, at the look on her face!

Finally, Arnav sees the challenge that Shyam has thrown in his face. He takes it up. He will do all he can with his power and money to block Shyam. Tomorrow there will be heavy security around the house, and a restraining order against him. He knows Dadi will inform Shyam of his actions. It is his response to Shyam's actions. But it is a challenge to Dadi, too. Bring it on! And Dadi looks like she does want to bring it 

After all those minor explosions, we need to cool off and what better way than ... to bring Shyam into the house, and the room of his Rani Sahiba? While Arnav is being coaxed by Khushi to take his medicine, Shyam is busy feeding Anjali. 

Two spouses taking care of their better halves. 

While Shyam's manipulation of Anjali is no surprise or suspense, Khushi on the other hand, throws us, the viewers a little surprise. She tells Arnav she thinks Shyam should be allowed to meet Anjali, at least once. 

Lets stop with the suspense and watch this little scene again. I loved it. ASR is ASR and  Khushi is Khushi. There is anger in him, he has made his decision, and as Khushi makes her request, he lets it out, he cannot believe that Khushi of all people would ask him this. She makes her plea. A positive person, Khushi is ready to give everyone a second, third, fourth,...nth chance. But he is not. As soon as her face falls, he quickly softens it with an okay? I loved that little interaction. She responds to that softening, and accepts his decision. Khushi has to learn to be a little cynical about people. Arnav is a master at it, and he just gave her, her first lesson.

Right on cue, Anjali appears at the door. She has been emotionally twisted by Shyam, and she gets up from her bed to make her request to Chotey. The whole family is horrified when she asks for Shyam back. All except Dadi. We all knew that someone would ask for Shyam to be brought back. So this little bomb only needed someone to light the fuse. Unfortunately, it goes off under Arnav again. 

What will Arnav do? That is the suspense that we the viewers are left hanging with. Someone tell me please, please. We know what we want the answer to be. But will the writers answer our pleas? 

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

After thought:
Two lines of dialogue for NK and what lines he got!
- Nannav is telling the truth.
- What happened in an hour that you look so much better?
As always, NK gently points the characters in the right direction. He gave Dadi a hint. Dadi did not even bother to listen. 

He has given Arnav a hint. What could have caused Anjali's miraculous recovery? Will Arnav listen to him and understand the hint? 

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Humari kahani humari zubani!
           mann doley, mera tann doley ...
          mere, dil ka gayaa karaar rey...
       yeh... kaun bajaaye baasuriya????


Madhur madhur sapnon mein dekhi maine raah albeli
Chhod chali main laaj ka pehra jaane kahan akeli...

Ras ghole dhun yoon bole jaise thhandi pade puhaar re
Koun bajaaye baasuriya...

Kadam kadam par rang sunehra yeh kisne bikhraaya
Naagan ka man bas karne yeh kaun sapera aaya...

Pag dole, dil yoon bole tera hoke rahaa shikaar re...

yeh..Koun bajaaye baasuriya?


hi everybody.. i would like to introduce myself to you all my name is Anjali..  anjali shyam manohar jha
I ve heard that a lot of negativity is spreading around the entire fanbase about me... and nobody feels my pain..

so i would here by take the opportunity to clarify myself
Everybody around me has always made sure that  i am always happy.. i am really not clear whats wrong with my leg..i think its polio because of which i wear a brace or an accident because of which i ve a jaipur leg!!
[p.s. humey kuch theek nai lag raha..fir bhi i ll continue...Cry]
i am always sick.. please dont ask me the illness .. but i am always weak.. n i need a lot of rest...
when i was 18 my mamma papa passed away (i will not say suicide.. because i am very good at blocking the bad stuff)
[p.s. humey kuch theek nai lag raha..fir bhi i ll continue...Cry]
14yr old chottey took care of me..which is obviously his first responsibility.. n he has promised to take care of me forever tooEmbarrassed...
 i am happy in my new life.. i ve a great family.. mamaji, mami ,akash, chottey & nani whom i call troops behind their back.. because they always stand in attention whenever they see me..
[p.s. humey kuch theek nai lag raha..fir bhi i ll continue...Cry]
i love all this attention!!! i enter a bubble where everything is wonderful and everybody is great!!!

4yrs ago i met my shyamji at my friend's divorce case hearing... we really kicked it off.. we dated for some time and then got married.. i was the world's luckiest girl!!!
and i stayed on at my maiyka.. because i cannot leave my troops and go anywhere else.. they understand my delicate condition.. so anything which hurts me is banned!!
[p.s. humey kuch theek nai lag raha..fir bhi i ll continue...Cry]
my shyamji is a busy lawyer so 25days a month he is out of the city... he doesnt come home at time.. doesnt attend any function, pooja etc etc on time.. n once dint even cut our anniversary cake!!
but i trust him... he is such a great man... he always helps others in need... how many times have i given him money for operation of his friends?? i am so lucky that in this kalyug i got such a ram kinda pati
[p.s. humey kuch theek nai lag raha..fir bhi i ll continue...Cry]
then khushiji entered our lives and shantivan.. no i dint mean to blackmail her.. its just that i am used to getting what i want!! then one day khushiji told me she is engaged to a shyam.. i was so happy for her!! that day i giggled 19times.. she also got a shyam wow!!! how cool!! i dint notice the same ring or anything because shyamji will never lie to me.. and my brain doesnt work that way.. i can never connect any dotts
[p.s. humey kuch theek nai lag raha..fir bhi i ll continue...Cry]

ultimately on akash's wedding day she got married to chotey!! n i became pregnant!!
 chottey was looking unhappy but never mind i am good at blocking bad.. so i just ignored all that n tried to welcome khushiji!!
everything was going smoothly..
 1.i was giggling 20 times a day..
2.i had my breakfast on time..
3.popped all the pills that the doc prescribed..
4. my tummy was still flat even after 3months
5.attended all the pooja's in all the mandirs... in delhi , gurgaon and surrounding areas!!
when suddenly chottey had to go to london.. but instead of london went to scotland.. i remembered him once or twice in that 15days... n i sincerely cried for 15mins each time in the presence of the entire troop - mamaji who disappeared along time ago...
[p.s. humey kuch theek nai lag raha..fir bhi i ll continue...Cry]
i noticed some change in khushiji and shyamji.. she was trying to flirt with him.. and my poor shyamji was trying to save his izzat!! i clearly saw it 2times...
then finally when i was in the mata ka jagran mami comes and talks blasphemy about my husband.. i blocked her out completely..

i reach home n my chottey whom i missed every single minute in the last 15days is standing in front of me.. but i dont remember anything else that happened in those 5episodes.. i ve blocked them out
[p.s. humey kuch theek nai lag raha..fir bhi i ll continue...Cry]
what i remember is that just because of a silly MU my husband was slapped and thrown out!! then i got jealous of khushiji and chote's love.. but chotey told me later that he loves me more!!!Tongue then i became ok..
now i started meeting my shyamji chup chup key.. we go on dates.. we talk we msg!!! and after 7months of pregnancy i sudden;y got a tummy too!!!!
 i was so happy..

[p.s. humey kuch theek nai lag raha..fir bhi i ll continue...Cry]
then on my godhbharai.. my shyamji comes home to give gifts to our raajkumari.. he calls me to meet him.. i follow him upstairs.. n walk on glass pieces.. get shock.. n slip and loose my baby!!! do you even know how it feels to loose the bump in just 5episodes??Cry

now i am back home... and i want my shyamji home...
tell me guys am i wrong???
whats mine and my shyamji's fault???
[p.s. humey kuch theek nai lag raha ..fir bhi i ll continue...Cry]
i want my shyamji home now !!! now!! now!! Cry
i wont pop any pills til he is home!! i wont even eat anything!!! i wont let this silly MU come in between us!!

i hope atleast here i get some sympathy...
and in case u are wondering what happened to my feet and how come they healed so soon... they were just superficial minor scratches.. and i ve put on band aids.. i am a strong woman!!
[p.s. humey kuch theek nai lag raha.. haiCry]

thank you



Points to ponder!!

why was hp looking drunk?? is he really involved in all this n why was he giving such silly expressions? or was it just a simple case of over/under acting??ConfusedConfused

2. did the doctors remove the glass peices from anji babe's feet?? where are the bandages?? or did they forget about it??ShockedShocked

3. NK dropped buaji home last night? is that the reason for the glow on her face??HeartHeart

4. the nurse looked like the lady from arnav's FB.. so is there a connection here that we should speculate on??Dead

5. will the "will" ever come out?? or they ll sell to the raddi waala? Dead

6. where was the nurse for 1 whole hour?? talking to her guy??

7. when we saw shyam n anji's dabba vey today.. the room is clearly beside the pool.. arnie boy was also standing facing the pool.. then how did he miss shyam?? how many pools are there in ashantivan??OuchOuchOuch

8.where is payalia?? i am 100% sure there is some hidden agenda behind this!!Shocked

9. when will akash get his next dialog??ConfusedConfused

10. who removed the tampered wires?? hp? op ya jp???image
gif credit- tumblr

     thats it guys keep pondering till u go mad!!!


                        LOL nazar na lagey mere ipk ko!! LOL


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Payalia's post

20-20 today, is going to round up, what people in IPK Land believe....over to them...


I believe...
1. In me & my judjement...
2. In damad ji...
3. He loves Anjali bitiya...I've seen it in his eyes...
4. Arnav bitwa has grown up to be a ziddi boy...
5. Khushi is the reason for all this mess...


I believe...
6. In humarey woh...


I believe...
7. In these emotional fools who call themselves the Raizaadas & the Maliks...
8. In my plans...they almost always work...
9. In me...


I believe...
10. In maintaining peace in the house...
11. In siding with the truth...


I believe...
12. In always speaking the truth...
13. In using my brain, where required...


I believe...
14. In not being afraid of anyone...
15. In supporting the truth...


I believe...
16. In Arnav ji...
17. In being fair to all...


I believe...
18. In Khushi...
19. Dadi is in cahoots with Shyam...
20. Shyam is as bad as my dad...

pics cr: Chowna

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Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai
Kuch Nahin Kuch Nahin Pyaar Ho Raha Hai

Tere Mere Beech Ka Bhed Na Khol De 
Koi Jaake Kuch Mere Bhaiya Se Na Bol De
Bhaiya Bol To Raha Hai

Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai
Kuch Nahin Kuch Nahin Pyaar Ho Raha Hai....

I cant believe I dedicated a song to Shyaam-Anjali "Romance"..But It seemed apt at this time!
The "Pyar" that is being showered on her by himDead, the "Bhed" that is being hidden from the brother Angry, the fear of "bhaiyaa" finding about the truth!!Ouch

Sabse "Sayani" Behna, Anjali:

The woman is blind in love. So much so that she fails to see the smooth slimy way her hubby traps her in his jaal! She has always been manipulative and has made sure that indirectly her all wishes are granted! And we are being witness to the same Anjali now!
Yesterday the overwhelming grief overtook everything else in her life, but today she has started "thinking"! In her haste and illusion, she fails to see how smoothly her hubby has planted the "idea" in her mind!..She misses the cue that it is Him that is indirectly putting words in her mouth, him who is reminding her of her "Zidd", her nature of being adamant, giving her enough clues to decode from it!! And she decodes his words without understanding the intent behind it! And its going to prove costly!!

Today, all that she wants is him and she will do anything to make it happen!
Even ready to walk in this condition and demand from her chotte the return of the devil! She knows how much Arnav hates the man, she knows it pains him to talk about it..Unmindful of that, she still asks him as she is herself reeling from grief of loosing a child and she thinks that the only one who can help her overcome this, is her husband...Her illusion is intact, the dream world preserved and her manipulative nature in full swing! Ah! We have difficult days ahead!

Shyaamwa the creepwa:

He is tall, dark(in heart), and evil! With an ulterior motive behind all this. At this point of time, the only mission is to get inside RM because only then he can start his "plan"..whatever that is..
He has realized dadi is good-for-nothing (Pardon my bhasha, but its just the way he said it yesterday) so he cannot really rely on her! He tried doing the nautanki himself in front of Arnav and his saale-sahab gave 2 hoots about it! So the only person who can help him is his bholi-bhaali patni. Yesterday he laid the foundation of his drama by indirectly blaming her for the accident and claiming he would not have let it happen..and today he just elaborates it! Makes her "understand" how he would take care of her, feed her with his hands, bring joy to her life..He makes her "realize" how clever she is and how ziddy for always making things happen!! Not too direct but just enough to plant the seeds in her mind...And she catches on to that!
She asks him if she stops eating food or medicine until he gives it to her, then he has to come back and he smartly encourages the idea!

Two things he said correct today, the only 2 truths:

1) "Arnav aapse jitna pyar karte hain ,humse usse kahin zyaada nafrat karte hain" -- wao! Kya observation hai creepwa maharaj!!
2) "Hum aapke saath rehne ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain"..Even if the reason is something else entirely, this is true...he will do "kuch bhi" to stay "with" her in RM!

He makes himself the ultimate bechara pati by telling rani sahiba how everyone in her family will stop him for entering her life..and inspite of what everyone, not just Arnav but everyone thinks, he loves her a lot!Note,  By this he covers his ground that its not just chottey who has had a misunderstanding but also everyone at that when tomorrow Mami or NK or Nani will try to take Arnav's side, in Anjali's mind all are delusional, all are under MU!
Well played Shyaam Manohar Jha! Well played!Angry

The Not-so Akalmand Dadi:

Anjali gets her genes of "illusion" from Dadiji. An elderly woman who has seen the ways of lives gets easily trapped by a bholi-si-surat damadji..She believes him to an extent that the words of her family members, her pota, her BFF fall on deaf ears!
I agree that Dadi has not seen any "proof" about Shyaam's evil intentions..So she refuses to believe Arnav..But then has Shyaam shown her any proof of what he is saying is correct? 
There is no evidence from both sides, the only thing is what each of them are telling her..So why she believes what her daamadji is saying over her whole family? What is the logic behind it? I fail to understand it! Confused

When Khushi is trying to soothe Arnav, she comes and taunts him!Angry Taunts him about "kitna sambhal rahe hain,kitna bigad rahe hain"?? Seriously woman?? This is how you tackle situations at home?Angry I am glad you were not there for the past 14 years otherwise the two kids would have never recovered! She would have pushed them in more gloom and distress!!Dead

Also how can she tell Arnav it is Shyaam who Anjali needs the most? That he loves her more than Arnav does? Lady, you chose to live in an Ashram when the two kids needed you the most, when Anjali needed someone elderly to protect her and make her life better...It is Arnav who has done that and you do not get to speak about his responsibilities or the lack of it whatsoever!!Angry
And she has to look at Khushi when she speaks about "Musibat".*Rolls eyes*..Maateh, see a mirror and look at the jeeti-jaagti nishani of musibat!

I am fuming mad at Dadi today! For her unrelenting support to shyaam, for her faltu ki zidd and ego to not listen to anyone else, for bringing up the past again and again in front of Arnav just to prove her point!
No sympathies for her! Absolutely zero... The only thing I can appreciate is she admits meeting Shyaam in the aashram! That's it!!

The Wisest Warrior, Arnav:

The only sane man in this pagal nagri, the man who thinks, who acts, who is brave, righteous and just! Angry, impatient, yes..but also protective and responsible!
Liked the look of relief, gratitude and love when khushi gives him the much needed confidence that he will right the every wrong done!! beautiful...

Loved the whole face-off between Dadi and him..His absolute disgust at the mere mention of Shyaam's  name,his impatience and Anger at dadi for not even tryingto understand, his bang-on instinct about their equation.
I loved the way he stopped Nani midway to confront Dadi about how she knows Shyaam so well and his absolute disbelief at her acknowledgement...
And how angry he is at her insistence that all this is a Galatfahmi! he shouts that word, unable to comprehend how can she even think like this!
His "enough" echoed my sentiments exactly!  Enough Dadi!!Enough!!Angry

But I also think he needs to start accumulating proofs to make his blind grandma see things clearly..he cannot negate the fact that without proof its always difficult to make someone believe their POV, esp someone like Dadi!

An absolute "Seeti bajao moment" when he tells her about where she was 14 years ago, how he has taken care of Anjali since then, how she chose to stay in Ashram rather than be with them and why she just doesnt leave now for her fav place!!.I loved it, loved it, loved it! Wohoo!!Clap and Barun, hats off! you nailed this part!!Clap

Liked the whole scene with Khushi. Absolutely loved how he just looked at her with anger in his eyes when she started talking about Shyaam! That was perfectly done by Barun..
His "Are you kidding me Khushi" was a total rip off from my mind! I said the same thing..
And every thing else that he said, was absolutely correct! I am glad atleast one man keeps his sanity!!

The naive Khushi:

A woman as sharp as herself should not fall again into the jhaansa of Shyaam Manohar jha! I understand she is naive, she is pure at heart, she is like this..all this I agree to!
But how can someone be even remotely sympathetic to a man who cheated you, made your life miserable, tried to kill you,and more importantly tried to kill your husband, your soul mate? She feels for Anjali, which she should!
But she suspects that Shyaam can be a better man, can actually be changed because of this tragedy, then she comes across more foolish rather than naive..and Khushi is NOT foolish CVs..She is the one who first found out abt Shyaam's treachery, who found out abt Arnav's kidnppaing and followed it to the end!!
and thats the reason I find it difficult to swallow that even though temporarily, but she did believe all the drama that happened in the hospital! Its not about her asking Arnav to let Shyaam meet di once, but her thoughts over how he could be a changed man..or even that there is a possibility of him changing!!This is what completely amazed me..and not in a good way...LOL

Atleast I am happy that she didnt push it much , just agreed that if Arnav feels this is right, it would be right!!

Other little thoughts to ponder:

  • When Shyaam is exiting from his room, he is almost facing the pool!!How many pools are there in the house? Sabke room ke bahaar ka raasta pool se hokar hi hai kya?LOL

  • The paalna has the Will chipkofied under it! Will it ever come to surface? Where is the guy taking it? to throw it?put in Store room? how long until someone finds that? Or will it never see the light of the day?

  • Loved everyone's reaction to the news of Dadi meeting Shyaam chori chori chupke chupke and her consant admiration for the love that he has for Anjalia! Loved the disgust at Nani's and Mami's face!

  • Also loved the way NK tries to say his POV and Nani vehemently denies that all this is NOT a misunderstanding!! Even though Dadi turned a blind eye to this, atleast they voiced their opinion!!

  • So Arnav and NK both noticed that something happened in this last 1 hour to get some Raunak back at Anjali's face!Poor NK, he was so happy for his di..Ouch

Some points to think over, CVs

  • What happened to Anjali's injured feet? No Bandage? Do they have the ability to heel on their own? Atleast show a bandage to make it look even remotely realistic!

  • Payal is missing since two epi..At a time like this when she should be with her in-laws..Khushi is not the only Bahu of the house, you see...Atleast have a line being said by any family member about her she has gone out to take some medicine or something...Anything will do!
    But who am I kidding? Mamaji's absence from the show for such a looong time hasnt been explained till now and the mystery cannot be solved even by CID and I am talking about Payal!! Silly me..

  • When you are trying to maintain a suspense element in the show with Garima-Dadi past, Please do not release any pics before hand! For me it spoils the fun! I dont want to see a pic of something this mysterious before hand! For any romantic scenes, it is fine! Not for this..Atleast not for me!

  • Promos, Promos, Promos...This is all I want!! please...

Love, Sumi

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redwine1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 9:08am | IP Logged



A past knocking on the door
A devastation which shattered the illusions of the present 
A sinister presence casting a shadow on future 
A man standing tall amidst ruins guarding his fort 

Arnav Singh Raizada ... the Man .. the brother .. the husband .. the grandson .. the lover .. but most of all the SON .. the son who lost his MOTHER .. the son who lost his mother in the brutal twist of fate .. tonite faced his worst nightmare .. 


Dear Fellow viewer & reader, welcome to yet another edition of DC .. an episode which was redolent with the constant echoes of the past .. an episode which heralded the laying of the future track .. an episode which was liberally enriched with the softest nuances .. in short yet another brilliant day at the IPK .. 


The brother & sister are together .. each drawing strength from the other ...when .. the devastation peeps in again .. Khushi removes the cradle from the room .. seeing this Anjali breaks down .. hugs Arnav .. & lets out her grief ..  a mother no more .. a dream which was no more .. a shattered heart .. cradling a shattered dream .. 
Arnav .. is holding himself together with the utmost difficulty .. trying to give strength to the one who was his strength .. 
Khushi helpless .. looks on .. wondering how can she put this family .. her family back together .. how can she take away the pain .. how can she bring back the smile ... how can she make this wrong right ...



Arnav & Khushi .. move out of Anjali's room .. a devastated Arnav is trying his best to hold himself together .. Khushi his parineeta ... his true "ardhangani" walks towards him .. holds his hands .. gives him the comfort the solace .. the words that he wanted to hear ... ALL WILL BE WELL ...
The man Arnav Singh Raizada .. who the whole family looks up for support . today needs the support of the petite little woman standing next to him 

She tells him . i have faith in you ... this at a time when his faith in him had crumbled & crushed in the face of the disaster of his sisters life... he was defeated .. but she gave his the strength to come out victorious .. 
She tells him .. u will make all right .. since u can do all for ur Di .. who better to know this than Khushi (right?) ... this at a time when Arnav .. was clueless .. how to put his Di's life together .. she unwittingly gave him strength to fight the battle which was going to fall on him .. just in a couple of seconds ..
If you pause here .. u will see the expression on Arnav's face .. he is in love .. he is grateful .. he is amazed .. by her faith in him .. he is amazed by the depth of her feelings for him & his people ...


Then like always .. Arnav Khushi together .. have to be disturbed ... in walks in dadi to upset the apple cart .. 



Dadi alleges Arnav .. she tells him .. that you are letting your temper & Ego .. come in between what is right for your sister .. how could you take her away from the hospital when she was so weak .. when she was so fragile ..against the doctors wishes .. 

An Arnav whose temper is hanging on by a thin thread  tells Dadi .. it was no use talking to him .. as he was always going to do what he wanted .. & what he felt was right .. Di is my RESPONSIBILITY .. & i will not let ne one hurt my Di .. 
Simple straight & effective .. i am the boss in this house .. i decide .. i brook no arguments ..

Dadi .. the relentless one .. rebels .. she is the eldest she is matriach .. whenever Arnav .. takes the stance of the head of family .. she retaliates .. so once again she .. did .. she thumps it right back saying .. ANjali is NOT URS BUT SHYAM'S RESPONSIBILITY .. WHO IS HER HUSBAND  ( oh well dadi if only u knew what we knew) 

Arnav .. who was till then hanging there holding onto his temper .. looses it on hearing that Shyam had any say in his Di's life .. tells her . Shyam's faults are unpardonable .. ( pause here guys .. barun is awesome here .. u can see the snarl .. u can see the barely leashed temper .. lovely voice modulation .. he almost drops his voice to super low pitch .. to show how he is making all effort to reign his temper in ) ..

Dadi .. yet again ... gets back on him .. she hits him where it would hurt him most .. she draws comparison .. to arnav's mother .. saying what if Anjali did the same thing .. ( committed suicide) .. 

Arnav shattered by the worst reminder .. says his Di cannot be so weak ...
basically saying this time around .. i will not stand by .. & let some one i love .. go away from me .. I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN..

DADI doesnt give up .. she says this is what u feel .. that she is strong enuf to withstand this .. but what if she is not .. will u be able to live with the consequences ..

NOW PAUSE HERE PLEASE ..  once again i was totally confused today .. with the expressions of dadi .. so i bring this one to you my dear reader .. 
what i saw in dadi's look .. was a complete nonchalant look .. when she spoke of Arnav's mom suicide .. or a probable suicide from Anjali .. a woman .. a mother . a grandmom .. even in her wildest dream would not speak like this about her own kin .. please pay attention to her face .. it was almost like she was goading him .. there were no real feelings for the grandkids .. it was more of a EGO battle for the old lady .. 
Now maybe i am overanalysing once again .. so would love ur feedback & pls put me out of my misery .. was the above interpretation right ? am i overanalysing .. or did swati chitnis .. completely .. not understand the brief ... ?

I loved the way .. Khushi walked upto Arnav ..& tried cooling him down .. she knows the strain he is in .. she knows how he is battling his guilt .. she knows .. how shattered & battered he is .

But Both dadi & arnav are in no mood to let up .. when .. Dadi .. opens the pandora's box .. she lets out .. NO ONE CAN LOVE ANJALI MORE THAN SHYAM .. 

( ironical to mention this in front of Arnav .. Khushi .. & Mami .. & NK .. all of whom have first hand witnessed the "LOVE"  of  damadji) 

When Nani .. the gentle matriarch steps in . to halt the war of words . she reminds them that this was not the time to fight .. but the time to be together . 

Arnav interrupts nani .. & finally questions Dadi . to air his suspicions out .. the suspicions that he had ever since she was pounding on Khushi .. HOW IN ONE MEETING .. DID DADI .. GLEAN SO MUCH OF SHYAM'S LOVE FOR ANJALI .. ?? 

When dadi comes out with her secret .. SHYAM HAD VISITED HER IN THE AASHRAM .. & asked her for HELP .. oops sorry she says .. BEGGED HER FOR HELP .. 

Now pause here please guys ... 
this was the track laying .. for the future .. now first note here .. dadi's expressions .. see the way she more or less preens .. with importance .. look how she adjusts her stance to stand taller .. when she says .. SHYAM CAME TO ME TO BEG FOR HELP ..  the most brilliant move .. its pure EGO play for the lady .. Shyam has pandered to her EGO .. rubbed her up the right way .. ( well hasnt that always been his modus operandi) 

BUt as off now .. the duplicity of Dadi .. has registered only in the minds of Arnav & family .. who are stunned .. 
Now .. when bitwa sits back to connect the dots .. WILL HE REALISE .. WHO LED SHYAM TO DADI ???? IF THIS WAS A MINOR BLOW .. HOW MAJOR WILL THAT BE ????

Dadi once again comes onto arnav .. she tells him .. that Shyam has briefed her on all things .. SHE ALLUDES TO KHUSHI BEING THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE MISUNDERSTANDINGS ..  & says .. once again .. SHYAM loves ANJALI .. & all this is a misunderstanding .. 


ASR jumps out at Dadi .. saying .. there is no misunderstanding .. now .. can u guys rewind a bit .. i loved barun totally in this segment .. look at how quickly he gets the alluding to Khushi .. he is getting angry with just the mention of her name .. but when once again .. dadi says shyam loves anjali .. arnav alomst clenches himself .. to not come out at her .. & then when she says .. MU .. he pounces .. brilliant boy . brilliant .. 

Arnav says .. there is no MU .. do u even know shyam tried to kill me .. now pause here .. once again on DADI .. the woman is unmoved .. by the fact that her grandson was a victim of attempted murder .. amazing i tell u .. 
Then Nani steps .. & supports arnav .. saying that there is no MU .. ( now loved nani here .. u can see how she changed from the peace maker to the virago who attacked when her cubs were being attacked) 
& then Dadi comes out with her masterpiece .. 


Now for the reason of this scene .. the reason why the director led us through this maze of accusations .. 

lets rewind back to the fateful day of July 3rd ... when shyam was laid bare by khushi in front of the whole family .. that day the whole family played spectator to the volley or words between Shyam & Khushi .. finally arnav stepped in .. & pronounced the verdict  .. the whole family accepted this verdict .. for them .. the words of Arnav Singh Raizada was enuf .. there was no need for proof .. 
Arnav had thot then that he had effectively chucked out Shyam from their lives . & closed the chapter of his existence .. hence no need for proof 
NOW today is his first realisation .. that there are people who doubt his words .. 

Come back to present .. first scene of the episode .. khushi removes the cradle from Anjali's room .. to move it out .. hmm one of the proofs the will copy is hidden below the same .. Big smile .. 
My ques to u guys is simple .. 

Is the proof still there or has shyam removed it ??  .. was there any significance of removing the cradle from the room beyond the obvious  ???

I loved how this scene ended .. the way Arnav .. gives it to dadi . saying . that he was the one who took care of HIS DI . when Dadi abandoned them .. he was the one who stood by Di when Dadi abandoned them ..
& then finally he goes on offensive .. he tells her . U HAD LEFT US RIGHT ??? NOW WHY DID U COME BACK .. ?? WHY DONT U GO BACK TO UR AASHRAM .. ??

 in short .. ever since u r back .. our lives which we were rebuilding is falling on its ears . may be .. u need to focus on that ...


                              THE JHA's 


Shyam the cunning one .. Shyam the master MANIPULATOR ..  Shyam the cruel one .. Shyam the VILLAIN .. 

In yesterday's epsiode we saw how he effectively ... moved anjali from ever suspecting him of any ill doing .. he then effectively rubbed her nose in guilt by first alleging her . & then by telling her to bring back his baby girl .. 

So today was the day .. that he would pour the cement on his walk way into Shantivan .. into Khushi & Arnav's lives .. So he walks into the room .. 7 firmly shows his caring & nurturing side to anjali .. a woman .. in the depths of depression .. he starts feeding her soup .. 
Then starts hitting her with the false concern .. who would take care of Anjali when he was not around .. Anjali who was so weak .. who wud not take her meds .. who wud not eat meals properly .. who wud over see all this care for her .. in this most delicate time .. who would be there for her .. then he drives the dagger in deeply .. he tells her i cant even tell u all will be well .. & we will restart our life .. have more kids .. coz i am not here to do the same .

OOOh boy brilliant .. in one shot .. all her insecuirites .. all her depression .. all her issues .. all her grief brought out into the forefront .. & then left to poke needles into ... look at the way he brilliantly manipulates her thot process .. ClapClapClap


Anjali .. more or less hypnotised by her grief  & the false sense of commiserations her husband ( who according to her is equally devastated) comes out with the brilliant plan to deceive her family .. she tells him . if i stop eating .. & stop taking meds ..saying i will not partake these till u are back . then they will be forced to get u back 

OOOh boy .. mission more or less accomplished .. but what the hell .. one for the road .. he tells her .. but .. if u do this .. it will impact your health .. (sob sob)  .. but immediately reiterates ..but if she could bring him back to be with her .. he would be able to take care of her ( ooh i thot u lived off her dude) .. & also rebuild their lives .. 


Anjali ..finally shoos him away .. completely under his spell .. but .. shyam the villain .. had to have the last word .. na .. had to twist the dagger so deep . that she bled .. ok one more for the road .. 
Shyam tells her .. its my love for u .. that makes me sneak in to be with u .. whether ur brother likes it or not .. i will brave this .. i will come to meet u .. even if the risk involved cud cost me my life ...

uff master stroke dude .. a woman who just lost her unborn child .. u tell her .. her hubby will die trying to be with her .. great man .. hit her when she is lowest i tell ya .. most impact .. but who am i teaching this to .. dude ..u r the GURU .. .. MOGAMBO .. SACH MEIN KHUSH HOGA .. 


                   THE SINGH RAIZADA'S 


Am not going to give u an indepth analysis of this segment .. will cover the pertinent points .. & then leave it with u with a ques .. 

Khushi petitions Arnav to let Shyam MEET ANJALI ONCE .. 
Arnav gets irritated at Khushi for even mentioning this . 
Khushi feels that somewhere shyam would've felt remorse on loosing his child .. arnav vehemently says .. that Shyam is incapable of feeling  .. 
Khushi says .. all she fears is that no one should be shortchanged or there shud not be injustice done to anyone 
Arnav says letting Shyam in here is the real injustice .. 
Khushi relents on seeing arnav's confidence & says if thats the way u feel then it is right .. but i am only thinking of Anjali  Di .. she is weak .


Now this is what transpired in this scene .. now even yesterday i pointed out in my analysis that Arnav always reacted very angryily when Shyam was referred to as the baby's father .. now .. why does he do that ??

Ok lets rewind to the Feb episodes .. pre arhi first wedding ..when arnav confronts shyam ..after shyam is in the know of the baby .. please go back & see that scene .. its evident to Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada even then . that the baby was the bargaining chip for Shyam to STAY in Shantivan .. & today . the baby is once again the bargaining chip for Shyam to come BACK & STAY in Shantivan ..

Now while i end this longish write up here .. i have a ques for u dear reader .. why was this scene shown to us ?? why did Khushi ask arnav to bring in Shyam to shantivan .. what is the significance if any of this scene .. ???
Do think about this .. this is part of the future track laying ...Big smile





enjoy the episode:


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chowna Goldie

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Arnav Khushi

Look at the plus point Khushi and Arnav had a conversation thought they were poles apart in that
but finally khushi said if u think u r right then that fine so atleast both but theire respective opinions in front of each other and talked though in anger but atleast he made it clear he doesnt trust

Though i feel Khushi character was ruined but then look at it she always has a heart with  she thinks first she saw on face value yesterday Shyam and made a decission .  That the cvs have stayed true to her character . Though we saw growth she also needs to learn more she has not learnt her lesson yet completly.

Anjali u manipulate u r brother hope one day u realise what u yourself asked for ( How to Dig your own grave and lie and manipulate the productiona house and brother By Anjali Jah )

im happy it was anjali who with dadi told him to get Shyam back Khusi also did but the she supported Arnav's decission unless CVs spoil it tommorrow

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Arshig8 IF-Rockerz

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Kushi's character is like that forgive n forget types, she forgave everyone now shyam , nothing new in it . 

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Lizzy2012 IF-Rockerz

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baas naam hi kaafi hain and the whole Raizada house is shaken by this storm..let me paste the excerpt on his planning before i go into further analysis..
Look at this careful planning of Shyam.. First he  met dadi and placed her in RM as his support,then he met anjali on the sly and convinces her of a misunderstanding between arnav and him.then regularly meets anjali to sweet talk her into his web..then sneaks in to RM to meet her..and now this murder to regularise his steps into RM without an ounce of cognisance of the family members or even arnav will Shyam succeed in installing himself back at RM using Arnav's Achilles heel as his weapon ..? Interesting  wait and watch it would what i wrote we go deeper into the plans of a sociopath called shyam who lives only for himself.he went ahead in his plans to put words into anjali's mind and mouth..he indirectly  reminds her to use the genetic defect of adamancy so as to gain a foothold in to RM again..he tells her that without him she would not take care of herself properly..that he  reminds her of her physical and emotional dependency on him without directly putting them into words.. she is fed soup and medicines by shyam along with the idea of shyam taking care of her ..he expresses anguish over the loss and puts in the idea of her being the centre of the world..the braggart stills stands  and spouts lies that he loves his wife imply that it is for the love that he returns after being spurned every time at the door..he appeals to her the wife in anjali when he talks about how he wants only his wife to next to him and how her chotte will not allow this scenario as he hates him as much as he loves his DI..look at shyam's strategy..he doesn't express one word of dislike for his BIL..but instead uses silence behind the words to express his anguish thereby cloaking his odium in the same..The greatest hatred, like the greatest virtue and the worst dogs, is silent 'Jean Paul Richter..doesn't it fit shyam to the T...and doesn't he get his desired result..the various expression of sadness,grief,isolation.dependency and obsessive love flits on anjali face leading to  achievement of the end goal for shyam..that anjali herself demands the restoration of shyam in her life to her brother arnav.. so life comes a full circle for anjali and arnav..the once united Brother sister duo find themselves  standing on the two different sides because of the spouses..who will Dm support?..this another interesting wait and watch

The Great confrontation-unveiling of the Dadi-shyam nexus-

Finally the dadi-shyam connection has been unveiled..yesterday Arnav was put on alert because of the the familiarity that existed between Dadi and Dadi's one mistake has made her come in the open about  her motives ..she tells the house mates that she has come to correct the mistakes that was perpetuated in the house as shyam approached her and begged her for a life with his wife.. but ASR does not relish this from dadi as she  left all of them and went away without caring for the two orphans fourteen years back..she says she has come to erase the aberration in the house(indicating khushi)so that the peace of the house returns.. so dadi heralds the return of the angrier ASR..standing in his house..she accuses his wife on splitting the house and spreading vicious lies about the SIL of the family(not in words) ASR realises that she has just fallen in to the trap called shyam manohar jha..he will not brook any falsified facts to hurt his wife and tries to help the truth prevail but to no avail..ultimately throws her unjust demands and her accusations on her faces ..questioning her decision to come to RM..the houses is split all due to shyam manohar jha..the Raizadas keep the faith in their grandson,son,the brother,the kinship of blood and trust stronger in them..whereas Dadi deems to believe in a virtual stranger based on his honeyed words and false tears..but how will arnav react to his Di's lies and her having met shyam on the sly..? we have a split house in Rm..has shyam achieved his second goal in spreading discord in the ,isn't it ?..the family except anjali and dadi stand behind arnav..they know that ASr will stand for honesty.. if shyam is inside the house once more ,it will be interesting to watch if the equations in the family change due to the hoodlum's honeyed lies..lets wait and watch


the bond grows stronger by the day..arnav and khushi stay true to the characters..khushi the girl with a golden heart wants to give another chance to shyam..but arnav refuses to..Khushi feels and argues on how the loss of flesh and blood will change a person completely but arnav doesn't see any change in shyam,,he feels shyam is still manipulative and set his eyes on his wealth and ASR is the guys who is safeguarding all his wealth..His DI,His khushi and wealth..all the three laxmi's of his life..Loved the new maturity in the relationship ..loved the new maturity in the lesser battles she leaves so the greater wars she can win..but will golden heart girl lock horns with her husband over shyam manohar jha so as to get Anjali's khushi back?will her insistence to keep everybody happy i the house lead to testing of the maturity in their bond,,only time can give us the answer.

this is it from me today ..see u all tom in another thread ..till then bye from me

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