Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG OS:"Kehna Hi Kya"Pt 3/New Note Pg 49/69/24th March (Page 49)

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I saw her through the window cribbing nd sulking as she sat on the bed unknown of the pairs of eyes watching her for she was too much burning into jealousy. I wish I would be able to go to her nd tell her that she don't have to worry for anything as I only belonged to her like she belongs to me nd no matter how many girls flirts with me but this fact that no one will be able to take her place in my heart will always remain unchanged but unfortunately couldn't do that instead of just watching her through the window wishing her to see my note nd as if God had granted my wish nd she did noticed the plate of food nd my note on the nearby table. My heart jumped in happiness when I saw her smiling shyly after reading my note with a lone tear escaping her eyes as she had the breakfast all the while blushing. I don't know whether she too realize the fact that there is an unknown nd unnamed relationship developed between us in all this while which is as pure as a blessing from God where her each nd every happiness matters to me that most, but her blushing face made me realize that she too had realized the fact but is just unable to name the feeling like me, I thought as I smiled looking at her before going away from there just physically as mentally I was still over there


Later that afternoon, I saw her struggling with the piles of Sarees in Brij's mother room, to choose the one that she'll wear in the evening for marriage as I keep on looking at her from the window. Ok! I admit that I was following her nd I have no shame in accepting this because no matter how much she use to be around me all the tym still my eyes craves for her one look when she was not around me nd hence I use to follow her whenever nd wherever I can just like now. But guess this tym she had caught me as she noticed my image in the Mirror nd her Baby face made me realize that she's confused with the selection of Saree. I rejected the first two Sarees of Green nd Pink colour because I know that she'll look most beautiful in any other color nd when she picked up a Saree of Royal Blue colour I instantly gave my acceptance. She didn't know that Royal Blue Color is my favourite nd I wanted to see her in my favourite colour. But what made my heart swelled in love nd happiness is the fact that she had easily accepted my choice without any second thought as if my each nd every wish is her command. Does I matter this much to her, Does my each nd every wish matters to her this much that she haven't given a second thought before accepting it. Probably yes as she may not be able to say anything but her hazels has said it all to me that my each nd every wish, my every happiness matters to her just like hers matter to me, I thought as I looked at her blushing form while she was telling her Badi Maa that she'll wear the Saree which I had selected before I left from there with a big smile on my face while shaking my head unbelievingly at her every actions.


I couldn't able to make it on tym at Brij's marriage neither I was able to present in his Baarat as I had to attend an important Video conference of one of my London client regarding our new project. I so much hated that call at that moment as it was refrained me to go to the marriage in tym making me to crave for one look of my Crazy girl in my choice of Saree at the same tym. I so wanted to see how she's looking in that Saree, I so wanted to witness those blushing cheeks of hers when I will compliment her on her look but damn this call seems to be never ending. At that moment I cursed myself for being this much workaholic that I had brought my official laptop here in the marriage but then I didn't knew that something like this will happen to me in this marriage, Did I? But anyways since I had brought this headache on myself then I had to deal with it anyhow or else it'll leave a bad impression of our company on the clients. Thus, I somehow concentrated on the conference trying my best to finish with it as soon as possible nd I finally sighed in relief when the conference finally ended after my wait of whole1 nd a half hour nd I quickly changed into my Black Sherwani making sure that I am looking presentable before rushing out of the Haveli nd getting into my car to reach at the venue where my Crazy girl must be waiting for me. Strange even after the fact that we never had talked with each other I could feel her restlessness of not seeing me even after not being present with her. Probably this is what people use to call Connection of heart.


When I reached to the venue then Marriage progressions had already started nd my eyes instantly searched for her when I was stopped by Brij's father who asked me what took me so long. I was telling him the reason only when someone had called him nd he had to left after muttering a quick excuse me leaving me behind to look for my Crazy girl. Just I was searching for her in the whole hall I felt her presence right behind me nd as I turned to look I saw her looking at me with a smile of contentment playing on her lips. The emotions I saw in her eyes at that moment were something that I had never witnessed before. It was as if she found something very precious as she just keeps on looking at me without caring what if anyone saw her like that for she was too lost in looking at me just like I was while looking at her after seeing her after whole 2 nd a half hour which seems like an eternity to me


I saw her eyes enquiring me about how is she looking in my choice of clothes nd my eyes on my own accord scanned her from top to bottom as she stood in front of me clad in Royal Blue Saree. I thought that she'll look Beautiful in that colour but I was wrong as the word 'beautiful' would be an understatement for she was looking absolutely stunning just like a fairy descended from heaven, I thought as I looked at her beautiful form with a soft smile playing on my lips. God must have taken his own sweet tym in carving each nd every feature of her body with his own hands with utmost perfection making her so different from others with her all the right curves at right places. There's no doubt that she's the most beautiful Girl of this whole world nd it's just not her outer beauty that made her beautiful but her innocence, her beautiful heart had made her the most beautiful girl of this earth. I just stood over there rooted drinking her innocent beauty with my eyes when I saw her lowering her gaze due to shyness. Guess she had read the admiration in my eyes. Strange isn't it, that inspite of being a complete stranger to each other we read each other's eyes so easily as of we have been together from so many years when the fact is that we met just 2 days before, I thought as I keeps on looking at her wanting to engulf her beautiful form in my arms where I could keep her forever when I saw her blushing hard under my piercing gaze before rushing towards the direction where all her cousins are standing unknown of the fact that she had left something of hers behind for me


It was her anklet that fell from her ankle as she ran away from me. I picked it up before caressing it with my fingers like I was caressing the soft skin of her ankles before keeping it safe in my pocket for I know that this piece of jewellary will be the reason of my survival after I had to go away from her. But at that moment I don't want to think about our separation at all as all I want is to spend my as much tym as I can with her because later only these memories will help me to survive without her. No it's not that she was kind of summer fling for me or anything of that sort but it was just I am still not sure how she feels for me. Though her eyes says that she feels the same as I feel for her but then somewhere there's fear of getting rejected too was lurking in my heart with the fact that what if I misread her eyes nd she was just attracted to me nd later will get over from this attraction after we'll part our ways nd her being Brij's sister had only made my fears worse. But at that moment I shrug off all the negative thought nd just keeps on stealing glances of hers in rest of the function only to find her doing the same nd when our eyes would met then like always we use to lost in our own world where there is just two of us present.


I never knew that separation could be ever so painful until then when I have to leave from Hoshiarpur leaving my crazy girl behind. I couldn't even sleep whole night with the fact that I had to leave next day after which we have to move on in our respective lives nd the mere thought was enough to slit my heart into million pieces. As much as I wanted to delay that tym period but eventually it did came nd I had to leave now. A part of me wanted to run to her nd engulf her in my arms telling her that I don't want to leave without her but then another part of me reminded me to have control on myself. We may have not talked even a bit in these 2 days, we may have not made any commitments but still I can't bear the ache in my heart with the fact that I won't be able to see her after this. I so wished to take her to a corner nd bare my heart in front of her, tell her about what she has became for me in these 2 days, Ask her if she too feels the way I feel for her but to my luck she was Everytym surrounded by someone or other thus making me to curse my destiny for not being my side this tym.


I just can't able to bear the fact of leaving her yet I tried to put on a smile on my face concealing the pain in my heart nd eyes. I looked at her several tymes while I was bidding good bye to everyone wishing her to look at me so that I can see her innocent hazels one last tym capturing her beautiful face in my memories for forever but to my luck she was only looking down as if my sight of leaving is unbearable to her too. I don't know how far I am right in my assumptions but my heart nd the tears at the corner of her eyes that she was wiping continuously told me that I was not wrong either. I had no idea how I am going to survive without her after this. Not that we had confessed our feelings to each other or like we use to talk whole day but still the thought of leaving her was slitting me into pieces. Don't know when but her mere sight has became so essential to me that now I can't even think of my lyf without her.


I saw her futile attempt of hiding her tears from me by wiping it away from the corner of her eyes again nd again as I moved towards her direction to meet few elders before leaving nd my hands itched to wipe away those salty waters telling her that I'll never forget her nd she'll always be here in my heart no matter what but at that moment I couldn't do anything nd presence of elders didn't helped either. I deliberately brushed my Arm with her as I was walked past her only to feel that same shiver in every veins of my body that I always use to feel whenever she use to be around me nd I am sure that she too felt the same for her almost inaudible gasp has said it all nd that's when she turned her head to look up at me as I stopped for a moment to look at her. Nd as our eyes met for that millisecond I found same emotions in them behind the mist of tears which were there in my eyes too. Same fear, same restlessness, same anxiety nd same pain of separation thus confirming my doubts that she did feel as strongly as I felt for her but probably like me she too is refraining herself due to not being sure how I use to feel for her. Unable to stand there for a second more not after reading those hazels that were now speaking volumes, I just moved towards the door with long strides before going out but not before turning back nd looking at her angelic face for one last tym who was already looking at me longingly.


I can't thank Brij enough for sending his driver with me who drove back me towards Delhi for he thinks that I am too much tired after all the ceremonies in these 2 days seeing my sullen face nd red eyes but least he knows that it's not the tiredness of marriage but the pain of separation due to the fact that I had to leave my crazy Girl behind nd hence not leaving me in the state to drive back peacefully. I couldn't even sit peacefully in the car too as my mind was busy contemplating that whether she had read my note or not that I had placed in her Palm when our Arms brushed.


Your Anklet will be safe with me forever for whole of my life along with your''..




That's what I had written in that note to let her know that she was not kind of a summer fling for me nd her place is far above in my heart which will always be intact no mater nd most importantly to let her know what my real name is for I was sure that she didn't knew it till now as everyone in the marriage use to call me Champ nd I am sure that she wouldn't have realized that her one belonging is safe with me nd will always be. I had deliberately left places after 'Your' because I want to figure it out herself that what she means to me because I already knew that what she means to me


"Mishty" I muttered as I smiled softly with the realization of the new name that I had given to her but it just came automatically from my mouth nd it indeed suited her as she was as sweet nd innocent like the name, My Mishty only mine. Oh! The thought itself gave me a sense of belonging that this priceless possession belongs to me nd only me.


It was then when I was lost in her thoughts I felt like she's watching me thus giving me a shudder throughout my body nd I instantly put my head out of the to look at the direction of Handa Haveli only to prove my instinct right as she was indeed standing on the terrace looking at the direction of my car. Even from the distance I could see her smiling amidst her tears as she was continuously looking at my direction thus giving me immense happiness as I realized that she had finally read my note which gave me big reason to smile amidst all my restlessness as I keeps on looking at her until she got disappeared from my eyes but not from my heart nd I know that she can never be either.




Life was back to normal pace as I came back to Delhi nd as usual got busy with all my office stuffs nd projects but still something has changed nd that something is me myself. Yes I was changed, those 2 days has changed Maan Singh Khurana completely nd turned him into some different person altogether. My family often use to find me lost in some other world while I was at the breakfast table or alone in my room looking at my Mishty's picture in the laptop reliving those golden days of my lyf. But anyways I had hid everything from my family about my Mishty nd especially from my Dadi who seems to get into James Bond mode to know the reason behind the sudden change in her Grandson's behaviour who now use to smile unnecessarily often then be it at office or at home or anywhere else. But it's not my fault, is it, if my Mishty don't leave my mind even for a millisecond.


It's been a month since I came back from Hoshiarpur nd with each passing day I found myself drowning more nd more in her Love but the irony is that I couldn't do anything rather than just drowning deep into my own feelings. it's not that I had any doubt from her side now as by now I was sure that my feelings are not one sided but the fact is that how to approach her is the main thing. I was struck in such a situation where I don't know what I should do she's just not my Mishty but my best friends Sister too. Though I know that if I told this to Brij then he will support me in my love for he knows me inside out nd hence he knew that there was never any girl in my lyf even if they use to throw themselves on me but at the same tym there's a fear in the corner of my heart that what if he doesn't understand my feelings than it'll create a rift between our friendship for he was Mishty's Brother first before being my friend nd most importantly it can create problem for my Mishty which I don't want even hence I just use to keep on thinking of any other way with which I could approach her but to my luck I couldn't find any. She doesn't have a FB account too as I searched her in Brij's ID but didn't found her anywhere. Damn! Who don't have an FB Account in this era, but then she's my Mishty who is totally different from others, I thought as I tried to think of any other way but nothing came into my mind.


On the other hand there was too much work pressure in the office too with all the new projects that would just add to my miseries nd make the things worse I got to know that our London branch was facing some problems from quiet a long tym nd hence it needs an immediate attention. Dad suffered from a heart attack when he came to know about it thus leaving us to face a tough tym but then I had made myself strong for the sake of my family. Though the attack was a minor one but still it didn't allowed him to go to London nd look up to the matter owing to his health conditions nd hence I had to take up this responsibility on my shoulders for Vicky was still not mature enough to handle the business. Nd like this I moved to London but I was not alone, my Mishty was always there with me in the form of her memories, her photos nd ofcourse her Anklet.


She was my biggest strength at that moment though she was not physically present over there but still I use to found her caressing my hairs whenever I was exhausted nd tensed with the office matters, I use to find her appreciating me whenever I use to achieve some goals, she use to accompany me whole nite by sitting beside me while holding my hand when I use to work late at night, she use to provide me her lap when I wanted to sleep peacefully while her gentle caress on my hairs use to make me slip into the world of blissful dreams where there is just she nd me . Her one smile was enough to take away all the restlessness nd troubles that I use to face entire day in the office, I could feel her holding my hand tight in hers whenever I use to feel alone or broken down to assure that she's always be there with me no matter what, she use to be there to lend me her shoulder when i wanted to cry feeling so vulnerable with all the problems, her words always assured me that i can do it then be it anything but nothing is impossible for me. I know that all this sounds crazy nd it indeed was but still I couldn't help it as I found my falling deeply nd deeply in love with her by each passing day. She was never away from me for She use to run in my veins like a blood, she was there in my every heartbeats, Her fragrance was there in the Air in which i breathe then how can she be away from me. I don't need her physical presence to love her because she was there with me in the form of her memories nd her anklet nd pictures to whom I use to talk day nd night while falling in love with her more nd more.


2 years have been passed like this nd condition of London branch has stabilized to a great extent thus making me to sigh in relief that very soon I'll be back to India to my Mishty nd this tym I won't fear for anything nd will directly ask Brij for his sister's hand. No matter what will be the aftermath of this but I'll face everything alone nd will not let my Mishty to face anything worse. But sometimes Destiny plans something exactly opposite to our expectations nd that's what exactly happened with me as it was one fine morning when I was relaxing in my flat after god knows how long while continuously talking to my Mishty's pictures telling her that I'll be there with her soon when I heard the sound of my doorbell nd as I opened the door I found Brij standing over there with a million dollar smile on his face. I was so happy to see my friend after so long as I hugged him tight expressing my happiness while he too returned the gesture in the same way. I called him inside nd after a light breakfast nd coffee we caught up with all the happenings of our lives in these 2 years when amidst of the conversation Brij told me something which was enough to make the earth slip beneath my feet.


"Are you saying true." I asked in disbelief as I looked at him still under the effect of shock I received.


"Yes Maan, its true nd I guess that its high tym that Gudiya needs to get settle down. Her studies will be finished in a year nd so nd after that we can get her marriage done nd later if she wants then she can join the office of her would be husband's. Everything else has been finalized already between our families nd now we all are waiting for Gudiya's studies to be finished" yes he talked about Mishty's marriage, my Mishty's marriage. How can he? No, I won't let anyone to take away my Mishty away from me then be it that person is Brij himself. My heart screamed out loud in rage but my throat was too choked to voice out my thoughts.


"What happen Champ? You don't seem to be happy by listening it." Brij said after a while bringing me out from my reveries nd I looked at him still lost in my thoughts only to find him scanning my face with his piercing gaze.


"Wo Brij, Don't you think that it's too early I mean I had seen your sister in your marriage nd she's quiet young for marriage nd moreover you can't trust a stranger also blindly. God knows how he is nd what are his habbit nd all. You know Na how these guys are now-a-days. I think you should find someone whom you know very well." I said as I looked everywhere but him while my heart chided me for talking rubbish nd not coming directly to the point.


"That's not a problem Champ as Daarji knew the guy nd his family really well nd moreover I too know that guy nd he's really very nice nd down to earth person nd I am sure that he'll always keep my Gudiya happy. By the way I had brought his photo too. Just have a look." Brij forwarded me the photo of the guy which I was least interested to see but then I took it half heartedly wanting to see the guy who dared to take my possession from me. I heard Brij asking me about my opinion for the guy when I was looking at his photo with utmost rage nd if possible then I would have killed him in the photo itself.


"ya, He's nice but don't you think that his hairs are less, it seems that he'll become Bald before his actual age nd his face there are so many pimple marks in it if it wouldn't be there then he would look more handsome nd his height I guess he's too tall as compared to your sister it would be nice if it was a bit less otherwise he's nice. But hey he seems to have squint in his eyes, didn't you noticed nd his complexion should be fair enough to compliment your sister, otherwise everything is fine but I think that he seems to be quiet healthy nd that won't make a good pair with your sister, otherwise he's fine." I blabbered whatever come into my mind as I looked into his photo while my voice was choking every now nd then. Honestly that guy had no minus point in him nd is all perfect but still I found all those faults so that Brij would reject him while Brij was looking at me with piercing gaze with my each nd every word.


"Wow! After finding 1000s fault you say that you like him. Why don't you say Champ that you don't like him at all nd you want me to reject him so that I can accept you for my sister." Brij's words shocked me to the core as I looked at him unbelievingly only to find him looking back at me smirking.


"You think I am fool champ that I don't understand your emotions behind your words or I don't understand the restlessness nd longingness of my sister without you as she use to ask me indirectly about you by every now nd then Or I am blind enough to not to see my Sister's picture all over your room or I am deaf enough to not to hear the heartbeats of those two persons who matters me the most. You nd Gudiya love each other, don't you." Brij's words were devoid of any emotions but it shocked me to the core nd that's when i realized that he must have seen Mishty's pictures when he had went to my room to freshen up while i was preparing coffee nd breakfast for him nd next what I did has shocked not only Brij but to me too as I had never thought that I'll ever do something like that. I just feel on my knees in front of him while joining my hands in a pleading manner while Brij looked at me in disbelief.


"Please Brij, don't make any wrong assumptions. It's true that I love Geet a lot, more than you can ever imagine nd I know that she too feels the same for me though she never voiced it out but I had read her eyes. It's all started at the tym of your marriage but trust me we never met or talked or had even seen each other in these 2 years yet my Love for her had increased more nd more. She's my lyf Brij, my everything nd I won't be able to live without her. But Brij this is also true that she's still oblivious of my feelings. Whatever had happened in that there is no mistake of hers. Please don't punish her for anything. Brij please give me one chance, I promise that I'll keep your sister happy, I promise that I'll always love her like this, There will be no tears in her eyes until I'll be with her. If the path will be thorny then I'll walk on it first but I promise that I won't ever let any thorn prick her. Please don't separate her from me. I Love her so much nd without her I'll die. Please I beg you to give me my only happiness. Please" I didn't realize when I got tears in my eyes while saying this but I know that this is my only chance otherwise I'll lost my Geet for forever. I didn't knew how long I sat over there on my knees until Brij made me stand nd hugged me tight much to my surprise as I couldn't fathom for few minutes what's happening. I had expected every kind of reaction but this from him.


"You don't need to beg me for anything Maan as I know that you are the only one who can keep my sister happy. How can you even think that I can't see the pure emotions in your words when the same emotions I had witnessed in my Gudiya's eyes for you. You were right Maan, Gudiya loves you a lot, as much as you love him but just like you she haven't voiced out her feelings. Probably she too had same fear as you were having but I could feel my Sister's heartbeats too well. Nd hence I know what's there in her heart nd now after meeting you I know that my sister will always be safe in your hands. Geet was, is nd will always be yours nd no one absolutely no one can separate her away from you." Brij said as he pulled me out from the hug before patting my shoulders but I was still lost with the turn of events not able to understand anything.


Brij laughed at my perplexed face before revealing that he haven't saw any guy for Mishty nd it was all his plan to know my feelings for her. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement as I was way too numb to react. I didn't knew whether I should jump in happiness knowing that my Mishty will always be mine or to chide my Buddy for playing such a prank on me. But nevertheless the good thing is that my Mishty will be mine only for forever. I so much wanted to talk to her right now but I refrained myself from doing so as Brij told me that she's in the final year of her PG nd I don't want any kind of distraction in her studies. Though Brij was apprehensive about it but then he too understand my point.


But I didn't stopped myself from finally telling my family about my Mishty nd they were more than happy knowing about it especially my Dadi who seems to be jumping like a kid in happiness after I told them about my unique silent Love story. Soon everything got finalized between my family nd Geet's Daarji who was still under impression that it was an arrange marriage when in real it was not. But anyways my family played a major part in making everything smooth. By the way did I told that they liked my Mishty very much nd why wouldn't they Afterall My Mishty was worth it.


I decided to surprise my Mishty when I land to Delhi a year later to officially see her. Gosh I felt excited like a love sick teenager for I was going to see her after 3 whole years. How she use to look now, probably much more beautiful than before. is she still as childish as she was then or had become mature. but for one thing i am sure that she still would be having same innocence nd sweetness in her that made me fall for her in the first sight itself. Gosh! I can't wait to see her. I was counting every minute impatiently as I talked to Mishty's father nd finally my wait seems to get over when uncle told me that I can go nd meet my Mishty.


Hundred butterflies ran through my stomach as I was going to meet her. What would I say, how would I say nd most importantly how I'll react after seeing her in front of me after whole 3 years nd how she'll react after she comes to know about my feelings nd the fact that she's soon going to be mine, was the only thought that was running into my mind as I stood in front of her room calming down my thudding heartbeats before knocking the door. She was standing facing the window when I stepped into her room nd I was just mesmerized like always seeing her clad in white suit looking angelic like always. Her curls were kissing her cheeks as she was looking outside the window thus making me jealous as they got this privilege nd not me. But nevertheless this distance was of just few moments as after that my Mishty will be in my arms for forever. But unknown to my condition my Mishty was lost in some other thoughts nd I had to cough out loud to gain her attention


But before I could say anything my Mishty shocked me by saying that she can't marry me for she loves someone else nd I felt earth slipping beneath my feet as my worst fear came true as I felt losing her from my lyf but then what she said next had filled my heart with immense happiness nd love for her as she had confessed her feelings for me. Though I knew it much before that she loves me but that day after listening from her mouth has made my heart swelled into happiness nd love as I realize that she loved me beyond any limits. Probably more than I love her.


I can never forget that moment when my Mishty realized my presence nd the happiness that radiated on her face with the realization but still somewhere her mind still haven't believed but when it did then like I wished my Mishty was there in my arms ending all our longingness nd craving for each other. Once again tym stood still for us as our souls quenched their thirst of all these 3 years as we stood in each other's embrace for what seems like eternity. We had so many things to say to each other but didn't knew how to say but when did we need any words to convey our feelings to each other. Like always our eyes did the work nd got the know the insight of each other's heart which was filled with so much love for each other not only for this lyftym but for every lyftym.


That moment was the best moment for me when I had marked my Mishty as my possession by placing my Dadi's ring in her finger that she had especially treasured for this purpose thus accepting her in my lyf officially after I confessed my feelings for her nd proposed her. Her eyes were misty but her lips were curved into smile while her cheeks were like always blushing but more than that she was glowing in my Love as she accepted my proposal with all her heart before submitting herself in my arms. At that moment I felt the same contentment nd peace in me like I felt when I had placed her duppatta on her head nd I know that same contentment nd peace I'll experience for whole of my lyf along with her immense love nd care.


Today after exact 13 hours 20 mins nd 36 secs I am going to mark my Mishty as mine in front of the whole world after which my every day will start with her nd my every night will end on her. I can't express what I am feeling right now. Everything seems to be a beautiful dream now but I know that it's nothing but a beautiful reality nd soon my Mishty will be in my arms for forever. I won't deny but I do have so many fantasies for my Mishty which is now going to be fulfilled. Only I know how hard it was for me to control myself at the last minute when every fiber of my Body wanted to claim her as mine especially after seeing her submission in her eyes when I kissed her post engagement but then I did because I want to make her first night special as she wants nd I'll make this night memorable for her.


Mishty I know that I had said this many tymes but still I won't be tired by saying it again nd again that I love you. I love you more than you can ever imagine nd I promise that I'll love you in the same manner always infact more than I love you now. Even then also when you'll become fat or when you'll grow old but my love for you will never as it'll always increase by every passing day just like it use to do now. Geet hai to Maan hai nd without Geet there's no existence of Maan on this earth for my lyf is incomplete without you Jaan. You are, is nd will always be my Mishty nd I won't let any hurdle come in our way ever. I LOVE YOU MISHTY, I LOVE YOU A LOT nd no other truth in this world could change this fact


By the way be prepared as today's nite is going to be the longest night of your lyf. You know what I mean. Ah! Nd don't blush Mishty as I could eat you right away for you look so adorable with that blush of yours that I found it hard to resist myself. But now there'll be no resistance as now you'll be mine always mine. "Maan ki Geet, sirf aur sirf Maan ki."


Forever yours nd only yours



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Posted: 02 August 2013 at 1:54am | IP Logged
beautiful update
every word maan has written in the dairy brings out the emotion pefectly
i could imagind the scene infront of me
he wrote every single detail there
the concersation of brij and maan was awesome

totally flawless update ClapClap

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shri12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 August 2013 at 2:06am | IP Logged
Fabulous part and his diary said about his feelings
keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 August 2013 at 2:09am | IP Logged
amazing dear
maan pov is ossum
oh god so brij knew tht maan loves geet dear
w8 fr d next

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 August 2013 at 2:13am | IP Logged
its a real beautiful updt...loved the way u havv written boths feelongs...its so touching...continue soon

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zariya123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 August 2013 at 2:31am | IP Logged
maan is really cute
plzzz update often
-BreakingDown- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 August 2013 at 2:33am | IP Logged

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preeti.1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 August 2013 at 2:36am | IP Logged
beautiful update

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