Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Captured Love (6)-Thread 7 link below!!!! (Page 40)

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Simi di waitin
give lnggg part
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Di hw r u?
Watst going on nwday?
Had ur lunch?
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  Waiting...Day Dreaming
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looking forward to the update ! 
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wow great story plz update soon
it's an amamzing story to read
my name is alicia pm me
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                       Chapter 50

"What to expect when you are expecting" 

Maan sighs opening the book carefully reading every single content. The book described what pregnant women go through from the very beginning of the pregnancy stage till the very end. Maan was so intrigued to see all the pictures of developing baby inside the womb, how they gradually grow each week. 

Never in his life did he think he would find something as pregnancy interesting. He was getting better understanding of women and what they usually go through. Maan was so into the book that he didn't notice Geet standing at the door looking at him while he half laid on the sofa holding the book in his hand.

She had come there to grab a book to read when she noticed Maan siting on the couch. She was not going to pay any attention to him, in fact she was going to ignore him after he dared to slap her but the book in his hand caught her attention. A pregnancy book? Why would he want to read that? Is he pretending in front of her? No, he didn't even know am standing here. Does he really want to try and become a good father? Or will he try to take my baby away like he promised? Does he really care? 

Her mind was all over the place, she didn't know what to believe. She was kind of hesitant to even look at him, she decided to leave as it would be the best for both of them. Maan knew she was there looking at him, he could sense her whenever she is anywhere close. He waited to see what she would do, leave or come in and just as he had predicted she was leaving. He slowly puts the book down getting up from the couch. He holds her hand before she could even take a step.

"Where are you going?"

"I am going to my room if you must know. Please let go of my hand" (Maan lets go but he corners her against the wall, placing his arms on either side of her trapping her) 

"Have dinner with me tonight."

Geet looks at him and scoffs "You really think I will have dinner with you and that too alone?"

"who says we are going to be alone? We will have staff there serving us"

"N.." (She couldn't complete her sentence when Maan starts to kiss her...Maan starts to hit his chest but it only made Maan more aggressive..he stops kissing her before trailing his kisses down her neck) 

"let yourself go Geet" 

She stops hitting Maan on his chest and was now scrunching his shirt with a fist. Maan felt her fingertips against his chest, the same touch that he had missed for a while now, the same touch he wanted and longed for, this same touch that drove him crazy. He starts kissing her harder biting her, gently of course, on her collar bone. Geet's hands slowly movies upward until she wrapped them around his neck. 

She dug her fingers in his thick black hair as Maan moved her dupatta and threw it on the floor. Slowly both move toward the couch, Geet was lost, she didn't know what she was doing all she knew was that she enjoyed this, she enjoyed his touch, his kiss, she had been longing for this without her knowing. 

Maan gently places her on the chair as he gently hovers over her taking extra precaution not to put any weight on her. He places his arms on either side of the chair as he begins kissing Geet again. This time Geet responded back with equal passion and hunger. Slowly, she starts to pull him downwards wanting him more closer to her. He gently holds her shoulder bringing her up a little to help himself support her. 

"I love you Geet..." 

He says without knowing what he actually said. Geet stops kissing when his words registered her head. Maan looks at Geet when she didn't respond to him, it took couple of seconds for him to figure out what he had just said...he looks at Geet who looked at him with tears..many questions arose from her head but the main one was is he acting? 

Maan gets up turning his face not even knowing what to say or do. For the first time he said those words to anyone, first time he said what he felt without him knowing. All the years of training of being hardcore, of not showing emotions, not showing your weak side didn't matter anymore. 

Geet slowly gets up from the chair..both avoided eye contacts..both felt awkward..both didn't know where to begin or what to say...

"ummm" (Maan began but couldn't really say anything else)

"I should go..." (Geet said as she begins walking out of the room dazed...)

"Geet stop" 

Maan stands in front of her...he bends down picking up the dupatta gently placing it around her neck. His fingers linger over her neck for couple of seconds before he starts to pull away. Geet looks at him one final time before walking away. 

Maan hits his head with frustration..what is getting into me? Why did I say that to her? Do I really love her? Is that what I am feeling? Was this what Dadima was talking about? He angirly goes to Dadima's room hoping to get some answers for his questions. He saw her messaging Vicky's head as he sleeps with his head on her lap. Dadima stops when she noticed Maan standing at the door way.

"Yes, is there something you need Maan" (Maan closes the door half way and stands before Dadima)

"I can't be in love with Geet...I don't know what that even means" (Dadima smirks hearing him but pretended to not show any concerns. She looks down at Vicky so half of her face is hidden and continued to ignore him) "I am talking to you"

"Shhh Vicky is sleeping can't you see?"

"I don't care...I need answers to what I am asking" (Dadima slowly puts Vicky's head on the bed supported by pillows. She stands in front of Maan with her arms crossed)

"Well than am sorry but I can't help you in this situation. This is something you have to answer yourself and when the time is right I am sure you will know yourself if you truly are in love with Geet" (Maan sighs in frustration before leaving the room. Dadima laughs out loud seeing her grandson's confusion. "I told you Maan you are in love with Geet..but I will wait for the day when you realize her true worth and what she really means to you"

Maan comes to the room and saw Geet lying down still with tears as she looks at the ceiling dazed. He saw her medication was still left untouched since morning...he clenches his hand in matter what he feels for her but there is no way no way at all that he is going to let her compromise with the baby. 

He marches toward her to yell but stops when she looks at him with tear filled eyes. His anger vanished in the thin air. Anger didn't matter to him anymore..the only thing that mattered was Geet and her tears. His heart ached with pain seeing her in pain. "kya yehi pyaar hai?" Is this love? Am I really? 

He shakes his head as he sits beside Geet, she turns her face away. Maan grabs some of her medication and water. "Geet have your medication" (he waited for her to say something but nothing as usual)  "Geet! Have your medication or else it will be harmful for the baby" (She looks at him when he used a little bit of more force in his voice) "Have your medication"

"I don't want fine" (Maan places the medication on the table..he holds her by the shoulders pulling her up a little until both were eye to eye)

"I am not asking but I am telling you to take your medication. You are not fine" 

Geet jerks his hands off as she gets off the bed facing her back towards him.

"But I have never been more better. Whatever we did was a mistake. I don't know what got into was my mistake to respond back to you. Love? What is love? Do you even know what that means? Don't mistake whatever happened between us love? In fact, I don't even think that a monster like you will ever know what is the meaning of love. Can you describe it? Where was this so called love when you were torturing me? When you made me your slave? Forced me at night? 

You ruined by dream of being happily married and instead trapped me here in this house forever where I can't leave nor live in peace. Whatever I did was just a moment of weakness. I allowed myself to fall into one of your traps again but never again. You think being nice to me, taking care of me, making sure I eat and take medication on time will make me fall in love with you or make me like you? NO! Never Mr. Khurana!

You know what love is? Love is knowing the other person from who they are from the inside and out. Knowing what makes them happy. Knowing their likes and dislikes. Love is leaving that feeling of loneliness when the very one person that means everything to you is not there. Love is feeling the pain when the other one is in pain. Do you ever had any of those feelings? 

She turns around to look at him and was shocked at the sight in front of her. Maan stood there with his hand cut..blood trickled down on the floor one drop at a time as he looked at her with pain. Geet runs toward him holding his bloody hand in hers..tears slowly dropped on the wound making him squirm in pain. She quickly tears her dupatta wrapping it around the wound...Maan looks at her amused...

"So what will you call this Geet? This (he pulls his hand as soon as she was done wrapping looking at it) this act of yours? Love is feeling the pain when the other one is in pain...were you not in pain when you saw my bloody hand?

Geet wipes her tears holding her stomach..she turns her face to the sideways..."No...what I did was out of humanity" (She clutches her stomach in pain while Maan was unaware of what was happening to her)

"The truth is I don't know why I said I love you...if you say love is what you described than maybe I am in love...all I know is that I need you in front of me 24/7, I feel happy when I know you are safe and sound, (he holds her by the shoulder making her look at him) I yearn for your one smile...why? (she looks at him with shock) 

Maybe that is love? Or maybe my obsession..I don't know...But I do know one thing I won't let you leave never..even when you are dying and frankly speaking whether you like it or not, I will bring you back from death..I will make sure you are with me no matter what...I won't let anyone, not even your babaji, to take you away from me..." (he looks at her one final time before leaving...) 

Geet falls on the floor as soon as he left...she felt something wet between her legs..."no..." She looks at the door waiting for Maan to come back and maybe deep inside knowing that he will be there for her when she needs him..."Maaan!!!" 

She yells his name in pain while still looking at the door..."Maan...!" She yells again in pain...her eyes went black but was able to hear...she heard his voice..for some reason she felt safe and worry free..for some reason she knew she was going to be safe as the darkness took over her...

Okay I know I left the story again at such a crucial point but couldn't help it!LOLLOL
I will try to update again tomorrow. If not, than I would give you guys promo. 

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Finally a face off
good they spoke
great update
Next update - TomorrowErmm...kab aayegaConfused

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