Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG OS:"Kehna Hi Kya"Pt 3/New Note Pg 49/69/24th March (Page 21)

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                                                                Part 2:

I know now why I am behaving like this with him around, I know now why I was feeling goosebumps in my body with his presence, I know now why I felt shiver down my spine when he touched me, I know now why I felt jealous when I saw other girls flirting with him, I know now why I was craving for his one look last night, I know now why I was restless when he was leaving; it was all because I had irrecoverably fallen in Love with my stranger no not stranger any more, I had fallen irrecoverably in Love with my Maan in the first sight.


"Maan" I muttered his name yet again as I looked at my Mehendi blushing which is by now in the darkest shade ever.


"Maan Ki Geet, sirf Maan ki" I whispered slowly as I closed my eyes feeling a sense of contentment nd satisfaction in my heart. The realization was so soothing, so perfect that it me look whole world more beautiful.


Kehna hi kya……


Everything changed in this 2 days, I changed in these 2 days as now inspite of my logics nd ideologies I am feeling a sense of belonging to someone, someone who had came into my life as a stranger nd now is the owner of not only this life but this heart nd this soul as I am not just Geet anymore because from now on I am only "Maan Ki Geet, sirf Maan ki"




3 years later:


A lady in her late 40's was running here nd there in her house instructing servants what to do nd what to prepare for the guest coming today. In 2 hours she has given countless instructions to the servants to make sure that all the arrangements are proper nd nothing could go wrong in front of the guest. Right from the snacks to the lunch to be prepared for the guests everything was perfect yet she was panicking as of nothing should be left which can give them any chance to point out on their hospitality. Though she knows that the guests that were coming today were nice nd down the earth people yet she don't want any kind of lackness from their side Afterall they were such important guests.


"Raghu check everything once again as I don't want any loopholes. I'll just go nd check your Sir Ji. And ya keep every ingredient of Kheer ready by the time I come." She instructed her servant who just nodded in acceptance nd then left for living room to see what her husband is doing only to find him reading newspaper casually as if nothing is happening around him.


"Ae Lo! Here I am running throughout the house checking the arrangements nd there my darling husband is busy in reading the newspaper." She said as she stood beside her husband snatching away the newspaper.


"Rano, only business news dear." Mohinder rather pleaded as he extended his hand to take the newspaper back from her


"Bilkul bhi nahi. You are not getting this newspaper back at any cost. In case of you had forgotten then let me remind you that today guests are coming to see your darling daughter nd here inspite of helping me you are doing nothing but knowing what's happening around the world. God knows whether they will like our daughter also or not nd what if they don't like our arrangements after all they are so rich nd we belong to upper middle class nd……."


"Arey Rano Ji relax. Shaant ho jayiye. Aap to aise ghabra rahi hai jaise ki woh log Geet ko nahi Aapko Dekhne aa rahe ho." Mohinder teased Rano in order to calm her down to which Rano just looked other side blushing.


"And Waise bhi no one can reject our Geet who is modern yet traditional. Her simplicity, her innocence, her loving nd caring nature are her biggest assets which can draw anyone's attention towards her. Arey People use top search for years to find a girl like our Geet. And as far as their liking our arrangements are concerned then Daarji has told me that they are very genuine nd nice people from heart nd they love simplicity thatsy Daarji had asked us to consider this alliance for Geet." Mohinder said as he holds her hand in his in a comforting way to calm down his over tensed wife.




"Rano Trust me everything will be fine. Our Geet is one in a million therefore no one can reject her. By the way where is she? Haven't she got ready yet?" Mohinder asked in order to divert her mind for a while.


"She's in her room getting ready. Preeti is there with her for her help. But she seems to be lost somewhere since morning. It was as if she wanted to say something to us but couldn't. Mohinder, Kahin aisa to nahi that we are hurrying up for this marriage alliance. What if she's not ready yet nd was not able to tell us. I mean she's just 24." Rano asked worriedly as she holds Mohinder's hand. Geet was their only daughter nd more then parents they are friends to her therefore they always wanted their daughter to get the best.


"Rano you are worrying unnecessarily. You know Na how nave nd innocent she is. She must have got a bit worried afterall she's your daughter." Mohinder said teasingly in order to calm her nerves.


"Aap Bhi Na (then suddenly she reminds of something) see because of you I forgot that I had to prepare Kheer also. I am going to kitchen nd you also please call Brij nd ask that whether he had reached airport or not. Their flight must be landing any minute nd there are so many things left to do nd……" Rano keep on ranting as once again panic start to take over her senses as she made her way towards the kitchen leaving Mohinder behind shaking his head unbelievingly before he left to make a call to Brij.




There she was sitting in front of the mirror with her Bhabhi helping her to get ready while blabbering something continuously but she was not paying any heed to any of her words for her mind was just wandering over the guests coming today to see her. She knows that there's no chance they will reject her as they had already selected her when Daarji had showed them her pic. It was just a formality nd moreover they wanted her to meet the guy with whom she's going to spend her rest of the life.


But how can she meet him? How can she marry someone else when her heart nd soul belongs to someone else? She's only "Maan Ki Geet" then how can she be of someone else', she thought as she looked at her reflection in the mirror only to find Geet who is drown in Maan's Love looking back at her asking the same questions to her. Its not that she's being forced in this marriage infact the first thing that her parents did is to ask her consent if she's ready then only they'll go forward with it. She knows that like every other parent her parents too had some expectations, some dreams for her which she can't break just in her dilemma. Till now they were quiet because of her studies but now her studies are also over therefore she had to consider the alliance for her parents just once which is not possible for her at all. But then what would she tell them that she loves someone about whom she just knows name; without even knowing that whether he too feels the same or it was just her illusion.


Since the day he left from Hoshiarpur, Geet found herself drowning more nd more in his love. its been 3 years since he had last seen him or hear him but her love for him didn't subsided a bit infact with every passing second it has just increased more nd more without even knowing that whether he too feels for her with the same intensity or not. That day it was only her body that has came back from Hoshiarpur to Chandigarh but her heart nd soul was still on the same terrace looking at her stranger waiting for him to come back but he didn't still her love for him didn't subsided a bit.


"Geet, see how beautiful you are looking." Preeti's voice broke the trail of het thoughts nd she looked at her with a faint smile.


"What happen Geet? You seem so lost. Are you not happy with this alliance?" Preeti asked worriedly as she noticed Geet's lost face to which Geet just looked down. What would she tell to Preeti that she can't be someone else' because she had given her whole existence to the person about whom she don't know anything.


"Ok I got it. You must be getting nervous isn't it? It's normal with us girls. You know when your Brij Veerji was coming to see me Na then I was also nervous just like you. Waise don't you want to know about the person to whom you are going to meet." Preeti asked cheerfully in order to divert her mind to which Geet just nodded in denial.


What's the use of knowing about the person whom she's going to meet when her heart is not giving her its consent as only one person resides over there apart from whom she don't need to know anything about anyone. She haven't even saw his photograph also nd it must be still lyieng somewhere in the cupboard. She can't even think about any other person than Maan then how can she be excited to meet him. Preeti frowned seeing her denial as she found it weird but before she could ask anything from her Rano called her from downstairs so she left leaving Geet alone in the storm of her thoughts.

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Geet just sat over in front of the mirror looking at her reflection for sometime nd then she got up nd open her cupboard nd after fishing through some drawers she took out her most priceless possession which are the reason of her existence I these 3 years without him. A smile adorned her face as she looked at those 2 notes written by him. She kissed his name at the end of second note nd ran her fingers on his handwriting with a sweet smile as she remembered those golden 2 days of her life hat changed everything. The notes given by him were the only souvenir she had of their meeting nd they are the only reason she's been living till now in a hope that he'll definitely come back to take her away with him.


Aasmaan Tera Mera Hua
Khwaab Ki Tarah Dhuaan Dhuaan

Aasmaan Tera Mera Hua
Saans Ki Tarah Ruaan Ruaan

Ho Jaaye Jahaan Tu Jaaye
Paaye Mujhe Hi Paaye

Saaye Yeh Mere
Hai Tujh Mein Samaaye


But will he really come back? Does he also felt the same emotion same feelings for her just like she felt for him or it was just she was a summer fling for him nd he had someone else in her life while he was only flirting with her just like she had seen in most of the weddings? But then heart immediately shrugged of these thoughts as they were baseless. Her heart believes that whatever happened between them in those 2 days was not fake. Everything was real nd serene.


"Your Anklet will be safe with me forever for whole of my life along with your………"


She read the line of his second note again making her heart alive with the new hope. Yes she was not wrong. He was not playing with her. The emotions that she had seen in his eyes when he had applied Haldi on her face, when he had put the duppatta on her head, when he had appreciated her beauty in the marriage nd when he had seen her one last time before going were not fake. They were real nd for her just for her. But then why he didn't came back? Why he didn't try to approach her in these 3 years, her mind questioned to which her heart remained mum as these were the questions of whose answers he himself was finding.

Saiyaara Main Saiyaara
Saiyaara Tu Saiyaara
Sitaaron Ke Jahaan Mein
Milenge Ab Yaara

Saiyaara Main Saiyaara
Saiyaara Tu Saiyaara
Sitaaron Ke Jahaan Mein
Milenge Ab Yaara

Many times she had tried to know about him through Brij but then her hesitation didn't let her to dig much. Though she knows that she could easily tell Brij everything nd he'll support her no matter what but then somewhere at the corner of her heart this fear also lurks that what if he didn't then it can create a rift between his nd Maan's friendship which she doesn't want in this lifetime therefore she didn't tried to know further nd all she could gather is that he had left for London 2 months after Brij's Marriage nd now she didn't even know that whether they'll meet in this birth or not or it'll be some other place where they will be together without any inhibitions or questions.


"I know that feelings that I saw in your eyes were pure nd serene but then why you didn't came back Maan? Why you didn't try to approach me? Was it really me only who had assumed that you also feels same for me? Don't know why but my heart is not believing this. Where are you Maan? Please come nd take me away with you. I can't be someone else' because I only belong you. Please come back my stranger." Geet whispered as she re-read the notes written by him which had still kept her alive in the hope that he'll definitely come back. Her trail of thoughts have been broken by the loud shrill of ringtone of her cellphone nd she looked at the screen she found her cousin "Vindhya" calling.


(Kindly Pause the song over here)


"Geet, you are fine na." She heard her sister's voice as soon as she picked up the phone nd she smiled seeing the concern of her sister.


"Ya Vindhya I am fine. Don't worry." She replied with a faint smile but Vindhya could understand what her sister is going through for she's the only one who had witnessed Geet's true nd selfless love.


"I am sorry Geet. I am not there with you when you must need me the most." Vindhya said on the verge of crying nd Geet had to cajole her really hard to stop her being so much guilty.


"Geet why don't you tell Chacha Ji nd Chachi Ji everything. You know they'll never go against your wish." Vindhya said after a while composing herself.


"What should I tell them Vindhya that I love someone about whom I know nothing but his name nd place where he's now? Who is Brij Veerji's friend nd with whom I had fallen in love with in those 2 days? I don't even know Vindhya that whether he loves me in the same way or not. What should I tell Maa Papa Vindhya that I am still living in hope of him coming back which was based on nothing but on the note he has given to me?" Geet almost broke down as she confessed her turmoil to her sister


"But Geet you yourself has said that you had seen purity in his eyes that means he too feels something for you. Why don't you talk to Brij Veerji? I am sure he'll help you. if you want then I can talk to him."


"No Vindhya you wont talk to Brij Veerji about it nor do I. what if it was me who misread his eyes. I don't want any rift between Maan nd Brij Veerji because of me." Geet said as she wiped away the tear that escaped from her eye.


"But Geet……"


"Vindhya, if me nd Maan are meant to be destined then nothing could keep us apart nd if not then no matter how much I try but nothing will happen. But you know what my heart says that I nd Maan are destined to be nd with this faith only I am waiting for him from past 3 years nd will wait for whole of my lyftym. I had left everything on Babaji nd I know he won't disappoint me nd as for now I had decided what I had to do." Geet said with a determination in her voice nd Vindhya could sense that something is really going in her mind but before she could ask anything they both heard Preeti's voice from behind telling that the guy nd his family is here.


"I'll talk to you later." She said before cutting the call nd sat on the couch holding her head between her hands.


(Kindly Resume)




There are here, they are finally here nd very soon she's going to meet that guy. But how can she meet someone like this. Whoever the guy is he must have come with so many hopes with his family who had already selected her. How will she break their hopes like this? But she have to as she can't think of any other person than Maan in this lifetime atleast. May be she's being selfish as she's going to break expectations of so many people due to that one person about whom she don't have any clue but she's helpless in front of her heart who just says only one name nd that one name is "Maan".


Tu Jo Mila Toh Yun Hua
Ho Gayi Poori Adhoori Si Dua


She gets up from the couch nd goes towards the window as a sweet smile adorned her face just by thinking of him. The mere thought of him is enough to fill her life with his fragrance. She can never forget that day when he had entered in her life as a stranger nd then everything changed completely. Though she was living before too but since that day she realized what is the actual meaning of life is. How your life becomes beautiful with just the mere presence of someone whose name is etched in your heart.


Tu Jo Gaya Toh Le Gaya
Sang Tere Mere Jeene Ki Har Wajah

And then he have to leave nd it seems that he had taken her heart nd soul too along with him nd again everything changed as since that day all she was doing is to wait for him to come back. She knows that she's probably running behind oblivion nd may be she's destroying her life but she's helpless in front of her heart who still believes on those pure nd serene emotions that she had seen in his eyes at that time making her belief stronger. She just wished that she could realize her feelings earlier then may be she would have stopped him or may be asked him that did he too felt the same but nothing of that sort happened nd now here she's waiting for something that she may never get in this lifetime.


Ho Jaaye Jahaan Tu Jaaye
Paaye Mujhe Hi Paaye
Saaye Yeh Mere
Hai Tujh Mein Samaaye


She sighed nd a gasp escaped her mouth as she turned nd saw him leaning towards the door smiling at her. She was shocked beyond her wits seeing him over there. Did he really came, was the first thought that came into her mind nd she smiled amidst her tears seeing her soul in front of her. He came, he came for her, was the only thought that was running in her mind as she literally run towards him to hide herself in his embrace but before she could do that she found him disappearing from her eyes indicating that it was again her illusion just like she is experiencing from past 3 years.


Saiyaara Main Saiyaara
Saiyara Tu Saiyara
Sitaaron Ke Jahaan Mein
Milenge Ab Yaara

Saiyaara Main Saiyaara
Saiyara Tu Saiyara
Sitaaron Ke Jahaan Mein
Milenge Ab Yaara

"Maan" she whimpered his name as she sat on the floor on her knees crying. Why is fate is doing this to her? till now she had this firm believe that she nd Maan are made for each other but now her belief has started to get weak yet she tried her best to not to get weak in her decision. Why her Babaji is testing her love like this? if they are not meant for each other then why did he brought him in her life, she thought as she cried silently praying to god to do some miracle nd send her Maan back.




Here downstairs the guy nd his family was warmly greeted by Geet's family. As Daarji said the guy's family was really down to earth person as they easily mingled with Mohinder nd Rano as if they know them from ages. Mohinder asked few questions from the guy to which he replied very politely nd patiently nd Mohinder was sure that he's the best for his daughter. After getting permission from Mohinder it was decided that guy will meet Geet first alone as his family had already selected her nd now he wants to know her consent. Mohinder had no objection in it as he asks Preeti to show him the way to Geet's room before giving him a warm smile.


Tum Pe Miti Tum Se Bani
Tumse Hua Hai Haan Khud Pe Yakeen

Tu Jo Nahi Toh Na Sahi
Main Hoon Yahaan Toh Tu Hai Yahin Kahin


Here in the room Geet was reminiscing all those moments that she had spent with him in those 2 days. Those alluring eyes of him with which he had seen her for the first time nd then him protecting her from those guys nd then their small Haldi session nd especially the time when he had put duppatta on her head, their cute roothna-manana nd all that nd unknowingly a smile crept on her face remembering those 2 blissful days. How badly she wish for tym to turn back nd she would relive those moments again but Alas! It can't be possible.


Just then she was reminiscing all this she felt his fragrance lingers in the air nd she just closed her eyes thinking it to be as her imagination yet again but then her heartbeat increased its pace running faster than usual as if something is going to happen. It only happens whenever she thinks about Maan, Geet thought as she kept her hand on her thudding heart calming down its beats but nothing was helping.


"Maan" she whispered his name while closing her eyes as she felt his presence around her.


Ho Jaaye Jahan Tu Jaaye
Paaye Mujhe Hi Paaye

Saaye Yeh Mere
Hai Tujh Mein Samaaye


By every passing second her heartbeat was increasing along with her restlessness nd she just hold the window pane tight in order to calm herself but her ragged breathing were not subsiding a bit. She don't know what happen all of a sudden that she was feeling so restless, that she was feeling his presence like this. Yes, it's true that many times in these 3 years she felt this way but the way she was feeling today so strongly se never felt like this. It was as if he was somewhere very near to her.


"Woh Theek to honge Na." she thought as she clutched his notes tight to her heart in order to get some peace.


Saiyaara Main Saiyaara
Saiyara Tu Saiyara
Sitaaron Ke Jahaan Mein
Milenge Ab Yaara

Saiyaara Main Saiyaara
Saiyara Tu Saiyara
Sitaaron Ke Jahaan Mein
Milenge Ab Yaara



"Babaji, Please keep him safe from all the evils." She silently prayed for his safety as she closed her eyes. They may not meet each other in this birth but atleast she had this right to pray for his safety nd no one absolutely no one can take away this right from her just like no one can stop her from waiting for him.


"Sometimes it is painful to wait for someone, sometimes it is painful to forget someone but the worst pain comes when you don't know whether to wait or forget. I can't forget you but only one thing I can do is wait. I'll wait for you until you come back"




A knock on the door broke the trail of het thoughts nd she immediately composed herself nd look outside the window facing her back towards the door before asking the person to come in. she knows that it must be that guy only as Preeti had just messaged her therefore she didn't bother to turn nd look back. She could feel him entering inside but it didn't effect as her heart nd mind was busy in feeling the presence of Maan around her.


The guy looked at her only to find her facing towards the window. Yet he can see her curls playing along with the winds kissing her soft cheeks. He craned his face sideways nd saw her left profile nd was totally mesmerized with her beauty. She was not looking less then an angel in that white suit. No wonder he had fallen for her in the first sight itself, he thought as he smiled looking at her innocent beauty while taking out something from his pocket. But why is she not looking at him, he thought nd coughed in order to gain her attention breaking Geet's trance.


"I wanted to say something to you. May be you won't like it but I can't keep you in dark." She said while still facing her back towards him waiting for his reaction nd he just stood over there holding his breath


"I can't marry you." she said when she didn't found any reaction from him nd he just stood over there shocked.


"Please first hear me out before going to any conclusions. I know you nd your family had came with so much hopes nd had already selected me also but I am really very sorry but I can't marry you because I love someone else." Geet said it all in one breath while closing her eyes thinking only about Maan while the guy just stumbles 2 steps back as his grip on the velvety box gets tightened.


"I really love him a lot nd I just can't think of my life with anyone else' apart from him because my heart, my soul, my entire being belongs only to him. I don't know yet that whether he too feels the same foe me or not as we never made any commitments neither I had seen or talked to him after our first meet but all I know is that I am insanely in Love with him. You must be thinking that I am crazy. Yes I am for my stranger whom I met 3 years back on my brother's wedding nd then everything changed. In those 2 days his each gesture, his each act had made me fall for him more nd more. Be it standing in front of me as a shield or by applying Haldi on my cheeks or covering my head with my duppatta or leaving me a note before going. I know this all sounds crazy not only to you but to anyone as I am head over heels in love with that person about whom I don't even know that he love me or not nd here I am waiting for him to come back in my life once again. But I am helpless in front of my heart that just beats for him who only called out his name in every beat. He's resides in each breath I take, he resides in my every heartbeat, he resides in me. If you'll marry me then you'll only get this body as my heart nd soul belongs only to him. Thatsy I am requesting you that please refuse to this alliance as I cant give you that love which you actually deserves as that love I could only give to one person to whom I belong. "Maan ki Geet. Sirf aur sirf Maan ki". Please refuse to this alliance." Geet said all in a trance thinking only about Maan unknown of the effect her confession was having on the guy who was looking at her speechless. Few moments passed by nd none spoke to each other. Geet was eagerly waiting for his reaction as that will only decide her future while he was trying to find proper sets of words in order to convey his feelings.


"And what if I still want to marry you?" Geet heard him speaking for the first tym during whole conversation nd her ears instantly shots up as she found his deep husky voice familiar.


"Maan" she whispered absent-mindedly but then shrugged it off thinking it to be her imagination yet again. Yes it's him he's here, her heart said. No it can't be him, she's again imagining, her mind retorted as she gulped down her saliva shrugging off all the thoughts but her heart was telling some other tale.


"What if I say to you that I had fallen for you in the first sight itself?" He said as he took calculative steps towards her nd Geet just closed her eyes as she felt not only his baritone voice but also his aroma familiar.


She can never fail to recognize his voice, his aroma, his presence no matter if she has not seen or heard him from past 3 years yet she could recognize each nd every thing of his with her eyes closed. But is it all happening in real or she's dreaming. If this is a dream then she would love to keep her eyes close forever, she thought as she sucked in her breath when she found him turning her towards him. She could feel him close to her so close that his breath was fanning her face yet she didn't dare to open her eyes for she's afraid of her dream to be broken.


"What if I say that from past 3 years I am doing nothing but falling in love with you more nd more? What if I say that apart from you I never had any other girl in my life, neither before meeting you nor after meeting you? What if I say that those 2 days that I spend with you were the most blissful days of my life? What if I say that I lost my heart to you the day I met you? What if I say that your innocence, your simplicity, your angelic face has attracted me towards you more nd more just like a moth is attracted towards flame? What if I say that you are the first girl with whom I came to know what love is? What if I say that I need you as badly as a dyeing person needs his breath, as a thirsty man needs something to quench his thirst? What if I say that I had still kept you Anklet safe with me along with your……… (He paused for a while nd looked at her face) along with your heart; along with your soul. What if I say that I Love you nd I want to spend my whole life with you? What if I say that I always want you to be my side, that I want to grow old with you nd tell our children nd grandchildren our unique love story? What if I ask you to marry me nd fill my life with your aroma nd love. What if I say that I Love you too much to lose you? Then will you still refuse to marry me? Huh Geet, Jawab do." he said all the while looking at her closed eyes nd beautiful face without blinking his eyes for once. Tears started to flow from her eyes on her own accord as she finally realized that she's not dreaming he was really here. This tym not only her heart but her mind is also sure that it's not a dream but a beautiful reality.


"Maan" she finally able to whisper with her eyes closed still in the trance of his confession.


"Haan Geet Maan. Sirf aur sirf tumhara Maan, open your eyes Jaan" Man said as he looked at her lovingly wiping away the tears from her face to which Geet just shaked her head in denial though her heart skipped million beats listening to her endearment.


"Don't worry Jaan. It's not your dream. I am really here. Trust me" Maan said understanding her fear as he holds her hand nd places it on her cheek so that she could feel him.


Geet gently caressed his cheek feeling his stubble under her palm as she slowly opened her eyes only to find her lyf, her soul standing in front of her nd this tym it was not her dream, he was actually there in front of her in flesh nd bones nd as soon as the realization struck her she hugged him tight as if he'll vanish in thin air if she'll leave him. Maan too hugged her back with equal intensity as he closed his eyes hiding his face in her hairs feeling her close to him nd expressing his happiness nd longingness for her. He knew that she loves him from long but today hearing her confession from her own mouth was something like a blessing to him for which he'll be thankful to god forever.


Geet can't be more happy then this. Finally God had listened to her prayers nd her life is in front of her. She couldn't ask for anything more because she got everything in form of Maan. She cried as she hugged more tightly as if her life is dependent on him in response to which Maan tightened his hold around her making her sure that he's there with her nd will not go anywhere now. After a while Maan gently pulled out from hug when he felt his shirt getting wet with her tears nd he gently wiped them away from her beautiful face before placing a soft kiss on her forehead while Geet just closed here eyes feeling his lips on her skin for the first tym.


"I am so sorry Jaan that I couldn't come before but circumstances were like this that I cant come. But now I am here nd I promise that now I'll not go anywhere therefore I don't want any tears in our eyes. My Mishty looks good when she smiles nd not when she cries." Maan said as he softly yet lovingly caressed her cheeks with his thumb nd Geet looked at him innocently.


"Mishty?" she asked as she looked at him confusingly while battling her lashes nd Maan just chuckled.


"Ya Mishty. The girl who is full of innocence, sweetness nd simplicity. My Mishty nd it's you only you." Maan said as he once again pecked her forehead nd engulf her in his arms when something strikes Geet.


"But Maan how come you are here? I mean…." Geet asked as she pulled out from hug looking at him confused to which Maan just gave him a knowing smile making her more confused.


"Ahem! Ahem!" Both heard someone coughing nd as they looked at the direction of the voice they found Brij standing over there with his arms crossing across his chest looking at both of them sternly. Geet immediately pulled away from Maan nd looked other side feeling embarrassed to be caught by her brother.


"What's happening over here? It seems you both know each other too well before meeting now." Brij asked in a stern voice as he stepped inside giving a stern look to both Maan nd Geet.


"Brij actually……" Maan tried to say something when Brij showed him his hand indicating him to be quiet.


"I am talking to my sister therefore I don't want any kind of interference from any third person. Answer me Geet. What's happening between you nd Champ? What you both are doing behind my back? What relation you both are sharing?" Brij asked yet again in a stern yet threatening voice.


"Veerji Please hear me out first. Whatever you are thinking is not true. I Love him Veerji but Isme Maan ki koi galti nahi hai. I mean ya its true that we love each other from past 3 years but trust me Veerji we didn't met in these 3 years neither did we talked. Infact today only I came to know that Maan loves me too. I didn't know this Veerji that he's the one who is coming to see me. I didn't even saw his photograph when Maan had given it to me. We haven't broken your trust Veerji; we never can. Please believe us." Geet said on the verge of crying while looking at her elder brother innocently.


"Hhmmm ok I can trust you nd him but only on one condition." Brij said with his voice devoid of any emotions nd both Geet nd Maan looked at him confusingly.


"You have to tell him that you love him nd say yes to marry him." Brij said nd then both  Brij nd Maan burst out in laughter giving hi-five to each other as they saw Geet's confused face who didn't seem to register his words for a while nd when she did she pouted angrily realizing that these both friends are making fun of her.


"Veerji" Geet whined in anger nd Brij just hugged his princess dearly.


"Pagal, you have been in love with him from past 3 years nd didn't even told me. You thought that I won't understand. Pagli, I had cajoled you in my arms when you were born then how could you think that I wont recognize my sister's restlessness, that I wont understand my sister's emotions. I had realized it then only when you had asked about champ from me for the very first tym but then I was not sure whether I am right or wrong so I just started observing you nd I had seen the change in you whenever I mention about Champ nd when I got confirmed that I am right then I have to know about Champ's feeling nd when I came to know that he too feels the same for you then trust me princess I am more then happy at that moment because I know that you both are perfect for each other but I was just waiting for right tym as both me nd Maan wanted you to complete your studies first so that there wont be any kind of distraction in that. Along with that I had forwarded Champ's alliance to Daarji saying that his family had really liked you a lot when they saw you in my wedding pic but was waiting for you to complete your studies nd therefore like this I had convinced him not to look any other match for you. So now here he is; your dream, your love right in front of you." Brij revealed giving a warm smile to Geet nd Geet smiled amidst her tears feeling blessed to have a brother like him.


"Thank you Veerji. Thank you so much. You are the best brother in this world." Geet said as she hugged Brij once again expressing her happiness.


"I know that because my sister is also the best sister in this world. Say yes to him princess as no one can love you nd keep you happy more then him." Brij said as he pulled out from hug nd gently caressed her head before leaving the room giving the needed privacy to the couple.


A moment of silence prevailed between them as they looked at each other with all the love on their eyes they have for each other. They had to say so many things to each other, to express so many emotions to each other but could do nothing at that moment rather than just looking into each other eyes. Words were not needed between them as their eyes were enough to convey their feelings, their each nd every emotion to each other. Geet almost gasped when Maan gently held her hand in his all the while looking into her eyes nd bent down on his knees in front of her while Geet just keeps on looking at him unblinkingly with a sweet smile adorning her face.


"Mishty, I am not very good in words, neither do I know what kind of lines or words I should use at this moment to express my feelings for you. All I can say that I want you to be my side always. I need you in each nd every step of my life because you are not only my weakness but my strength too. I want you o fill my lyf with you fragrance so that no other smell can linger in me. I want to melt in you in such a way that even death won't be able to do us apart. I want to say that I can't live without you because my life is incomplete without you. I want to say that I want to keep you happy always, that I want to love you like no one ca ever love someone, that I want to pamper you to no extent. Mishty, will you become a part of my lyf nd make it more beautiful then ever. Will you be my side nd hold my hand in my good nd bad tymes. Will you come into my life nd make it complete with your presence. Will you be my life? Will you marry me Mishty?" Maan said it all the while looking straight into her eyes while Geet felt her vision getting blurred as she felt her eyes welling up listening to his heart-touching confession. She was not in the state to say anything for she was too lost in his words.


"Yes Maan I'll" She finally managed to say this much amidst her choked emotions while smiling amidst her tears nd next moment she found herself crushing in his strong embrace as he hugged her tight in a bone-crushing hug expressing his happiness.


Geet submitted herself happily in his arms as they are her only solace. She still can't believe it that she's getting every happiness like this in a single day itself. Few hours back she was feeling so restless nd now she feels like she had won whole world by just having him close to her. 3 years of longingness seems nothing to her in front of the contentment she is feeling in his arms at this moment. Its not less then a miracle for her nd she'll thankful to her Babaji for this for rest of her life.


"I Love you Mishty. I love you so much." Maan said kissing her forehead as she gently pulled out from hug after a while.


"I Love you too Maan. I love you nd only you." Geet said as she tip-toed nd gently gave a soft peck on her forehead after gathering much courage making Maan feeling contended with her small gesture of affection. Geet lowered her head in shyness as she saw Maan's intense gaze on her after she drew her face back.


I Promise you that,

I'll share all my thoughts nd feeling with you.


I Promise you that,

I'll understand everything that you do.


I promise you that,

I'll be completely honest with you.


I promise you that,

I'll laugh nd cry with you.


I promise you that,

I'll share my lyf with you.


But most important of all,

I Promise you that I'll Love you Forever!!!!!


Geet gasped hearing his words as he slipped a diamond ring in her finger marking her his possession.


Every moment I live,

I want it to be with you.


Whatever future life I have,

I want it to be with you.


Every breath I take,

I want to take it with you.


Whichever the road is,

I want to walk along with you!!!!!


Words came on their own accord from Geet's mouth as she looks deep into his eyes confessing the intensity of her love for him. And next moment they both submit themselves in each other's embrace promising to love each other, to be with each other not only in this lifetime but in every lyftym.

Phew! so dis is it guys! Finally after a huge demand by all i am continuing this OS nd guess what its my comeback update nd also a treat to all my readers on the occassion of GC winning... Hope you all are going to like it... Hit the like button if you all like it nd do leave your comment/criticism... its necessary...

@Kareena 32 nd Madhuri Thank you dearies for your ideas i had just polished them in 1Big smile... Luv you gals!

@all thank you so much gals for waiting for me this long... i am truly overwhelmed after seeing your love... Though the problems had not ended yet but i had almost sorted them out so thought of coming back now... Luv you all a lot for your constant support...

See you all soon till then Keep commenting nd ya Long comments this tym okWink...

P,S. I had created my FB group named "Aakriti's Magical world of Maaneet" pls join it to get immediate notifications of my updates... here's the link

Aakriti's Magical World of Maaneet

Do join itSmile

Luv AakritiSmile

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Originally posted by abinash079

hello aaku r u back or thsi si temporary 
if u r back say when u will give update of ur FF i m missing maan and sher moments Cry

Hey Abi... Dear i am Back finally... nd promise i'll give the update of every FF soon... may be the pace of update would be slow as i am really stuck up in so many things but will try my best to update every FF SoonBig smile

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