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~Dil to pagal hai~Ksh-Ku LAST PART Pg 11 (Page 6)

tisha_sarin Senior Member

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Posted: 10 July 2006 at 11:20pm | IP Logged
plzzzzzzzzz cont soon

arohi_arjun Goldie

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Posted: 12 July 2006 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
Sorry i did not contiune for 2 day as i was ill with sore throat, headaches and temp. But i'm fine now.
arohi_arjun Goldie

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Posted: 12 July 2006 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
Part 10
Recap-: Kumud and Kshitj talk and agree to marry. Ksh friend cum and when Sohan cum Kapoor family get shocked.

Abhay, Kkusum, Kumud, Aryaman and Saakhi are shocked and are sad while staring at him.
Sohan wisper to Ksh-: why everyone looking at me?
Ksh-: I don't know. Why don't you ask them??
Sohan-: Mr kapoor, you don't mind me asking you 1 questions.
Abhay-: No, I don't mind. Tell me.
Sohan-: Why are you all staring at me and looking sad?
Abhay-: I once has a son name Sohan. He must be same age as you.
Sohan-: What happen to him?
Abhay-: About 15 years year ago, I was poor I did not have any money and kumud who was 1 year old, Sohan who was 3 years old and my pregnant wife was hungry so there was this man name Raj. He help me and gave me money. Soon I became a business man not that rich but I was happy that I got the job with the help of Raj. One day when Raj became more rich then me. He told me that I have to pay all the debts he has given me which was 25, 000,000 rupees. I did not have that much money. So he blackmailed me that if I don't pay him in 2 days he will kill my family..
Ahbay, Kkusum (8 month pregnant) and Sohan went Shopping to get something for Kumud birthday. It was the second day and Abhay still hadn't given the money to Raj. While they were shopping, Abhay and Kkusum went left side because they sew something which can be brought for kumud and they left Sohan there not knowing they left him there. Suddenly one of the Raj's man came and kidnapped Sohan. After 10 min, Abhay and kkuusm start looking for him but the phone call stop them. It was Raj, reminding Abhay about the money and also tell him that he has kidnapped Sohan. Abhay try to arrange the money, but he did not have enough. An hour later, there was the news that the man and the boy died. Abhay went to the police to find out who was the son. It was Sohan.
Abahy-: So all these time, we still think my son is dead.
Sohan-: What was the man name?
Abhay-: Raj
Sohan-: did he have a wife or girlfriend and what was her name?
Abhay-: He has a wife name Rekha.
Sohan-: My Parent names are also Raj and Rekha
Abhay-: Could it be them?? Call them
Sohan call them and give them the address.
Abahy-: I'm sure that ur parent are the one I'm talking about.
Sohan-: If ur my parent then I shall give them revenge. I will make sure that they will behind the bars.
Ksh-: I'm gonna call the police and Police Inspector.
Abhay-: Yeah do that. Here the plan what we have to do.
Abhay tell them the plan.
Abhay-: Servant come here.
Servant come.
Abhay-: A man and his wife cuming. Tell them to cum in and say that ur gonna call us. Don't call by our name. Say Sir/Madam. Ok. Do you what you have to do.
Servant-: Yeah.

They wait for half an hour. A door bell ring. All the kid goes upside to hide. Servant open the door and let them in. You can't see the Face.
Servant-: Sir/Madam
Abhay and Kkusum come downstair and goes to the visitor. When he come to the front. Abhay get shocked. It the same Raj, Abhay was talking about.
Abhay-: You?????? He angry.
Raj-: Yes me, After 15 years.
Abhay-: ur alive
Raj-: Yes well I never die. It was Fake.
Abhay-: Where my son??
Raj-: He is with me. He think I'm his Father.
Before the car went bomb, I escaped and Sohan too. After the accident, I paid the man to tell the police that the man and the boy inside were Raj and Sohan. That was my Idea. I knew that police will publish on newspaper so that you can suffer for the loss of ur son. Then I told Sohan that his parent have dies and that we are his real parent. He believe us.
Raj-: I gave him everything he need. For 15 year, he call me Dad, he still call me dad till now.
Abhay-: where is he?? I want to see him?
Raj-: you can meet him but he will not believe you when you tell him the truth.
Abhay-: what are you gonna do if he come to know??
Raj-: I will kill you both.
Abhay-: what if he was here and know the truth now.
Raj-: I will kill him here now.
A man come out of the kithen.
You can't see the face.
Man-: Thanks for the dinner.
Raj-: who is he???
Abhay-: My neighbours
Then man goes near Raj to shake his Hand.
Man-: I'm….(with the other hand, He get the handcuff out and handcuffed him.) you see the face. ACP SAKET.
Other police come out and arrest Rekha. Everyone come down. A man come out from the dark. You see his face, is Sohan.
Raj-: Sohan you here???
Sohan-: Yes me here. Now I have come to know the truth.
Raj-: No that not the truth. I made them up to make Abhay Jealous.
Sohan-: Acp Saket take them away. Make sure they stay in Jail.
Police take them away. Sohan don't know what to do. He goes up to Kkusum. Kkuusm just straight out and hug him. And Abhay also hug him. Kumud goes upto Sohan and touch his face.
Kumud-: Bhaiya She hug him.
Kali is confused. Sohan goes up to her. She does not hug him. She turn around not facing him.
Sohan-: In that case I will leave. Kali don't want me here.
Sohan start to walk, everyone telling Kali to stop him. By the time Sohan come to the door. Kali ran to Sohan and Hug him.
Kali-:Sorry….Bhaiya(the first time Bhaiya)
It was Reunion time.
arohi_arjun Goldie

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Posted: 12 July 2006 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Part 11
Recap-: Abhay tell Sohan bout his Sohan. Sohan parent revealed the truth. Police arrest them It was the reuninon time for the Kapoor Family.

Everyone sit down after hugging Sohan.
Kk-: Let just forget what happen half an hour ago.
Saakhi-: So ksh what were you gonna tell me??
Ksh-: … we agree to marry.
Kk-: Congratulation
She hug Saakhi and give her sweet. Ksh friend congratulate him.
Kali see that kumud is blushing and smiling etc.
Kali-: Kumud, are you happy with this? I thought you won't forget him but seem like like you don't like him anymore thinking that Ksh could be more handsome then the one you were thinking.
Kumud-: Actually….
Ksh-: Kali, the person whom she can't forget it actually me.
Kali-: What???
Kumud-: Yes, it was him.
Kali-: then why are you marrying him, you know that he has a girlfriend.
Kk-: Girlfreind?
Saakhi-: Girlfreind?
Ksh-: No you all are mistaken. Ksh tell everyone what he said to kumud. To prove it. Ksh friend also tell them.
Ksh-: Neway Dad, you have to plan 2 weeding and 1 engagement.
Abhay-: Huh!!!
Ary-: whose wedding?
Ksh-: wait let me call that person. He call her.
Ksh-: She coming but let me tell you about the engagement. It my bro Nakul and my future-sister-in-law Kali.
Abhay-: What???
Nakul, Ksh, why did you tell them. Now I will get the punishment.
Ary-: Yes ur right. You both deserves punishment, Right Abhay?
Abhay-: Yes
Nakul-: what the punishment???
Abhay-: Look after my girl.
Kali-: what??
Ary-: Engagement happening.
Nakul and Kali are happy. The door bell ring. It the bride family. You can't see the girl face.
Abhay-: You!!! He hug the father.
Kkusum hug the mother. They both come in. You see the girl. It ……..

Who is she? And whom is she marrying. Can't be Kshitij and Nakul. So Is it Garv, Harry, Sohan or Trishul.
arohi_arjun Goldie

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Posted: 12 July 2006 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Two part posted coz two day not posted. I should more comment..
vffgfh Groupbie

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Posted: 13 July 2006 at 1:12am | IP Logged
it was great
arohi_arjun Goldie

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Posted: 13 July 2006 at 6:10am | IP Logged
Part 12
Recap-: Ksh tell his parent that he agree to marry. Kali come to know that is Ksh whom kumud can't forget. Kshitj call the bride. Ksh tell the parent about Nakul and Kali Engagement. Engagement happening.

You see the girl is Anjali.(From Kavyanjali). Sohan shocked to see Anjali.
Sohan wisper to Ksh-: Thank brother.
Ksh-: Ur my brother. Anything for you.
Kumud heard it. Seeing Sohan happy Kumud think that Kshtij is the right person to marry as he will keep me happy. I have chosen the right choice.
Sohan-: (feel embarrass to call Dad after 15 years),…Dad….
Abhay is shocked that he call him Dad.-: Yes beta, I'm happy that you call me Dad.
Sohan-: do you know them.
Abhay-: Yes, Actually they are my cousin.
Sohan was like phewww that Abhay know them otherwise he won't be with her.
Abhay accept the wedding of Sohan and Kumud to Anjali and Kshitij. They call the pandit. Pandit looked at their kundli.
Pandit-: the best day for Ksh and kumud is from 2 wks on and Sohan and Anjali is the next day after Ksh-Kumud.
They all Celebrate. Give sweet out etc. Sohan and Kshitj Can't wait to get marry.

The next 2 days, the Boy and Girl went shopping Separate. Girl took Anjali with them. They did lot of Shopping. They both went to same Shopping town but they don't know that the other one is there until Kali saw Nakul.
Kali-: Hey Nakul
Nakul-: Hi Kali
Nakul-: what are you doing here.
Kali-: Shopping, what else.
Then Kshitj and Sohan and Ksh's friend come.
Sohan-: Anjali, you here
Anjali-: Yeah I'm here for Shopping. They both brought me along.
While they all having chat. Kshitj and Kumud are staring at each other. They can't get their eyes off. Back ground Music- Humko deewana Kar Gaye….During the music, the dream show, Kshitj going up to Kumud and ask her for a hand. they both dance. Slowly. They dream go bck to normail where they both are still staring. Later on, everyone quiet down and see both staring. They all decide to leave them alone and go and hide somewhere. Few minutes later. Ksh and Kumud stop staring. They see that everyone gone. They both feel Embarassed. Both work home and say nothing but then kshitj start asking her something.
Ksh-: would you like to come with me to the dinner tonight.
Kumud-:…Um sure….
Ksh-: be ready at 8. I'll pick you up.
Kumud-: Ok
They both goes home. At 7pm Kumud get ready. Kali wondering where she off to.
Kali-: Where are you going???
Kumud-: Dinner what else.
Kali-: with who
Kumud-: None of ur business. By the way did you tell me that you were meeting Nakul all the time. NO!!!
At 8pm, Ksh arrive, He pick Kumud up. Both are silent in the car. Don't know what to say.
Ksh-: why are you quiet. We gonna get married so we shouldn't be like this forever.
Kumud-: I know but what should we talk about.
Kshitj pull her toward him and wisper to her.
Ksh-: Will you be my valentine.
It was Valentine Day and Kumud completely forgot about it. Well everyone as they were busy with wedding preparation. They both arrive at the destination. Both goes inside. But Kshtij wanted to go loo so he tell Kumud to go. A servant come and tell Kumud where to sit. There a table for two people. It was decorated with red and heart balloon and Flower. On the table, there was a card.
Kumud-: To my wife-to-be, I am happy to have you as my wife. No matter what happen to you, I will look after you and always keep you smile. I will always love you. This is from me to you. Happy Valentine. I know you forgot because of our wedding perpartion so I made this so you deserve this. Love you From Kshitij.
Kumud was surprised to this. Behind come Kshitj. She hug him
Kumud-: Thank you Ksh, she crying with a happiness.
Ksh wipe her tear.
Ksh-: Why ur crying.
Kumud-: Is my happiness crying. No one has ever given me the valentine surprise like this. This is my first time. I love you too. Promise me that you won't ever leave me.
Ksh-: I won't.
Ksh then give her a bunch of Red Roses and a ring. Kumud again hug him. Ksh slip the ring onto her finger. Both enjoy the dinner. It was late so they went home. Kkusum saw Kumud with the flower ask her…
Kk-: Kumud, what this? Are you going out with someone.
Kumud-: No, I went with Kshitij for Dinner.
Kk-: Then why Red Roses
Abhay come behind and also give her red Roses.
Abhay-: Happy Valetine.
Kk-: Oh!!I get it Kumud, Ksh gave you that for Valentine. How sweet.
Kumud show the ring too.

12 Days later, it was the wedding day of Kshitij and Kumud. Both of them getting dress and are thinking that they finally gonna be husband and wife.
The Groom family goes to Bride house. Kkusum welcome them. Kshitj sit down and the pandit does his stuff. He tell Kali to bring the bride. She bring the bride. As Kumud sat down, someone come….
Someone-: Stop

Who is that Person??? Will the wedding carry on???
-De.De- IF-Sizzlerz

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Fantastic. Marvellous
Plz cont. soon.

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