Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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                       Chapter 47

Okay guys I am taking a little bit longer than usual so decided to give you guys live update for the first time...I will add more and more whenver I get time todayEmbarrassed


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Three months has passed away and only I know how difficult it is for me to spend days and night without one person who has been constantly in my mind 24/7...Geet...What is happening to me? He was still living in the outhouse one comes to visit him not even Dadima but that was fine with him. He didn't need anyone at all...he is capable enough to take care of his needs or order others to take care of them for him. Maan sat in the dark room just thinking about various changes from last three months.

As promised, to Dadima, I still took Geet to all of her dotor's appointment making sure all her needs are taken care of. I paid close attention to doctor's advice and made sure she too all of her medication on time and as well as making sure she eats on time. Then why is she still so distant and cold towards me? 

The only time she allows herself to touch me is when she needs help getting out of the soon as she gets out of the car she lets go of my hand walking away without glancing back once towards me. Does my touch repulse her that much? Does my sight and my closeness really disgusts her?

Vicky, whom he had never showed any love, was slowly responding to me. He was still quiet, barley spoke unless he had to, but he was the only one that was coming near me. He reminded me so much of myself when I was little. 

The same facial features, the same facial expressions, smile lost somewhere, looking dazed as if trying to find hope and of course the same fear in the eyes whenever my dad used to be near me. Dad..."How can you be a good father if you could't even become a good husband?" Maan hated it when Dadima's words rang in his head reminding him how useless and bad of a father he will make. 

He turns on the lights as the alarm rang...he sighs...another appointment for they will find out the sex of the baby...Slowly, he made his way outside of the outhouse towards the mansion.

Geet sat in her room with tears...for one her pregnancy hormones were out of control and she felt something in her heart for Maan. Yes, she still hates him, she still hates him for what he has done to her, hates him for torturing her, hate him for making Vicky hate her and hate him for putting her and everyone around him in pain. She still hated his touch, his looks, her presence, his everything but she also knew there was no way for her to escape from this as well. She had made a choice and a promise to Dadima to always stay here no matter what. 

These last three months were so hectic for her...Maan had completely taken over her life...even though he was not living in the mansion she still felt his presence everyone not that it was hard to miss. No matter what she is doing he always get alert...she knew that the servants were reporting to him 24/7 about her whereabouts and if she had eaten anything or not. But still when she was behind the closed room door she felt his eyes on her...she felt as if he is right here in front of her...she couldn't ignore this feeling...

She walks to the window in time to see him walking toward the mansion..her alarm clock rang reminding her of her doctor's appointment..another thing that Maan had done...As usual one of the "female" nurse, that Maan kept came to help her walk down the stairs..

Geet wanted to grab a vase or something to hit thing that aggravates her for the doctor's visit..she is not a baby...everyone in the house treated her like a fragile doll...don't do this, don't do that, don't walk to fast or too slow, make sure you eat, make sure you sleep...ugh! Geet gives an angry smile to the nurse as she helps her go down the stairs for her appointment...

Geet and Maan sit in the back seat while Vicky sat on Maan's lap. Maan looked over at Geet as she quietly sat looking straight ahead or rather dazed while unknowingly rubbing her belly over and over again. This was one of the things that Maan loved about Geet's pregnancy...he loved her glowing face, her unknown smile that comes to her face after every doctor's visit (something that he cherishes without her knowing), her thinking about the future, her longing for the baby, everything...

The driver suddenly stops the car making all of them go toward the front...Maan as a reflex puts his hand on Geet's stomach while the other arm wrapped around Vicky's waist protecting him. 

"its okay Geet you are safe..." She slowly opens her eyes realizing of what had happened...both look at one another searching for something...Geet moves her eyes unable to look at him..she slowly removes his hand from her stomach while walking out of the car. Maan looks at the driver with anger...

"you are fired! You are lucky nothing had happened to Geet or else...Leave the car and go..I don't want to see your face again" (He gets out of the car without looking at Vicky who was terrified of his anger.)

Geet laid on the chair while waiting waiting for the doctor to come in. She looks at Vicky who was sitting in the corner looking down while Maan paced the room with worriment and excitement. Seeing him walking around like that was making her nervous and scared.

"Can you please sit down?" (Maan stops pacing and looks at Geet...the first time in three months when she actually spoke a sentence to him...he didn't know what to say or how to respond..nothing registered in his head only her beautiful voice..Geet looks away) "you are making me nervous...please sit down" (Maan sits on the chair opposite of her looking at her while she just kept her head turned...both turn their heads toward the door when they heard the doctor come in)

"Hello Mrs. Khruana...are you ready to find out whether you are having a girl or a boy?"

Geet: Yes...

"Mr. Khurana will you please bare her stomach while I get the equipment ready..." (Maan looks at the doctor and then at shocked Geet...he was feeling nervous to touch her for the first time..yeah that is what he wanted but actually doing it was scaring him...somehow he didn't want to break this wonderful reality...he wanted to capture this moment forever...Geet looks at Maan knowing very well what he must be thinking...) 

"its okay doctor I will do it..." (Geet tries to sit up a little in order to pull up her kameez a little but before she could do so Maan placed his hand on top of her stopping her midway)

"Doctor told me to do it so I will do it..." (Maan said...he makes her lie down again while slowly he lifts her kameez making sure she was fully covered everywhere else since the doctor was male...Geet jumps a little as Maan's hand slightly brushed on her bare stomach but chose to ignore it..she didn't want to go down this path again..she couldn't handle it...the doctor brought the equipment closer to Geet...)

"Are you ready?" (Geet nodes her head...the doctor puts a gel on her stomach making her jump a little due to sudden coldness...slowly he puts the ultrasound machine on top of the gel slowing moving it around while his eyes fixed on the screen...Geet and Maan both look at the screen, they couldn't believe it...the baby was in there moving around...) "So far the baby seems lets listen for the heartbeats...(he turns the sound on a little..a small very faint heartbeats could be heard around the room. Vicky looks up..he wanted to move closer but decided to stay put not knowing how Maan will react...) "your baby sounds healthy so you guys are ready for the sex of the baby?"

"yes..." (both said at the same time)

Doctor laughs "I get this all the time...anyways okay" (he moves the machine a little) "hmm"

Maan (looks at him with worry) What does that hmm mean?

"Nothing serious Mr. Khruana...well guys are going to have a little girl" (Geet smiles and looks at Maan knowing he wanted a boy...Maan smiles looking at Geet...) "I will print the ultrasound pic for you guys to take home" (the doctor looks at Vicky) "Would you like see the baby?" (Vicky nodes his head and then looks at Maan waiting for approval who slowly gestured him to come up...the doctor very nicely points toward the screen showing him the baby...)

Vicky: the baby is so small...(Geet looks at him with smile...she was hearing his voice after a long time..he never talked to her directly anymore after the last incident..only Geet knows how many times she had tried to talk to Vicky, make him open up, make him see that she really didn't betray him but every single time she came back empty handed. She had lost faith and hope. Today, hearing him talk made her really happy.)

Geet: The baby will grow and soon you will be playing with her and protecting her like a big brother

Vicky (smiles and then stops smiling) No, I won't. What if you leave me again? (he quietly walks back to his seat...Geet extends her hand to stop him but it was too late...her eyes filled with tears..Maan wanted to wipe the tears away but couldn't get enough courage to do so...she looks at Maan with pain and anger while Maan slowly removes his hand going toward the door.)

Geet comes out after few minutes non looked at one another just walked distantly quietly towards the exit. If a stranger was to pass by he wouldn't be able to tell they all are family members...everyone was just lost in their own thoughts. Maan drove towards him stopping the car in the middle of the road waiting for the light to turn green much like his life. No matter what he is stuck at a red light where he can't move forward or backwards...just stuck in one place hoping for something to happen. He looks out the window and saw pani puri stand.

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Chapter 47 (Above)

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Congrats for new thread...
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