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~Dil to pagal hai~Ksh-Ku LAST PART Pg 11 (Page 14)

arohi_arjun Goldie

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Posted: 14 August 2006 at 7:17am | IP Logged
Next Morning… Kumud wake up and look at the time.
Kumud-: Oh my god. It 8am
She quickly head for a shower. Then wake Ksh up.
Kumud-: Ksh wake up. You have to get to work.
Ksh-: I'm gonna giv a miss.
Kumud-: Ksh!!! No you have to go.
Ksh-: I don't want to go. You will find out later why.
At 10 am, you see the women outside opposite Kumud's house. It Priya.
Priya-: (thinking) It 10am which mean Ksh have left an hour ago. And also which mean that Kumud alone in the house.
She ring the door bell. Kumud open the door.
Kumud-: Priyanka, Hi come in and Have a sit.
They both sit then have a conversation. Kumud then get the tea.
Kumud-: How was ur Valentine? Anything plans.
Priya-: I stayed at home.
Kumud-: oh… Have you told him that you love him?
Priya-: Yeah… Yesterday. We gonna spread the news today. Why don't you come later and see my boyfriend.
Kumud-: I'll try.
Priya-: Anyway, how was your?
Kumud-: it was romantic. She tells Priya everything.
Little by, Priya get angry coz Ksh lied to her. The more Kumud say the more Priya get angrier. Priya stand up as she could not take it anymore.
Priya-: STOP!!! (She angry)
Kumud-: what happen Priyanka?
Priya-: You see I'm Priyanka but also Priya for Short.
Kumud-: You mean…. (She get scared)
Priya-: Yes, I'm same Priya who was ur hubby Ksh's Friend. Also Sohan, Nakul who is ur bro-in-law and bro. I love Kshitij but when I came here to visit you. I found out that Ksh's is married and is married to you. I got angry that I wanted to get rid of you.
She takes the gun out from her bag and point at Kumud.
Kumud-: No don't kill me.
Priya-: I want to kill you so that Ksh can come by me. So I plan that I will kill you today. Then later I and Ksh can celebrate.
Kumud-: No don't….
Priya-: Who can save you? It only us two.
She about to pull the trigger but someone comes in front Kumud.
Someone-: I will save Kumud.
Priya is shocked. You see the face. It Kshitij who standing in front of Kumud.
Priya-: Kshitij, you here. I thought you left for work.
Ksh-: I was going to go, but when I heard ur conversation yesterday. I did not go.
Priya-: what conversation?
Yesterday when Priya was waiting for Ksh at the Caf. Ksh enter the caf at the side. (There are two entrances. One at the front and one at the side.) So he enters at the side while Priya was sitting and facing the front looking out for Kshitij. Ksh went to buy the coffee then come out the front. While walking, he heard Priya's voice. So he stands behind Priya and listen to her conversation as she was saying about Kumud.
Priya-: Hello.
Priya-: Oh, Hi wat you up to???
Priya-: I'm at the caf waiting for Ksh. I'm gonna tell him how much I love him. Then tomorrow I will do something about Kumud. I have a plan. Ksh leave for work at 8am so I will go there at 10am. I will kill her but first I will tell her that I'm same Priya. She only think that I'm Priyanka but for short I'm Priya.. How dare she come between us? Ksh it only mines. Blah blah….. I will call you tomorrow after I finish Kumud. Bye
Kshitij was shocked to hear this. So he went back out to the side entrance and come to the front. He pretends he never heard anything.
Ksh-: Priya, I don't love you. I hate you. Actually, we all hate you…
Priya-: (still pointing the gun toward Ksh) what do you mean "we"?
Ksh-: Everyone in the whole college. Everyone hated you. And when you went crazy. You started killing People. I wanted to protest everyone so I told them that they have to pretend to be ur friend. So till now they lied to be ur friend. And yeah…. When you left for Paris. I was so happy that you went away. Coz I would be free from you. I hated to go out with you. I always wanted to be with my Friend But no you always come in between. Then one day I saw this beautiful girl Kumud. I fell in love at first sight. Then we got married a month later after you left. We were living as a happy life until you came and ruin our life. (He look at Kumud who was behind him, she is holding his hand)
Priya-: How could you do to Me.? I love you Ksh and I know you love me. Kumud is just brainwashing you. We will live a happy life. Move let me kill her then we will live a happily.
Ksh-: How could you say that?? There is only one person I love and that is KUMUD. We are made for each other. Dil to pagal hai…No one can separate us. And if you think you can then I suggest you to leave because you can't bound to separate us as we are strong to be together. NOW GET OUT.
When Ksh said that, Tear come out from Kumud's eyes while looking at Ksh.
Priya-: I'm not leaving that easily. I will ruin ur Relationship.
She hold the gun in position and is ready to pull the trigger.
Ksh-: Sohan, stop her.
Priya turn around while Ksh quickly go up to her and try to fight for the Gun.
(Actually Ksh lied. Sohan wasn't there. Just made Priya to turn the face.)
Ksh-: Kumud call the police.
Kumud call the police and then stand there horrified and scared while watching her husband fighting for gun to save her life. Ksh and Priya still fighting for the gun. Meanwhile a door bell ring, Kumud goes and opens the door. It Sohan
Sohan-: Kumud, why are you crying?
Kumud point where Ksh it. Sohan quickly goes in the room and see both fighting. Sohan get involve. A minute later, you hear the shot. It shows a frozen pic. First Priya, then Sohan and last Ksh.It show a slow motion of Kumud falling on the ground. Ksh run to Kumud while Sohan grab the gun. Priya standing there laughs crazy.
Ksh-: KUMUD????
Police come and Arrest Priya. Then is show Ksh head up, standing against the wall at the hospital and Sohan sitting down with Rhea. Ksh don't know what just happen. He is Frozen like he went into coma. Then the whole family come. Everyone is crying.
Kkusum-: Ksh, where Kumud??
She try to shake him but Ksh does not say anything. He is not moving at all.
Kkusum-: Sohan where is she?
Sohan-: inside.
Saakhi-: Ksh??
Ksh still does not say anything. Tear come out from his eyes.
Saakhi-: Ksh don't worry. Kumud will be fine.
Ksh break down-: How do I know that Kumud will be fine. I've should be in there not Kumud. I should have got shot.
Saakhi calm him down. Then is show a slow motion of all the moment between Ksh and Kumud. Kali, Anjali, Kkusum and Saakhi pray to god. Ksh pray to god and remember the scene.
An hour later. Doctor come out.
Ksh-: How Kumud???
Doc doesn't say anything.
He is holding onto the Doc collar. Sohan try to calm him down.
Doc-: I'm Sorry Kshitij Oberoi. Kumud Oberoi is no more…..
Ksh-: NO!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone break down. Ksh fall on the ground.
Kkusum-: Can we see her.
Doc-: Yes but only one person.
Saakhi-: Ksh you go.
Ksh goes in with Rhea. Kumud is on the bed laying Flat. The sheet is covered till her neck. Ksh sit beside her and hold her hand. Then again show a slow motion of their moment. Tear come out from Ksh's eye and fall on Kumud's hand. After 30 min, Rhea start crying. Ksh try to calm her down. While Ksh was calming her down. Slowly slowly, Kumud's heart start to beat. Ksh does not notice it. He get up and walk to the door with rhea. (to give Rhea to Kkusum)
Kumud-: Ksh
Ksh is shocked and he turn around to see Kumud alive.
Ksh-: Kumud!!!
He run to her and kiss her on her forehead.
Ksh-: I thought I lost you.
Kumud-: when you are with me. I'm alive. Without you. I'm dead.
Ksh-: Don't say that. He cover her mouth.
Ksh is so happy to have her back. He goes and call the family. Everyone come inside and is shocked to see Kumud.
Kkusum-: Kumud!!
She hug Kumud.

You see the board sign say "Mental asylum Hospital" You see a women, the face is head down. She faces up and then you see her face. It Priya. She is laughing crazy.

Kapoor House.
You see 5 kids playing in one corner. You see Abhay, Kkusum, Aryaman and Saakhi. All having Laugh and sitting down.
Kkusum-: Come on Kids. Go to ur mama and Papa. I have a surprise for you.
Kids-: Yeah!
All the kid go to their parent.
One girl – 4yrs old – Rhea who is sitting on his dad Lap. You see the face. It Kshitij.
One Boy – 2 Yrs old – Rohan who is on his mum lap. It Kumud
One Girl - 4yrs old – Pooja who is sitting on his dad Lap. It Sohan
One boy – 1 yrs old – Ved who is on his mum lap. It Anjali
And finally one boy – 3 yrs old – Rahul who is sitting between mom and dad. It Nakul and Kali.
Rhea-: Nani, what the surprises?
Pooja-: yeah come on show us.
Kkusum take out the sweet box and all the kid dug in to grab the sweet, then return to their parent and ask their parent to open it for them. Kkusum, Abhay, Saakhi and Aryamn are so happy to see the kid who are enjoying their life with their Parents. Kkusum and Saakhi goes toward the god and Pray. When both turn around. Abhay and Aryaman are standing beside their wife. All the kid in front with their hand folded. Behind them are their parent. Kkusum and Saakhi are very happy to see this.
There live their life happily ever after.

arohi_arjun Goldie

Joined: 25 May 2005
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Posted: 14 August 2006 at 7:19am | IP Logged
This was the last part. The end
I am thinking of starting new fanfic again Kumud and Kshitij. I'm not sayin i will do another fanfic. I am just deciding yet.
So i will let u know.
Plz comment as you see the last part is very longer then other. So plz comment.

Edited by kshitij - 14 August 2006 at 7:20am
vffgfh Groupbie

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Posted: 14 August 2006 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
it was great
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzdo write another fan fic
coz there r no kumud khiitj fan fic without there fan fics everyone wil start slowly frogetting them so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wirte another ff
vffgfh Groupbie

Joined: 25 May 2005
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Posted: 14 August 2006 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
socha na tha means no one thought of it

Hum ko deewana Kar Gaye means u have made me fall in love
GK-KK~ROCKS Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2006 at 2:20am | IP Logged
You've written a fantastic one.I plead you to start a new fan fic of kkusum. Clap
arohi_arjun Goldie

Joined: 25 May 2005
Posts: 1719

Posted: 15 August 2006 at 6:20am | IP Logged
I will start another one but not now. I have already plan the story and the title. All i have to do it write and Post. I'll let u know when i start.
arohi_arjun Goldie

Joined: 25 May 2005
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Posted: 15 August 2006 at 6:38am | IP Logged
i will write here to let you know when do i start and the name of the fanfic. Also i might start here. Just Contiune the page and change the title. I mean what the point of starting new topic when this fanfic has made to 12 page.
-De.De- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2006 at 5:17am | IP Logged

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