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Episode 18 : Princess Manyata : The Lost Bride

ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Episode 18

Princess Manyata :The Lost Bride

Manyata looked at herself in the mirror. Uday had once  said u  look  beautiful in pink and even chose pink bridal dress for her. She stood there all dressed pink with traditional devgad jewelry adorning her .Maa and dadi saa had asked her to wear matching  jwellary with her bridal dress but she chose to wear the traditional devgad jewelries. She was surprised to watch that they complimented her pink bridal dress gifted specially by Yuvraaj  Udayveer, the love of her life, the man behind her proud present and dazzling future.


It has been age old tradition at Devgad that bride was always dressed and adorned in clothes and jewelry from her   parents .But Rajmata Mrinalini Devi had decided to make exceptions when her very own going to be  Jamai Saa  had respectfully requested that Princess Manyata should wear the special bridal dress chosen by him. The Devgad Rajparivaar had smiled at the bold yet respectful gesture of their Jamai Saa  who seemed quit enthusiastic  about his loved and most awaited bride . Vijay Banna and Unnati had winked playfully at Uday who  felt  himself stealing eyes out of nervousness.


Manyata had dismissed the maids to have few moments for  herself ,few moments to reflect on her eventful past and to relive her memories of unending love and deception. The love  which she got from men in her life ,Akash and Udayveer. She remembered how happy she was to have her  first sandals gifted by Akash. He called them Cindrella sandals and she had walked like a five year old kid  ,falling and balancing herself in those high heels.

She laughed as she remembered herself falling in Yuvraaj Udayveer's arms, due to her high heel Cindrella Sandals. Akash was right he surely gifted her Cindrella Sandals as it was because of his Cindrella sandals she landed in the arms of her very own prince. The prince who was arrogant yet charming ,ruthless yet surprisingly caring ,conniving yet so nave at heart and above all so hatefully womanizer but strangely in love with a girl he lost in childhood found in youth and still feared of ever losing her again.

It was time to go down and take marriage  vows with the man she knew would keep her happy for life to come and for whom she would readily give her own  life .She touched the small dagger hidden below her heavily  embroidered lehnga ,Maharani Komal had tied it at her waist to ward off evil eyes. She had inquisitively asked her mother for the dagger and was told that in olden days brides were a matter pride and reputation and so they were always made to have it with them to ward off evil eyes and be their weapon to fight their enemies.

'If groom has sword then bride too has dagger my child', Maharani Komal had said as she tied the small dagger at her daughters slender waist ' I know your prince will always be there for u Manyata but then u should always have your means ready', she had smiled.


A gust of wind brought the fragrance of ratrani flowers in the room. Manyata walked to the window and closed her eyes while she  smelled in the sweet fragrance feeling the soft silky  window tapestry on her face. She heard the knock at the door and knew J and Chikky  must have come to take her.

She turned to open the door but felt herself pulled by strong masculine hands that seemed to come from nowhere .She turned to look at the window in shock. She found herself looking into the red eyes peering out of a masked face. The intruder was a tall burly man with swift hands. He tied Mnayata's hand by her back and gaged her and in a minute was gone with the bride.


J and Chikki knocked at the door .J disliked the very proximity of a chawl girl standing by her side with her two big buns on her head. She beared chikky just because her Mnayata jiji still had soft heart for her chawl friends in spite of deceptions  and humiliations she received from Akash and his loved mother.

 The girls got worried when their constant knocks got no answer. Vijay Banna joined the girls and asked if he could help and knew it was time to call guards as he saw the alarm in their eyes. Soon Devgad palace was on high alert Princess Manyata was Missing!


The  palace which  reverberated  with celebration, dance and music was suddenly changed into a fort with guards searching every corner  and guests freezed to their seats. All seemed clueless as how their princess could be kidnapped amidst such high security. Surely it must be some insider involved in kidnapping but who nobody knew.


Yuvraaj Udayveer paced in DS office. Rajmata Mrinalini Devi sank in her enormous chair. The old lady seemed tired of fighting misfortunes which struck her rajmahal every now and then. Maharani Komals tears had no end while Maharaj Brijyaj cursed the guard for their irresponsibility. High police officials were already present at Rajmahal .A  special search team probed every corner of palace for clue while the hounds sniffed for the smell of kidnapper .

'Dada who must have done this ? ',Unnati asked her face as grim as her brother. 

'I am waiting for his phone Chhoti',said Udayveer curling fist around  his iphone .Udayveer knew who it was but then he wanted the confirmation before he actually leashed his deadly anger on the coward who dared to muddle with Yuvraak Udaveer Singh.

The phone vibrated ,Uday clenched his jaws as he looked at the flashing name Abhay. It was call by Abhay to congratulate him for his marriage,but Ydayveer knew the call was to mock at him. Uday gestured  the police to find the location. Though he knew Abhay was not fool enough to give clue so easily .The police raided the location and what they found was a  cell phone laying on a  sole chair in a godwn  belonging to Udayveer himself.

Abhay was playing smart but Yuvraaj Udayveer knew nobody could outsmart him so easily not when his princess was at stake. He had lost her once but now the very thought of loosing her once again shuddered him. Abhay was a monster with no cure for humanity. Yuvraaj Udayveer always knew this. Manyata was his way to kill him once again. He had failed in his attempt to kill him so now he was back with another craven way.


But whatever ways Abhay may have Udayveer knew he had to reach his princess before Abhay may harm her. Udaveer's  heart pounded with the  thoughts of  dreadful things his princess may bear to pay for her love to  a man who had enemies with most fallen heart.



Manyata opened her eyes ,her head felt heavy with effect of chloroform .She squinted through the dim light  trying to accustom with her surroundings. She heard the sound of a distant cricket and knew she was  far from city but where she did not know. She tried to rise and stumbled into the  night lamp.

She groped for the switch and opened it .Soon its light reflected the exquisite bed room with decoration of finest taste. She heard the footsteps and knew it must be the kidnapper. She grabbed the night lamp ready to smack but was taken off guard by the hands that snuggled through her waist.She looked wide eyed at the man ,tall and lean with features as handsome as that of a fairy tale prince but with intentions that of a monster and heart of a coward.

Abhay! ,she exclaimed pushing off his arms despitefully .

'Yes Me, Princess Manyata, ',laughed Abhay  waving his hands mockingly in air   'U saved Udayveer  and complained against me , Prince Abhay! ,Yuvraaj of Vijaygad! What do u think princess Mnayata ? Those weak spineless policemen can make  me Abhay fear ! the one  who has the  fearlessness in his name itself ! 'bellowed Abhay as he cupped Manayatas face with his hand gnawing his fingers in her skin.

Abhay had been looking for the chance for his next move  against Yuvraaj Udayveer and his savior shadow Manayata. Even though Yuvraaj Udayveer knew he was behind the life attack against him still he did not complain against him as Udayveer knew police had no power to handle the man like Abhay who was no less in power then him. He has just received a casual phone call from Udayveer with an advice to keep the enmity in limits. But Manyata had complained against him mindlessly.


 '.Jaan Lena to hum bhi jante hain Abhay , sher tum bhi ho aur hum bhi, behtar hai hum dost rahen kyunki dushmani  ab sirf tumpar bhari padegi'.His words still echoed in his mind. He knew  honour was something that was more then life  for Yuvraaj Udayveer and the best way to defeat this sher was to have his honour crushed. Which he would soon do! thought Abhay looking into the anger filled eyes of Mnayata the honour of Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh.





Yuvraaj Udayveer knew Abhay would sure have his henchmen around so best way to reach him was to track down the mobile of his henchmen which was very easy .He called his security head to look into the matter and soon they had the information. The address found was that of some distant place in Lonawala. Udayveer remembered Abhay had a banglow in Lonawala and knew where to go. Soon he was headed to lonawala with his men in  scatterd groups all to reach at same destination.


Manayata struggled to free herself .Abhay had pinned her on the bed his fiery eyes were already devouring her , he ravenously  kissed her on her cheek and moved down her neck and shoulders. She gnawed her nails recklessly  into his arms which seemed like iron band caging her like a helpless bird .Manayata somehow managed to free her hands and reached for her dagger down her waist which her mother had given  so rightly to ward off this evil ,an enemy to her respect and honour. She plunged the dagger into his left arm making  him  wince with pain. She rose up swiftly  out of his loosened grip her dagger still intact. She knew running from front door would be the most foolish thing to do as his loyal men must be waiting for him. She felt the window the safest way to escape and jumped out in darkness unknown of danger ahead.


Udayveer dashed in through main door   his men followed him. The guards at were shocked to see Yuvraj Udayveer and dared not stop him, for them he was friend of their master but his men sure had no right to enter .Udayveer was too occupied to observe, he called for Abhay .Abhay dismissed  the servant who  had rushed with the medication and followed his way to balcony wrapping the bandage around the wound given by his friends  wild cat. He knew she would be found soon by his men as she  must not have gone far enough. Till then he needed to tackle his so called friend who was now his sworn enemy.

He descended down the stares smiling at Udayveer . They had shared everything when kids but now sharing was difficult, he did not want to share the mahasabha chair  with the friend  who seemed  better than him now. He was better coz he had decided to change. He decided to change for a girl he loved. People called him the real prince, a ruthless prince with golden heart that's what he read  Times of Mumbai say .Today this very man stood infront of him still dressed in his dark brown sherwani ,his hands curled in fists , jaws clenched and eyes glaring at him with sheer anger and hatred .

'Abhay I want Manyata now!', bawled  Udajveer.

'Well do u think she is really here Udayveer ?', said Abhay calmly looking at   his wounded hands.

Udayveer looked at Abhay and smiled as he saw his  wounded hands 'Should I really doubt Abhay after seeing this condition of yours ,she is Princess Manyata Abhay,  u need to be a man to have her, cowards  like u end up with broken  limbs  with my wild cat.'

'O really Yuvraaj Udayveer ,do I need to tell u how much I relished kissing her soft cheeks and '',Abhay could not complete his sentence. He felt  his jaws crumble due to the strong blow he received from his enemy cum friend and then came another and another which sent him staggering down the wall. But Abhay was not the one to give up so easily to the man who always stole his limelight ,his share, his status and now even challenged his manhood. He leashed at him with the iron rod handed by his men.

But the fury  and hatred against the man who challenged the honour and pride  of Jaigad and devgad seemed to have given Udayveer some extra human powers ,the strength whose roots layed in the very love he had for the lady  , Abhay dared to lay his hands on and tried to demean her honour. He grabbed the rod furiously and gave a final punch which made Abhay see the stars and planets he hadn't seen  since long.

Udayveer rushed upstairs to look for Manyata but found her nowhere , his men searched the banglow but came up empty handed.

'Search every corner of the jungle around ,u will get u'r rewards as soon as u find your Yuvraani Manayata.',declared Udayveer and grabbed the search light himself and set out to search for his lady love  in the dark jungles which was fortunately  lit by the moon light.


Manayata ran endlessly with her ancestral dagger clutched tightly in her hands. She made her way  cutting the bushes and branches with the knife provided by her mother.  She had successfully dodged Abhay's men but poor girl lost her way in deep jungles. She knew not what way she walked and on what she walked her bare legs were already smeared with blood due to  thorns that pricked her .She had lost the count of how many she took out and how many still existed pierced in her feet. Her heavy lehnga and jwellary seemed to break her bones ,she still preciously  grabbed her heavy chunni  and dared not loose it ,though it was torn but still she knew it was the most beautiful thing Udayveer ever gifted to her.

She saw the search light and knew Abhay's men were near. She looked at the tree  she sat by to rest her weary soul and knew it was best place to be on to save herself .She climbed and made her place on the branches clutching tightly  her small dagger and chanted hanuman chalisa praying  God that the danger was gone.


Udayveer was tired of yelling Manayta his men were scattered   around searching for their lost princess. Udayveer had found Mnayatas earrings  by the ferns nearby and had guessed she must be nearby. He stood down the tree and looked around and suddenly heard the rustling .He felt it came up from the tree, he swiftly took out his gun and looked up through his search light.

The rusling stopped ,it must be some monkey he thought and decided to put in the gun but then he heard a some weak branch crack and  found something falling down with a girl like scream  .Next moment he  felt himself falling staggering down the floor with something in his arms.

It was dark his search light was already crushed by his enormous wait. the thing was surely a girl as everything around her made a clinging sound. He recognized the sounds of bangles and then he heard her payal and then many other things clinged whose sounds he did not recognize.

'Hilna nahi varna sidhha swarg lok pahuchaogi ''threatened  the girl as she scuffled his throat .Udayveer knew it was none other than his very own wild cat.

 He pulled her down and pinned her on the ground 'O really princess ,hum to kab se taiyyar baithe hain aapke saath swarg lik jaane ke liye'.Udayveer saw her large eyes widen in pleasant surprise as  her  pale beautiful face glistened  in the moonlight.

'Uday! ',Manayata exclaimed as she rose to hug him tightly. She cried like a child and sobbed sniffing her nose, her tears seemed to have no end. She was happy to have him near ,elated to be in arms of her savior but the trauma of Abhay and his abusive kisses still lingered around her .She tightly closed her eyes to forget them but they seemed to rewind themselves like some never ending nightmare.

'Princess',Udayveer spoke at last 'My brave little wild cat u really gave that monster a nice wound'.

'Uday Uday he '.',Manayata was stopped by Udayveer as he pursed his finger on her lips.

'U fought bravely my love, u remember u once said my love takes away all your pain'

'Hummm',Manyata nodded with  tearful eyes.

'Then let me love u once again, I promise u will forget all your pain ',Udayveer sweetly kissed her forehead and slowly every beautiful aspects of her pretty face tasting away her salty tears .The moon and its streaming moonlight enveloped the beautiful earth and its creatures. The crickets chirped, the wind rustled and a distant owl hooted. The jungle seemed in harmony with the two lovers who tried to sooth each others soar wounds .

Udayveer enveloped Mnayata in his safe arms and they both sat by the tree where cupid watched them with drooling eyes  .They watched the group of fireflies by the ferns while the moon peered through the trees.

'Princess could we have a better wedding night then this ,so filled with drama and now see nature is celebrating our love.'

Manyata rested her head in Udayveers arms  and looked at the nature and  smiled at her destiny which always gave her surprises when it came to be with her prince forever.

Now this is Shana Signing off from todays episode

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puggyy Goldie

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fabulous update...precap? u really penned dowm everything so well...superb...loved it...pls can u post a precap now...pls

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Shana, la jauab episode. Keya bat hai. Dil kush kor dia tumne. Asweme update. Loved it. I loved the part when manayta thread uday. Thanks for giving us such beautiful writing.

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Chappals mat marna rasgulla. But i'm not reading episodes for ages. Now need to catch up with all 10 episodes. Oh gosh u guys r doing great but i missed it. But keya karu ye xams vi na meri jaan legi

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snowdream IF-Stunnerz

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gr8 update shana..Clap...really awesome...thanks 4 the wonerful episodeSmileUr updates are always a pleasure to read yar...awesome...can't stop praising the flow of lines...Clap

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Amazing Part Shana
Manyata saved herself rather than Uday cmin I was so glad that she hit Abhay with the knife the pervted idiot deserved it

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...navina... IF-Stunnerz

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WOW!!!   That was awesome ...absolutely Fantastic.
Manyata gets kidnapped and rescued ...all in 1 episode...TOO GOOD!
I'm sure the TRP's of this episode will be thru the roof LOLLOLLOL.

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