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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Captured Love (6)-Thread 7 link below!!!! (Page 33)

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 ab to update de do CryCryCry
ab to intehaa ho gayee intezaar kii...aaaLOLLOL

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Hey guys,

First off I want to apologize for this three week delay update! I did not do it on purpose I got so busy at work with new accounts and all that I no time to even breathe! I finally got some "free" time today, well for like 10 minutes, so I decided to give you guys an update before I forget or before you guys come after me with a knifeLOL

I DID NOT FORGET MY FAN FICS!!! I will NOT leave my fan fics unfinished at all even if I don't update regularly I will update whenever I do have time! Please know I don't abandon anything! I keep my promises and update whenever I can!

Also, I want to apologize to Kiddo! I am sorry for not being able to respond to your long long long comments from before! I really do appreciate you taking your time out to write comments and I love you for that!

I also want to apologize to everyone else who had been waiting for me to update especially Sara got your message with the scary women! LOL 

I know this update is not very long as you guys must have imagined but hey its something with the time I had that is all I could do at the moment!Cry

P.S. This has to be longest note I ever wrote!LOL

                       Chapter 49

Geet laid on her bed unable to think of anything. Her mind replayed everything that she had seen at the outhouse, pictures all of her..everywhere in the room..not one corner was spared...but what does that mean? Did he change? Or it is just his obsessive nature? Maan looks at her she still hadn't responded back to him..Maan carefully caressed her face with his fingers just enjoying this moment...Geet thoughts were still occupied with the thoughts from earlier

Geet saw that he was carrying her outside of the house..fear ran inside her with the very thought of being kidnapped again by him. What will he do now? Will he hurt me and the baby? I know he wanted a boy, a boy who would carry on his family's name. A boy who he would train to be just like him someone that will carry on his atrocities later on. Was he happy with a girl? 

She puts her hand protectively on her stomach shielding her kid from him. How will I fight him this time? I am weak and not alone this time...I have to think about my little one that is growing inside me...She sighs in relief when he was proceeding toward the outhouse but then her mind occupied with what he would want from the outhouse.

Maan carries her up the stairs toward his bedroom...he stops just outside of the closed room door. He turns his head toward Geet with a smirk

"Are you ready for this?"

"Why am I here?"

"So many questions and so little time..." 

he kicks open the door...he places her on the bed slowly while he walks toward the wall..he presses a button, which Geet assumed was for the lights, as soon as he pressed the button a projector came down slowly..Maan takes the laptop setting on the bed while he closed in on Geet. She tried to move far away from him but he wrapped his arm around her waist holding her tightly...

"Did you really think I was going to leave you alone? Every night I had you in front of me...I know you always thought of me, felt my presence.." (he puts his head on her lap..Geet tried moving his head but eventually gave up knowing how stubborn he is) "Its weird Geet, you say you hate me but yet you feel me around you all the time...this must be..what is that word again (he thinks for a quick moment) ohh yeah love...(Geet turns her head around) "Maybe you don't hate me..maybe you feel something for me deep inside your I right?"

"Don't kid yourself..I hate you as much as I hated you yesterday"

"ohh really?" (he turns on the laptop..Geet looks at the screen in front of her...where she is looking at the window at night..lost in her thoughts. That was the same night she felt his eyes on her..she felt him inside the room but couldn't really put her finger on she knows...he was watching her every night through cameras..she felt anger and more hatred knowing he was there looking at her while she was oblivious to that fact) "Tell me Geet why were you not able to sleep?" Why did you toss and turn all night and every night?" 

Geet removes his head from her lap as she stood up facing her back toward him...he comes and hugs her from behind while whispering in her ear) "I knew your every move..I knew when you were sleeping, when you were awake, when you were hungry...everything" (It all clicked to Geet..the food, the nurse, the medicine being served on was all him...he had been doing it..keeping track of her...

 "I made sure you were doing everything on time..."

"According to you like a slave" (Maan smiles)

"If that is the way you want to describe it than yes maybe like a slave..." (he turns her around) "After all this is my kid and I wouldn't let you or anyone come in between of it..."

"What makes you so sure that this is your kid?" (Maan looks at her with anger making a fist) 

"Geet!!!" (He yells) 

"Don't shout!! Get one thing straight Mr. Khruana, you might've done a "noble" deed by keeping an eye on me and my health but that DOES NOT mean that I will allow you or your shadow anywhere near MY kid...This kid is not yours..its ONLY mine!" (She turns around in anger) 

"And don't get fooled that I will melt with all of this crap you showed me...You made me like killed the old Geet..and created the person standing in front of you...And this person knows only how to hate not love especially you! (she was about to walk away when she felt dizzy...Maan quickly runs after her picking her up making her lie down on the bed) 

"Geet are you okay? Geet open your eyes..." (he rubs her hands when she started moving a little...slowly she opened her eyes seeing his worried face..Maan without thinking hugs her tightly placing his head on her chest...) "thank god you are fine...don't scare me like that...Anyways am here..I will make sure I am with you 24/7..." 

he picks her up again carrying her back in the mansion where Dadima and Mohindar waited patiently for them...They saw Geet's arms wrapped around his neck for support...Mohindar was about to step forward to stop Maan when Dadima placed her hand on his shoulder signaling him not to do anything...both just watched them walk away...

"I could stand up now...put me down..." (Maan does what she says...he pulls her closer kissing her on the lips...)

"You said what you had to say now you listen to can hate all you want but the truth of matter is I am here to stay...the only way to get rid of me is to kill me...since you can't do that I am here to stay...understand? oh and one more thing, you will do whatever I say and this baby is mine also...if you don't want me to take away the baby then I suggest you be a good girl..." (he licks the outside of her lips making her shiver) 

"You like my touches...I don't have to say anything..." (he whispers in her ear) "I could feel you shiver whenever I touch you..Do I make you weak?" (She realizes what he said..she pushes him away slightly while walking to the bed in anger...) I will be back sweetheart...(he winks before leaving)

Geet comes out of her thoughts when Maan gently started rubbing her stomach..."what are you doing?!" (she tired removing his hand away from her bare stomach)

"putting oil on your stomach...I read that it helps the baby and helps reduce stretchmarks"

"You don't need to worry about anything especially my baby"

"Our baby"

"you are wrong..."

"hmmm maybe you are mistaken of what I said before..." (he looks at her feet and was swollen a little..he gently touches her feet holding it in his hands) "does it hurt?"

Geet was surprised to see this nice caring side of him..she was not used to see him speak so gently...he takes some oil gently rubbing her feet making small patters and applying pressure where it was necessary. Geet was feeling nervous but after a while she began to relax...she didn't want to admit but this was something that she needed...with all the worrying she had forgotten about her swollen feat in fact she never even noticed it until Maan pointed it out. 

She closes her eyes going into her own dreamland, where it helped her deal with her present-somewhat. She smiles in her sleep when she sees her daughter playing. It was just the two of them with no worries or anything; her magic land. She opens her arms with a smile when she saw her daughter running towards her. Soon her smile vanishes when the daughter runs past her into someone else's arms...Maan..

She giggled and yelled with laughter as Maan twirls her around in his arms...he holds her above his head running around as if he was a helicoptor..."Faster daddy" She heard her little daughter say while she just stood there feeling jealous and somewhat happy to know her daughter had a father to hang around with. "faster" Maan twirls her faster and faster...Geet raises her hand with fear when she saw Maan almost losing control of her daughter as he twirled her around. She saw her daughter slowly dropping to the ground as she slipped from Maan's arms. She shook her head in denial can't happen...NO!!! She screams waking up...

Maan holds her by the arms with worry..."Geet what happened?"

Geet looks at him with tears..."you..." She hugs him tight not able to say anything while she cried...Maan was confused but nevertheless he was happy that Geet hugged him for the first time ever since he had married her. It was always him that made all the advances while she never recuperated towards his feelings. Yes, he was obsessed and yes she is his...after all he is a king and they deserve only the best and unique things in this world. 

"Geet are you okay? What happened?"

She looks at him with tears and hicuping. Maan holds glass of water for her to drink gently putting it near her mouth helping her drink the water slowly. After few seconds when he sensed she was calm he holds her hand asking her again of what happened. New fresh tears rolled down her eyes as she looked at him. She jerks her hands away from his attempting to get up in anger. Maan who had been trying to control his anger looses it. He jerks her shoulders making her face him.

"Tell me what happened damn it! Can't you see I am trying..I am trying to change but you are making it so difficult! Why?!"

"You will never change even if you tried. Now let go of my arm!" 

"NO not until you tell me what happened! Why are you crying all of a sudden!" (She looks away remembering her dreams) "Tell me!" (He shakes her again) 

Fine! (he lets go of her) "In my dream I saw my little girl..." (she rubs her belly looking down being happy and content) "we both were in the park. I was sitting at the bench watching her run around like crazy playing by herself. One minute she would be at the swings and the next minute at the monkey bar just happy with her surroundings. 

It was as if I could watch her like this forever! Then I saw her running towards me with a big smile, I slowly got up opening up my arms so I could pick her up twirling around and around until we both feel dizzy but...(she stops talking..Maan motions for her to go on) As I was waiting for her to come towards me..she runs past me to where you were standing..You pick her up holding her above your head pretending to be a helicopter when suddenly you let go of her. I saw my own kid flying away while she screamed and cried for one of us to catch her again.

She faces Maan.."if that could happen in a dream then imagine a king like you can do to my daughter when she is born" Maan looks at her with anger before slapping her. She looks at him shocked!

"You really thing I would do such a thing? Yes, I am bad, Yes I admit what I did in the past was wrong but that DOES NOT mean I would stoop so low as to almost kill my kid!" (he laughs trying to hide his pain and anger) "just think about it Geet I do have enough power to take away the kid the minute she is born or even you away right NOW!" 

She looks at him with fear he pulls her closer gently caressing the same area where he slapped her. She gasps in pain a little...Maan bends down kissing her face soothing her pain.

I don't know why Geet it pains me to see you in pain. What do you think that means? (She looks at him directly reading his eyes..there was nothing evil in this question or look. He really wanted to know...confusion was written all over his face. She looks away trying to determine if it is true)

"I am here to stay Geet and especially near the kid" (he lets go of her walking out of the room leaving her confused) 

I Hope you guys enjoyed the update!Embarrassed

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WC back simi...
lovely update...
Maan trying hard to change...good..
but Geet still confused...
missed it ...continue sooner...
are you really back ...or this was just a fillin...

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tat was just superb dear
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Ah I missed a lot 

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Simi, pg 39 kaha se aa gaya jaan?
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awesome update 
loved it 
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Superb mindblowing update and worth waiting update with full of ManEet magic...

Waiting for next part

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