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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Captured Love (6)-Thread 7 link below!!!! (Page 111)

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update dear waiting 
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update dear waiting

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                      Chapter 53

Maan was surprised that he had gotten really good at changing diapers of Anamika including the nurses. He chuckles to himself as he sat next to Geet holding her hand remembering his first time changing the diaper. Who knew that Maan Singh Khurana will change diapers. 

He brings Geet's hand close to his face as he gently kisses her palm. "Wake up now, Geet. Your daughter needs you. She wants to be held by you Geet. Please wake up. I promise, if you do, I will not show you my face unless I have to. I will not bother you at all. I (he tried to hold his emotions in) will move to the outhouse again Geet. I promise. Please just wake up. Please (he buries his face to her palm as he sheds silent tears. He felt some finger movements against his face. He looks at her fingers waiting for her to move but nothing happened.

"maybe it was my imagination" 

He gently puts her hand down realizing it was time to be with his daughter. He kisses her forehead looking at her one more time before leaving. As soon as he got outside he saw Vicky sitting there with the driver holding flowers. He motions the driver to leave as he sat with Vicky.

"What happened Vicky? How come you didn't come inside to give her flowers?"

"Is she mad at me? Why isn't she waking up? I already apologized for her talking to her. I swear I won't do it again. I will never ever get mad at her again. She should wake up now, right? I do my homework on time, I eat and sleep on time like a good boy." 

Maan brings Vicky to his lap hugging him tight. "Sshh she is not bad at you but me. I did something bad to her that is why she is not waking up. But I will correct my mistakes and make sure she doesn't go away from us anymore." (he makes Vicky look at him) Why don't you give these flowers to Anamika? I am sure she will like it"

"Can I?" (he says with a smile. Maan runs his fingers through his hair making it messy while Vicky frowns.)

"you sure can. Come lets go." 

He picks him up leading him toward the room where she was kept. She was steadily improving but not as much since she is almost two months premature. Maan just hoped that she would be all better by the time Geet wakes up, is she ever does. All his hopes are on Anamika now. Maan points to an empty vase to Vicky for the flowers. He slowly puts the flowers in the vase before standing in front of Maan looking at her through the glass.

"Why is she in there? What is wrong with her?"

"That is how she is kept alive. We can't take her out until she is normal."

"ohh" (Vicky nodes) "What's normal?" (he didn't quiet understand what Maan was talking about)

Maan chuckles "Normal is when we can hold her. She will be able to breath on her own without any help like other babies"

"ohh when will she be normal?" (he goes near the glass and notices she is sleeping and not moving at all) Is she also sleeping like Geet di? Is she also mad at us?"

Maan puts his hand on Vicky's mouth shaking his head no. "Don't say that again. She is not asleep like Geet. She is just taking a nap." (he puts his hands inside the one of compartment gently moving her fingers...) see..she was just sleeping (Anamika wakes up almost crying...Maan gently pats on her head

"Can I do that too?" 

"sure" (Maan holds Vicky's hand and motions for him to put it inside the holes provided...Vicky smiles seeing Anamika almost giggling...Just then the nurse came in with her daily dose. Maan takes Vicky outside while the nurse tends to Anamika.)

"Can we go meet Geet di now before we go home?"

"hmm lets go"

Vicky runs to Geet's bed holding her hand with a smile. "Bhai said that you are not mad at me than why are you not waking up? I had gotten you flowers but I gave it to Anamika instead. Tomorrow I promise I will bring two flowers one for you and one for Anamika." (He touches her face patting as if trying to wake her up) "wake up..I have so much to tell you..." (Maan holds Vicky's hand shaking his head no) 'But she will wake up now. Remember this is how she used to wake me up too. She will wake up if I do that to her"

"Vicky listen to me. Geet will wake up later not now. If you do that then you are going to disturb her. Understand."

"No! I want her to wake up. Its not fair. Everyone leaves me. No one loves me!" 

Maan sits on his knees shaking him with anger.."who said no one loves you? huh? We all are here with you. Geet di, me, Anamika, Dadima...everyone...don't you dare say no one loves you again! Got it!" 

Vicky looks at him scared with tears "What about mom and dad? They did't love me that is why they left. You said that to me before. You said no one will come near me or stay with me because everyone hates me."

Maan looks down in shame not knowing what to say. Vicky was right he did say to him a year ago when he was angry to everyone, when he was nothing but a cold hearted stone, when he didn't care about anyone's feelings including his brothers. 

He was angry at his father for leaving him this huge empire to take over, he was angry to his mother for not doing anything while his father made him like this. He was angry at his Dadima for not being there for him. He was angry at Vicky for getting a normal childhood. He didn't hate Vicky but he was jealous of him. He was jealous that Vicky gets to live normally, gets to have friends, play around, and he especially gets to have love from Dadima. The same love that he was deprived of so many years ago because of his father.

He looks at Vicky who was a shattered soul. Who's heart was filled with fear and insecurities. Who was just a kid looking for answers. Wanting to know why he is so hated among everyone. What can he say? What does he say? That he was jealous of him? That it was all a lie and the truth remains that everyone hates him, Maan, not Vicky. What can he say to him understand.

"Vicky, uhh" (Maan had no words..nothing that he could say will make it all better for Vicky. He ruined his childhood just like his father ruined his.) "Geet will not leave you, okay. Trust me!"

He looks at Geet again, holding her hand..."please wake up..I will be a good boy..please..." 

"Okay Vicky lets go home to eat."

"No. I don't want to go. No." (He kept holding Gee'ts hand tightly as Maan tried to pry it off of her) "Geet wake up...Please. I will be a good boy. Please" 

It pained Maan to see Vicky like this but he had to do it. He needed to make Vicky understand. Vicky held on to Geet's hand tightly as Maan tried to make his hold loose. 

"Vicky please let go...she is right here...she won't go"

"No. I want my Geet di back...let me go..." (Vicky started to kick with tears as he held on to Geet. Maan was finally able to release his hold on Geet. He puts Vicky on his shoulder as he cried for Geet.) "let me go...Geet di...come back...please..." 

Geet moves her hand a little hearing Vicky. Her eye balls moving frantically as she saw random pictures in her head of Maan dragged Vicky for boarding school. Her head starts to shake as she tried to reach for him. She tried to speak but couldn't. Her mouth was dry. She tried moving her lips but nothing happened. She felt paralyzed. In her head she was screaming Vicky's name, begging for Maan to stop but in her heart she knew no one was listening to her. No one was there that could save her and Vicky.

She started moving her head as she saw one of the servant taking Vicky away. 

"Geet up...wake up..."

"Vicky" (she whispers) "don't..."

"help me..." (She extends her hand to reach for Vicky but he seemed so far away. She shakes her head no)


She yells as she sits on the bed looking around frantically. Maan stops in his tracks as he heard the voice that he longed to hear for so long. Geet's. He turns around slowly putting Vicky on the floor. He saw his Geet looking at both of them. He was about to go hug her when he remembered his promise made to her earlier. He lets go of Vicky's hand as he ran towards her giving her a big hug. Maan steps out of the room looking at Geet through the window.

"Welcome back Geet" (He whispers with happiness) 

Okay I know you guys are happy for Geet to be awake! Yay! 
Also, might be mad at why he is not going to show his face to Geet.  This time it will be Geet making the first move. After all for how long can our Maan chase after her? right? Wink
Also, I wanted to show the emotional bond Geet and Vicky share. And why she woke up after hearing his voice only. 
You guys can tell how messed up Vicky really is thanks to his circumstances and I hope I didn't go overboard showing that! 
Anyway I hope you guys like it and will TRY to update tomorrow as well! Embarrassed

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