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~Dil to pagal hai~Ksh-Ku LAST PART Pg 11 (Page 9)

vffgfh Groupbie

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Posted: 20 July 2006 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
very good u write really great plzzzzzzzzzz continue soon

tisha_sarin Senior Member

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Posted: 20 July 2006 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
good job
-De.De- IF-Sizzlerz

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Plz cont. soon
arohi_arjun Goldie

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Part 18
Recap-: It was Kshitij's Birthday. Kumud has a plan for him. Later they all went home.

They arrive home the next morning. Garv came to pick them up.
Garv-:Hey buddy, how was the trip.
Sohan-: It was great
Kshitij is like has his own friend forgotten his birthday. During the way to home. Kshitij mood went off. All arrive at Kapoor. Because Aryaman and Saakhi was there.
Abhay-: hey everyone. He hug everyone. Then kkuusm then Aryaman and Saakhi.
Kumud-: Where Kali and Nakul?
Kkusum-: They gone out.
Kkusum-: Goes upstairs and freshen up while I'll get the food out.
All four went up. Kshitj mood is still off. After washing the face, Kumud notice his mood.
Kumud-: what happen??
Ksh-: everyone forgot my birthday. Every year my dad always gives a party but this year I don't know why.
Kumud-: Don't worry he might have kept is as a surprise. Just wait till later.
All 4 went downstairs. They eat then sit down. It silent. No one speaking. Until a phone call distured them.
Kkusum-: Hello
Kali-:Mom (she crying)
Kkusum-: Kali what happen?
Kali-: Nakul…
Kkusum-: what about Nakul???
Kshitij, Aryaman and Saakhi get shocked.
Kali-: Nakul fainted. I don't know what to do. I need help. Come at….(she give the address).
Kshitij-: what happen?
Kkusum-: Nakul fainted. Kali need help that why she call.
They all leave. They arrive at the destination. It so quiet.
Kumud-: where are we???
Kkusum call Kali-: Kali we here but where are you??
Kali-: In side the house
Kkusum put the phone down-: He inside the house.
Ksh-: which house
Kkusum-: that one.
Ksh-: but it dark
Kkusum-: I'm sure it that one.
Kshitij-: OK let goes
Kshitj goes. When he open the door. The light open
Everyone-: Happy Birthday
He is Shocked.
Kumud-: Told you Kshitij.
Aryaman-: I know it ur birthday. And when you came in mourning I saw ur face and I knew why. Happy Birthday.
Abhay/Kkusum-: Happy Birthday
Saakhi-: Happy Birthday.
All his Friend-: Happy Birthday
Nakul-: Happy Birthday brother. Here ur gift. There is a second gift too.
Ksh-: where is it??
Nakul-: later!!
Aryaman bring the cake. Kshitij cut the cake.
Nakul-: Now here ur second Gift.
He perform a song-: Kya kool hai hum
Ksh-: Thank Nakul
Everyone enjoy the party. It was getting Late so the guest start leaving. Abhay, Kkusum, Kali, Garv, Harry and Trishul give a gift to Kshitj.
Aryaman-: Now Kshitj, you got everyone present but not our. First, I would to say that you will join a business with me anytime you want and a second gift is from all of us to U and Kumud. The second gift is this house.
Ksh-: what??
Saakhi-: Yeah this house belong to u and Kumud.
Ksh-: Thank Dad.
Kumud and Kshitj Take Their Blessing. It very Huge house (like in K3g-Amitabh and Jaya's house). Kshitij and Kumud hug each other and show a slow motion. Of their happy Life.
-De.De- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 July 2006 at 5:00am | IP Logged
wooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww... Clap plzzz cont. soon
arohi_arjun Goldie

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I will be posting 2 Part later.
arohi_arjun Goldie

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Part 19
Recap-: All 4 arrive home. Kshitij mood went off. A surprise party was held for Kshitij's Birthday.

Now the story will move to one year.
You see a man and his wife (not the face). The wife is 9 month pregnant. You see another man and his wife. Also his wife is pregnant. 8 month pregnant. You see another man and his wife and carry on. Altogether you see about 5 couple. (2 wives pregnant) Everyone getting ready, some are shouting. The wedding is at the hotel.
The groom's family arrive at the hotel. They all get out and then you see the face. It Aryaman, Saakhi and the groom Nakul. The bride's Family come to the hotel. They get out of the car. They are Abhay, Kkusum and the bride Kali. Both Bride and groom go to the pandit and sit down. Later on you see five car approaches. All five couple get out and walk together to the gate. They all stand together (like in Aamdani Atthanni Kharcha Rupaiya at the end). The first couple whose wife is 9 month pregnant is Kshitij and Kumud. The second couple whose wife is 8 month pregnant is Sohan and Anjali. The third is Harry and Simran. The Forth is Garv and Sapna and the fifth is Trishul and Tanuja. (Lots of thing has happen in 1 year. Garv, Harry and Trishul got married. Kumud and Anjali is pregnant. Aryaman and Saakhi moved to another house closer to Kshtitj's new house).
Pandit does his stuff. Nakul put the mangulatra and sindoor on Kali. Both are now married. The Party is still on. Everyone is enjoying.
Ksh-: Kumud, be careful. Ur pregnant. (She was walking around eating)
Sohan-: Anjali you too. (Even Anjali was walking and eating)
The party was over. The bride family start crying. Saakhi welcome the newly Couple.
Saaakhi take Nakul upstair and lock him in the room with Kali.
He walks up to her and life her veil up.
Nakul-: Now we finally married. Husband and Wife.
Kali-: Yeah
Nakul-: I love you
He takes the jewellery out slowly and start kissing her. Scene fade away. At Kshitij's. Kumud taking out her jewellery. Kshitij helping her out. She get changed and stand near the window while Kshitij goes and get changed. When he come out. He see that Kumud standing near the window. He goes behind her and put his arm around her stomach.
Ksh-: What are you thinking??
Kumud-: Everything. I finally got what I want.
Ksh-: What that??
Kumud-: A husband whom I love, A house, a child who is unborn yet.
Ksh-: Yeah because that what we deserved. A couple like us deserved this happiness. Come on let me take you bed. He carry Kumud to the bed and Put blanket over her. He kiss her goodnight. Then he get in bed. When she goes to sleep. Kshitij think about what Kumud just said.
Ksh-: I will do anything for you Kumud. He say that while looking at her.

Next Morning, Newly wedded Couple get up. Kali have a shower then wake Nakul up. But he just moan. What Kali did was, pour a cold water over him and finally he got up.
Nakul-: Hey that cheating.
Kali-: No, it not
Nakul-: Yes is it.
Kali-: Today, I'm going to Kumud house and stay over.
Nakul-: Hey we just got married and ur talking about leaving.
Kali-: Until you get up on time
Nakul-: Ok baba, I will get up on time but plz don't leave me.
Kali-: Ok now get up.
Anjali came out of the bath. She wake Sohan up. He get up and seeing Anjali face, He smile.
Sohan-: Good Mourning.
Anjali-: Good Mourning honey.
Sohan-: (He feel her stomach) Can't wait till a child is Born.
Anjali-: Only 1 month. After Kumud.
Sohan-: But for me it feel like a year.
Anjali-: Time will goes Fast.
Kumud woke up and Ksh too. They both at the Breakfast Table.
Ksh-: Kumud, I think I should stay home.
Kumud-: No, Ksh ur going.
Kshitj is worried because Kumud is almost due and He does not want to leave her alone.
Ksh-: But I don't want to leave you here alone.
Kumud-: I will be fine.
Ksh-: But what if ur due today and ur alone. Who gonna help you.
Kumud-: I will call Kali over.
Ksh-: No, I'm gonna drop you at mum's.
Kumud-: But…
Ksh-: No ur going. Ok
Kshitij drop Kumud at Aryaman and Saakhi's house. He goes to work. Ksh started business with Aryman after 2wks Kali and Nakul engagement.

You see a Car going to old House of Aryaman. Other Couple lives there. A person get out of the Car and go toward the door. A wife open the door.
Wife-: Hello, How may I help you??
Person-: Can I speak to Mr Oberoi
Wife-: Sorry, he does not lives here anymore. He moved.
Person-: Do you know where?
Wife-: Sorry No.
Person-: Thank Sorry for disturbing you.
Wife-: It ok
The person goes bck to the car. You see the whole body. When it come to the face. It stop there.
Who could that person be? What does she want From Mr Oberoi???

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arohi_arjun Goldie

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Posted: 22 July 2006 at 5:37am | IP Logged
Part 20
Recap-: Story moved ahead to one year. Nakul and Kali got married. Kumud and Anjali preganant. Tell us about what happen in one year.

When it come to the face. It stops there. You see the Face. It Priya. Yeah she bck after 1 year and 3 months (Remember she was gone for 3 month to Paris) (let take it bck, she was gone to Paris for 3 month to do training of Fashion Course. After 3 month she took up a job in Paris. She forgot all the people in Mumbai. After 6 month working, One day her friend Nisha, she went out with her Boyfriend. She then realised about Kshitij. For next Couple day, all she thinks about is Kshitij. She wanted to go bck but unfortunately she could not leave the job because she signed the contract that she should not leave the job until she has done the job for 1 Years. So for the next 6 month she continues to work. As soon as her contract finished, she left Paris and Came bck to Mumbai.)
Priya goes home. She dialled Kshitij cell phone but unfortunately Kshitij changed his sim(as I said lot of thing have happen in yrs). So then she try the Caf (the old job where Kshitij use to work after he finished College). But again, Kshitij have left the job.

At Oberoi&Kapoor industries.
Kshitij at his Office working. He is still worried. But then he continues to work. A phone call came.
Ksh-: Hello..
Ksh-: what??
Ksh-: I'll be right there.
He leave and goes where he has to go. It was 12:00pm The story take bck to 15 min. It Now 11: 45pm (Like in 36 China towns).
Kumud at the Kapoor sitting down with Anjali, Sohan and Kkusum. (Sohan had a day off). A door bell ring. Kumud about to get the door but Kksusum open the door. It was Kali and Nakul. Everyone was having chat. Suddenly Kumud get the pain.
Kali quickly phone Kshitj.
Ksh-: Hello
Kali-: Hello Kshitij, It me Kali. Kumud in Pain
Ksh-: what??
Kali-: we taking her to the Hospital.
Ksh-: I'll be right there.
Sohan take her to the Hospital. Kshitij arrive there.
Ksh-: where is she??
Kali-: She is taken in.
Doc comes out.
Doc-: who Mrs Kumud Oberoi's Husband.
Ksh-: Me
Doc-: Congratulation. You are the Father of a healthy daughter.
Ksh-: Can I see her?
Doc-: Of course
He goes in. He sees her. She is sleeping. Then she wake up.
Ksh-: How are you???
Kumud-: I'm fine. So what it son or daughter
Ksh-: You don't know.
Kumud-: I wanted you to find out first.
Ksh-: Daughter
Kumud is so happy that she got a daughter. Nurse come in and gives the baby to Kshitij. He hold is for a while then giv it to Kumud. Whole Family come inside.
Kkusum-: I'm a granmother
Abhay-: and I'm grandfather.
Everyone get to hold the baby.
Saakhi-: So what u gonna name the baby???
Ksh-: I will let Kumud decide for that??
Kumud-: Um… I was thinking of Rhea
Ksh-: Rhea, that sounds good.

Two Day later, Kumud came home. Saakhi welcome her home (at Kumud's house). There was a party held for Congratulation to Rhea and Welcome for Kumud.
Everyone was invited. Kumud received lots of Gift. Lots of Photo taken. Later, it was time for Kshitij to giv.
Kkusum-: Now come Ksh tell her ur Surprise.
Ksh-: I will, just wait.
Kumud is bit Confused.
Ksh-: Kumud, here take this Key.
Kumud take the Key
Ksh-: Goes to that Room.
Kumud goes to that room and open it. When she open it, the room is decorated with lots of Teddy bear. The room is Pink. It had a cot for the baby. What Baby need, it there in the room.
Kumud is crying Happiness.
Ksh-: Do you like it.
Kumud-: Like is not the word… I would say "Love it".
She hug Ksh
Kumud-: I love you
Ksh-: I love you too.
It was getting Late, so everyone start to leave.
Kumud is sitting down relaxing. Ksh come and sit neat to her. Kumud put her head on to his shoulder.
Kumud-: Ksh thank
Ksh-: Anything for you. I love you.
They both goes to Sleep.
Next Morning, Priya wake up. She eat the breakfast and get ready. She leave to go and find where Kshitij is. Kumud wake up and see that Rhea is awaken. She get her shower and dress up. Ksh wake up and look after Rhea while Kumud goes and get ready. Then Ksh goes ready. Both at the breakfast table.
Ksh-: Kumud, I'm gonna give a work miss. You need to Relax and I will look after Rhea.
Kumud-: but..
Ksh-: No, But.
Kumud-: Ok but I'm going to shopping with Kali and Anjali. You can't stop me.
Later that Day Kumud, Kali and Anjali went Shopping for a baby. At the end of the day. While walking a women bump into Kumud. And Kumud's bag fall down. A women help Kumud and give her the Bag.
Kumud-: Sorry
Women-: No, I'm Sorry. I should have watch where I was going. Sorry. She leaves. Kumud, Kali and Anjali walk away. You see the women face. It Priya.

What gonna Happen Next? Will Kumud and Priya meet? (Destiny-Like in Humko deewana Kar Gaye Akshay-Katrina). If they do will Priya come to know that Kumud is Ksh's Wife???

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