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~Dil to pagal hai~Ksh-Ku LAST PART Pg 11 (Page 7)

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Part 13
Recap-: Anjali enter. Abhay accept all the wedding. Boy and Girl goes Shopping. Kshitj plan a Valentine for Kumud. It the wedding day and someone come to stop.

Kumud look at the person. You see the Face. It Simran.
Kumud-: Simran you!!!(not angry, just surprised to see her)
Simran-: Yes me. Kumud I'm ur friend and you did not invite.
Kumud-: I contact you for the last 2wks but no one was at home. I was sad that you couldn't come but now I'm happy.
Simran hug her.
Simran-: Wedding Begins.
Pandit does his stuff. Kshitij put sindoor on and mangulatra. They both are married. Now it time to goes. Girl side start crying. Saakhi welcome the couple home. Kumud in her bedroom nervous. Kshitij come inside and lock the door. He goes up to her. He life her veil and start taking the jewellery out. He starts kissing her. Scene Fades away. Next Morning, Kumud wake up. She about to get up but Kshitij grab her hand.
Kumud-: Ksh, let me go. We have to get ready. Today another wedding.
Ksh-: No, not until you give me a kiss.
Kumud-: No, I won't
Ksh-: Fine then I won't let you goes.
Kumud-: Ok, but you have to let me go.
She lean onto him and is about to give him a kiss but he got away with it.

Ksh-: Kumud, I will get you for this.

Everyone get ready for the next Wedding. The groom goes to the Bride house. Kumud bring Anjali. She sit down. Pandit does his stuff. They both are married. Anjali side are crying. Kkusum welcome the couple. Anjali is taken to the bedroom. Someone then push Sohan inside the room. He lock the door. He goes up to her.
Sohan-: finally we are married. Say those 3 words…
Anjali-: what???
Sohan-: Anju, you know well what I am talking bout??
Anjali-: You First
Sohan-: Lady First.
Anjali-: You
Sohan-: You
Anjali-: You
Sohan-: I…
Anjali who was not listening said it
Anjali-: Love you..
Sohan-: yeah you said it first.
Anjali was like opps. He take the jewellery and start kissing her. Scene fade away.
Next Morning, Kumud who was leaning on Kshitij wake up and look at Kshitij. Kshitij meanwhile wake up.
Ksh-: Good morning
Kumud-: Good Morning, so where we gonna go today??.
Ksh-: No where
Kumud-: Ksh, tell me
Ksh-: well, we gonna have to start packing coz we going on Honeymoon the day after tomorrow.
Kumud-: Really Yeah! Where?
Ksh-: Wait till the day after tomorrow?
Kumud-: Plz tell me…wait a minute….Hey that Kai and Nakul engagement day. We can't give it a miss.
Ksh-:Don't worry. Everyone Said we can go. And Sohan and Anjali are going the next day after the engagement.
Kumud-: why can't we goes with them???
Ksh-: Going Honeymoon with other people. Nah and plus I want to spend time alone with you. He kiss hug.
Kumud feel upset that she won't attend her sis's Engagement. But she also can't wait to go. They both went to Kapoor House to meet. Everyone having laugh. Getting to know Anjali. Kumud enjoying with them has forgot her trip

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greatttttt jobbbbb
conttttt soooon Clap
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Brilliant, Fantastic...
Plzz cont. soon
arohi_arjun Goldie

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Part 14
Recap-: Kumud and Kshitj got married and Sohan and Anjali. Kshitj talk about the trip.

The next Day, Kumud and Kshiitj went out for a walk. Kumud see Pani Puri so she ask Ksh if she can eat them.
Ksh-: Sure
They both goes and eat. Kumud just can't wait. She take one and was like delicious.
Kumud-: You should try them?
Ksh-: No.
Kumud-: Yes (she put one whole in his mouth just like in kkusum.)
Ksh-: Kumud!!!
She laugh.They both enjoy pani puri.
You see three guy running. You can't see the face. They stop in front of Kshitij. You see all the guys whole body (not face). Frist guy, his clothes is all rip, the second all dirtywith the mud and the third guy all hurt and bruises. Kumud and Kshtitj seeing them guys laugh. You see the Face is in none other then Garv-Dirty, Harry-Clothes rip and Trishul-Bruises.
Ksh-: What happen??
Garv-: Don't even ask
All guy went for a walk. They spotted three beautiful girls. The guy did not want to be single so they decided to go up to them.
Garv-: Hi sexy!!! I'm Garv
Harry-: I'm Harry
Trishul-: I'm Trishul, would you like to go out??
Girl-: I would love to but sorry, I'm with them
Garv-: No problem, next time
A three boyfriend come with a big muscle and tall guys.
Garv-: Ok, No next time. Enjoy.
Garv, Harry and Trishul slowly start running. While Running, Harry trip over the bull dog. The dog start running after him and went top of him. Garv fell in mud and Trishul without looking where he is going get hit. They all running and spotted Ksh so they went up to him.
Garv-: Remind me, why I should not go up to the girl next time!!
Both are still Laughing

Anjali and Sohan too went for a walk.
Anju-: So tell me where are we going?
Sohan-: Honey, wait till the day after tomorrow.
Anju-: Plz, just give me the clue.
Sohan-: No!!
Anju-: Fine I won't talk to you!
Sohan-: Hey you can't do that.
Anju-: Yes I can
Sohan-: Plz, Anju I want it a surprises, Just wait for two more days
Anju-: Ok.
They both spotted Ksh and Kumud. They goes upto them. They see the three guy and start laughing.
Harry-: Oh you too!! That great!!!
Everyone goes home.

The next Day is The Engagement Day. Everyone getting dress. It in Hotel.
Kumud and Kshitij getting dress.
Ksh-: Kumud, we are leaving today at 4pm and Nakul and Kali gonna exchange at 5pm. We can still goes there to meet everyone.
Kumud-: Ok
Ksh-: Cheer up!
Kumud-: I am but is just that I feel bad.
Ksh-: Why don't you ask Kali.
Kumud-: Ok.
Later She goes up to him and try to romance him.
Ksh-: Kumud, it not gonna work.
Kumud-: What???
Ksh-: I'm not telling you where we going??
Kumud-: Uhh!!
Kumud-: Fine, don't.
In afternoon at 3pm, Everyone went to the Hotel. They meet people. Sohan and Anjali come. When Kumud goes up to him. He goes away. He is bit upset and sad.
Kumud-: What wrong with him???
Anju-: I don't know.
Kumud goes to him but then again he goes away. Ksh signal her that his time to go. Kumud and Kshitij leaves. Kumud did not want to say good bye so she left.
Ksh-: Oh, Kumud wait here. I forgot to get the car key from Nakul. If I don't return in 5 min. Come inside to look for me.
Kumud-: Ok
After 5 min, He still hadn't come out so kumud goes indise to look for him. When she goes inside she is shocked…

Why is she shocked???
Prianka Senior Member

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ohhhhhhhhh i bet it is a surprise party for kumud Wink not really sure just a guess Confused   LOL
tisha_sarin Senior Member

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nice part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up
arohi_arjun Goldie

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Prianka Ur Right It the party.

Part 15
Recap-: Kumud and Ksh went for a walk. A three guys come who is turn out to be Garv, Harry and Trishul. Anjali and Sohan come there. Next day is the engagement. Sohan is upset and sad. Kumd is shocked.

Kumud is Shocked.
Everyone say-:Happy Birthday Kumud.
Kumud completely forgot. Ksh goes up to Kumud and give her piece of Cake.
Ksh-: Happy Birthday Kumud.
He kiss her on her cheek and hug her.
Kumud-: Ksh we have to leave.
Ksh-: Oh forget that. We are going tomorrow with Anjali and Sohan.
Ksh-: I actually lied. Well it was part of the plan. A way of to get rid of you on the engagement day.
Kumud-: Thank Kshitij. I love it.
It was decorated as the Engagement and bit more flower added. With a banner say "Happy Birthday ".
Everyone enjoy the party and now it was time to exchange ring. Kali and Nakul exchange the ring.
Kumud and Kshitij somewhere quiet.
Kumud-: Thank Ksh
Ksh-: Anything for you.
Kumud-: How did you know it was my birthday
Ksh-: Kkusum mom told me then I came up with the plan.
She hug him and give him a kiss too.
Ksh-: Give me another kiss
Kumud hit him.
Kumud-: Where are we going tomorrow??
Ksh-: Wait till tomorrow.
Kumud-: Oh plz.
Ksh-: No.
Kumud-: Fine then

The next day, Kumud wake up. She managed to get out of the bed before kshitij grab her hand. She take a shower. Come out with a towel on her hair.
She wake Kshitij up. Ksh moans. She get an ideas. She grab a bucket and pour is over him.
Ksh-: aaaahhhhhhh!!
Kumud laughing.
Ksh-: why did you have to do that for???
Kumud-: coz ur not getting up?
Same to Sohan and Anjali.
Anjali-: Come on get up, we have to leave today. Both guy hit the shower. Have a breakfast. Kumud and Kshitj say good bye to Aryaman and Saakhi.
Nakul-: Have a good Trip
Kumud-: I will.
They goes to Kapoor.
Kkusum-: Kumud!! She hug her. Abhay hug Kshitij. Both come in and wait for Sohan and Anjali.
Sohan come downstairs and see that Kumud and Kshitj are ready and is waiting patiently.
Sohan-: Wow, Ksh. Up quick and ready.
Ksh-: what do you mean up quick?
Sohan-: You got up quick today.
Ksh-: Yeah I did with a bucket of water over me.
Sohan-: what!!
Ksh-: what do mean by what??
Sohan-: Me too by Anjali. (whisper to Kshitij) I think these two wives want to know where we going. They can't seem to wait.
Ksh-: Yeah ur right, what we can do it. We cancel it
Sohan-: Yeah Ksh ur right.
Anjali come downstairs.-: No ur not. If you do. Then everyday we will wake u up by bucket of water over you. Right Kumud!!!
Kumud-: Yeah Anjali
Kkusum is so happy to see both couples going along. They both couple leave. They say good bye. They arrive at the airport. Check in. Get on the airplane. It long journey.
Kumud-: So
Ksh-: Wait till we get there.
Anjali-: but we already in the plane.
Sohan-: Yeah but wait till we get to the place.
An hour later both wives went to sleep on top of their hubby shoulder.
Ksh-: Thank god that both went to Sleep otherwise they won't stop.
Sohan-: Yeah Ksh, Good that Anjali went to sleep as she the one who speak a lot. Neway Good night
Ksh-: Good Night
Both guy went to sleep. Their journey is for 6 hours

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