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~Dil to pagal hai~Ksh-Ku LAST PART Pg 11 (Page 3)

arohi_arjun Goldie

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Posted: 01 July 2006 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Part 4
Recap-: Teacher announce Prom night. Kshitj found the job and celebrate with Priya. His news were spread out in College.

Kshitj with angry face rush to Priya coz she was the one who told everyone. He grabbed her elbows and pull her to face him.
Ksh-: Who do you think you are? Why did you have to tell everyone about my personal matters?...Huh!...What are you to me? Did I tell you to tell everyone?..huh!... You don't have to do anything for me. I can do it my self… Just leave me alone.. He let her hand go and walk away angry.
Priya-: But…
He turn around and said
Ks-: No, I don't want to hear it.
Priya feel sad of what she did. She decide to forgives him no matter what he will do to her but she won't split with him.( reason why will be in part 6)
She went to find him where he somewhere trying to cool down.
Priya-: I'm sorry Kshitij, I was just happy that you got the job and was just excited to tell everyone. I'm sorry plz Forgives me. I won't do it again.
Ksh-: I forgive you. He try to go away but Priya grab his arm
Priya-: Will you be my partner? Pretty Plz
Ksh-: I don't have anyone and plus two day left till prom so ok you can be my partner.
Priya was excited. Kshitij went Somewhere and Priya went to Ksh's Friend. She was smiling.
Sohan whisper to everyone-: Why she smiling?
Harry whisper to everyone-: Look like she found the partner.
Everyone start laughing.
(Everyone meaning Garv-Sohan-Harry-Nakul and Trishul)
Garv-: Hey Priya, what up? Why ur excited?
Priya-: I found my partner
Sohan-: Who?
Priya-: Kshitij.
Harry-: so what the need of being excited. Kshitij just ur Friend.
Priya-: Not just Friend but something more.
Trishul-: Tell us
Priya-: ok, here go……

2 Day later, it was the last day of the college. There was a performance, award giving out, party etc.( I'm not writing in detail just bullet point.)
Kshitij perform a song-: Bewafaa ( from Bewafaa)
Kshitj and his Friend perform Kya Kool hai Hum.
2 perform were done by other. Teacher gave award out of best student which was Kshitij, best joker, best attendance, all that knid of stuff, then teacher gave out the award of the best helper student to Kshitij, Garv, Sohan, Harry, Nakul and Trishul.
At the end of the party, kshitij and his friend were somewhere in the corner of the hall discussing about tonight prom.
Ksh-: So have you all found the partner
Everyone-: Yeah
Ksh-: Where Nakul? ( he ask Sohan)
Sohan-: I don't know, he was here just a minute ago.
He phone Nakul to ask where he is?
Ksh-: Where are you?
Nakul-: I'm outside with my girlfriend.
Ksh-: Girlfriend????
His friend heard it. They ask him if they can meet her.
Ksh-: Can we meet her?
Nakul-: No, I'm giving you all surprise tonight. So wait till tonight.
Ksh-: Ok Bye
Kshitij put his phone down.
Garv-: so can we meet her??
Ksh-: No he gonna give us a surprise tonight.

The Party was over. Everyone went Home. Kshitj arrive home knowing that Saakhi will ask him about the girl.
Ksh-: Mum, stop I know what ur gonna say so I will tell you. No I have not yet found anyone.
Saakhi-: What knid of the girl are you looking for??
Ksh-: A girl who loves me, take care of my parents. Love Kid. Have a beautiful eyes and lips. A girl who is traditional. Trust me, don't lies.
When kshitij describes each description, you see the girl half body and back of her.

Who is she. Comment on.
I should see lot of comment as this part is long…

arohi_arjun Goldie

Joined: 25 May 2005
Posts: 1719

Posted: 01 July 2006 at 11:49am | IP Logged
As you know that i update everyday except yesterday coc i was busy. I will update everyday if i have written the next part on microsoft word otherwise you have to wait till i finsh writing the part.
Hope you love this Fan Fic
vffgfh Groupbie

Joined: 25 May 2005
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Posted: 02 July 2006 at 12:14am | IP Logged
ya it was great
vffgfh Groupbie

Joined: 25 May 2005
Posts: 176

Posted: 02 July 2006 at 12:15am | IP Logged
ya it was great
GK-KK~ROCKS Senior Member

Joined: 15 May 2006
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Posted: 02 July 2006 at 5:53am | IP Logged
plzz continue .It is going in a great way.
arohi_arjun Goldie

Joined: 25 May 2005
Posts: 1719

Posted: 02 July 2006 at 6:39am | IP Logged
Part 5
Recap-: Kshitij forgives Priya. College Party. Kshitij describe the wife he want to Saakhi.

Recap the body then you see the Face. It is none other than Kumud. Kumud goes home.
Kumud-: Good evening Mum
You see the face, it Kkusum
Kk-: Good evening beta
Kumud-: Good evening dad
You see the face, it Abhay
Ab-: Good evening beta
Kk-: How was ur last day College.
Kumud- it was boring. Neway where Kali?
Kk-: She gone out.
Kumud-: Ok, I'm going upstair to get ready
Kk-: Ok
Kumud start going where Kkusum ask something.
Kk-: Have you found the boy yet?
Kumud-: No!!!! NOT YET

At Oberoi. Kshitij and Nakul get ready. Saakhi take picture just like Kirron Kher tuk picture of Shahrukh and Zayed in Main hoon Na. They both leave. Kshitij has to pick Priya so he pick her up and arrive at the destination.
Kshitij try to find Garv, Sohan, Hary and Trishul but could not find them. They arrive few minutes late.
Garv-: Hey Kshitij
Ksh-: where were you guys? Ur late
Sohan:- Sorry yaar, it was the traffic
Harry-: Hey where Nakul? He said he gonna give a surprise so…
Ksh-: He…
Nakul come behind and tap Kshitj. Everyone turn around.
Nakul-: Here ur Surprise.
A girl come out behind Nakul. Show a body then her face. It Kali
Kali-: Hi I'm Kali She shake hand with everyone.

Everyone Enjoy party. It show slow motion, background Music.
Garv went up on the stage.
Garv-: Could I have everyone attention plz?
Everyone stop Dacing.
Garv-: As we all know that we all love Kshitij coz of his knid, generous, help person. We are great to have Kshitij here. Without Kshitij, there would not be a happiness here. I would like to perform a song for Kshitij. He sing a song -: Yeh Dosti ( Dosti) Sohan, Harry and Trishul join with Garv.
Everyoine start Cheering.
Sohan-: Kshitj could you cum to the stage.
Ksh go up to the stage.
Ksh-: Thank You Everyone. As what Garv just said. It true without me there would not be a happiness. I'm so happy that you all love me. I did not know that this would turn out. On the first day, I thought no one will like me. With in 2 yrs I made friend and love. Thank you everyone. And Plus I will miss you guy all.
Sohan-: And now we would like Kshitij to dance. Everyone start cheering telling him to dance. Kshitj say NO
Ksh-: I…I…( he shy)…don't know how to dance.
Everyone went silent and shocked. After a minute everyone goes bck to the dancing.
Ksh-:(thinking) I've let everyone down. I should have not said that. He get of the stage and goes to the audience. He start dancing to the song of Gori Gori ( Main hoon na) Everyone start cheering and say "Yeah"

Outside the college. Priya and Kshitij are walking.
Priya-: You dance well, I did not know that you dance and sing
Ksh-: well, when I was little I use to sing and dance but now I don't really. I did not want to let peole down so I sang for them.
Priya-: Neway I wanted to tell you something;.
Ksh-: what
Priya-: I ….
Nakul come out and call out Kshitij
Ksh-: I'll be right bck.
He goes inside. Priya wait for 10 min. He had not come out so she goes inside to check out. He was posing for the picture.
Ksh-: Sorry, I did not come out.
Priya-: It ok
Ksh-: Neway tell me
Priya-: I….
Kali come and ask him to dance with her.
This goes on and on. At the end of the day, Kshitj drop Priya home, on the way she try to tell him but a phone call disturb them. It was Garv
Garv-: where are you?
Ksh-: I'm dropping Priya. I'll meet you at outside my caf.
Garv-: Ok. As he put the phone down. Priya's house came so she could not tell him. She goes of.
Kshitij goes to the caf where all his friend and kali is waiting.
Ksh-: Thank everyone. (he shake hand) Without ur help, I would be in serious situation.

Why did Kshitij thank everyone? What was going on behind Priya?????

Next Part Everything will be revealed
Like why did boy feel uncomfortable. Why does Kshitj not want to tell her all the stuff like the Job?
tisha_sarin Senior Member

Joined: 05 September 2005
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Posted: 02 July 2006 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
great job
keep it up
arohi_arjun Goldie

Joined: 25 May 2005
Posts: 1719

Posted: 03 July 2006 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Part 6
Recap-: It was prom. Garv present the song for Ksh. Ksh dance to Gori Gori. Priya try to tell him something. Kshitij Thank his friend.

Ksh-: Thank everyone. (he shake hand) Without ur help, I would be in serious situation.
(contuing Priya's speech in part 4)
Priya-: I found my partner
Sohan-: Who?
Priya-: Kshitij.
Harry-: so what the need of being excited. Kshitij just ur Friend.
Priya-: Not just Friend but something more.
Trishul-: Tell us
Priya-: ok, here go…when I first came to the college. I did not have anyone until kshitij became my friend. At that time, I feel in love with him.Love at First Sight. I always wanted to tell him but I could not get time to tell him. So I promise to myself that I will never separate from him. Today at Prom.I'm gonna tell him how I feel about him.
Garv-: Good News. I'm sure Kshitj will accept you.
Priya-: Thank and hope he does. Neway I gotta go . Bye She goes. After she leaves
Sohan-: We got to tell Kshitj. You know that we all don't like her and also we know he will never accept her. So we might as well tell him.
Harry-: Yeah we should.
They all go and find him.
Garv-: Kshitij, we have something to tell you.
They tell him what Priya said to them.
Ksh-: How am I gonna ecape from her. She my partner and I'm gonna be with her all day.
All try to think of a plan.
Nakul-: I got an idea.
Ksh-: What.
Nakul-: We will call you when Priya About to tell you. Like we gonna disturbed you.
Ksh-: Yeah that good Idea…But how will you know???
what they did it that they kept a small wire speaker hiding somewhere in their body. So anyone can Disturb Kshitij.
Ksh-: U too, Kali
Kali-: Nakul told me everything.
Since Priya came to College, whole college didn't like her coz of her statue. No one made a friend with her. So one day Priya went Crazy and try to kill everyone in whole college. She said that she will kill people who won't be her friend. That when Kshitij came and told everyone to be Friend with her. At that time Priya feel in Love with him. She became Friend with him, even him. At the end of the day, when Priya went home everyone went to the hall because had something to say. He told everyone that the reason why he told everyone to be friend with her is that he did not want anyone to get kill. He was trying to Protect everyone. Also he told him if you don't want to be a friend with her then they have to pretend to be friend. So all that time Kshitij and everyone try to Pretend to be Friend with her. Only Priya doesn't know that all her friend her trying to pretend.

Two days Later. Kshitj had started a work at the Caf. He work morning till 2pm, then goes home and maybe hang around with Friend and yeah he still haven't found a girl. Later on that day, Kshitij was at home trying to relax hoping no one will disturbed him, meaning PRIYA. But unfortunately, Priya made a call telling him to go shopping with her. He has to go. He goes and pick Priya then went To Town Shopping. He felt Bored so he went outside to look at something while Priya pay the clothes she brought. Opposite of Kshitj's side, there is a girl looking at him (you can't see the face) She smiling and is thinking whether he is the right person. You see the girl face. It is none other than Kumud. (Between him and her there is a road). She is thinking. A car went past by. Her smile goes into Frown. Because she see a girl hugging Kshitj.She did not see the face. She walk away. Then you see the face of the girl who was hugging Kshitij. It was Priya.
Kumud goes home. She try to forget him, but she can't. She is thinking about him.
Kali see her.
Kali-: Kumud?
Kumud not listening.
Kali-: KUMUD?
Kumud-: huh!!! Oh hi Kali
Kali-: what are you thinking about????
Kumud-: (she tell her everything what she saw.)
Kali-: He have a girlfriend so You have to forget him. Find someone else.
Kumud- : But I can't forget him.

Will Kumud forget him??? Or will she see him again or does he see her???? Wait till the next Part…

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