Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG OS:"Kehna Hi Kya"Pt 3/New Note Pg 49/69/24th March

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Hello Lovely peoples hows all... ok i am sure that many of you must be thinking that sun had definitely rose from west as this is the third day in a row when i logged in on IF to create any post right... I just knew it... anyways lets not waste tym on my blabbering nd come to the point... well this tym i a here with an OS on ofcourse "Maaneet" who else... nd i have two dedications for this which i'll reveal in the end... its an one part OS nd since its my first tym in writing an OS so i am Damn nervous regarding it... so please spare me if you guys wont like it okEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... so here it is...

(Siggie Courtesy: Thanks to ALiena (cute-Aly)... Love you a loads Sweety)

Whole house was filled with guests nd the sound of hustle nd bustle are adding new zeal to its environment. Whole house was decorated with flowers, curtains nd lights. Girls nd boys are enjoying teasing each other, Aunties nd uncles were busy in their own discussions, some men were engaged in giving instructions to the workers to do their work properly nd up to the mark nd some ladies were busy in teasing the groom who was just listening to their talks feeling all blushed. You all must be thinking what all is happening over here, right? Arey it's my lovable Brij Veerji's wedding after 2 days nd today is his Sangeet. Since it was decided that all the ceremonies will take place from our native place; so here we all are gathered in Handa Haveli at Hoshiarpur whose foundation has been laid by put forefathers of my Daarji. Inspite of living in metropolitan cities my parents haven't forgot the smell of their own soil nd that's the best thing I like about my Maa-Papa.


Brij Veerji though is my cousin Brother but for me he's more then a brother. For me he's my friend, philosopher, guide everything nd for him I am his princess whom he pampers the most. You all are searching foe me right? Arey I am there only sitting beside my Brij Veerji hugging him sideways. Sangeet ceremony is going to take place in the evening nd my darling brothers nd other siblings has handed over me the responsibility to prepare everything for Sangeet.


So here I was explaining each nd everyone what they have to do when my relative aunties came to tease my brother nd as if it was not enough they made me there next target nd continues there teasing session by saying that its my number next nd soon my Groom will also come nd take me away with him. These aunties I tell you are so annoying at times. Can't they see that I am just 21 now nd have to do lots of things before I weave my dreams for marriage? But when did this society has leave us girls that they'll make me any exception. In our society here a girl turns 18 nd there everyone started getting worried for her marriage nd all. As if we girls have no life of ours. I was really pissing off with all this nd so did my Veerji but he just can't do anything rather then listening to their nonsense teasing. Finally my patience gave up nd I made my way outside the room on the pretext of checking some Sangeet arrangements unknown of the game that Destiny has planned for me.


I could still hear the words of my aunties that they said after I left as I was standing near the room only. They were saying that I felt shy nd why wouldn't I Afterall I am a girl. Some are persuading my mother to find a suitable match for me soon as everyone is noticing my beauty. Argghhh!! I so hate these aunties. Can't they just mind their own business? I mean I am not that beautiful that everyone goes ga ga over me. I am around 5'6" tall, have petite figure, hazel brown eyes, hairs cascading down my shoulders till my waist, had pear shaped face with fair complexion with long white nose, chubby cheeks nd pink supple lips. Ok if you all define these features as beautiful then may be I am. But still I don't understand why they all are hell bent for my marriage only.


"Hey Geet! Where are you going? Wait!!" I heard my cousin Vindhya's voice nd I know now there's no escape as for once I can escape from those aunties but not with her


"Relax Vindhya! take a breath. I am not going to vanish anywhere" I said steadying over excited Vindhya who came running towards me panting heavily.


"Arey I thought once you'll be busy with the arrangements then I wont be able to catch up with you. By the way why did you left the room like this. You were feeling shy na." Vindhya said with a naughty glint in her eyes nd I just rolled over eyes. God not again


"Vindhya aren't those aunties are enough that now you too had started. Give me a break for god sake." I said non chalantly as I turned to move away.


"Arey Geet why are you always so boring yaar? Ok leave all that nd tell me, inside you haven't said anything because you were feeling shy nd all but you can say it to me right, afterall more then cousin sisters we are friends. So c'mon tell me all your fantasies." Vindhya said winking at me nd I just shaked my head in disbelief. Though I couldn't help with the blush that crept on my cheeks listening to what Vindhya is saying


"C'mon Vindhya there are no such fantasies ok." I said after a while composing myself trying my best to hide away that blush.


"O god Geet, don't tell me that you had never dreamt of your prince charming. I mean you are 21 nd you haven't saw the dreams of your Mr. Perfect yet." Vindhya said unbelievingly looking at me as if I am an alien.


"So what Vindhya? And anyways if I weave those dreams also then what's the use. At last, I had to marry the person whom Maa Papa will choose for me nd I can never go against their wishes nd you know that." I said as a matter of fact. Ofcourse I love my parents nd I know that they will choose best for me.


"But still Geet. Kuch to socha hoga Na. Something Anything." Vindhya asked yet again looking at me expectantly. This girl is not going to leave me soon, I thought as I nodded my head in denial.


"You are truly unbelievable yaar. Anyways just imagine ok suppose you get someone here in this wedding only after seeing whom your heart does summersault nd you feel like he's the one for you then what will you do." Vindhya asked with that dreamy look nd I just rolled over my eyes. At that tym I didn't knew that her words are soon going to be true.


"C'mon Vindhya be practical yaar. I mean we are not watching any film neither we are reading any romantic novel that something like this happen to me." I said moving backwards while talking to her. It's my strange habbit that whenever I am proving my point to anyone I can't do that by standing still but moving backwards.


"Geet" Vindhya beckoned me but I just cut her in between


"I mean have you ever heard or saw in real that in this wedding environment you bump into someone nd then that guy stops you from falling holding you protectively." I continued my ranting paying least attention to what Vindhya is saying.


"Geet listen wo..."


"And then our eyes will meet nd the sparks will flew nd time seem to stood still nd we both will forget our surrounding for we will be too lost in each other. And when he'll speak to me I'll be tongue tied because I'll be lost in his voice. And then by the end of this wedding I might will fell irrecoverably in Love with him nd one more saga of Love will embed in the history of Love." I keep on blabbering while moving backwards cutting Vindhya in between.


"Arey Geet atleast listen..." Vindhya literally pleaded to me but it was my another strange habbit that until nd unless I don't prove my point I won't listen to anyone


"Haan tell me does this happen in real? No Na. It's all in movies nd books nd its good over there only. And you know what..." I couldn't complete myself as I collided with something hard or rather someone causing me to lose my balance nd I close my eyes expecting a fall that never came instead I felt a pair of arms holding me protectively through my waist.

(P.S. Pls play this song in the backgroundEmbarrassed... this is the song that gave me inspiration to write this OS)


Gumsum gumsum gup chup, gumsum gup chup

Gumsum gumsum gup chup, gumsum gup chup

Halchal halchal ho gayi teri, honth hai tere chup
Khalbal khalbal ho gayi teri, baithi hai tu gupchup

Pyaare pyaare chehre lekar dediya ishaara
Dekha teri aankhon mein hai sapna koi pyaara

Humse gori naa tu sharma, kehde humse zara

Humse gori naa tu sharma, kehde humse zara


After a while when I didn't felt the ground I opened my eyes slowly only to meet a pair of dark chocolate brown eyes. One look in his eyes nd I forget all my ideologies nd just keeps on looking at him unblinkingly. Neither he was removing his gaze from me nor did I was able to remove mine from him. It was as if the tym has frozen for us nd there is no one present in this world except the two of us. Instead of the hustling nd bustling of the peoples around me, I am listening to the loud thudding sounds of my own heartbeats nd I am sure that he too must have heard it for it was thudding so loud.



"I mean have you ever heard or saw in real that in this wedding environment nd you bump into someone nd then that guy stops you from falling holding you protectively"


"And then our eyes will meet nd the sparks will flew nd time seem to stood still nd we both will forget our surrounding for we will be too lost in each other."


My own words came back to me ringing in my mind loud making my heartbeat running faster nd I felt like thousand butterflies running in my stomach. He gently raises me on the ground after a while still holding me by my waist nd I kept my hands on his shoulders for support for I am feeling my knees turning into jelly. Our faces were mere inches away nd I could easily see each nd every feature of his handsome face, his hairs were thick nd long such that few tendrils were falling on his forehead nd then my gaze moved to his broad forehead to his chocolate brown eyes which had so much intensity in them that I found myself drowning in those dark orbs of his. then I saw his long white nose nd my hands itched to feel that stubble on his cheeks with my fingers which were giving him that tough nd macho look nd finally I looked at his perfect M-shaped lips nd my throat went dry as I had this sudden urge me to feel those lips against mine.


Kehna hi kya yeh nain ek anjaan se jo mile
Chalne lage mohabbat ke jaise yeh silsile


Armaan naye aise dil mein khile,
Jinko kabhi main naa jaanoon


Voh humse, hum unse kabhi naa mile,
Kaise mile dil naa jaanoon

Ab kya kare, kya naam le,
Kaise unhe main pukaaroon

I immediately whacked myself mentally as this thought crossed my mind nd looked down committing the biggest mistake of my life as now my gaze falls on his well toned chest which was revealing through the opening of his few top buttons of the shirt he was wearing nd I just wanted to feel that tanned skin of his under my palms. I once again whacked myself for having such an erotic thought yet couldn't stop myself from gazing his features nd then I again look back at his eyes who was looking back at me with such emotions that I couldn't understand. Forget about him I couldn't understand my own feelings, my own emotions that started arousing in me from out of nowhere. For the first tym in my life I am feeling anything of this sort nd strangely it feels so nice nd perfect. I wanted to release myself from his hold but I couldn't. I wanted to ask him to leave me but I couldn't. I wanted to tell him to not to stare at me like this but I couldn't. It was as if my whole senses are paralyzed nd all I could see nd feel is him nd only him.


"Geet, he's a stranger. You don't even know his name." I reminded my heart but it seems that he was in no mood to listen to me today for he was too lost in this stranger.


Vindhya who was till now closing her eyes expecting me to scream anytime due to the fall was hell shocked seeing the scene in front of her after opening her eyes. She saw me; her sister who was few minutes back blabbering telling the difference between the movies nd reality, lost in the eyes of some stranger. I am damn sure that she must have pinched herself hard to believe that she's not dreaming. But unknown to the condition my sister in, I was lost in my own world with my stranger. Finally Vindhya had to cough out loud to bring me back from my dreamland nd I realize what I am doing. I immediately pulled out from him creating some distance between our bodies nd looked other side as I could feel my cheeks turning red nd last thing I want is that stranger to witness my blush


"Are you fine miss?" I heard his voice nd oh! It was so husky nd soothing that I just wanted to listen to it again nd again. I opened my mouth to answer but it seems that my words are stuck in my throat itself


"And when he'll speak to me I'll be tongue tied because I'll be lost in his voice."


Once again my own words rings back in my mind nd I gulped down my saliva all of a sudden feeling so nervous nd vulnerable.


"Excuse me! I asked are you fine." I heard his voice yet again but I couldn't able to say anything rather then looking at him unblinkingly nd nodding my head absent mindedly for I was too lost in observing the movement of his lips. I am sure he must be thinking that I am weird but I just can't help it.


"Anyways. Could you please tell me the way to Brij's room" He asked after a deep sigh shaking his head unbelievingly at my behaviour but as usual in was tongue-tied.


"What the hell is wrong with you Geet? cant you just answer him simply?" I chided myself mentally but still couldn't voice out. I am sure that he must be on the verge of losing his patience nd I am doing nothing to help him either.


"Are Beta you are here." I heard my Badi Maa's voice i.e. Brij Veerji's mother nd both me nd he looked at the direction of the voice nd a smile crept on his face making my heart skipping 1000 beats with his killer smile


"Finally you are here. Brij is been waiting for you for so long. Go nd meet him fast. His room is there left from the corridor." Badi Maa said as she patted his cheek affectionally after him taking her blessings nd his gesture of showing respect to his elders touched my heart


"Thanks Aunty. I'll just go nd meet him." he said nd then turned nd looked at me.


"Thanks Miss for the help." He said with that killer smile of his before picking up his bag nd heading towards Brij Veerji's room while I just nodded my head foolishly looking at his retreating figure.


Kehna hi kya yeh nain ek anjaan se jo mile
Chalne lage mohabbat ke jaise yeh silsile

Armaan naye aise dil mein khile,
Jinko kabhi main naa jaanoon

Voh humse, hum unse kabhi naa mile,
Kaise mile dil naa jaanoon

Ab kya kare, kya naam le,
Kaise unhe main pukaaroon

Later Badi Maa told me that he's Brij Veerji's best friend nd both were together in college. She don't remember his real name as Veerji hardly use to call him from his name. Veerji always use to call him 'Champ' therefore everyone use to call him that only. Finally I know the name of my stranger. Nick name Geet, I reminded myself but whatever it is, it made my heart stirred with some unknown feelings. Badi Maa left to check other arrangements after patting my cheeks affectionally when Vindhya pounced on me with her another round of questions asking, what was that? How come I was so lost in that stranger that I couldn't able to take my eyes off him? Etc etc. only I know how I had shrugged off her interrogations by saying that she's thinking too much nd just left from there before she could interrogate further.


I literally ran towards my soon but then stopped in my tracks near Brij Veerji's room when I heard his voice. Gosh! It was so mesmerizing that I instantly remind of that Bagpiper nd Rats story where those rats are lost in the tunes of those bagpiper nd currently my condition is not less then those rats who was lost in the mesmerizing voice of this stranger. I just stood near the door gaping at my stranger whose name I now know is 'Champ' for god knows how long as he was hugging nd teasing my Veerji. Gosh! What's wrong with me? Why I am behaving like a love sick teenager?


Neither he knows me nor did I then why I am feeling that invisible thread between us which was pulling me towards him. I still don't know what's his real name is yet I wanted my name to be joined with him forever. Yet I wanted his name to be engraved in my heart for forever. Why? I thought as I looked at him lost leaning my head on the door nd that's when he saw me again drooling on him nd smirked seeing his effect on me. his smirk brings me back to reality making me realize that I have been caught nd I quickly ran away from there keeping my hand on my thudding heart to calm my erratic heartbeats smiling at my own self..




At evening Sangeet ceremony went well nd all the skits that I had prepared had finally came to an end nd everyone present over there praised me for my effort. Brij Veerji was feeling proud of me like anything as I made his Sangeet ceremony so special nd memorable. But strangely I didn't felt anything as I wanted to know what he feels, whether he likes my work or not nd then I saw admiration in his eyes nd I know that he too likes my effort. He didn't said anything to me yet his eyes were speaking volumes telling how much he liked my work nd I felt like thousand butterflies running in my stomach when I saw him smiling at me. I felt all my effort worth nd strangely I felt so good nd contended with his silent appreciation


It was a tym when every member of the family was dancing on their own tunes with each other. I was also among them dancing in the tunes of my own heartbeats while he was dancing at a distance away from me with Veerji nd other friends of his that too when Brij Veerji has literally pulled him to dance. It was then I notice few guys from bride's side are deliberately dancing close to me as it was combined Sangeet ceremony. I first avoided thinking it to be my imagination nd moved to other side but they were there too. One of them even collided with me also on the pretext of getting pushed by others but I know that it's an utter lie because I can very clearly see his nasty smile. I don't want to create any scene on my brother's wedding therefore I avoided yet again but they didn't stopped their advances.


I was feeling so uncomfortable nd was on the verge of losing my patience when I saw my stranger stepping in between me nd those boys on the pretext of dancing but I didn't missed the glare he gave to those boys as if warning them to stay away from me or else get ready for the worse. All of a sudden I felt so secured nd safe as he stood in front of me like a shield. My heart swelled up as I felt so respected towards this guy who was here to protect me from whole world. He turned nd looked at me smiling nd I just looked down feeling shy with his gaze while dancing ever so slowly with him beside me. God knows it was the tunes played by the DJ or the melody of my own heart in which I was dancing but whatever it is it was so soothing nd serene that I wanted the tym to stand still then nd there only where my stranger is here beside me always like he's now.


Pehli hi nazar mein kuch hum,
Kuch tum ho jaate hai yun gum

Nainon se barse rim jhim,
Rim jhim humpe pyaar ka saavan


Next day it was Haldi ceremony of my Veerji nd everyone literally pounced on him smudging Haldi all over him, especially we sisters. Afterall we won't get this while he was pleading all of us to have some pity on him but all his pleas went into deaf ears. It's a tradition in our family which was made by us only that when Groom is done with his Haldi nd all after that we all i.e. his siblings nd Bhabhi nd all use to smudge Haldi on each other like a cake fight. I was about to put Haldi on Vindhya's face who was made me look horrible with Haldi spread all over the face when she just turned other side nd I accidently placed my Haldi smudged hands on his cheeks nd before I could understand anything I had already applied Haldi on his face while he looked at me in surprised.


I was shocked, scared, nervous all at the same tym as I didn't knew how he would react. I looked upwards nd cribbed to my Babaji for playing this game with me nd was asking him only to not to make him angry when I saw his lips curved into a wide smile nd he removed some Haldi from his face with his fingers nd smelled it all the while keeping his eyes fixed on me. it was as if he was smelling my fragrance nd as this thought crossed my mind my cheeks automatically turned red nd the yellow color of Haldi did nothing to hide away that colour from my cheek.


I was nervously fidgeting with the edge of my duppatta when I saw his hand extending towards my face nd before I know anything his fingers were gently caressing my face removing Haldi from it. I felt goosebumps in my body as his fingers gently caressed my cheeks nd I just close my eyes feeling his soft yet loving touch. God knows what's happening to me but whatever it is, it is really beautiful. I slowly open my eyes when I felt his fingers withdrawing away from my face only to find him looking at me intently with a smile of contentment playing on his face nd I immediately looked down feeling all shy.


"This colour really suits you." He whispered huskily in my ears before going towards Veerji leaving me behind contemplating on his words that about which colour he's actually talking about; colour of Haldi or colour of my dress or the red colour of my blush.


I turned to look at me only to find him looking back at me with a mischievous smiling while talking to Brij Veerji nd I just ran away from there towards the deserted corner of the corridor nd leaned back over the wall breathing heavily. A smile crept on my face as I felt my heartbeat racing as if he just did a marathon nd I just close my eyes feeling so happy nd contented


Sharm thodi thodi humko

aaye to nazarein jhuk jaayen

It was evening nd all the ladies were applying Mehendi to each other. My hands are also adorned with Heena nd I smile shyly when I look at it nd to add to it one of my cousin commented that if the colour of Girl's Mehendi darkened then her groom or love loves her to no extent nd I just blushed hard as my mind automatically diverted towards him nd leaving all my cousins nd aunties shocked at my sudden shyness nd before they could tease me or interrogate me I just ran outside blushing holding my little heart in my hands

Sitam thoda thoda humpe

shok hawa bhi kar jaaye


Aisi chali, aanchal ude,

dil mein ek toofaan uthe
Hum to lut gaye khade hi khade


I was just half the corridor only wen I felt my duppatta stuck up on some nail in the near by table making it to slip from my torso. I can't hold it as my Mehendi is still wet therefore I was looking around for Vindhya or someone else who could help me wen I felt burning gaze nd I knew who it is. I could feel his piercing gaze even without turning back to look at him nd I just closed my eyes when I feel him right behind me as his warm breath was fanning my neck. My breath got hitched in my throat as I felt each nd every fiber of my body burning in some unknown desire craving for his touch. And then as if in trance I turned to look at him nd my Duppatta slipped completely from my torso on the ground leaving me only in my Lehenga nd blouse.

Kehna hi kya yeh nain ek anjaan se jo mile
Chalne lage mohabbat ke jaise yeh silsile

My hand automatically covered my chest hiding my modesty as I realized the gravity of the situation nd I just looked other side feeling vulnerable. But at the back of my mind I had an unknown trust on him; Trust that he'll never ever see me with bad eyes nd he proved me right when he looked other side to not to make me feel uncomfortable. My respect for him grown 10 folds with this gesture of his nd I found some unknown emotions stirring in my heart yet again; emotions that I never knew was there before.


Armaan naye aise dil mein khile,
Jinko kabhi main naa jaanoon


I just kept looking at him unblinkingly as he bent down to remove the struck piece of duppatta from the nail nd then advancing towards me with calculative steps after he removed my duppatta from the nail all the while keeping his eyes fix on mine. I shivered when his fingers slightly grazed on the skin of my neck as he draped my duppatta securely around my torso saving my sanity making sure not to spoil my Mehendi. Tears of happiness welled up in my eyes as I saw respect nd admiration in his eyes for me. Not once did his gaze travelled to any other part of my body then forget about looking at me lustfully. All the while he was either looking at my face or in my eyes nd I just fell for this gesture of his.


Voh humse, hum unse kabhi naa mile,
Kaise mile dil naa jaanoon

But tale is not ended over here as I almost gasped when he further placed a part of my duppatta on my head covering it.

At that moment there was some unknown emotions in his eyes as he looked at me with a contended smile; emotions on which I couldn't put my finger on but I know that it was pure nd serene nd just for me. I just kept on looking his retreating figure dumbfounded trying to name that emotion that I saw in his eyes for me as he slowly moves backwards all the while looking at me nd finally disappearing from my eyes.


Ab kya kare, kya naam le,
Kaise unhe main pukaaroon


My whole nights passed in his thoughts only as whenever I close my eyes only his face nd eyes use to come in front of me nd I feel like he's right beside me watching me with his alluring eyes. I looked at the Mehendi in my palms as it was turning dark by every passing minute nd unknown to myself a blush crept up on my cheeks as I remembered what one of those aunts has said about the darkening of the Mehendi. I whacked myself playfully as I realized that I am behaving like a love sick teenager nd even I don't know why I am behaving like this that too with him whom I hardly know. But it was as if we are bound by some unknown thread nd involuntary I drawing towards him more nd more like a magnetic pull.

Gumsum gumsum gup chup, gumsum gup chup

Gumsum gumsum gup chup, gumsum gup chup

Halchal halchal ho gayi teri, honth hai tere chup
Khalbal khalbal ho gayi teri, baithi hai tu gupchup

Next day was the wedding day of Veerji nd since the marriage has to take place in the evening so everyone was busy in performing last minute customs. I went to the hall to for the breakfast as I didn't had my dinner last night also when I saw that every girl including my own cousins were surrounding him like a sugar syrup is surrounded with bees. Some were offering him coffee, some were offering him fruits nd some were just drooling over him openly.


A sense of jealousy ran through my veins as I looked at his direction making a baby angry face nd that's how he saw me. I pouted angrily nd cribbed silently when I saw those girls flirting with him nd he just shrugged his shoulders looking at me helplessly. It was strange we don't know each other nd we hardly talked in these 2 days yet I am behaving like a typical Girl friend nd I myself don't know why I am behaving like this. it was as if all my ideologies nd logics has flew out of window nd I just stomped my foot angrily nd left from there for my room all the while cribbing.


I sulked more nd more as I sat on the bed when images of him with those girls around flash in front of my eyes. I don't know why I am behaving like this or whether I should have to behave like this also or not but all I know that I don't like when anyone else drool over him or tries to flirt with him. I was cribbing to my Babaji only when my gaze falls on the table beside me where a plate was kept covered with another plate along with a note.


"Staying hungry for long is not good for health. Please have something. Those girls will not flirt with me anymore"


A smile crept up on my lips as I realized that he had kept this food for me. He cares for me nd my anger though fake actually affects him.  I blushed as I realized that though unknowingly but we are bound by some unknown relationship where his each nd every act effects me nd where my each small nd big thing is a big deal for him. I wiped away that lone tear that just escaped from my eyes due to happiness as I have the breakfast kept by him for me all the while blushing


Pyaare pyaare chehre lekar dediya ishaara
Dekha teri aankhon mein hai sapna koi pyaara

Humse gori naa tu sharma, kehde humse zara

Humse gori naa tu sharma, kehde humse zara


In honthon ne maanga sargam,
Sargam tu aur tera hi pyaar hai


Later that afternoon I was at Badi Maa's room selecting a Saree which I had to wear in the wedding in evening as Brij Veerji wanted me to wear Saree for his wedding nd had taken responsibility on himself to bring best Sarees for me. So here I am looking at the piles of Saree in front of me confusingly to select which one should I wear in the evening making a bay face nd that's when my gaze falls on the mirror where I could see his image looking at me. I picked up the first Saree of Green colour nd he instantly made a disapproving face indicating his denial. I kept it nd picked up another Saree of Pink colour on which he made an ok-ok face nd I pouted before I picked up a Royal Blue Saree nd his eyes instantly lit up as a wide smile crept up on his face indicating his approval. I blushed when I told Badi Maa that I'll wear this Saree nd he just gave me a big smile through the mirror before leaving from there while shaking his head unbelievingly leaving me behind confused at my own actions.


Aankhen dhoonde hai jisko har dam,
Har dam tu aur tera hi pyaar hai

In evening as the marriage progressions were taking place my eyes are restlessly searching for him but he was nowhere to be seen. He was not there in the Baarat too god knows where he is. I wanted to know his reaction when he'll see me dressed up in the Saree of his choice, I wanted to see the same admiration, same feeling of contentment in his eyes which I always see whenever he sees me. Everyone complimented me that I am looking stunning in that Saree but the one whose compliment is essential for me was nowhere to be seen. It was as if I won't consider myself looking beautiful until nd unless he won't tell me the same. Again nd again I looked towards the door to get a glimpse of him but every time I get only disappointment.


Mehfil mein bhi tanha hai

dil aise, dil aise
Tujhko kho naa de,

darrta hai yeh aise, yeh aise


I was hardly paying any attention on the ceremony going in front of me as my heart nd mind was occupied by him nd his absence only. Without his presence everything seems to be so dull nd I felt like I am all alone amongst the crowd of hundreds. Why he didn't come yet? Had he left? But Veerji was his best friend then how can he leave his wedding in mid like this? Did he really left? But he didn't even meet me once before leaving? But why would he? Afterall we are nothing to each other. But is it really true? Are we really nothing to each other? But above all why I am having this feeling of emptiness inside me? Why I am feeling that I had lost him? What's all is happening with me? All these questions were running in my mind as I felt a lump on my throat in order to muffle the sob that desperately wanted to come out from my throat due to this unknown fear that lurked in my heart; fear of losing him, fear of not able to see him again.


Aaj mili aisi khushi,

jhoom uthi duniya yeh meri
Tumko paaya to paayi zindagi


I was lost in the pool of my questions only when all of a sudden I felt his presence around me nd as I looked at the direction of door I found him entering inside looking ever so handsome nd hot in his Black Sherwani which was complementing perfectly to his muscular body looking not less then a Greek God. It was as if almighty has taken his own sweet tym in carving each nd every feature of his body with his own hands to the utmost perfection. I didn't realize when my legs started taking me to his direction without caring about what others will think. The joy nd relief in my heart too much for having place of any another thought in it. It was like I found my soul back which was missing somewhere till now.


Kehna hi kya yeh nain ek anjaan se jo mile
Chalne lage mohabbat ke jaise yeh silsile

He turned nd looked at me as soon as he felt me behind him nd as our eyes met I found the same admiration in his eyes that I was searching form so long as he scanned me from top to bottom nd a soft smile played on his lips as he looked at me all lost making me feel the most beautiful girl in this world all of a sudden. Till now I haven't consider myself as a beautiful girl but his one look had made me feel that I am the most beautiful girl in this world. I lowered my gaze in shyness seeing him drinking my beauty with his eyes nd all this were sending a jittery feeling through my veins. I instantly blushed hard nd just rushed towards the direction where Vindhya nd my other cousins are standing having a least idea that I had left something of mine behind for him. for rest of the function we just keeps on stealing glances of each other nd wenever our eyes met we would find ourselves to be lost in some other world where just the two of us is present.


Armaan naye aise dil mein khile,
Jinko kabhi main naa jaanoon


He had to leave the very next day of marriage due to some work so everyone was gathered in the living room bidding him bye including me. But I just can't able to look at the sight of him leaving. Once again my heart was filled with some unknown restlessness. I know probably after this I won't be able to see him which I was actually sure therefore I wanted to capture images of him as much as I can in my heart nd mind before he leaves. Yet the image of his leaving was something which was unbearable to me. I still didn't understand why I am having this strange connection with him that just his mere sight has became so essential to me but whatever it is I know it is definitely something pure nd Divine.



He looked at me several tymes probably to look into my eyes but I just kept looking down because I know I can't control myself if I look into his eyes nd probably will break down. We didn't talked till now, we didn't made any commitments, I don't even know his real name yet I felt ache in my heart as I realized that this was probably our first nd last meeting. I just wiped away the tears that formed at the corner of my eyes when I saw him heading towards my direction to meet few elders before leaving


Voh humse, hum unse kabhi naa mile,
Kaise mile dil naa jaanoon


Ab kya kare, kya naam le,
Kaise unhe main pukaaroon


I wanted to stop him, To tell him to not go, to tell him about what I am feeling right now, to ask him whether he too feels the same but I just cant, I couldn't rather then just watching him leaving in front of my eyes. His arm brushed mine as he walked passed me towards the door after meeting my mother nd Badi Maa nd I felt a shiver throughout my body. He stopped for a moment nd looked at me. Nd as our eyes met for that millisecond I found the same restlessness, the same anxiety in his eyes too which was dere in my eyes. I couldn't fathom whether it was real or it was me which was just thinking too much. Nd before I could understand anything I saw him going out from the door but not before turning back nd looking at me, only for one last tym.


It was then after he left I felt something in my hand nd as I looked at it I found a piece of paper in my hand. I frowned nd then my eyes widens as realization dawn upon me that he had yet again left a note for me when he had walked passed me. Once again my heart started beating faster nd I ran towards the deserted corner to read the note that he left for me making sure that no one sees me going like this.


Your Anklet will be safe with me forever for whole of my life along with your...




It was then I realize that my anklet that was missing since last night which I thought I lost somewhere in the function was actually with him nd he kept it with him as a souvenir of our meeting. I don't know why he deliberately left spaces after "Your" or what it was that he wanted to say as my all curiosity was taken over by the pleasure when I read his name, his real name.


"Maan" I muttered softly as a sweet smile crept on my face nd I literally ran towards the Terrace only to find his car going away from the vicinity of Handa Haveli. I just kept on looking the retreating figure of his car with a smile on my face nd tears in my eyes when I saw him peeping out his head from the window nd looking at me while smiling until he totally disappeared from my eyes.


"And then by the end of this wedding I might will fell irrecoverably in Love with him nd one more saga of Love will embed in the history of Love"


Kehna hi kya yeh nain ek anjaan se jo mile
Chalne lage mohabbat ke jaise yeh silsile


My own words yet again came back ringing in my mind as I read his note again nd again smiling amidst my tears running my fingers on his name as realization finally dawn upon me. I know now why I am behaving like this with him around, I know now why I was feeling goosebumps in my body with his presence, I know now why I felt shiver down my spine when he touched me, I know now why I felt jealous when I saw other girls flirting with him, I know now why I was craving for his one look last night, I know now why I was restless when he was leaving; it was all because I had irrecoverably fallen in Love with my stranger no not stranger any more, I had fallen irrecoverably in Love with my Maan in the first sight.


"Maan" I muttered his name yet again as I looked at my Mehendi blushing which is by now in the darkest shade ever.


"Maan Ki Geet, sirf Maan ki" I whispered slowly as I closed my eyes feeling a sense of contentment nd satisfaction in my heart. i felt like now i belonged to someone not only from my heart but from my soul too The realization was so soothing, so perfect that it me look whole world more beautiful.


Kehna hi kya...


Everything changed in this 2 days, I changed in these 2 days as now inspite of my logics nd ideologies I am feeling a sense of belonging to someone, someone who had came into my life as a stranger nd now is the owner of not only this life but this heart nd this soul as I am not just Geet anymore because from now on I am only "Maan Ki Geet, sirf Maan ki"

(Siggie Courtesy: Once again Thanks to ALiena (cute-Aly)... Love you a loads Sweety... aise hi ache ache banners banati rehnaEmbarrassed)

Phew! so dis is it gals! hope you all are going to like it... to be honest i am not at all sure how did it came out nd still very nervous so please do tell me how you all like it... hope i am able to keep up the serenity of the song with this OS... biting my nails... so please hit the like button if you all like it nd do leave ur comment/criticism... its necessary nd ya i want everyone of you to comment please... for the sake of my first OSEmbarrassed...

this OS was from Geet's point of view nd its just 1 part OS but if i'll get good response nd you all will want then i can consider 1 more part but for now nothing is of that sort... it'll depend on the response i get from you all...

nd now the Dedications:

the first dedication is Muskaan (muskanp) for bringing two little angels Maansi nd Yash on this earth... Muski this one is my small gift for you with all my Love nd good wishes... hope you'll like it nd i havent ruined itEmbarrassed...

nd Second Dedication is all my firends who had motivated me nd keeps on encouraging me till now by showering their love nd support on me... Madhuri, Maansee, ritu, Annie di, reni (leverne) Abi, sakshi, Seher, Sana, Anu Di, ammu, jas, payal, faiza, prafulla, muskaan, Hanishadevi, crazydream, ritzy Di, Osheen, bubblie, uteem, varsha (mahimaneet), valli, Aliena (cute-aly), Abby, amu (Kriyanshlover), Kinju my sweetheart, remya, nd all those whose name i couldnt able to include over here, there are still many names which i am not able to remember right now nd write... But just wanna tell you all that i really Love you all a lot nd its my small token of Thanx to all of you for your constant support nd Love so far... Please be with me in the future too... This was the surprise that i was talking about... hope you all will like it... nd i am sorry for the names i missed

i know i am a bit Kanjoos that i did both dedications in the single OS but what to do "Main hoon Aadat se Majboor"LOL...i had to make it up with my updates too... so EK hi OS se kaam chala loLOL

Allright enough of my Bak-Bak... now my work ends nd your work starts... so give me loads nd loads of likes nd comments nd who knows may be you all get one more part...

Will be waiting for your resposnse... Day Dreaming

P,S. I had created my FB group named "Aakriti's Magical world of Maaneet" pls join it to get immediate notifications of my updates... here's the link

Aakriti's Magical World of Maaneet

Do join itSmile

Luv AakritiSmile


                                                                            Part 2

                                                                            Part 3


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loved it dear ...

baki sab ko kab update karogee...

how r u feeling now ...

-Mounika- IF-Sizzlerz

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wow that was a cute one..really loved it n title is apt... 

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Exactly kehna hi kya ..not once they conserve still from stranger to they become soul mate without any words ,rituals and all loved the OS it is beautiful ...

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dh_riti Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 6:10am | IP Logged
awesome it was bt hw abt if we get an epilogue of it... with maan and geet reunion...
SecretSapphire IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 6:19am | IP Logged
hey akku
so sweet yaar
aaye o tay chaa gaye o
2 days and everything changed
nice yaar
Loved Maan ki geet
and thanks for The dedication
luv u sweet
aur haan life ki update de do plzzz
pari1689 Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 6:24am | IP Logged
beautiful and lovely update...
do hi din geet...maan ki geet ban gayi...
sadavirk Senior Member

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 6:26am | IP Logged
mindblowing supereb awesome...

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